Galaxy S6 :: How To Keep Screen Off When Phone Is Charging

May 6, 2015

My S6's screen will illuminate when I place it on the charging pad and it starts charging. It may - or may not - turn off on its own (this behaviour is seemingly random). I click the screen off and it's fine until something pops up on the lock screen or the phone hits 100% charge, then it comes on and stays on.

I need the phone to be dark when it's on the charge pad, 100% of the time. NO exceptions. I work weird shifts and I need to sleep at different times of the day/night (it sucks, believe me), so this isn't even something I can schedule. Just some way to blank the screen when I tell it to be blank and ONLY wake up when I tell it to wake up.

1) DAYDREAM mode is OFF
2) DEVELOPER MODE is OFF and the "leave screen on while charging" was never enabled.
3) I do NOT use hard-wired charging; just a Qi charging pad.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Stuck On Downloading Screen After Charging

Jul 5, 2015

Issue I'm currently experiencing with my S6.

My phone ran out of battery so I put it on charge, as normal. Upon returning to my phone 30 minutes later it was on a bright, light blue / green screen that said "Factory Mode" in the top left corner and "Downloading - Do Not Turn Off Target" in the centre. I left this for an hour as I couldn't do anything, and it is still the same? Can't even turn the device off, or on.

I've not even had the phone a month, only have a handful of social media apps and last used it to take photos. Phone ran out of battery again. Rebooted after a charge and it is fine.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Screen Turns On Every 15 Seconds While Phone Is Charging

Apr 22, 2015

My S5's screen turns on every 15 seconds or so while the phone is charging. Its not that big a deal, but I can't imagine it causes the phone to charge faster when it is turning on the screen all the time.

What's odd is that it stops doing it when my phone gets to 90%-charged. From 90% to 100%, it doesn't do it, but any percentage lower than 90%, it turns on about every 15-20 seconds and stays on for like 2 seconds, turns itself off, then turns on again 15 seconds later.I have browsed through the Settings pages, but can't find anything that looks like a way to stop this.

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Galaxy S6 :: Screen Turn On And Off When Charging?

May 30, 2015

I just got my S6 today. When I plugged it in, the screen wouldn't turn off. After fiddling around a bit, I went into Developers Options, and turned off Stay Awake. However, now when charging, approximately every 10 seconds, the screen will come on, stay on for 10 seconds, turn off, and then 10 seconds later turn on again. I'm usually around my phone when I'm charging, and it's very annoying. Is there any way to turn it off?

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Stays On While Charging

May 5, 2014

I just got brand new phone from ATT, while charging I noticed the screen stayed on.Am I missing something or is this a Android Bug? Usually Developer option is hidden in a new phone. But on my phone the developer option was on and screen set to stay on while charging So when charged overnight my screen stayed on for several hours. Is this a bug or my phone was not 100% new?? Did it damage my screen? At least it was dimmed because it was dark...

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Phone Keep Charging On And Off

Apr 1, 2015

my phone stopped charging using the wall charger that came with the phone. I then tried using the charge cord to charge the phone from my laptop - which worked for a time. Now, very rarely does my computer charge the phone, and when it does, it charges on - then off. it will charge for a while then just stop.

I have purchased new "authentic" Galaxy S5 chargers, and tried multiple other charging cords so i KNOW it is not a cord issue. I have removed the battery and replaced it. I have cleared the cache by holding the power, home and volume key then selecting "clear cache".My phone is about 7 months old. I believe that the problem began after the last update.

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Galaxy S6 :: Wireless Charging When Screen Turns Off

May 28, 2015

I picked up my S6 yesterday and also got the Samsung wireless charging plate with it.

The problem I'm facing is that when ever the phone screen turns off (whether it's me turning it off or the screen timing out) the wireless charging pauses, stops and then starts again giving this little beep sound. I thought nothing of it and left it 'charging' overnight and in the morning it had charged from 8% to 3%...

Is there something I'm not doing right? Should it wirelessly charge while the screen is off?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Hidden Screen While Charging In Car?

Feb 16, 2012

Yesterday i was travelling in my car and while it was on charge it kept comeing up with a strange screen with a blue background and the time on and date a the standard icons at the bottom of the screen and in the top left corner it had ( and in the opposite corner it was a square button to go back in to the normal home screen, i tried it again today and it came on again for about 10 seconds and went off again?

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Did Phone Stop Charging

Dec 4, 2015

my Glaxy s6 gave some charging sound while connected to charger but after some time stopped charging and its off. also while i was connecting charger it says DOC is connected and battery will drain.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Get Warm When Charging?

Jul 5, 2015

When l charge my phone my phone is hot

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Keeps Saying Not Charging When Not Plugged In?

Oct 11, 2015

When I unplug my Galaxy Note 5, it constantly beeps at me and says "Not Charging". Obviously it's not because it's not plugged in but I've tried restarting it, turning it off for a while and letting it sit and it still does this. It's really annoying and I don't know why it's doing this. A message pops up on the screen for a split second, but I cannot read it for it disappears really quickly and I can't even get a screen shot of it. What's happening?

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Stopped Charging When On

Aug 24, 2015

My phone stopped charging when turned on. When off & plugged in the charging icon appears every 8 seconds & stays on screen for 5 seconds. It takes OVER 24 HRS to get a full charge which then is drained completely within the hour. I have purchased multiple charging cords & used many different outlets. There is NO water damage, however, since day 1 of purchasing this s5 it CONSTANTLY OVER HEATS to the point I cant hold it until I turn it off or do the 'cooler'.

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Not Charging While Turned On?

Mar 29, 2015

I have a galaxy s5 and a few days ago while i was charging my phone i started to hear a sizzling sound like something burning and i realized it was the USB in the charging port. i top it out immediately and it still charges but it only charges when it's turned off and when it's on it shows the little lighting strike on it but it's not really charging when plugged in(FYI it does not still have the charging symbol when not plugged in). Do I replace the battery or the phone. or is there nothing i can do?

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Not Charging And Bootloop

Dec 27, 2015

Yesterday my friend's S6 (international model) stopped charging and the screen says " Power sharing . The power sharing cable ..." ( view image 1)

then when the battery became 0 the phone turned off. I plugged in the charger (original charger and working perfectly on other phones) but it seems like the phone is not charging . it only shows the following screen (view image 2) for some seconds and the charging led is not turning on.

After leaving the charger plugged in for 10 min, I tried to boot up the phone. It booted but unfortunately it was a bootloop only showing the screen of " Samsung galaxy S6 "

So I booted into recovery and did a wipe cache and wipe data/factory reset but unfortunately the bootloop problem persists.

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HTC One M7 :: Phone Does Not Turn Screen Off When Charging

Jun 25, 2013

For some reason, my HTC One's screen started to stay on indefinitely when being charged. Normally if i'm charging my phone when i'm on my computer. However, when I am charging it while i sleep, i just plug it in and then go to bed. Once I plug it in, the screen stays on unless I turn it off manually.

I set my Display, gestures and buttons -> sleep to 30 seconds but it has no effect. The phone turns it's screen off just fine if I am not charging.

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Galaxy S6 :: Wireless Charging Waking Screen Up And Charge

Jul 26, 2015

This annoying issue just started in the last few days. I use wireless charging almost exclusively including in the car. Once the phone is completely charged it cycles between charging and not charging. Every time it starts charging again it wakes the screen up and does the charging started notification which means a I get a notification sound about every minute or so.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Screen Dead When Charging Battery?

Jun 18, 2011

I've just received my Galaxy S2, the first android phone I've ever owned. I've been advised to charge the battery for several hours the first time. When I plugged in the battery charger the battery charging icon appears for about 1 minute and then the screen goes completely dead when the charger is plugged in! Every phone I've had since the mid 90s constantly shows a battery symbol charging throughout the charging process.Is there something wrong with my phone or charger or does the Galaxy S2 not show anything on the screen when charging up?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Samsung Phone Say Its Charging When Its Not?

Dec 3, 2015

I was on the computer and my phone was charging on my wireless charging dock. I went to call my friend so I picked up my phone and the red light that says its charging was still on and the screen wouldn't turn on. I already tried to restart it using the power and -volume button, I even called tech support and all of their suggestions failed! I usually charge it overnight and it's fine in the morning.

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Galaxy S6 :: Slow Wireless Charging Of The Phone

Jan 4, 2016

I have a samsung wireless charging pad and i charge my g920f with it every night since i bought it a week ago. It was charging well in about 3 hours from 0%, but now it is charging very slow (25% in 8 hours) and it is heating. I installed an app to see cpu states, it is 99% on 800mhz. I tried changing cables and chargers but nothing worked. Charging with microusb works just fine. If i turn off the s6, wireless charging works as normal. I don't have root nor modified the system in past and i don't plan on rooting. I have latest 5.1.1 from romania(vodafone).

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Isn't Three Step Battery Blue Screen Not Showing While Charging

Jun 2, 2015

on Samsung Galaxy S5 it was always showing when i plug in my charger it used to show that blue screen where you can see how much time left before you plug your charger out and also shows three steps like Speed, and Trickle etc...

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Gets Hot Then Cools Back Down When Fast Charging?

May 26, 2015

My phone gets hot to the touch when fast charging, but after a while, it cools back down. Usually when it gets closer to finishing it gets cool again. And should I be worried about it heating up? I rarely fast charge for fear that the heat will cause damage

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Charging Intermittently And Acts Like It Is Being Unplugged?

Jan 2, 2015

My S5 recently has had issues with charging. I took it into the store thinking it was the charger that needed to be replaced. No. No visible damage or debris in the charging port or charger. No water or other damage - it has been kept in an Otterbox since the moment I bought it.

When I plug it in, sometimes it does nothing. No matter how long I let it sit or how full the battery is charged, it does not charge. I've tried different outlets, plugging the USB into the computer, charging with phone turned off, and pretty much all of the troubleshooting tips I could think of or find online. Other times it begins to charge only to stop and resume charging multiple times, as if being unplugged repeatedly. It does this so rapidly sometimes that it has killed my battery faster than not charging it at all. I was about to send it to Samsung when I decided to try it all again, including taking a needle to the charger and port to clear it out, when it suddenly worked again. Now, about a week later, back to square one. Sometimes it won't charge at all, other times it charges intermittently.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Phone Say Charger Not Recognized Charging Deactivated

Mar 22, 2015

I tried many different chargers. Finally got it to charge very slowly by taking out the sim then charging.I don't wanna have to remove my sim every time I want to charge my phone. Galaxy S5.

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Nokia 2330 :: Phone Stuck On Charging Screen?

Jun 9, 2010

My 2330 model is stuck on the charging screen, with the animated battery thing, even after having charging it for several hours. I've also tried switching the battery which did nothing for me.

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Stuck On Startup Screen When Turned On After Fully Charging

Mar 22, 2015

Okay, first let me start off by giving some descriptions to questions you may have:

*My phone is not rooted.
*I have not messed with any modifications.
*My phone's automatic update is turned off. (I haven't update since 4.42.)
*I've already erased the cache in recovery mode.
*I don't have a back-up.

My phone had died because the battery life ran out. I charged it fully and unplugged it. I kept it off for a little while, and when I turned it on it booted normally to the start-up screen, blinked off and restarted back to the screen; it remained stuck there. I can power off and enter recovery mode, but I can't power off. The charge logo appears when I plug it up, but it stays there with an empty power logo even after I unplug it. I have to always take out the battery to turn it off. What did I do wrong, and I can I fix it without having to wipe out documents? (I have a lot of writing documents).

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Does Not Auto Shut Off When Charging - Turns On When Receive Texts

Apr 18, 2014

I have this very annoying problem with my GS5. When the screen is locked and is plugged into the charger, anytime I receive a text message the screen lights up and NEVER automatically puts itself back to sleep. The screen will dim, but stay lit until I physically press the lock button.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Doesn't Give Estimated Charging Time

Sep 14, 2015

Something is definitely suss with my battery or what it is reading. I took it off the charger and it immediately became 98%. Then it became 96%. I put it back on the charger and my phone isn't giving an estimated charging time. Wtf...

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Google Nexus 6 :: Phone And Screen Gets Very Hot While Charging Using Stock Charger

Nov 27, 2015

A few concerns about my Nexus 6. It usually gets warm while charging using the stock charger. And I take it as usual.

For the past few days, I've noticed the phone discharge battery very fast. I get only around 3 hrs of SOT. Used to get 4.5 hrs till 4 days back. Today when I touched the phone while charging it, it was too hot to touch and even the screen was hot. I took it off the charger and switched the phone off.

Is there something to be concerned about here? Is there anything that I can check on the phone? Been running stock Marshmallow, an update I received OTA.

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Turn On Phone With A White Screen And Charging Symbol

Jul 20, 2010

My phone got some water on it and was working fine until it just randomly shut off and refuses to turn on now. I got it to start up to a grey/white screen and a battery with a charging symbol in the middle. If I can get back to the screen is there anything I can do for my phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: Vivaz - Phone Stuck On Boot Screen When Turned On After Night Charging

Sep 11, 2010

I'm turning on the Vivaz after a night in charging. It's turning on and stuck on the SE screen at the start. I've tried everything and nothing helpful, what can I do?

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Galaxy S6 :: Fast Charging Vs Regular Old Cable Charging?

Dec 8, 2015

When I use an older, slower charger for my GS6 overnight, my battery usually lasts all day, unless under HEAVY use of video or music. However, when I use the Fast Charging cord that was boxed with my GS6, it seems to charge to 100% at lightning speed, but then seems to lose power 5 times faster the next day. I may barely use my phone for <10 minutes during the day, and it is down to 10% by 5pm! So, fast charging = faster battery loss? I'm not seeing an upside to the Fast Charging, at all.

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