BB Curve :: Ford Sync And Texting On It?

Mar 19, 2011

I have a 2011 Ford Flex and I have a 9300 car says it supports text messaging while I drive but says my phone is not set up for text messaging via Bluetooth.I have tried the 9700 Bold as well but that does not support text messaging via bluetooth either.Is there a phone that BB makes that will support text while driving ?I have tried the app called Text'nDrive DriveSafe and the application does not work in the Ford car with the Sync Bluetooth.I want to be able to text while driving for work as well as have my text made audible for me and I know that the Ford sync does this but with what phone?

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Xperia :: Cannot Pair X10 With Ford Sync On 2011 Ford Escape

Aug 11, 2011

When I try pairing and the X10 discovers the Escape bluetooth, Escape displays a 6 digit pin number. When I try entering the code, the X10 does not respond or recognizes the pin. Is there anyone who has successfully paired their X10 to the Ford Sync system?

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BB Accessories :: Bluetooth With Ford Sync?

Aug 4, 2010

my hands-free bluetooth in my car worked this morning.I have a new Ford with the Sync system. Tonight I'm getting an error when trying to make a call. Error message says "phone not found" or "phone disconnected" The error message on the phone says". App_net_rim__bb_phone_app67 is not responding process terminated. Sounds ominous! I have the Bold 9700.

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LG G3 :: Ford Sync Not Working With Hangouts

Apr 2, 2015

I have my Google voice number as my default phone, and my default messaging app. It doesn't play nice with Ford Sync in our companies new Explorer. Let me state the regular Verizon number works flawless with it. Back to hangouts. I can dial out from sync with no problems. But incoming calls to the hangouts number(Google voice number) are not acknowledged by Sync. When I answer the call with the phone, the audio does come through sync, and I can hang up the call from sync. Text messages are not acknowledged at all by Sync. I can change sync to Bluetooth audio and hear/control from there. But, who wants to leave it set to Bluetooth audio. I want to hear the radio.

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IPhone :: Sync With Ford Touch

Apr 29, 2012

Just got the 4S iphone. When I sync it to my ford touch I can call out no problem. When the phone rings, it does not ring on the ford touch only on the iphone. I have to answer the call and manually transfer it to the ford each time which is dangerous when driving.

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: 4s Won't Sync Lincoln/ford Car?

Jun 5, 2012

what to do with my iphone 4s not being able to use handsfree in car- Have already deleted/re-paired/reset & have had all possible updates performed-ccan't think of any other possible way to try to get this great safety feature running properly...Any help would be greatly appreciated--Iphone is operating the 5.1.1 version ????

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Ford Sync Not Pairing After 5.1 Installation

Mar 13, 2012

I drive a Ford Taurus Limited with navigation. My IPhone4 paired (streamed) fine before going to 5.1. It will not pair properly now (it pairs, but no audio).

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Ford Sync Not Working Well

Sep 8, 2011

I have a 2010 ford focus with the sync system. Every feature on the system used to work well with my bbry but now I have some issues with the photon.

1. When I use the bluetooth connection to try to stream pandora, my library starts to play automatically. It will run both applications simultaneously until I turn one off.

2. It only connects automatically about 50% of the time when I enter the car. I have two phones installed. The photon is the #1, my wife's evo is #2. It automatically connects to the evo upon entering the car with both phones, desite repeatedly re-installing. I need both installed because we trade cars often and it's a pain to re-install hers every time. it used to work fine with evo & bbry.

3. My music library does not show

On the plus side the photon lets me respond to text messages with the voice to text feature and the radio range is so good that if I move the car from out front into the driveway 60+ft away, the blue tooth STILL connects.

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BB Tour :: Firmware Upgrade To Enable Ford Sync

Sep 5, 2011

I am currently running OS v5.0.0.975 (Bundle 1600, Platform on the Tour 9630. When trying to utilize the Ford SYNC in my new vehicle, the Tour will not download the address book to enable voice call via the phonebook. On talking to the SYNC tech support they indicated I needed the firmware upgraded to version 4.7.130 as a minimum. How can i get the firmware updated? I checked with Verizon support and they only know how to do the standard software upgrades, not firmware.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Isn't Ford / Mercury Sync Playing Audio

Dec 30, 2014

My phone recently upgraded its software (wiping out everything on the phone in the process), and ever since it will no longer allow me to listen to audio through the sync Bluetooth. Doesn't even seem to want to work when hard wired into the console. Phone works fine for calls, just not audio. Verizon was clueless.

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Galaxy S5 :: Bluetooth Isn't Working Correctly With Ford Sync

Dec 29, 2014

Today, I made a call in my truck (2013 F-150) using bluetooth and the Sync system and it was super quiet. I had the volume on the phone all the way up, and the radio in the truck was turned up where it normally is. I later tried another call, to another person, and it was the same issue. I deleted the connection, both on the phone and in the truck and set it up again like it was new. It seems like it may have worked, but hard to tell, since I am just sitting in my driveway and it's to late to really call people to test it.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Isn't Ford Sync Receiving Texts From Phone

Jul 14, 2015

starting just over a week ago my Ford Sync (not Ford Touch) stopped receiving texts from my s5. I have tried unpairing and repairing the phone and sync, I get the message to allow acess to my phone book but not for texts (even doubled check that MAP profile was on, it was). Message notification set to on also. I think my phone updated, and that's when the texts stopped working.

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Motorola Admiral :: Can't Seem To Receive DC Calls Through Ford Sync

Nov 17, 2011

I can't seem to receive DC calls through Ford Sync, does anyone know if there is a fix? I know it kind of defeats the purpose of "hands free" having to hit the button on the side but it really defeats the purpose if I can't use Sync at all! Sometimes I can get the first alert but then I can't hear anything, not even if i hold the phone to my ear.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Video From Android To Show Up On Screen With Ford SYNC System

Mar 23, 2015

I'm trying to get a video from my android s5 to show up in my F 150 pickup truck on my sink screen actually I would like to mirror my phone to sync screen any suggestions I'm checking into three. Oh I do video component wires to do it straight instead of Bluetooth but I'm not sure what would work properly

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Lost SMS Push To Ford Sync After ICS Upgrade

Jul 4, 2012

Prior to the ICS upgrade I was able to receive and view text messages through Ford Sync. After the upgrade I still have the MAP option toggles available on Ford Sync setup screens but Sync doesn't display a new text message notification and when I tell it to download existing text messages from the phone it starts to and then displays "downloading error". I've unpaired and paired the Razr Maxx several times without success. One of the primary reasons I bought the Razr Maxx over other phones was because it supported the MAP profile.

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IPhone :: Unable To Receive Any Notifications On Text Messages After I Paired 4s With Ford Sync?

Apr 10, 2012

I do not recieve any notifications on my text messages after i paired my phone with my ford sync.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Help! 3 Texting Questions For Texting Gurus!

Jun 7, 2010

1)when you receive a text, can you tell how many other people that text was simultaneously sent to, just like u can tell on the regular non-smartphones and non-PDAs?

2) Can you setup stored quick reply text messages on the Storm2?

3) Can you lock text messages to save them?

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BB Curve 8900 :: Texting Without Name

Aug 30, 2010

Is there a way to send a text without showing your name?

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BB Curve :: Block Somebody From Calling And Texting Me?

Oct 12, 2011

Does anybody know if it is possible to block somebody from calling and texting me,

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BB Curve :: Random Spacing When Texting?

Apr 15, 2011

Just yesterday I was texting and as i was typing my phone started to put random spacings into my text. It then spazzed out and put 10 spaces consistantly in the message. i tried to turn it off and then restart it but it wouldn't turn back on...

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BB Curve :: Slow Scrolling And Texting?

Jan 9, 2012

My phone is so slow when I am texting. I have to wait for the letters to appear on the screen. Scrolling is also very slow. What could be causing this?

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BB Curve 8900 :: SMS Texting Without A Data Plan - AT&T

Feb 27, 2010

I bought a BlackBerry Curve for $10 online through the AT&T website. I ONLY need a phone for phone calls and text messaging. When I called to activate my new SIM card they charged me for a Data Plan ($30 monthly). I learned that I could turn off the Data Usage on the phone itself so that the network does not recognize my phone as a Smartphone and incur Data usage charges. I then called AT&T back to cancel the Data Plan. This was not easy and I insisted that I was using my old Motorola Razor again; otherwise they would not reverse the Data Plan charges.

Since then, my phone has not been able to send or receive any SMS text messages. I also get no error messages whatsoever. This feature had previously worked. Now it doesn't. When I send a text message, it appears to have gone through, but my text recipient indicates otherwise. I also tried to send a text message with my mom's Nokia, but with MY SIM card in it and vise versa; and neither options worked as well.

What is going on? I have been on many forums and can't figure this out. I'm guessing that this is a carrier issue; however, because I got the Data Plan reversed and was adamant about not using a BlackBerry, I can't exactly call them to complain.

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BB Curve 83xx :: App For Texting Up To 15 People / Using More Than 160 Characters?

Jan 27, 2010

i'm looking for an app that will allow me to text up to 15 people and using more than 160 characters. Can any of you help me find such a program or app?

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BB Curve 8300 :: No Pics Or Video Texting

Jan 12, 2010

i just recently got the new blackberry curve 8330. And im very disapointed with the fact i cant send picture or video txts. My sister is on the roger network and all there phones come with the mms app and they can send pic and vid txts. They can also type more then 140 chars when they are txting and not get cut off. How come telus dosnt allow these fetures? And y do i feel like i got ripped off here

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BB Curve :: Screen Went Completely White While Texting

Mar 25, 2012

I was texting on my bb a few days ago when all of a sudden the screen went completely white, the phone itself was functioning as it still played my text tone when I relieve a text, I've tried a battery pull and a complete restore through my computer... neither of which worked.

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BB Curve :: No Texting On Bell Mobility Plan

May 2, 2011

I am a company phone that has text messaging disabled. Does anyone know of any apps (free or not) that I can download to get the texting service?

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BB Curve :: Texting Got Message Resources Unavailable?

May 8, 2012

I am texting and all I get is a X Resources unavailable. Do not know what to do, never happened before.Have tried to find out what is going on and I am finding nothing.....I have turned my phone off and on again and even took out the battery...and still nothing.....I have just tried to text someone else and it went through...but still nothing to Hubby...

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Way To Make The Texting Into A Thread

Apr 24, 2010

I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but I haven't been able to find an answer yet. I have a Curve 8520 and the texting on here is really weird. Do any of you know a way to make the texting into a thread, sort of like how it is on the iPhone?

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BB Curve :: 9300 App Error When Texting/phone Shuts Off?

May 28, 2012

When I go to send a text, an "app error" pops up, goes to white screen, and then the phone shuts off.

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Nokia :: E63 Calls Blocked On Ford

Feb 12, 2010

My wife's 2009 Mariner Sync system worked great with her Nokia 5130. She is on AT&T, and just upgraded phones to a Nokia E63 and after successfully pairing with the Sync system, the phone will not accept calls or allow outgoing calls. The phone displays this message: "Call Not Allowed". Calling and receiving remains blocked with the same message even after walking out of range of the Mariner until she reboots the E63. The phone works normally until it connects to the Sync and the blocking starts again. The E63 can be linked by Bluetooth to our home computers without a problem. AT&T says the SIM card is fine and advised me to check with Nokia and Ford about a fix. That is why I am posting here. I already contacted SyncMyRide (Ford's customer support service for Sync) and worked with a service rep on the problem. After going through a lot of Q&A which included resetting Sync and clearing Bluetooth cache on the phone, he told me to install Sync V1.3 (was at V1.1). After installing the latest Sync update, and pairing the E63 again, nothing changed. The problem still exists. My wife is about to turn off Sync's Bluetooth.Does anybody have a clue whether or not this phone (and any other E series Nokia running the same OS) will function properly with Sync?

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Sms Texting - Wont Let Me Scroll All The Way Back Down

May 30, 2010

So with my 8530 ill be texting my friend and then ill go to type my message and when i enter it sometimes it doesnt show up, and then sometimes if i try to scroll up to see the earlier messages and then try to scroll back down, it wont let me scroll all the way back down, so then i click back and then try to go into that chat with the person and it wont even let me in, and if it does it takes forever. tried a battery pull.

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