Google Nexus 5 :: Bootloader Flash From TWRP

Aug 18, 2015

I was trying to install a ROM and things got a bit messed up. I wiped system/cache/dalvik/data via TWRP. I then went to install the ROM but it failed due to only supporting hhz12h bootloader.

So now I'm kind of stuck. I can't update the bootloader because fastboot/ADB won't list the device in TWRP. Is there any way to launch an ADB server in TWRP so I can fastboot the bootloader? Doesn't look like there is.

If there's not: Is there a TWRP zip-install hhz12h bootloader I can use? Looked around, couldn't find one.

If not I'll have to try and find/flash the original image..but fastboot is not going to happen so I have to find a zip installable one that'll work with hhz12d bootloader...which hopefully is around. Otherwise I could install literally anything just to get an ADB server so I can fastboot the hhz12h bootloader in there.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Unlock Bootloader - Flash TWRP / Stock ROM

Jan 27, 2016

Is it possible to unlock bootloader, root, flash twrp and somehow flash the stock rom? If yes, where can I get the rom files for flashing with twrp?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Bootloop After Trying To Flash TWRP

Dec 21, 2015

I used adb to install TWRP onto my Nexus 5. Now it is in a bootloop, and TWRP does not seem to be able to mount anything. When it reboots it looks like it automatically goes to the TWRP where it says it is running OpenRecoveryScript but it is unable to mount anything. I tried a boot start to Recovery and it worked but when i tried a factory reset it says the same thing.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Screen Garbled After Bootloader Flash

Jul 10, 2015

I downloaded the Android M preview 2 and while flashing the bootloader with:

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ12h.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader

after the reboot the only thing my screen ever displays is garbled colored pixels even after pulling the battery. Fastboot still works just fine, so I tried wiping everything and reflashing but it still never shows anything but this screen. I even tried reflashing older versions of the bootloader and nothing works.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Any Way To Flash Stock With Locked Bootloader?

Feb 10, 2016

After OTA update device got stuck on Google logo and somehow recovery is missing, Android on it's back with red triangle. Is there way to fix it with locked bootloader ?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Wiped OS But Have TWRP And Unlocked Bootloader

Feb 18, 2016

Cannot seem to flash factory image from Google. Trying to do it via adb but cannot push onto device. Says "cannot open no such file or directory". What can I try?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Can't Flash Gapps In Twrp

Dec 30, 2015

Im using twrp, can flash cm13 but when im trying to flash gapps i get error 64,I've tried all kind of gapps and nothing work, why???

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Cannot Browse Files To Flash In TWRP

Dec 10, 2015

After manually flashing files to upgrade to 6.0.1, I flashed TWRP But I am not able to flash supersu from sdcard because when I browse to the folder, it looks empty. Why this is happening?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Can't Flash TWRP - Device Not Registering The Commands

Feb 4, 2016

Fastboot recognizes my device, gives me confirmation of flash, but the device itself is not registering the commands and is stuck on "Connect USB Data Cable". I don't have my OEM cable and am using the iOrange-E C-A cable. I've tried different USB ports, restarting, etc.

fastboot says that the flash is successful, but the device never takes.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Stuck At Google Logo After Updating Bootloader

Dec 24, 2015

Just wanted to upgrade my sisters phone which was running an old 5.1 version (custom rom, so the phone was unlocked and rooted already) to an android 6.0.1 custom rom. So I flashed newest twrp and flashed 6.0.1 bootloader and radio.img via fastboot using wugfresh tool and the files from the thread on here. now when trying to get into recovery, I am stuck at the google logo.

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Enable MTP In TWRP

Feb 7, 2016

I am having problems with my Nexus 5, and i would like to know how to enable MTP IN TWRP ´┐Żn version 2.6.34

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can't Access TWRP Recovery

Nov 5, 2015

I flashed the latest factory image, then flashed the latest TWRP but can access it 1 out of 10 tries.. What am I doing wrong? Is it a faulty replacement phone? Never had this issue with my other nexus 5 (same recovery file but lollipop and not marshmallow) and now I have this problem.. Tried to riflashato the factory image 5 times, boot to recovery without installing but nothing changed..

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Google Nexus 5 :: Rooting And Unlocking - Getting Rid Of TWRP

Nov 1, 2015

Rooting and unlocking. Up until I rooted my nexus 5 in the hopes to get side by side apps I haven't rooted since my gs2. Anyways I rooted my phone via the nexus 5 root toolkit and unlocked the bootloader and whatnot. I found out that I couldn't do side by side because it wasn't available for my version of android. I attempted to unroot and return to stock and I just unrooted and locked the bootloader. Can't figure out how to return my phone to stock without twrp. Every time I try to do OTA updates it just restarts to twrp and it's super annoying. How to get back to stock so I can do OTA updates?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Android 6.0 - TWRP 2.8.71 Is Not Installing

Oct 9, 2015

I have updated to android m on my nexus 5. However when trying to root using instructions from: [URL] ...

I'm not able to install twrp with adb as well as one click recovery installer.bat as mentioned in the article.

I follow the steps and it shows it sent the recovery image and when reboot, it optimizes the apps as well ,however when i go to recovery, i get android dead icons with X.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Restoring TWRP Backup

Dec 24, 2015

Using a rooted nexus 5 running stock 4.4.4. And twrp 2.8.x.x ... I want to restore an old twrp backup I had made some time ago (with an earlier version of twrp) and moved to my pc. So I copied that backup from my pc to the twrp folder in the nexus 5. But when I reboot into TWRP, twrp lists other backups, but not the one I just copied back into its folder. How can I get twrp to see and restore that nandroid backup?

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Install TWRP Without Losing Data

Oct 28, 2015

I Am New To Nexus 5 , I wanted to know is there is any way to install twrp without losing data or any way to unlock bootloader without losing data ...

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Google Nexus 5 :: TWRP Recovery - Internal Storage (0MB)

Dec 18, 2015

I have installed TWRP recovery in order to take a back up from it but it's shows "storage: internal storage (0 MB)" ....

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can't Find TWRP Folder Or Backup

Dec 13, 2014

I am having trouble finding my nandroid backup file made with TWRP. I can't even find the TWRP directory! This file system is so confusing! I have tried ES File Explorer, Root Browser, and tried searching the file system using my laptop. I have even searched for "2014-12-13" and nothing is found. Nexus 5 on Android 5.0 w/ TWRP v2.8.1.0

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Google Nexus 5 :: Bootloop After Unlocking And Installing TWRP

Dec 8, 2015

I wanted to install a custom Rom on my Nexus 5 running Android 6.0 so I downloaded TWRP latest and unlocked the Bootloader and installed TWRP.

Now the OS doesn't bootup anymore and the TWRP starts but gets rebooted all the time.

Tried to install an older TWRP version 2.8.70 and sideloaded and installed Pure Nexus Rom but this doesn't fix the problem.

Wiping anything from TWRP gives error messages...

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Google Nexus 5 :: TWRP - Can't Install This Package On Top Of Incompatible Data

Sep 25, 2015

i have followed all the steps using NRT to unlock boot-loader and root the phone.

Installed TWRT manager and flashed the recovery.

Now i am trying to flash CM12 for the first time and stuck with error message "can't install this package on top of incompatible data" during flashing .

downloaded the following flash zip from CM website: (281.77 MB)

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Stuck At Bootloader?

Oct 18, 2015

I have a nexus 5 that I was preparing to hand down to my wife. I had transfered everything over to my new phone, and initiated a factory reset. It rebooted to the "erasing" screen, and sat there for about 20 minutes, before switching to the dead android screen (w/ red triangle.) I thought that was odd, did some searching, and tried the recovery mode from the bootloader. That produced the same results. So now I'm stuck.

From the boot loader I can access the following options:

Start -> Erases for ~20 minutes, then dead android
Restart Bootloader -> Screen goes blank, phone vibrates, and then back to the bootloader screen
Recovery Mode -> Erases for ~20 minutes, then dead android
Power off -> turns off the phone

I called Google, and the tech support hadn't heard of anything like this. Because it's almost two years old, he transferred me to LG's tech support, who basically said find a local repair shop, or they could RMA it for an unknown cost.I'm pretty sure the phone is bricked at this point, which is frustrating, because it was running stock android - completely unmodified. I think I might have rooted it once, months ago, but I can't imagine that that would have caused this issue. I had even received and installed Marshmallow OTA, and it was running perfectly.

Anyway, some program I might be able to use on the PC to regain access to my device.

Literally the only information I can provide about the phone at this point in time is as follows:
Product_Name - hammerhead
Variant - hammerhead D820(H) 32GB
HW Version - rev_11
Bootloader Version - HHZ12k
Baseband Version - H8974A-
Carrier Info - None
Serial Number - 047....
Signing - Production
Sercure Boot - Enabled
Lock State - Unlocked

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Google Nexus 6 :: Restarting Phone Into Bootloader

Nov 5, 2015

so I was trying to flash the latest Nexus build to my Nexus 6, but the bootloader was taking 10+ mins to flash, so I tried closing out of cmd and then restarting my phone into bootloader. Unfortunately, now, my computer doesn't recognize my phone, saying that the drivers are no bueno, so that when i type fastboot devices nothing shows up.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Reflash Stock ROM Via Bootloader

Dec 13, 2015

my Nexus 5 has recently run into a problem where it suddenly decided to get stuck in a bootloop. I figured I could just reflash the stock rom via the boot loader with the wugfresh root toolkit but that unfortunately didn't work. But by doing this I noticed that my bootloader was not staying unlocked when I try to unlock it. Every time I unlock the boot loader and it restarts the bootloader automatically re-locks. I then proceeded to try and manually flashing the stock rom files individually and unlocking the bootloader each time I flash a file which was really annoying. It still hasn't worked and I'm starting to get worried because I've also started to notice my recovery can't really factory reset or wipe the cache. Instead I get this message at the bottom of the screen:

E:failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument)
E:Can't mount /ache/recovery/log
E:Can't open /ache/recovery/log
E:failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument)
E:Can't mount /ache/recovery/last_log
E:Can't open /ache/recovery/last_log
E:failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument)
E:Can't mount /ache/recovery/last_install
E:Can't open /ache/recovery/last_install
E:failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument)

So now I'm completely stumped, could this be the end of my Nexus 5?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Radio And Bootloader Of Lollipop

Oct 22, 2015

I wanted to test marshmallow so I decided flash xtra smoth rom by I am coming from lollipop so I flashed bootloader and radio of marshmallow but then I stuck into bootloop somehow I managed to get my backup restored now I am back to lollipop as I have done a factory rest before restoring so I should need to flash lollipop bootloader and radio again or I am good to go?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Rooting Without Unlocking Bootloader?

Oct 11, 2015

Will rooting my nexus 5 without unlocking the boot-loader void my t mobile warranty? My Phone is an LG Nexus 5 running the latest Version of lollipop and the only reason i want to root it is to be able to connect my ps3 controller to it and play emulators or minecraft...

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Google Nexus 5 :: Clean Install Of Custom ROM On Rooted Device With TWRP

Oct 27, 2015

I am on a stock rooted Nexus 5 (with TWRP). I want to install a custom rom; however, I would like to do a clean install of the custom rom (making sure no files/settings of my previous installations are left if that makes sense). What's the best way to go about this? Does it mean I have to install both the custom rom and the recovery again in order to do a clean install?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Flashing ROM Gets To Installing System Part In TWRP And Hangs

Feb 20, 2016

Well I'm back at it again. Always had a problem of phone shutting off and entering qhdbootloader 9008 (however it goes) and I just run the boarddiag tool but this time its not that far. Well whenever it does that I also have to reflash system but now when I try to flash a rom, it gets to the installing system part in twrp and hangs, then reboots at the google logo until I enter recovery again. Aka I cant flash a rom, hangs and reboots at the installing system portion

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Google Nexus 5 :: CM 12.1 - Stuck In Bootloop And Freezes On TWRP Load Screen

Dec 12, 2015

Last night, I left my phone on charge. It was working normally and the software was functional etc. However, once I woke up, the phone was constantly restarting itself, and wouldn't load past the boot animation. I tried to load up fastboot to enter the TWRP recovery, however, the phone froze on the load screen. I should also add that my custom boot animation was replaced by the CyanogenMod mascot.

I tried to use WugFresh's NRT to flash a factory image of Android 6, however, the command terminal indicated that each process had failed. This did not restore the phone to its original condition.

I should also point out that I have been running a CM 12.1 nightly, which has been very stable and I have been using this nightly, without major problems (bar the infrequent system UI crashes) for a couple of months. It is obviously rooted and I have a Nandroid backup, which I can't access for aforementioned reasons.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Installed TWRP Recovery For Backup - Internal Storage (0 MB)

Dec 18, 2015

I have installed TWRP recovery in order to take a back up from it but it's shows "storage: internal storage (0 MB)" ....

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Google Nexus 5 :: Backup Through Fastboot / Bootloader Mode

Oct 7, 2015

Is it possible to pull anything off the phone using fastboot in bootloader mode?

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Google Nexus 6 :: Is It Required To Unlock Bootloader To Root?

Aug 29, 2015

To unlock the bootloader in order to root the Nexus 6?

I don't really care about custom ROMs, but there are a few root apps I would like to use.

For example, I'd like to enable touch to wake. That would make the phone perfect for me.

But I just do not want to brick the phone.

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