Galaxy S6 :: Why Does Bluetooth Audio Stutter (Spotify)

May 31, 2015

I've had my ATT S6 64GB since the release day, and my biggest peeve is that the bluetooth audio seems to incessantly stutter. I've narrowed the issue down: - Happened independently of proximity between phone and speaker - Not a streaming bandwidth issue, as it happened regardless of streaming a song or playing a song that was stored locally on the phone. Using (wired) headphones, this is never an issue. - An issue on several speaker models (Bluetooth speaker names are: Bose Mini SoundLink, DNX6190HD, SC-HTB580, Fugoo Speaker), and other phones had no issues streaming to these devices.

I've been using my Spotify app. I'm not sure if this is part of the issue. It may be some sort of lag in the app processing the sound in conjunction with the bluetooth module? Not sure...

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Xperia Z2 :: Bluetooth Audio Stutter / Dropouts

Feb 27, 2015

My new Z2 D6503 is on .167 (4.4.4 KK) firmware, and when I connect it to my car's bluetooth audio system, sometimes it stutter really bad that I cannot enjoy the music.  My car is 2014 and it also has the ability to read text messages.So after some investigation, I found a temporary solution to the dropouts:

1) If I just disable throw and reconnect, stuttering still exist.
2) If I just disable BT and re-enable, sometimes it fixes it but sometimes I lose AVRCP (control via car)
3) going into bluetooth setting, and disable MAP (text message), dropouts improved dramatically (from every 10 secs to every 1 mins or so)
4) disabling bluetooth Phone audio (so the only thing left is Bluetooth media audio) completely solves the dropout.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Bluetooth Audio Controls And Spotify?

Sep 11, 2011

When I use the controls on my Motorola S305 Bluetooth headphones and Spotify such as play, pause, next song, etc. It automatically opens up the stock music app and starts playing those songs and Spotify stops playing. Is there any way to control which application the AVRCP bluetooth profile controls? I didn't have this problem on my Nexus One.

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Galaxy S6 :: Low Audio Volume On Spotify

May 9, 2015

Using Spofity i have noticed a very low volume level compared to the stock samsung music player app.

I tried to disable all the EQ app on the phone without results.

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Motorola Atrix HD :: Audio Stutter With Podcasts And Music?

Jul 24, 2012

It isn't 100% consistent, it's about 50% consistent, but, if I plug my Atrix HD into a computer with the USB cable (which I have to do quite often since the battery isn't long-lasting), playing audio stutters about every 15 to 30 seconds. Sometimes the pause/stutter can be for 2 or 3 seconds. However, mostly it's probably only 1/2 second. Regardless, it's disconcerting to listen to music or a podcast and have it pause every few seconds.

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Xperia Z3 :: Bluetooth Headphone Stutter

Apr 18, 2015

my bluetooth headphone is stuttering sooo much on my sony xperia z3,

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LG G3 :: Bluetooth Streaming Has Stutter Since Lollipop Upgrade?

May 11, 2015

Since "upgrading" to lollipop on my Verizon G3, using Google Play Music, I'm getting a really annoying stutter when Bluetooth streaming. Random stutters, freezes, drops. VERY intermittent. Didn't do this prior to lollipop. Strangely though, metadata is showing all the time now, which is an improvement.

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HTC One M8 :: Bluetooth Low Volume For Spotify / Maps

Apr 29, 2014

So i have been having issues with the volume on spotify and maps. For example, if i have spotify playing in my car as well as google maps...i will hear the music perfectly but maps volume will be very low which i have raised the volume but it continues to return to low volume automatically. Yesterday i set directions in google maps but kept spotify off this time and i was able to hear the directions perfectly and the volume would remain at high level. This issue only occurs when both spotify and google maps are being used at the same time.

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Galaxy S5 :: No Bluetooth Media Audio

Mar 13, 2015

I can not get music to play via bluetooth in my cars. When I go to the bluetooth setting there is no option for media audio. I have a gs5 with lollipop. The cars I am trying are 2010 Chevy Traverse and a 2012 Chevy Cruze. Is it the car bluetooth? I found on my search where it looked like others have been able to do it on these vehicles.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does USB Seem To Interfere With Bluetooth Audio

Jul 2, 2015

I just bought my first smartphone , a Galaxy S5. While I new to smartphones, I am not new to tech. In my car ( a 2015 Subaru Forester) I was powering my S5 with the USB cable plugged into the car's USB port. I had the phone playing Pandora. I sort of assumed that I would get the music signal on the USB line but found that the enabled BT was overriding the USB so I was getting the music with my radio set to BT-A. The problem was that the every few seconds the volume would drop and the phone would make two beeps. If I disconnected the USB cable and ran off battery, this issue went away.

On further inspection, I noticed that on every volume drop with beeps, a USB connection notification was appearing in the notification lists. I just wanted the USB for power but it seemed to be trying to connect over and over and each time, the notification was interfering with the audio. I could not find a setting to stop the S5 from trying to connect to USB data.

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Galaxy S6 :: Bluetooth Audio Turns To Trash

Sep 16, 2015

A few days ago my pebble arrived. After pairing my pebble to my phone I noticed a noticeable drop in Bluetooth audio quality.

This has to be a problem that's addressed. I don't know if it's a android problem or just the device specific but what I found out is that this occurs on the LG G4 as well. Seems happen when your phone is paired with a Bluetooth LE device while also paired to a Bluetooth Audio device.

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Galaxy S6 :: Bluetooth Audio To Car Head Unit

Apr 12, 2015

I switched from my s4 to the s6 and I am having bluetooth complications with my pioneer avh p4400 headunit. I did some google-ing around and found that a a few others are having the same problem but seeing as the phone came out a few days ago not everyone is inquiring about it. Bluetooth audio does not auto connect/play like it did on the s4 and there is no song info/description displayed which then renders the track skipping buttons useless on the headunit. I found an app to fix the auto connect issue at least.

I am using Google play music so this is kind of unusual. I am not sure if it is an s6 only issue having something to do with the new touchwiz or if android 5.0 is using different bluetooth protocols than prior. Everything is updated to the latest firmware. I was debating on upgrading to the 4100nex but if this issue is going to be present there also I would rather not have an extra expensive paperweight.

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Galaxy S6 :: Bluetooth Media Audio And Sync?

May 17, 2015

I was pulling my hair out trying to get media audio to stay connected on my S6 and Ford Sync audio system. I tried everything until I realized I had overlooked the obvious. Media audio would not stay connected, but call audio would. You have to select Bluetooth as the input on the Sync system. Only then will it say media audio connected on the phone and music will start playing assuming you have songs on the phone. So for those having trouble with media audio, make certain Bluetooth is selected on your car audio.

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Galaxy S6 :: Bluetooth Earpiece Audio Fades In And Out?

Apr 23, 2015

I've had my AT&T S6 since launch. Paired my Jawbone ERA just fine. Made phone calls, voice commands, just fine.

About a week ago making calls using BT earpiece started getting wonky. The audio has a brief fade in and fade out as people talk. It also has a bit of an underwater sound.

Restarting the phone makes this problem go away for a short time then it returns. Before we throw up our hands and say "must be your BT device" let me share this...

1) Bluetooth audio between earpiece and G6 is fine for music and Google Maps - just seems to be on calls or using Google Now voice commands (EDIT)

2) When the fade/warble occurs and when a call is started, I hear four ring tones in a row. Restart the phone, make the call via BT and I hear two ring tones and BT audio is normal.

Because the BT earpiece was working fine a week ago I presume a recent update did something but the varied ring tone would suggest something with AT&T.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop Bluetooth Audio Not Working In Car?

Mar 10, 2015

Since my Galaxy S5 was upgraded to lollipop, I can't control my music from my bluetooth connected car stereo. It was working fine on the previous OS.

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Galaxy S6 :: Bluetooth Audio Quality Distorted And Unclear

Nov 1, 2015

I have a relatively severe issue with the Bluetooth audio quality on my phone. It sounds pretty much exactly like 64kbits MP3, you can especially hear it in the high frequencies. It's somehow distorted and unclear and extremely annoying as it ruins the experience totally.

Everyone who heard sound over my Bluetooth devices has heard this.The weird thing: I experienced this with both my Galaxy S5 (G900F) and my Galaxy S6 (G920F) and every single Bluetooth device that is connected to them. I tried it with my Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter, Denon AVR X1100W, Logitech Boombox and my car stereo Kennwood KDC-BT35U. The audio quality is always the same.

However, with my Nexus 5, my Galaxy Tab S8.4 and my Laptop, the audio quality over Bluetooth is great! Also, if I use the headphone jack on my Galaxys, it sounds just fine. I mostly use Spotify and Google Play Music, but the problem is not there since it sounds great when using a cord.

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Galaxy S6 :: When Connect Audio Via Bluetooth Headset Volume / Even On Max Is Low

Aug 2, 2015

When I connect audio via my Bluetooth headset the volume, even on max, is low. Why? If I'm outside I can barely hear anything. It's pathetic. My old M7 was much louder. I rely on my headset whilst driving - it's an LG ToneHow can I fix this without rooting?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Bluetooth Connection To Ford Audio?

Oct 27, 2012

I have successfully 'paired' my new S2 to my Ford Focus audio system, and it makes and receives phone calls fine - hands free. However - the current settings do not transfer my 'contacts' list to the car system. Every time I turn on the car ignition I get a little 'tune' from the phone, and a notification that says (something like) 'Ford audio would like to share your address book' and an option to 'OK' or cancel. If I click 'OK' my contacts are listed on the car system. There is also another window which says 'Do not ask again'Has anyone else had this issue - because I am getting fed up with having to allow the phone and car to share my contacts list every time I turn on the ignition.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Audio Fades In After A Few Seconds Over Bluetooth Connection

Sep 27, 2015

I have my S6 Edge connected via Bluetooth and each time there is a new chapter in Audible or a pause in Pandora audio, I noticed that audio fades in after a few seconds. This makes me lose a little bit of the audio each time. Is there some sort off Bluetooth optimization going on here or a tweak I can perform so that this doesn't happen anymore?

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Galaxy S6 :: Little Stutter When Scrolling Through Contacts And Log

May 26, 2015

I notice sometimes a bit of stutter when i am scrolling through the contacts and log, you notice it when you try to scroll slowly, and in the app drawer there is some too, it happens when you do not open the app drawer for a bit of time, then you open it and slide between the pages and the first slide stutter a bit, after that its fine..... I am thinking of doing a factory reset..... I have my phone for about 5 weeks now....

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Galaxy S6 :: Snapchat - Video Will Lag And Stutter?

Apr 11, 2015

So I got my Galaxy S6 today. I noticed that when I try to play a story on snapchat, the images will load perfectly. The video however, will lag and stutter, making the video unwatchable. I have cleared cache, uninstalled, etc. Still happens.

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Galaxy S6 :: Scrolling Up And Down In Apps Stutter Every Time

May 4, 2015

I bought yesterday my galaxy s6. Everything was going fine, the new touchwiz looks really beaultifull, the screen was the best display I ever seen, the fingerprint sensor works great, etc.

Nevertheless, i noticed a stuttering/scrolling lag in almost every app. For example: scrolling up and down on whatsapp chats stutters every time. It is not smooth as my old iphone 5. On instagram, facebook, contacts, playstore, occurs the same problem... they are not heavy apps, I can not really understand why it is happening. It is bothering me and I will come back to apple if this problems persists.

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Galaxy S6 :: Stutter In Apps When Pulling Menu Bar

Jun 26, 2015

Since 5.1.1 I have a stutter in all Google apps and some other ones as well. The device itself is running very smoothly but once in app, Newsstand, Play Store, Google Music etc. the whole app stutters and lags.

It is most noticeable when I am pulling out menu from left, the whole animation just stutters, the same happens after I select anything, like setting. I have Wiped the device and nothing changed, clearing only cache doesn't work either.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Spotify Icon In Gallery?

Oct 13, 2015

Every day I seem to be getting the Spotify icon saved as an image (low res) in my Gallery. I delete it, and then it comes back the next day. I had a quick online search and I see that I am not alone. My phone is running standard launcher so I haven't changed anything on the phone, apart from usual wallpapers and personalisations.

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Galaxy S6 :: Volume Going Up And Down While Listening Music Using Spotify

Jun 20, 2015

I am having a volume fluctuating issue when I am listening music using Spotify service. Volume goes up and down all the time.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Put Spotify Music In Instagram Video

Aug 1, 2015

I want to be able to take 15 seconds out of some of my fave songs and insert it into a 15 second instagram video. How?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Can't See Spotify Controls In Lock Screen

Jun 10, 2015

I just switched from iPhone and on that had the capability to see spotify album art and controls in lock screen, can I do that on my s6 edge? Or suggest a lock screen that can. I don't like having notifications on for spotify because I don't need to be told everytime a song gets added to a payload but so far this is the only way to get controls on lockscreen and it's tiny. Was android always like this?

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Galaxy S6 :: Spotify Full Screen Artwork Not Showing On Lock Screen

Nov 3, 2015

Spotify is that the full screen artwork on the lock screen has gone. It now shows a small widget that only has a pause and next track option. What happened to the full screen that was there before with my Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s.

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LG V10 :: Bluetooth Audio Quality

Dec 1, 2015

Quality of music via bluetooth headphones? All reviews refer only to enhanced audio via the headphone jack.

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LG G3 :: Bluetooth Audio Working

Jul 17, 2015

So ever since I updated to Lollipop in March (I'm with MTS) my Bluetooth audio with my pioneer double din stereo in my truck only works for about it a minute and a half then the signal seems to go weak and it gets really choppy and skips really bad. If I pause the song and wait 30 seconds itll sound fine again but only for about another minute and a half. Bluetooth audio works fine with my little Bluetooth speaker.

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HTC One M7 :: Streaming Audio Via Bluetooth

May 13, 2013

I have paired my HTC One "AT&T" with my 2012 Toyota Highlander. During the process I setup it up as a phone plus audio device. I can receive and make calls just fine without issue.

The problem is when I try to play pandora. No audio at all. Whats strange is thats its actually paired, i see the music symbol plus the connection strength bars on my console. It does not display any artist info or songs. When I play a song in pandora no audio on either my car or phone. Whats even stranger is I can use my car to skip songs in pandora but still no sound.

I have checked everything. Made sure bluetooth audio is setup in pandora. I have deleted my phone from toyota and the connection from my phone and repaired back up. Rebooted my phone.

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