Cseries :: C6 Works Even With Incorrect Lock Code?

Apr 26, 2012

The phone presents me with a locked screen after boot. No matter what code I type in, it first shows a message saying 'code error' and then lets me through. I don't see any use of the lock code with this behaviour.My c6 is updated with the latest available firmware as of today.

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Cseries :: How To Lock Keypad Using Security Code In Nokia C6

May 15, 2012

lock keypad using security code for Nokia C6??

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Nokia Nseries :: 5230 Forgot Lock Code Or Security Lock Code?

Oct 6, 2010

forgot my Lock Code or security lock code for nokia 5230Even i cant Reset or Hard reset it fault code 12345 is not working either...

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IPhone :: Keeps Telling Security Code Is Incorrect

May 23, 2012

Why does it keep telling me that my security code is invalid? I cant even download free apps!!

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Security Code Incorrect, Can't Select "None" As Payment Option

Mar 18, 2012

Starting about 3-4 weeks ago my security code on my credit cards have been incorrect, they are not incorrect. I can't update my apps, and this is really starting to **** me off. I'm about to cancel my phone plan because this is BS. iTunes has done NOTHING to help with this. I can't select NONE as a payment option either, none of my credit cards work, they all say security code incorrect..

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Cseries :: Nokia C3-00 Whats App Works Only At Wifi?

Mar 29, 2012

Whats app works only on wifi. When i go outside it doesn't work on my mobil internet. The internet works for everything else, i can normaly surf on the internet, just no whats app. When i installed it with my mobil internet i got the message, right after entering my phonenumber, to check the acces point. I couldn't install whats app with my mobil internet. When i installed it with te use of Wifi there where no problems.

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Cseries :: C3-00 Message Chat Doesnt Works

Nov 26, 2011

i have use c3-00 entirely its working very good and i kept happy ;but i have only one problem to handle this my MESSAGE CHAT cant operated.

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LG G3 :: Content Lock Option Works Only On SD Card

May 4, 2015

I am facing the above problem with my recently bought LG G3. the content lock option works for both files stored in sd card and on internal storage. but to view them via unlock option is only with sd card files. if a file is locked on internal storage it has to be moved to sd card to unlock and view.

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IPhone Lock Button Works Automatically?

Jun 25, 2014

My iphone lock button works automatically. It gets lock automatically. During call also it hangs up automatically and show slide power off button without touching lock button.

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Cseries :: What Is The Security Code For A C3-01

Mar 16, 2012

what is the security code for a c3-01? ( Ive never used it so it should be set at default?) I dont want to try because I read the phone can lock up if you enter the wrong one more than 3 times?

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Cseries :: C2-02 Touchscreen Lower Half Works And Upper Doesn't Respond

May 9, 2012

Yesterday my touch screen stopped working completely, after restarting my mobile it worked. But the lower half works and upper half doesn't respond. Means if the touch the upper portion the lower portion responds. I tried *#7370# and reinstalling the firmware 7.48 but no use.

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Cseries :: C3-00 Security Code Not Been Accepted?

Oct 5, 2010

i bought a nokia c3-00 yesterday, on changing the security code the phone now ain't unlocking using the new security code. I have tried all the procedures of turing in off, letting it stay idle but the phone aint accepting the new security code or the default one...

I have all my data on the phone and now i cant access it. What should I do?

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Cseries :: Can't Remember C3 Security Code

Oct 17, 2011

can't remember my c3 security code.

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Cseries :: Nokia C7-Security Code?

Feb 16, 2012

I purchased this phone before 3 months.Never used or changed security code.One week ago I updated the sotware using nokia suite..But afterthat when restarting the phone , it asks security code..i typed the default seurity 12345..but it doesn't accepts. change or reset.Product Code-059B7V9 Model-C7-00 Type-675

Moderator's note: we have removed the IMEI number from your post because Nokia does not recommend users to post sensitive information.

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Nokia 5230 :: Unresponsive Touchscreen Works After Lock / Unlock?

Jul 9, 2010

I recently bought a Nokia 5230 in june 2010. It worked really well for one month. Yesterday i started experiencing unresponsive touchscreen problem. The touchscreen didnt respond and the Small white menu (with the music,web,share icons ) kept popping up if i moved my phone a little bit..(it really annoys)I did a Soft Reset as well as a Hard Reset Nothing worked out. The touchscreeen works after i lock and unlock the phone.

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IPhone :: Camera Shortcut On Lock Screen No Longer Works

Apr 12, 2012

Shortly after I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1, the camera shortcut on my home screen stopped working. The camera icon appears even if I single click the home button, but whether I single click or double click the home button, touching the camera icon simply makes the screen bounce in rejection.

I have removed the passcode on my phone only to get the same effect.

iPhone, iOS 5.1

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Nokia :: N73 - Lock Code

Jan 11, 2010

I forgot my lock code. Phone is now off, when i turn it on he asking me lock code.

What i must do now?

I tried format with * + 3 + green button > this metod not working...

When i try to enter default lock code 12345 it says "code error "

After few times of guessing it says lock code is entered 5 times incorect wait 5 minutes and code will be unblock...

I wait, and trying again and nothing happen... again same problem stays ...

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Nokia :: Lock Code For N79

Jun 22, 2010

im using nokia n79, after i restore the factory setting the phone didnt accept the lock code, before i restore the phone i was using the default lock code with out any problems!

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IPhone :: How To Get A Sim Lock Code

May 1, 2012

i jus purchased a i phone 4 s off trademe an my fone has no signal barsit was working about a week ago an nw nt

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Cseries :: Set A Security Code To Unlock Screen?

Oct 15, 2012

I m using my C2-03 since 6 months, and I set a security code to unlock screen.Last night I switched off my cell and today when I switched it on I tried hard to unlock the screen but couldn't successful.

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Cseries :: Forgot Nokia C3-00 Security Code?

Dec 7, 2012

I forgot my nokia C3-00 security code

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Cseries :: Does Bar Code Reader Scanner Exist

Nov 1, 2011

Has anyone managed to find a barcode scanning app that's able to work on a Nokia C7?

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Nokia :: Cannot Use The Lock Code In 5800

Jan 2, 2010

I've got a Nokia 5800.

Soon I made the update to v 31.0.101 (

The problem is that i cannot use now the lock code. I try 12345, because I did not change it never before. But the phone doesn't accept any lock code, it always say failure!

So, I cannot change or use the lock code of the phone.

[I did not try to use the lock code before the update, so I don't know if the problem was before too.]

[One strange thing: If I try another numbers differents of 12345, the fifth time the phone says wait 5 minutes; but if I try 12345, I can try it lots of times, never say wait 5 minutes]

[I suposse 12345 goes on being the right code, but the phone accept NO code]

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Nokia :: 5800 / How To Get Lock Code?

Jun 20, 2010

I've forgotten the lock code on my 5800, is there anyway I can get it back or change the code?I would appreciate the help from you, thanks

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Nokia :: N85 - Forget Lock Code

Jan 24, 2010

my n85 can't open. coz i'm forget my lock code..

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IPhone :: Can't Remember Lock Code For It

Jun 10, 2012

I can't remember my iPhone lock number. What can I do?

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Xseries :: Forgotten Lock Code Of X6?

Sep 16, 2011

After not using my phone for a while, I forgot my lock code. I did a hard reset after removing battery for 10 minutes, and the phone was runing for some time - the lock code remained unkown but it booted, before it wanted the lock code to boot off, but after this my stupid head decided to update the phone - causing it to restart, and even worst now it not only again ask for the unknown lock code at boot, it also can't hard reset by the Green key,Red key, camera button switch on method + 10 minutes w/o battery. I can provide the IMEI from the box, if it will be of any use.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Lock Code For E75?

Nov 30, 2012

have my nokia E75,forgot the lock code.i tried some given ideas bt couldn't work.what else cn i try?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 Is Having Lock Code?

Mar 13, 2012

Is there any change to launch the factory reset when the phone is asking the lock code? I have tried these normal:

- Shift + Space + Back Space and Switch On

- 3 + * + Answer and Switch On

But they are not working.

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Can't Get Rid Of Lock Code

Jun 28, 2012

I just set up my Corporate Sync account with my Exchange Server. My D2 insists on locking every 15 minutes (requiring passcode), even though the ActiveSync Policy is set for "Not require password." When I go to Settings/Screen Lock the "None" and "Pattern" options are greyed out with the message "Disabled by remote phone administrator."

I've tried creating a new policy and linking my account, installing NoLock (didn't work).

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Cseries :: C2 03 Software Update Error Code 12052

Jan 3, 2012

while updating my C2 03 device software with Ovi suite, my device automatically got switch off and getting error that my device is disconnected, try connecting by removing battery and USB cable and reinsert both and press power button for one second, but doing these stuff for 2 or 3, things not worked and in last I'm getting error code of 12052.

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