BB Torch :: Freezes When Playing Audio Or Video?

Feb 8, 2012

My blackberry freezes when I play an audio or video though both continue to play, I can't access any keys either on touchpad and keypad.

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BB Bold :: Video/audio Out Of Sequence When Playing A Video?

Jun 18, 2010

I have a BB 9650 with O/S 5..0.0.975.Main issue is that the voice and video of a video file are not in sync. The video plays slower than the voice. I believe that it is true for all video files. They were all loaded via BB Desktop Manager and all the files have the same extensions (MP4). They play fine on my computer.don't tell me to load O/S 6.0. That OS does has so many bugs that it is useless. I have loaded it twice over the course of 6 or 7 months and both times it simply fails to function properly.

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IPhone 4 :: Freezes After Playing 24 Minutes Of Video

Aug 24, 2014

I have the problem that when I am playing any type of online video when i reach 24 minutes, the screen freezes but the sound keep running, and I tryed deleting cookies and buffer and all these things, and I also reseted the phone.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2, I'M USING WI-FI

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Xperia Z3 :: Video Screen Freezes Yet The Audio Continues

Jan 1, 2015

Just bought a z3 and I've been having some strange issues. For example if I play a YouTube video it loads fine, it starts to play but about 10 secs in the screen freezes yet the audio continues. Other issues also occur when I try to skip parts of a video it just refuses to load. Its occurring throughout all videos on all formats no matter if I go through a browser. Have also tried WiFi versus data no difference.

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Xperia Z3 :: Video Freezes While Audio Continues When Mobile Data Is On

Sep 11, 2015

I bought the xperia z3+ few weeks ago, and from the moment i bought it I cannot play video on it, the image freezes but the sounds continue normally, I went back to the store and they took it for 10 days and give it back with the same problem and they said they didn't find anything, I did everything from clearing catches, restore, software update, factory reset, nothing works i still cannot play downloaded videos or YouTube or even facebook videos!!

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Randomly Playing Audio From A Video?

Nov 2, 2015

Over the past several weeks, while not being used (ie lock screen) my phone has randomly played about 10-20 seconds of audio while the screen remains black. It has consistently been from what seems to be a video where the person is showing a DIY for auto repair. When I unlock it i do not find any video apps open. I have not viewed any videos like this but this seemed to start after i was looking at some cars for sale online.

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Xperia Z3 :: Video Playback - Green Garbled Artifacts Or Only Audio Playing

Mar 31, 2015

My Z3 seems to have a lot of issues with video playback. I get garbled green artefacts and play often stops with audio carrying on.

I get this in YouTube, Facebook and the Movies app.

I've tried full factory wipes and all the available updates. Issue remains.

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Cseries :: Nokia C6 - Images Suddenly Freezes In Video Clips But Audio Keeps Running

Oct 8, 2010

I bought a Nokia C6 recently and I'm facing some problem with video clips I took. The image suddenly freeze and the audio keeps running. I have updated the firmware to the latest and also reset my phone by unplugging battery, but Its still the same. And the worst of it, it becoming more frequent day by day. Now its not just freeze in the middle of the video clip, after I click stop recording it keep on shooting 5 to 10 sec with just blank image.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Audio Keep Playing But Video Stops And Image Frozen In Recorded Videos

Jan 12, 2015

Didn't notice that every video I record after my last update , can only record audio and video the first minute or less and then for some reason playback stops but you can still listen to audio. This has happened to all my recorded videos.

Read somewhere on the internet that you have to delete DATA and clear CACHE on the Camera app, have not recorded any video since then, but will try to see if this works.

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BB Torch :: Random/Unknown Audio Playing?

May 30, 2012

I put my phone on silent and locked it. It then started playing unknown audio of some american man speaking ( it sounded like a cheesy advert) extremely loudly , and it wouldnt stop or switch off in the conventional way. I then took the battery out and it stopped. I have taken the battery out again since I do not want it to start going off while i am in work but obviously I don't want to have to do it all the time. Any ideas what happened. At the time my Wifi and 3G were on but not bluetooth. It's a Blackberry Torch 9800 and i've never had any problems before. Its worht saying that after turning it on and leaving the office to see if i could work out what was wrong with it, it didn't do it again, and i went into every folder/app and nothing out of the blue happened.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Playing Audio Not Video On Storm

Jan 25, 2010

I'm having trouble with video playback on my Storm. I put movies on that I have used and have worked before, and now will not. When I play movie it gets the green loading alert in corner then starts to play the audio only with no video. I am on .419 shrunk, is it possible it removed something to play video. My recorded movie from camera do playback.

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Nokia :: Video On N97 - Playing Only Few Seconds Then Video Stops But Sound Still Playing

Apr 20, 2010

i have a problem with video playing. i put some video from my pc via nokia pc suite and convert it to my n97.
iit`s playing only few seconds and then the video stops but sound is still playing. i tried put the video without converting in mp4 formate but it`s the same. if i try to play some downloaded video from ovi or some carptured video it plays with no problems. i`ve already tried to reinstall my frimeware but it didn`t solve the :

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BB Torch :: Phone Won't Stop Playing Video

Dec 29, 2010

My phone keeps randomly playing this video. It doesn't play the way videos normally play. There is no way to stop it or close it once it starts. (It does stop when I press the mute button, but starts back where it left off when I un-mute.) I tried clearing the internet browser history to see if that would fix the problem, but it did not.

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BB Torch :: When Play A Video It Says Error Playing Media

Dec 6, 2012

when i play a video it says error playing media. how can i fix that?

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BB Torch 9800 :: Will RIM Get And Make Video / Audio Out?

Mar 29, 2010

if it doesn't it is worthless. When will RIM get with it and make video/audio out like the Iphone. I can't believe the Storm or Storm 2 doesn't. That kept my wife from switching over.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Random Loss Of Audio / Audio In And Out During Video Playback?

Feb 16, 2016

Came from LG G4 that didn't have these issues with the same apps.

Sometimes the audio will work fine (notice this more when I'm on WiFi) but sometimes, in all apps (snapchat, facebook, regular gallery view) the video will play but the audio will cut in and out.

Not sure what it is. Phone is rooted (systemless) and is running the EX Kernel. I didn't mess with the audio settings in the EX Manager...

This is a huge issue for me as I spend a lot of time on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube (I'm a vlogger, etc.).

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Lumia 1020 :: Video Capture Stuttering / Then Freezes - Green Screen For Video And Photo

Mar 6, 2014

I was filming my family and the video stuttered and stopped altogether after a few seconds. Then the app went to a green screen (totally green) and I couldn't fix it. I had to reboot the phone to get it to work normally. Is that normal?

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IPhone :: Music Freezes When Playing On 4?

Jun 18, 2012

music (itunes) freezes when i am listening to it on iphone 4. have quit app, re-booted, etc

Apple TV, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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IPhone :: 4S Freezes While Playing Game Or Messaging

Apr 26, 2012

My phone keeps getting stuck when I am in the middle of a game or texting and even when I am done talking and I hang up it just gets stuck on the same screen. What can I do to rectify this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Xseries :: X3-02 No Audio In Playing Divx?

Dec 11, 2012

i can play divx movies in my x3-02, but there is no audio. i have tested it to all divx movies that i have here. when i play Internet videos, it doesn't have any problems though. my problem is only when playing divx.

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Xperia Z2 :: AV File In Which Audio Is Not Playing

Mar 12, 2013

There is a specific audio video file, in which the video is getting played on Xperia Z2, but there is no sound. I have tried the default Video player and also the MX Player. The format is as below. Is the Audio Codec is not supported on Xperia - Z2:
Format : AVC
Container: Matroska (mkv)
Resolution: 1920 x 816
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
Aspect Ratio : 2.35
Video Codec: X.264
Audio Codec: DTS-HD. [MA/Core} 6ch @ 1510 Kbps

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Nokia Lumia :: 920 Freezes While Playing Music In Collection

Nov 15, 2012

I am having a problem while playing music that is stored on the device in my collection (not streaming). I try to play a song and it says "opening". Then the song comes in and out sporadically for a couple of seconds. Then it stops for about two minutes and then plays again for a few seconds. Sometimes it plays fine, but I notice that when I am at the health club, the problem always occurs. Could it be a connection issue even if the music is stored locally and not being streamed?

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Galaxy S6 :: UHD 4K Video Playback On PC - Have Audio But No Video

Dec 14, 2015

I recorded videos recently (in UHD 4K) and transferred them to my PC. When I attempt to play them back I can hear the audio but I get no video! Do I need a codec for this?

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BB Tour 9630 :: Playing Audio After Disconnect

May 28, 2010

i have noticed recently that after i receive a video or txt msg with sound that after i view the msg and get a call or use my ptt and hang up it plays the sound from the msg. it stops after i do a restart but what cases it?

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HTC One M9 :: Volume Decreases When Playing Audio With Headphones

Jul 13, 2015

I recently purchased a brand new HTC 1 M9.

The phone works fine apart from when I listen to music with my headphones plugged in. For the first 10-15 minutes there is no problem at all. Then what starts to happen is the volume starts to decrease automatically right down to zero. I can actually see this happening on the screen as it is decreasing. Even though I try to turn it up it is battling with me & wants to turn the volume down. I don't tend to get this problem with the headphones I got with the phone but it seems to happen with some decent headphones I prefer to use.

I did read a post earlier about disabling "fast boot mode" in Settings >> Sounds but I cant even see anything regarding "fast boot mode".

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IPhone 6 :: IOS 8.1.1 - Audio From Apps Not Playing Through Dock

Dec 7, 2014

I am using a Lightning to 30-pin connector cable to hook my iPhone 6 and my wife's iPhone 5c to our first-gen Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin. The audio from two separate (different developers) ambient noise apps will not pass through but the audio from the "Music" app passes through fine.

Yes I've closed apps and restarted my phone, but nothing is working. Bought that $40 cable for these ambient noise apps and now might have to take it back.

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.1, Lightning to 30-pin adapter

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Nokia Lumia :: 822 Randomly Crashing - Mostly When Playing Audio

Nov 27, 2012

Phone randomly crashing? I've had nothing that ties the crashes together, but I've had at least a dozen in the 48 hours I've had it. I've made sure the phone is up to date with updates and all apps are updated. I can't think of anything. The only thing close to common is with a few crashes I was playing audio.

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BB Tour :: Audio Clip From MMS Message Keeps Playing Everytime

Apr 3, 2012

I've deleted the message with the audio attachment and I didn't save it anywhere? Everytime any tone plays on the phone it que's up this audio and I can't stop it?

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LG G3 :: How To Stop Phone Audio Pops From Playing During Songs

Jun 16, 2015

very annoyingly Tidal on the LG G3 seems to intermittently but consistently play small "audio pops" during songs, this is the same irrespective of earphones used etc.

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Xperia Z5 :: Playing Audio Through Speakers With Headset Plugged In

Oct 22, 2015

My Sony Z5 has a problem where if headphones (or an official headset - I've tried both) are plugged in, the audio plays through the accessory BUT continues to play through the phones speakers AS WELL. 

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LG G4 :: Audio Pauses Or Dropouts When Playing Podcasts Or Music?

Oct 13, 2015

Noticed short pauses or gaps in sound when playing back any sort of sound file? I'm using Bluetooth headsets of various types like jaybirds, Jabra solemate or jawbone jambox.

I'm using PocketCasts and the media is on the phone for that. Also using doubletwist and it's media is on SD.

Took me a long time to notice it because some podcasts aren't the greatest quality. Thing is if I rewind and replay that section it usually plays fine meaning the phone did something wrong.

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