BB Torch :: Suspicious Email: Validate Password

May 6, 2011

I got an email on my smartphone from Blackberry this morning, saying "Action Required: Validate Password". It says that email messages are not being received for my email address and gives directions to resume receiving messages.One thing that made me suspicious was that the email address listed capitalized the first letter of my real address. But I wasn't getting more email, so I tried the fix.When I followed the directions, using the capitalized address, I got a message saying invalid password. I tried to change back to the lowercase version of the address, and got a message saying that address was already set up.I did NOT get this message in my inbox on my computer, and I've not gotten any further messages on my phone. I suspect foul play, but need advice as to how to put things right. I'll change my email password for sure.. what else?

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BB Torch :: App World Say's It Can't Validate Email / Password

Jun 8, 2011

I have a Torch exact message is "unable to validate the email address and password combination". When I try "forgot password" the message I get is "Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server. Verify your network connections and try again. (error id : 30637) "This happens when I try WIFI or not on WIFI. My plan lets me use internet anywhere I get reception. I have tried wiping my phone and restoring everything.I can not find any help on the internet and this is a very frustrating problem as there is no point in having a blackberry if I can't download any new apps.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Validate Email Address And Password?

Jun 2, 2011

Try as I might I can't get onto anything that requires me to log into my new (11 days old) blackberry torch; and I know I am putting the correct email address and password details

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BB Curve :: Cannot Validate New Email Password

Sep 1, 2011

I cannot validate my new email password.

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BB Storm :: Get A Email Saying Validate Password?

Mar 30, 2011

Right since blackberry went down the other week i have started to get a email saying validate password and i dont know how to do it anybody know

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BB Bold :: How To Verify Password To Validate Email

Dec 20, 2011

I got a message from blackberry stating that I need to verify my password in order to have emails sent to my phone. The message is Unclear and it states that i need to go to the Blackberry Internet Service account and click on the setup icon and click email accounts or email settings.

- Go to email accounts page
- Edit my email
- Type in password

I cannot seem to find the "set up" icon on the BB Internet Service page!

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BB Bold :: Unable To Validate New Email Password?

Oct 26, 2011

I had to change my email password a couple of days ago. I received the email to validate. Went into setup to validate and I type in my new password and click validate and I keep getting Blackberry Can't validate password. I show the password ot ensure I'm typing it right. I am so frustrated.

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BB Curve :: Validate Email Password Due To Change?

Oct 26, 2011

I received a message requesting that I "Validate Password" in order to continue receiving e-mail.

I read a message on the forum saying that my email address password needs to be updated on my BIS account, because I just changed the password toda and BIS can no longer access it.

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BB Storm :: Validate Password For Email - How To Reset

May 23, 2012

Got an email this morning that said I needed to validate an email account. Said messages from this email account weren't being delivered and resume receiving email, I needed to validate the password. I've tried several passwords that I've used in the past and all were rejected. Obviously I've forgotten the password and can't figure out what to do next.

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BB Software :: Continuously Have To Validate Email Password

Oct 15, 2010

I would like to know how to disable the following:

At least once a month I receive a message to validate my email password on the blackberry website. My company password is set to never expire, so the problem does not lie there. Is there perhaps a setting on the rim server to only request a password validation when my exchange password changes?

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BB Curve :: 8520 - How To Validate Email Password Via BIS

Oct 29, 2011

I have received a message asking me to validate the password for an MSN email account I access through a work Curve 8520. I have done this before without any problem but now my BB says there is a problem connecting to the server so I can't access my email accounts to validate. Email is still coming through on other accounts. I tried to use the PC and access through the Blackberry Internet Server page but can't find anywhere there to access email account settings (all the guides say email settings are on the left hand pane of the page but not on any page I have found?

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BB Curve :: Unable To Validate Email Adress And Password

May 11, 2011

Tried to login to blckberry app world but everythime i trt it wont authenticate my email or password, tried changing it but it has now come up with an error msg: unable to validate the email adress and password combination error id 30601 any ideas?

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BB Curve :: Unable To Validate Password Email Combination

Sep 15, 2011

unable to validate password email combination

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BB Bold :: How To Validate Email Address And Password (No Longer Working)

Jun 13, 2012

I have had my Bold for almost two years now and I've NEVER had a problem... until now. I received message saying I needed to validate my email address and password because I am no longer receiving emails to my phone. I tried to log in and the username and password don't work. I've never had to use this password and email until now, therefore is should not have been changed. I don't know how to fix the settings at all especially since I can't log into my settings!

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BB Bold :: Sudden Request To Validate Password For Email Address

Nov 17, 2012

Have been using Bold for 1yr+, received this (strange) request.........however under 'Email Accounts' cannot access email settings as it won't recognize User Name and Password! When put in email (surname) settings (which still work on laptop) receive the following: "'The information you provided is incorrect. Retype your user name and password. Your user name and password are case sensitive".

Am at a complete loss and can't resolve (which I need to do within 36 hrs because am going overseas and need my BB to be working!

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BB Curve :: Reset/retrieve Password Word So Can Gain Access To Validate My Email Account?

Oct 31, 2012

I have validated my account before but cannot remember the password this time. Blackberry Curve 9330 - 6.0 Bundle 3084 (v6.0.0.719 Plateform Need to know how to reset/retrieve my password word so I can gain access to validate my email account.

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BB Torch :: My New Email Won't Validate

Oct 29, 2012

Just had a second business email address set up which has is the exactly the same setup as my other email which has always worked on my BB.I've checked with my web guy and all the info and passwords i've input are correct. The error says "your device had a problem connecting to the server"

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BB Torch :: Cannot Validate Email Address

Dec 25, 2011

I am attempting to receive my emails from the enterprise server and nothing I do seems to be working. And of course there is no live customer service today.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Validate Email Account?

Oct 24, 2011

I am unable to validate my email account on my 9800 Torch even though I put in the correct email password. The reply is always PASSWORD INVALID. Please help, I am not getting my latest emails.

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BB Torch :: Can't Validate Exchange Email Account?

Oct 30, 2011

On the 1st October I had a message to request that to validate my work/exchange email account on my Torch 9800. Not sure why I was asked as nothing had been changed on my work server at that particular time. Anyway, II had done this succesfully numerous times previously so knew the process to follow. However on this occasion i received a message to say that my email address or username were incorrect.

With the help of my system administrator I tried numerous times on the device and on a web browser on my pc to validate my details. All with no success. Strangely a couple of times when I requested a new password from the o2/BB internet help service, I was told that a message had been successfully sent to my device. Nothing was ever received either as a text or at my registered email address.

I assumed my problem was associated with all the widely reported BB server problems, but when that was resolved by BB I still could not validate my email. In exasperation I deleted the account from my device and tried to reset it up again as a new one. Sadly when I try - and there have been too many now to recall - all I ever get is the message to 'verify my email address, username and password'. All these have been confirmed numerous times by my system administrators, and they now believe my account may have been blocked or something?

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BB Curve :: Get Is "Unable To Validate The Email Address And Password Combination"?

Sep 21, 2011

I am trying to sign into app world for the first time and the message I get is "Unable to validate the email address and password combination". I know they are correct because I have used the same set for a year now. Rogers can't figure out the problem and sent me here.

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BB Torch :: Add Gmaill Account To 9800 / Invalid Email Address / Password / Verify Email Address / Password

Dec 13, 2011

I am try to add my gmaill account to my Torch 9800 but keep getting a message "Invalid email address or password. Verify your email address and password.If error persists, contact"

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BB Curve :: Message To Validate Gmail Password?

Jun 2, 2012

I can't send/receive emails on my BlackBerry Curve. I got a message from BlackBerry that I have to validate my gmail password but when I follow the instructions, I can't get it to work. I go to "setup wizard" then to "email settings". It says if I want to access my email, to enter my user and password. I've tried all the user ID's that I would have used but nothing works. When I click on "forgot password" and go through that, it tells me it's sent my password has been sent to my BlackBerry, but it doesn't come.

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BB Curve :: Validate The Password In The Internet Service?

Jul 30, 2012

I had to change my talk21 email account password & have now received a message to say I need to validate the password in the Blackberry Internet Service. I have tried to follow the instructions without success - I admit I am hopeless at anything technical & I am so confused by what is required in the 'username' field & password

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BB Curve :: Validate Password To Continue Receiving Emails?

Jun 18, 2012

I'm having receiving emails on my BB. I receieved an email on my BB this morning saying I needed to validate my password to continue receiving emails on my BB. Unfortunately I cannot remember what password I used when I set it up several years ago.

I went to the BB internet service website to do a 'forgotten password' request but unfortunately the password reminder email is not coming into my main email inbox on my laptop and is only going to my BB, but because my BB is not recieivng emails I cannot retrieve the password, so I am in a bit of a catch 22 situation.

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BB Curve :: Can't Receive Emails And Have Been Asked To Validate Password

Jun 19, 2012

I can't receive emails and have been asked to validate my password, went into 'Blackberry Internet Service' and as I had forgotten my password, asked for a new one. This apparently has been sent to my phone! Can't receive e-mails so now I'm even more stuck

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BB Curve 8900 :: BIS Validate Password Nightmare! (Not MSN / Hotmail / Windows Live)

May 15, 2010

i set up emails on my Blackberry Curve 8900 about a month ago (via BIS) and they've been working fine since then - until yesterday. Yesterday I got an email saying: "Action required:update password!" - there was then some info asking me to go to the BIS page and validate my password before I can receive emails again.

I keep doing this and it keeps saying it has been validated (I am absolutely certain it is the correct password) - but then 1 minute later I get the same email again saying I ned to validate my password. I click the email icon in setup and it's gone back to needing to be validate again?!

It's my work email address accessed via BIS. Has anyone got any ideas?? (I've treied searching on here but the posts I've found are all talking about a problem with Hotmail / Live / MSN - which this isn't about)

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BB Bold :: Keeps Asking Me To Validate My Email

Nov 28, 2012

At least twice a day blackberry send me an email asking me to validate one of my email addresses. This is a school email and my other email is a g-mail account which has been completely fine. I recently had to get a replacement phone because the software update screwed up my other one. I had no problems with any of my email accounts on my previous blackberry bold. Now, blackberry send me an email at least twice a day prompting me to validate my school email account. Not only that, it takes a least several times for it to go through, meaning I will type the correct password and it will still say it is incorrect, however after numerous tries it eventually goes through.

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BB Curve :: Can't Re-validate My Email

Nov 6, 2011

i cant re validate my email log in

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BB Curve :: Cannot Validate An Email Address

Oct 18, 2010

I have a Bold 9700 and a Curve 8320.The Bold has, for want of a technical term, borked. It was in an endless reboot loop and I couldn't do anything to get it out of it.Anyway, I've put the sim card into an old, unlocked but still fully working Curve.It connects to the network fine - ie I can get SMSs and access the web via the browser.But I can't setup my email.You go to the add email page. It says: 'A new Blackberry device has been detected. You must move your email accounts to receive email on this device. To move an email account, you will need to type the email account password. At least one email account must be moved to set up email on this device.'<It then list my two email addresses>'Email delivery to your old device has been stopped this point you can't add a new email address (I can't find any way to add a new email address)If you click cancel, it totally cancels.So, you can only click 'Move email account' You do that, it lists the current email address with a space to enter the password, then click 'validate' So I've done that - the password IS correct.But every time, it just says: 'An error occurred while accessing your account. Please click below to try again. Link: Access Another Email Account'If you click that link it takes you back to the start and you go around in the same circle.So I'm left not being able to validate any of my email addresses - or being able to add a new one.

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BB Curve :: Unable To Validate Email?

Jun 27, 2011

I have a Curve 8520 and have been trying to download new apps. When I enter my password I get the message 'unable to validate email address and password'. If I select 'forgot password' I get the message 'Blackberry is having trouble connecting to ... server. Verify your network connections and try again - error 30637'. Have checked my email settings and these seem ok and I am receiving email on the Blackberry on the same email account.

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