Galaxy S5 :: Is There A Way To Animate Charging Notification LED

May 5, 2015

All Galaxy owners know how the Notification LED will cycle smoothly through the multiple shades of blue during the boot of the device. Is there a way, or an app, that changes the charging notification from a stale red light, to an animated color range? For instance, if I start charging my device, I think it'd be cool if the notification light cycled through colors, like when the device boots up, rather than have a stale red LED lit up.

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Galaxy S5 :: Disable Wireless Charging Notification Sounds On Device

May 24, 2014

Any way to disable the wireless charging sound without rooting or silencing all notifications? This is pretty annoying not being able to turn it off. The first notification when I place the phone on the charger I'm fine with. It's the ones throughout the night that wake me. I've read when it's up to charge and trickling back down, or getting hot and pausing charges is why this happens. The only solution I found is rooting, which I rather not do until Knox isn't tripped.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Attach Animate Files (GIF Format) In Android Stock Gmail App

Dec 29, 2014

I have questions about animated gif file(s) which is send by Android Gmail as attachment My device is non rooted N5 with kitkat (4.4.4); gmail is 5.0.1 (1642443).

1) Unable to open gif attachment as animated file in gmail, I usually use Quickpic to open gif file in my device and in cloud storage because Gallary dose not work. But in gmail i do not have to option to choose the app, the default image viewer in gmail ( may be gallery ?) dose not display the animated effect. So i have to save the file to my phone or to Gdrive to see the animation. Is there a way to view the animation directly in the email without save the file??

.2)Could i send image files in Android gmail as 'In Line' Similar to the 'insert photo' function in desktop gmail instead of 'Attachment', how?

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Galaxy S6 :: Fast Charging Vs Regular Old Cable Charging?

Dec 8, 2015

When I use an older, slower charger for my GS6 overnight, my battery usually lasts all day, unless under HEAVY use of video or music. However, when I use the Fast Charging cord that was boxed with my GS6, it seems to charge to 100% at lightning speed, but then seems to lose power 5 times faster the next day. I may barely use my phone for <10 minutes during the day, and it is down to 10% by 5pm! So, fast charging = faster battery loss? I'm not seeing an upside to the Fast Charging, at all.

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RIM :: No Notification Sounds While Charging

Aug 26, 2011

It seems that when I've got the Curve 3G charging I don't receive any notification sounds for text, email, etc (not sure about calls yet).

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Call Notification Icon Not Disappear From Notification Bar Not Even After Restart

Nov 3, 2015

The call notification icon will not disappear from the notification bar not even after restart or shut down.

I mention I have closed all apps from multi tasking and it still did not disappear

I would post a screenshot but the app crashes if do that.

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HTC One M7 :: Low Battery Notification Flashing Endlessly While Charging

Aug 15, 2013

When I plug in my phone once the battery has gotten low enough for the "low battery warning" message to pop up--it begins to flash on and off and beep endlessly. I can't hit ok or use my phone in any way, it just keeps flashing and beeping even if I have, say 15% battery, enough to accomplish some sort of task still. If I unplug the phone I it stops flashing and I could then use the phone normally, but as soon as I plug it back in it flashes the warning repeatedly until I turn off the screen and it then begins charging (what I assume is normally).

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LG G3 :: Enable Charging Notification Sound When Plugging In?

Nov 7, 2014

How to enable the charging notification sound when plugging in or unplugging the charging cable? I had it enabled once but now I cannot find that option.

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Xperia Z3 :: Red Notification / Charging Light Remains On

Mar 8, 2015

I have bought my phone Xperia c3 dual 2 months ago.Everything was running smoothly until yesterday.I noticed that my red notification light remains remains on despite having charge over 75%. I have tried reset my phone but nothing changed. As my battery charge is decreasing, the red light fading but still on.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: LED Notification Light For Charging

Jan 11, 2016

I've had my 6p for a while and running cataclysm since day 1 so I don't remember about this. But, does the LED light stay lit when charging on a stock 6p? My brother just got his in today and it's dark so I'm just curious if it's an issue or that's just how it is stock. If it's normal I'm gonna have him use lightflow to activate so that's not a problem.

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Xperia Z2 :: Led Light Starts Blinking And Notification Of Charging Battery Appears And Disappears

Jun 29, 2015

My z2 doesn't charge anymore because after connecting every kind of charger (usb cable or docking station) the led light starts blinking and the notification of "charging battery" appears and disappears. What should I do?
My phone is still in warranty but in the official site it is registered as "missing warranty".

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Xperia Z3 :: Charging Logo Appears On Screen For A Short Time / Red Notification Lights

Jul 8, 2014

Why this is happening right now but my phone won't charge. When I plug it in the red notification light blinks for a while, then the charging logo appears on the screen for a short time and during that time red is light constantly lid, as it was supposed to, however then the screen goes black again and the light starts blinking.

I found a solution on YouTube which suggested me to tape power button firmly so it's always pushed and then charge it for an hour. I did exactly the same thing, nothing changed.

It's been more than 2 hours and my phone is still charging with the same cycle (blinking red light, then charging logo, then blinking again). I wonder what happened to my phone and what can I do now?

I realized that with using charging dock I can see a glimpse of Xperia and Sony logo but then they vanish. The phone seems to be restarting itself while I use the dock. 

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Galaxy S5 :: Notification Sounds When Do Not Actually Have A Notification

Apr 27, 2014

I am having an issue with my S5 ever since I got it. Multiple times throughout the day, I hear a notification sound (like I have a text message) but there is no notification of any sort what so ever whenever I review my phone.

I did not have the issue on my GS4, and I pretty much have all the same apps installed.

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Galaxy S6 :: Lights Up While Charging

Jul 28, 2015

So when my s6 is charging it will light up and not turn off by itself. It is dim, but it is always lite up. Is there a way to have it off while charging while not turning it off completely and having to click the side button every time a notification pops up? Shouldnt it just go black by itself after a couple second just like it does when its not plugged in?

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Does It Freeze While Charging

Jun 11, 2015

When my galaxy S6 was in charging, at first, the battery logo shows, then screen blank, not respond to home key/sleep_wake switch. Don't know when it enter this mode. Only press sleep_wake switch and vol down for 7 second to reset it bring it to live.

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Galaxy S5 :: Beep While Charging

Apr 17, 2014

I noticed that while charging with a charger that is not supplied with the phone, there is the sound that the phone makes when you first plug into a charger, and then while charging, it beeps every so often.....I believe its because I'm charging with a 1A charger, instead of the new 2A charger, but Verizon told me they were backwards compatible.If so, is there a way to silence this alert?

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Galaxy S5 :: Won't Stay On When Charging?

Dec 12, 2015

Every time i charge my phone it wont stay on and only works that way ...

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Galaxy S5 :: Won't Turn On After Charging?

Mar 29, 2015

Turned my phone off to charge, now it won't turn on, I took out the battery and it still wont...

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Phone Keep Charging On And Off

Apr 1, 2015

my phone stopped charging using the wall charger that came with the phone. I then tried using the charge cord to charge the phone from my laptop - which worked for a time. Now, very rarely does my computer charge the phone, and when it does, it charges on - then off. it will charge for a while then just stop.

I have purchased new "authentic" Galaxy S5 chargers, and tried multiple other charging cords so i KNOW it is not a cord issue. I have removed the battery and replaced it. I have cleared the cache by holding the power, home and volume key then selecting "clear cache".My phone is about 7 months old. I believe that the problem began after the last update.

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Galaxy S6 :: Not Charging Past 70%?

Sep 13, 2015

I have a galaxy s6 Sm-g920X (live demo unit). It auto updated to version 5.1.1 and since that time it isn't charging past 70%!

Furthermore, if I turn it off and plug it in, it will turn on automatically! I can't make it stay off when plugged in.

Side question: How can I disable annoying low battery power notification when it reaches 15%?

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Galaxy S6 :: Wireless Charging Stopped When It Hit Around 85 - 90%

Apr 28, 2015

I brought a Samsung wireless charger. The first few days, it worked flawlessly, but today when putting the phone on at 27%, when it hit around 85-90%, it started saying "Wireless charging have stopped" even tho it still charges. It's annoying, cause the screen light up, it vibrates and I get notification about it, but it starts charging right after?

Do you think this is a phone or wireless charger problem? Also, will this hurt my battery in any way? I mean if I leave it overnight, would it hurt the battery that the battery start charging, stopping again and then start again? This is around every sec or so.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Did Phone Stop Charging

Dec 4, 2015

my Glaxy s6 gave some charging sound while connected to charger but after some time stopped charging and its off. also while i was connecting charger it says DOC is connected and battery will drain.

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Galaxy S6 :: Is There A Initial Charging Hours

Oct 19, 2015

The phone is new, is there a initial or how many hours need to charge for the brand new galaxy s6?

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Galaxy S6 :: States Overheating When Charging?

Nov 18, 2015

all of a sudden an overheating icon displayed on my Samsung. closed apps etc. still displaying. Turned phone off and back on but still same message. I had to charge my phone and when on or off it wouldn't charge due to overheating. My battery drained and again tried to charge with no luck, but this time instead of the normal charge battery display it showed a red exclamation mark in the middle with a red light at the top of the phone. I have tried everything: Power and volume down button, reboot, factory reset and still same message when charging.

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Galaxy S6 :: Battery Temperature When Charging

Oct 8, 2015

Today while charging my phone the battery hit 10OF/38C for the first time. I was using the fast charger this time, but it seems to be random when it gets hot and little correlation to which charger I use. I've had it stay cool (80)on fast charge, get to 95 via USB to my work PC and all sorts of other combinations. Is there a pattern I'm missing or is it really as random as it seems.

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Galaxy S6 :: Screen Turn On And Off When Charging?

May 30, 2015

I just got my S6 today. When I plugged it in, the screen wouldn't turn off. After fiddling around a bit, I went into Developers Options, and turned off Stay Awake. However, now when charging, approximately every 10 seconds, the screen will come on, stay on for 10 seconds, turn off, and then 10 seconds later turn on again. I'm usually around my phone when I'm charging, and it's very annoying. Is there any way to turn it off?

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Get Warm When Charging?

Jul 5, 2015

When l charge my phone my phone is hot

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Galaxy S6 :: Wireless Charging Disconnecting?

May 13, 2015

Every night I leave my S6 on the wireless charger, in the morning its always around 90% full, and not charging. Does the wireless charging take it up to 100% then stop charging, not even doing a trickle charge?

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Galaxy S6 :: Wireless Charging Alignment With DT-900?

Jul 10, 2015

I charge my phones overnight with the power off. My old phone,an HTC DNA, had to be precisely placed in the same counterintuitive position (up and to the left) for the Nokia DT-900 white charging light to blink and DNA green fully charged light to go off at 100%. The phone would no longer charge and therefore cool down.

Unfortunately, I now wake up with my S6 charging light on as well as the constant white charging light on the DT-900. Need exact alignment that allows for the charger and phone to stop charging at 100% and have the indicator lights work properly?

The S6 doesn't get nearly as hot as the DNA on constant charge. However, I figure it would be a little better if the charger just shut off when done.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Keep Screen Off When Phone Is Charging

May 6, 2015

My S6's screen will illuminate when I place it on the charging pad and it starts charging. It may - or may not - turn off on its own (this behaviour is seemingly random). I click the screen off and it's fine until something pops up on the lock screen or the phone hits 100% charge, then it comes on and stays on.

I need the phone to be dark when it's on the charge pad, 100% of the time. NO exceptions. I work weird shifts and I need to sleep at different times of the day/night (it sucks, believe me), so this isn't even something I can schedule. Just some way to blank the screen when I tell it to be blank and ONLY wake up when I tell it to wake up.

1) DAYDREAM mode is OFF
2) DEVELOPER MODE is OFF and the "leave screen on while charging" was never enabled.
3) I do NOT use hard-wired charging; just a Qi charging pad.

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Keeps Saying Not Charging When Not Plugged In?

Oct 11, 2015

When I unplug my Galaxy Note 5, it constantly beeps at me and says "Not Charging". Obviously it's not because it's not plugged in but I've tried restarting it, turning it off for a while and letting it sit and it still does this. It's really annoying and I don't know why it's doing this. A message pops up on the screen for a split second, but I cannot read it for it disappears really quickly and I can't even get a screen shot of it. What's happening?

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