BB Curve :: 3g 9300 Device Storage Space Reduces From 25mb

Nov 14, 2011

my device memory application storage is showing only 25 mb and it is automatically gets reduced over day why is it so? it comes down to 1 mb and then I restart my phone and problem is solved again 25 mb.only few application is installed on my curve 3g , and y so less of application storage as phone memory comes wid 200 mb

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BB Curve :: 9300 App World Storage Space Goes Down By Its Self?

Sep 4, 2011

on the blackberry app world on my curve 9300, my storage space goes down by its self and has got so low that it is alerting me saying runing low on memory even tho i only have 3 app dowloaded....what can i do?

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BB Curve :: 9300 - Whether Deleting Application Can Give More Free Spaces For Storage Space

May 31, 2011

I am using blackberry curve 9300. I would like to know whether deleting application can give more free spaces for my storage space. It is because I have only dwl whatsapp till now, and there is ony 105 MB free space left while there is almost 400MB in total. whether deleting apps is useful?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Unable To Install A 25MB Apps When My Free Space At 49MB

Jan 10, 2011

I have free space of 49MB in internal memory but no matter how many time I've tried to install the 25MB apps, it asked me to free up some space and try again!

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BB Curve :: 9300 - App World Won't Use Memory Card For Storage

Dec 22, 2010

I had a Curve 9300 which I lost, I bought a new one which is quite different to my original one which I assume is because the software will be newer? Anyway on my old 9300 the app world memory was massive which I thought was my memory card but now on this newer 9300 the app world won't use my memory card to store apps, just the very measly 256MB, is there any way I can make it use my memory card on app world?

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BB Curve :: 9300 Unable To Receive Anything Using Bluetooth From Paired Device / Sending Anything To Other Device

Apr 10, 2011

I have got Curve 9300 with OS v5.0.0.977. I am unable to receive anything using Bluetooth from the paired device but sending anything to other device is OK.

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BB Curve :: Menu And Options On 9300 - Turn On The Mass Storage Mode?

May 1, 2011

I am trying to turn on the mass storage mode. I have found the information how to do this but when I go into Options from any icon the relevant list does not come up. When you highlight an icon, click on the Blackberry key and then on options it comes up with 'Home Screen Preferences' at the top of the page, not the menu I was expecting.

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BB Curve 83xx :: Using A Micro Sd Card To Free Up Space On Device Memory

Jan 6, 2010

I have a Telus Curve 8330 and only have about 2 mb left of space so the phone has been freezing. I have a 8 gb micro sd card in there and I wanted to save my apps and everything possible in there.

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BB Curve :: Battery Life Reduces Substantially Fast When Using Internet

Jan 8, 2012

Life of my battery reduces sustainably fast, when I am using internet or playing games downloaded from BB application. What is the reason for this?

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LG G3 :: How Much Storage Space Does App Use

Mar 16, 2015

[Lollipop] Under settings/Apps there is a list of apps together with the number of megabytes it ostensibly uses. I can click on that and see those megabytes divided into App and Date use.

But... Today I uninstalled "Real racing 3", which claimed to use up 84MB (app+data). Immediately after that, the amount of free storage climbed with a whooping 1.14GB ! (and total "App" usage decreased by the same amount).

Is there a more reliable way to find out how much space an app is using?

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BB Curve 8300 :: PC Does Not See Device For Mass Storage

Jan 24, 2010

I've become fed up with Roxio Media Manager as it crashes my computers. I read the instructions to access my media card via mass storage.

-mass storage is turned on
-Connectivity is fine via desktop manager so the cable is fine.
-auto enable mass storage mode is on.
-I use XP pro latest service pack and latest desktop manager
blackberry is fully updated.

Should I not be able to see the media card as any other storage device in "My Computer"? Like a flash memory stick? I've tried various USB ports and 2 different PC's with same result. Is there an alternative to Roxio? This might solve the problem but computers just are not seeing this thing.

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HTC One M7 :: Internal Storage Space

Oct 3, 2013

So I just downloaded an icon pack and an alert popped up telling me I have 2.33mb of internal storage space left. When I go to my settings then select storage, it says I still have over 18gb available of internal storage remaining.

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BB Curve :: 9360 Not Recognized As Mass Storage Device

Feb 11, 2012

When I plug this phone with a usb cable it's driver is recognized however the media card and device are not listed as mass storage drives.. I have no way of accessing device/media card content through my computer. I checked bb device options and "Media Card Support" is "on".

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Its Storage Space Is Getting Low

Aug 21, 2012

I keep getting this notification that my SE mini pro is getting low on space...but there is 1.6gb on the sd card.I have read a few methods about installing app's to allow me to use the SD as internal/primary storage but all have disclaimers about if it damages the phone.

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Galaxy S5 :: Storage On Phone - What's Using Up All Space

Dec 10, 2015

My phone comes with 16gb on board, I have had it for 14 months. I checked it and my apps are only using about 1.0gb, with data downloads, pictures and so on the phone say it's only using about 4gb but the rest of it says other 11.5gb. I cleaned the internet history, catch files, all calls in the log, and so on. I can't find what is burning up all my storage space. Is there some hidden stuff somewhere I have to clear or something. I had this problems like last month and deleted like 4 apps so I gained about 1gb, but the phone filled it up with something.

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IPhone :: Why Does 4 Keep Telling Me I Have No Storage Space

Apr 5, 2012

I have iPhone 4 and since I have been receiving this notice everyday, I have been deleting apps but I seem to keep getting the notice.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Possible To Add Storage Space To 4S (Not From ICloud)?

Jun 25, 2012

Any way if you can add more storage to your iPhone 4S besides purchasing more iCloud storage?

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: My 4s Keeps Saying I Am Running Low On Storage Space?

Jun 29, 2012

I have a 16GB iphone but am an avid music lover. I own tons of music. I have iMatch and iCloud. As of right now my phone says I only use about half of the storage space on it in audio. Very litle is used for apps or pictures. I have another half of the storage space in a category called "Other". What is in that category? I would really like to add more music however my storage keeps stating I am almost full and need to manage. I would delete things if I thought it would make more room but it seems to take very little room off when I remove apps and pictures and does not really affect the other category.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Low Storage Space

May 2, 2011

I have a problem with the storage my xperia x10 mini. I alredy delete a lot of things but the message of low storage space still in my xperia. It opens the application manager, but I do not know what to do there.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Internal Storage Space Less Than 320 MB?

Mar 26, 2012

I have bought xperia NeoV 4 days ago, I need some clarity on the internal storage space.Like the Internal storage space is said to be 320 MB, but when I have checked in Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications in downloaded section the system says that internal storage consumed is 279 MB. But when I manually add the space consumed by each applications i get only 126 MB, can I see which folder/application is using 153 MB extra space and is hidden from display?Is the system showing extra space consumed than actual? I have cleared all the cache and history also, even though the phone displays 279 MB consumed. how can I regain that extra space which phone is not displaying.

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HTC Desire :: Running Out Of Storage Space?

Aug 2, 2012

I am currently using a HTC Desire with the standard HTC visual theme. For the last couple of days I have had this issue where the message that my phone is running out of storage space has been showing up and not going away.I have checked the amount of storage space I actually have available (10,70mb Internally and 3,66GB on a external SD card.) Well enough space to use. I have tried rectifying this by moving bigger applications and games to the SD card (amount of storage space available I posted earlier is after this) as well as emptying my text message storage and image gallery. Yet it does not go away.

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BB Curve :: 9300 OS6 Low Device Memory?

Feb 9, 2011

I recently upgraded to OS 6 on my Curve 9300 3g, (on the advice of a BB rep) and ever since my device memory has been low. When it was on OS5 it had about 90mb of free memory, now even after a reboot I' m lucky to have between 30 to 34mb. Now Web pages close unexpectedly and cannot use the tabbed browsing at all. I only a couple of small apps left on the device as I have deleted most of them already. I upgraded the OS using the desktop software, and all seemed to have worked OK. Have I missed something?, was there install files I should have cleared?

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BB Curve :: Block My 9300 Device?

Nov 14, 2012

My bb was stolen last night and I want to block my phone because all information about me is in it. everytn is active and it gives me concern. i do not trust the police on the issue. please I need to block my phone totally. thiese are the details: Model: 9300 IMEI;358033040238130 product code: 1142 pin: 277c0a94 BT MAC:E8 3E B6 50 D3 78 prd: 30231-026.

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Xperia Z5 :: Couldn't Move App - Not Enough Storage Space

Jan 15, 2016

Any application with Large APK files throw this error..  Smaller APKs are fine, and continue to allow me to move them after throwing this error..
Anything over 80-90MB usually failes with this error..
The External SD Card has 21GB Storage available.. formatted FAT32..
App will transfer fine via Sony's 'Transfer Data to SD Card', but sadly it Transfers 'all moveable Apps' rather than giving you the ability to choose specific apps..  So that method is a huge ball ache!!!  Oh and can you give us the option to remove the 'you have 25% of storage left' nag..  its a proper pain in the backside, given there is usually at this point plenty of storage left... 
I have quite a few Humble Bundle APK's, that are quite big, and are unable to be moved to external because of this issue..  For the record it also does this for Play Store APK's..  I will give JetPack Joyride/ Minion rush as an example...
This issue was not a problem With my Galaxy S5... 
Yes I know on Lollipop I am aware both the APK and Lib files are only moved to the External SD Card as part of the Apps2Sd feature

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Galaxy S5 :: Unable To Move App / Not Enough Storage Space

May 18, 2015

"Unable to move app. Not enough storage space." Galaxy S5 w/ 5.0 on Verizon.I'm sure there are 1000 threads on this somewhere but I'm not finding them specific to my phone. I've just done factory reset, formatted the external 32 gig SD card, re-installed just a couple apps and STILL get the same error message. The phone storage has over 9 gigs available and the external card is empty.

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IPhone :: How To Free Up Space When Storage Almost Full

Apr 10, 2012

I keep deleting apps and it keeps giving me the message that my storage is almost full. I have gone through and deleted everything I can think of besides my pictures and music but it isn't changing anything.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Photo Sync Storage Space?

Jun 25, 2012

If I import my photo's from iPhone to iPhoto and let it remove them from my phone, they come back to my phone through the photo stream which is expected.But if i then sync iPhoto with my phone through iTunes, they also now appear under Albums in the Photo Library. Is this now using twice the storage for the photo's?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Xperia X10 :: Notification Says The Phone Storage Space Is Getting Low

Jul 30, 2010

I have a notification which says the phone storage space is getting low. how to move anything from the phone memory to the sd? Or how to make downloads go to the sd? The sd is only quarter full.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: USB Storage Free Space

Aug 16, 2012

I use my s2 as a storage device to transfer files between home and work but the free space on my usb storage seems to be lower than it should be.The total space says 11.50gb and between pictures, audio and downloads etc its says i am using 3.19gb but it lists my free space at 3.67gb so where is the missing 4.64gb? If i recall i used to have over 6gb of free space so im not sure why this has dropped. I havent added any more files since then because once ive transfered my files between home and work i delete them.

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IPhone 4s :: What Is Taking Up ICloud Storage Space

Jun 2, 2014

I'm using the default iCloud storage plan. Since this is only 5GB, I don't back up anything but WhatsApp besides contacts, mail and notes. I don't even have Photo Stream enabled. WhatsApp only takes up 1.3 GB, and I regularly delete redundant notes and keep my iCloud inbox completely clean (by forwarding emails to my other accounts), which would mean that my contacts take up around 3GB. This is impossible as I have only 100+ contacts and don't sync them with my Facebook contacts.

What's even weirder is that the iCloud usage tab tells me that there is 703 MB available of 5.0 GB on iCloud, but is unable to back up my phone due to needing an extra 3.9 GB of I could manage my iCloud storage more effectively.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4

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BB Curve :: 9300 - Device Password Is Requested

May 1, 2012

Plugged in my phone to the computer for the first time. I've fallen at the first hurdle. Device password is requested. I've tried the Blackberry ID User Name, my password, and the pin no. None of these work. What is meant by the device password?

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