IPhone :: 10hrs 4S Drop Down 100% Battery?

Apr 15, 2012

Two iPhone 4S . Both were fully charged . One is normal , one is abnormal only standby each hour drop down 10 % battery ( show on the phone battery indicTor!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Restore new iphone

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IPhone :: Is It Normal For Battery To Drop 1 Percent Every 2 Minutes?

Jun 14, 2012

My iPhone battery looses 1% every 2 minutes so I'm wondering if that's normal? I've only used for 3 hours and 1 min and I'm at 44%. Is this normal? And if not how do I fix it to improve battery life. I only users my phone to txt and go Facebook that's about it.

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1, ipod touch 4G

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IPhone :: Does It Bring Any Harm Or Damage To The 4s If Let Say There Is A Drop Of Water Drop Onto The 4s

Apr 18, 2012

does it bring any harm or damage to the iphone 4s if let say there is a drop of water drop onto the iphone 4s RECEIVER??

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HTC One M7 :: 5% Drop In Battery When Taken Off Charger

Dec 3, 2013

Within a minute or so after my phones removed from the charger it drops to 95%. After that the battery life is normal. I recently updated to 4.3 and it might coincide with this issue but I can't be sure.

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Xperia Ray :: Battery Drop From 23% To 1% And Power Off?

Mar 10, 2012

These days when I using my Xperia Ray, the battery level drop from 23% to 1% in one second and auto-power off. When I charge it, the battery level jump from 1% to 23%.

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HTC One M7 :: Sudden Battery Drop At 10 Percent

Jan 31, 2014

Every time my phone reaches around 10% it instantly drops to 3 or 4% then instantly after that to 1%... So basically I have to charge my phone before it gets to 10%. Not that big of a deal, but it is annoying not being able to do anything with it when it's at low battery and I'm away from a charger.

I'm trying to charge my phone before it gets that low from now on so I won't shorten my battery's lifespan so I can't comment on if the issue persist, but I will say that the calibration has made the battery to act less weird as far as dropping fast in certain areas but not others.

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BB Bold :: Sudden Drop In Battery Life?

Jul 20, 2011

I just got this used blackberry bold 9780. At about battery level 30-50%, the battery level will plunge to 1% within minutes. And it will stay at 1% for the rest of the day. Today, the battery indicator was working fine till the battery was about 30%, then the phone just died.

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Lumia 1520 :: Phone Sudden Battery Drop

Feb 10, 2014

Today my Lumia 1520s battery level suddenly dropped 89% to 81% in 10 minutes, then I made a soft reset and the battery level was 82%. Again after 15 minutes I took a look in the battery level and it was 73%.

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HTC Incredible S :: Update To Sense 3.0, Battery Life Drop

Dec 16, 2011

I updated my phone (Incredible S) a couple of days ago to HTC Sense 3.0. I was pretty keen on it and I quite like the animations, however it didn't take me long to realise that it's a battery killer. After charging my phone overnight, I used to go to work and come back in the evening with 70% or more of the battery left. Now after the update, I can barely pull it off with 50% left, and I haven't changed my usage habits at all. I gave up hopes of downgrading back to the previous version, so I'm hoping for an update to HTC Sense 3.5, which from what I read seems to be more efficient.

I'm not really up for changing launcher though so I suppose there's not much I can do apart from that.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Level Drop From 40% To 9% After Reboot

Jun 9, 2012

I just registered on the forum because i have a weird problem. My GSII first shows 'no network service' and it won't change unless i do a reboot. after the reboot my battery went from 40% to 9% It happened 3-4 times in the last 5 days. I already did the latest ics update via kies. the phone is not rooted. I did the hard restart. nothing helped. Here is the picture from the last drop [URL]

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Battery Icon Showing 2% Drop Each Time

Jan 1, 2016

On Pure Nexus rom with EX kernel, my battery indicator drops 2% at a time..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Sudden Drop In Battery Level And Shutdown

May 20, 2012

I recently got a brand new Galaxy S II with a new contract and have been using with a lot of joy. However, recently a problem occurred with the battery in a sense that it sometimes suddenly goes from 30-ish % to 0 instantly, therefore causing my phone to shut down with no warning. Also, after this happened, I cannot just plug in the phone to the charger, because for some reason it does not charge. I have to remove the battery and then put it back in again before I can charge it. This has been happening almost daily and I don't know what the cause is. The phone is not rooted or tampered with in any way.

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IPhone :: Drop Call From 4S?

May 15, 2012

Since the upgrade I have been experiencing drop calls, never had a problem before. Also, sometimes my message sound doesn't work!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 6 :: WiFi Drop Out And Lag On IOS 8.1.2

Dec 12, 2014

I personally have still got some serious wifi drop out on my iphone6 particularly when playing video, on all video apps and Internet sites, the upgrade has made no difference at all.

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.2

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IPhone :: Cannot Drag And Drop Music To 4

Apr 29, 2012

A circle wth a line appears when I try to drag music o iphone 4. I can drag to any other device, but not the iphone 4.

Info:iPhone 4

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IPhone :: IOS 5.1.1 Update Causes Signal Drop

May 18, 2012

after i updated my iphone 4s to the new ios update version 5.1.1 i noticed my signal strength was weak.. like by three bars.. now i cant use data half the places i go, i called at&t and they reset the network stuff for me. still nothing. is there a way to drop back down one step? its obviously a software issue but we all know it takes a while for this stuff to get fixed and i kinda need my phone because its the only one i have. oddly enough the voice signal seems to be ok dispite the fact theres one bar.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Why 4S Drop Down Wifi Connection

Jul 2, 2012

Yes, is true, I haven't the perfect signal at home, at least I haven't the one used @ Apple. But I'd like to understand why my iphone loses wifi signal, while my MacPro doesn't... they are even put one on the other!

Are there any tips to enrich wifi signal recieved both on Iphone 4s and MacPro?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Signal Bars Drop Even With Case

Jun 30, 2010

I received my iPhone 4 on launch day via a pre-order. I am very grateful to have it and to have received it while others still try to get one. Anyway, onto the issue. I had signal drop issues from the get go, occasionally even a few dropped calls. Per Apple's statement and other blog recommendations I bought a case to alleviate the issue. It's the Griffin Reveal. It is a nice case too. Last night I noticed low signal bars after a dropped call and realized I was holding it over the left corner. I let go and up went the bars.

I called care. They opened a case # and gave me the same as anyone else. I was told that I needed a bumper to fix the issue, that they couldn't guarentee with any third party case it would fix the issue. I responded asking why I should give another $30 to fix an issue they know about. I asked if I would recieve and email or call to follow up and they said they didn't know. I will follow up in 2 days and let you know. Is this a ploy to just get people to spend more money? 1.7 million sold in three days x $30 for a bumper = $51 million more for.

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IPhone :: Anyone Drop Calls In UK Or Northern Ireland?

Jul 17, 2010

I live in Northern Ireland and am with O2. I have not been able to drop reception where I live or even drop a call in low reception areas that I would have dropped calls using other phones.Be interested to hear how other UK Networks are with this so called iPhone Antenna Issue?

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IPhone :: Bumper Case Drop Video

Jul 9, 2010

3 drops it took to break it. without the bumper. 3 drops to break it.


when i get my phone i was thinking of getting a bumper but i don't want to get a rubber otterbox brick.

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IPhone :: My Calls Drop And I Hear Echos

Apr 1, 2012

My 4s phone calls drop and i constantly hear echo in my voice, What can I do?

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IPhone :: Wifi Connection Keeps Drop Out After IOS 5.1 Installed?

Apr 16, 2012

since I installed the new IOS 5.1 on my iphone 4s, the wifi keep loosing signal or dropout? i have to go to setting to turn the wifi off and back on to get it on again?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Itunes Does Not Allow Drag And Drop Of Podcasts

May 27, 2012

I installed iTunes on new laptop (Win 7). itunes does not allow drag and drop of podcasts. I guess the iPhone is "owned" by the old copy of iTunes.

iPhone 3GS, Windows7, new computer

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IPhone :: 4s Drop And Reconnect A Bluetooth Device?

Jun 4, 2012

I just got an iPhone 4s and I did manage to get my Platronics 975 headset paired without too much trouble but there's one thing I can't figure out. On my old LG phone there was an option to drop the connection (without forgetting it) to your Bluetooth device when you weren't using it and then reconnect when you wanted to use it. How do you do this on the iPhone 4s?

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IPhone :: Drag And Drop No Longer Works On 4?

Jun 5, 2012

After updating my phone recently, I can no longer update music on my iphone 4. I used to be able to grab a random song from a file on my computer and drag and drop it onto my phone, without adding it to iTunes. Now, I can't add anything to my phone unless it's first in iTunes. I have about 40G of music and don't want it all on my phone, or iTunes.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Drop 3G In Water All OK Apart From Back-light - How To Fix It

Jun 6, 2012

Drop iPhone 3G in water all ok apart from backlight

iPhone 3G

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IPhone :: Crosstalk / Drop Calls Since Updated 4S To 5.1.1

Jun 10, 2012

Since update to 5.1 I am experiencing every day 2 kind of issues: Crosstalking and Drop calls.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Drop The 4s And Crack The Screen And It Turn Off?

Jun 19, 2012

i just brought a 4s from sprint for 5 months, i drop it and crack the screen, then the phone turns off it self and can never turn on? is it possible that apple change one for ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: 4s IOS 5.0.1 Update - Call Drop And Network Loss?

Apr 1, 2012

I'm having problems with my iphone 4s it keeps dropping calls and then loosing the network temporarily. I'm in the UAE, anyone else experienceing the same here or elsewhere? I have read it might be related to the ios 5.0.1 update, which I did last week, and then the problem started.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Ringtones : Cannot Drop And Drag Into ITunes Under Tones?

May 16, 2012

i have a bunch of ringtones all with a .m4r ext. i have them saved on a file on my desktop (as shown on the Internet video). i can not drop and drag into my itunes under tones...?


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IPhone :: A2DP Audio Drop-outs Since Ios5.1.1?

Jun 4, 2012

I have Sennheiser MM400 Bluetooth headphones and a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth mobile speaker. Both of these worked well with my iPhone 4 (before 5.1.1) with good range and only the occasional dropout when the phone was moved. However since 5.1.1, there has been a massive reduction in the stability of A2DP audio streaming. With the SoudLink the range has reduced massively to a few feet (6 max) with line of sight and the audio drops out if anyone passes between the phone and the speaker. With the MM400 Headphones the situation is even worse. Even with the phone in my breast pocket and only few inches from the headphones, the audio drops out every few seconds. Just placing my arm between the iphone and the headphone causes the audio to drop out completely. As I said before, this did not happen before 5.1.1 and as this problem effects both the Bose and the Sennheisers, it must be something that Apple changed in the latest update. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Until Apple fix this, the AD2P audio streaming feature is useless. Making my AD2P devices so much useless and expensive junk.

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