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BB Bold :: Net_rim_bb_file_explorer: Module Net_rim_bbapi_sendmenu Not Found

Net_rim_bb_file_explorer: module net_rim_bbapi_sendmenu not found error

View 1 Replies (Posted: Jan 16, 2012)

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BB Bold :: Module 'net_rim_bis_lib' Not Found?
So I have no clue what I pressed, there is somehow an update for my email application, so I kept on pressing next and there is some changing of my preferences and permission I think?hen it asked me to reboot.Then after the reboot my bb just become into a blackberry platform, I cannot do anything. The following error message came up when I press anything:Error starting net_rim_bb_file_explorer: Module 'net_rim_bis_lib' not found.I tried restoring the system by my backup from my computer, but the following message came up.Validation failed because the module marked for add (Klondike_v46_480x360) failed the checksum

Posted: Apr 23, 2011

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BB Curve 83xx :: Is Module That Begins With Net_rim Default Module On Device?
Is a module that begins with net_rim a default module on my device? It was something to do with Plazmic media.just wanted to make sure that this was a RIM default module not something I downloaded.

Posted: Aug 7, 2009

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BB Curve 8300 :: GPS Not Accessible : Error "Error Starting Telenav55: Module 'releaseLib55' Not Found"
When trying to access the gps it says "Error starting telenav55: Module 'releaseLib55' not found

Posted: Aug 3, 2008

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BB Bold :: Uncaught Exception : BBM Module Missing : Net_rim_bb_qm_bbm_internal_api"
This error message is bothering me everytime i reboot my bold 9780. I am getting "Uncaught exception : BBM Module missing : net_rim_bb_qm_bbm_internal_api" .

Posted: Jul 4, 2011

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BB Bold :: 9700 Cannot Update And Gives Error Message At Loading Module Stage
My bb bold 9700 is dead I tried to install os 6.0 but it wont work with apploader nor desktop software it returns a error at loading module stage.

Posted: Dec 2, 2012

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BB Curve 8500 :: Media Folder Is Called Net_rim_bb_file_explorer.Media
I'm, new to blackberry, and on the first day I plugged my Curve 8520 to the computer and the Desktop Manager "recommended" to upgrade to the latest OS (v5.0.0.592 - Bundle1096 Platform Since that I only have one glitch, the media folder is called net_rim_bb_file_explorer.Media I assume that's the internal name, not the display name, anyone knows how to rename it?? I don't want to mess with the OS by downgrading or things like that, I'm quite happy with how the phone works as it is...

Posted: Jul 10, 2010

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Samsung :: Plugged The Usb Cord In / Found New Hardware / Install / Cant Found
I plugged the usb cord in and everything, and it says found new hardware, install,and then it can't be found, what am i supposed to do?

Posted: Jun 1, 2009

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BB Bold 9000 :: Found A Bold At Bank / Way To Locate The Owner
I was at the bank yesterday filling out a deposit slip and noticed the bold laying on the counter so I asked the cashiers if anyone called about it and they said no. I already went to the cingular store and they realy seemed to not care and didnt wanna help me find the owner. Is there some way I can go to the website and have them notify the owner by submitting the esn or something? I just wanna get this back to the owner it seems like it was brand new since there arent many contacts I guess I take it to the police station 2moro to turn it in. If there is some way to use the ESN to locate the user.

Posted: Mar 6, 2009

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BB Bold ::cMaps Icon Is Nowhere To Be Found
Would like to use Blackberry Maps but the icon is nowhere on my home page or any folders. The software is there, as I have seen it on the applications list and when it was installed.

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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BB Bold :: Compose PIN Not Found In Messages?
when I want to compose a PIN to a friend in messages, it is not in the list?

Posted: Sep 17, 2011

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BB Bold :: HS-700 Stabilizing Ear Gels Nowhere To Be Found
I bought an HS-700 Bluetooth January 4, 2011.  The thing does not work for **bleep**. But I hung onto this $130 piece of junk since one of the 5 I  bluetooths I depend on for the 2 blackberries I depend on for work died  leaving me desperate. Within 6 months and only being able to wear it at most 4 hours a day before the crappy battery dies, the gel ear piece has turned to sponge, something I have never had happen before, and the  device will not stay in my ear.  Blackberry support is nothing but RUDE.  Didn't I hear they had huge losses last quarter? Wonder why? I can not find replacements anywhere, not Verzion, not Amazon,I even had my sister try A&T and TMobile where she lives.So have I bought a $130 piece of junk that is also only good fo 6 months since  the critical part that connects it to my ear and makes it at all usable is done at 6 months or is there someone out there with replacement stabalizers?

Posted: Sep 1, 2011

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BB Bold :: MMS Is Not Found In 9780 In Mini
I can not find the option of MMS in my mobile bold 9780 ! I check several time

Posted: Jun 17, 2011

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BB Bold :: 907 Invalid COD HTTP - Error: Not Found
I have changed to a new BlackBerry 9780 smartphone.I have been using BB Protect for 2 problem.I have have tried to (re)activate BB Protect for my new BB.After clicking the BB Protect button I have downloadedBB Protect softwareI cannot complete the installation.I get an error message in Dutch along these lines:907 Invalid COD HTTP-404 error: Not foundI have repeated the process going to another download address I retrievedfrom a website;after the whole routine, same message.....

Posted: Sep 29, 2012

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BB Bold :: Cannot Save Taken Pictures - File Not Found
Each time I take pictures with my phone and I try to save it, it tells me file not found and also I tried deleting some pictures from my phone, but they keep coming back even after I deleted them.

Posted: Dec 7, 2011

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BB Bold :: Default Music Icon Is Not Found?
I found myself doing so much stuffs on my  9700 last nite, things that got me confusing at some point which made me sleep off. I woke up 2day to play music (as usual) and suddenly discovered that my default music icon isn't displayed, with just video, picture, video cam and etc just showing. I did a search on my home screen and discovered it, but it just wasn't showing normal, it showed faintly kind of although it still played my music from there. But still going through 'the media' again, its not showing...ts more like I have to always play my music through searching on my homescreen.

Posted: Aug 2, 2012

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BB Bold 9000 :: FTP Service Not Found On Target Device.
I used to be able to transfer files by going into "Receive Using Bluetooth" mode on my Bold but now I get an error message on my pc. The Bold screen says File Transfer Waiting for connection but the pc screen says:FTP service not found on target device.

Posted: Feb 18, 2009

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BB Bold :: When Take A Photo It Doesn't Save, Comes Up As Directory Not Found
When I take a photo it doesn't save,comes up as directory not found.

Posted: Jun 21, 2012

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BB Bold :: 9900 - RIM Composite Device Driver Not Found
I have done a clean install of Desktop Software  7.1 but when I connect my 9900 the PC looks for the driver for the rim composite device but can't find it.
I have followed all of the troubleshooting tips but DM manager still won't respond when my new 9900 is connected. I have no problems connecting my 9700 and PlayBook.

Posted: Mar 17, 2011

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BB Bold 9000 :: Facebook - Yahoo Messenger - Gtalk Not Found
I just got my BB bold last eve and m so in love. I read somewhere that facebook, yahoo messenger gtalk and some other application comes pre-loaded with BB 9000. I tried searching the forums first but no luck If some one can help finding me it on my device. Its at&t locked. Also i havn't taken any data plan. So will the application work on WI-Fi?

Posted: Mar 5, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: Windows 7 - Device Driver Software Not Found
Trying to install my BB on my new laptop w/Windows 7 Professional. Tells me "device driver software not found," troubleshooting says driver not compatible with this version of Windows. I had no problem with my old Vista. Tried to register for support but since I can't get my phone onto my laptop it would not let me.

Posted: Sep 14, 2010

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BB Bold 9000 :: Backup Restore / Advanced / Contacts Not Found
In DM (V4.6) when I go to Backup/Restore > Advanced my contacts are not found at all. My Calendar is there, SMS messages, etc, but my contacts simply don't appear at all. Any thoughts on why they are not showing up and how I can get them to be visible there?I would like to be able to choose them, among other individual db's for backup.

Posted: Jun 15, 2010

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BB Bold 9000 :: OS Updated / Visual Voice Mail Not Found
I have an AT&T Bold 9000 that I just updated. The OS (system software) is now version Since upgrading, several things are working better than they have in a long while. However, I can't find my visual voicemail. Am I overlooking it, is it unsupported, or is there something I need to install or change to bring it back?

Posted: Aug 25, 2010

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HTC :: GPS Module For Touch
I am looking for the above module. Any good recommendations? Any known issues or bugs?

Posted: Sep 6, 2007

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Nokia :: Bluetooth GPS Module LD-3W VS LD-4W
I am hoping to buy Nokia external GPS receiver and I have noted that Nokia has introduced two external GPS receivers.

Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-3W
Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module LD-4W

I would like to ask from all the users who use anyone of these modules, which one you all think is best and wise to invest on.

What I have notices and doubt about is the applications use along with the external modules. In the Nokia Europe website itself mentioned that LD-4W supports Nokia Sports Tracker and Nokia Maps and where as LD-3W supports many, including above two. Anyone to comment about this too? Appreciate all your comments on this and may be your valuable thoughts will supports to others who wish to buy Nokia External GPS receiver.

Posted: Mar 8, 2008

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Nokia :: GPS Bluetooth Module
I ask about nokia GPS bluetooth module, is it avaliable in egypt yet?

Posted: Jun 12, 2009

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Nokia :: GPS Module Issue?
My Navicore GPS module worked just fine whit Maps v-1 but when I updated it to v3 (skipped v2 because my N81 didn't have enough inner memory for it) I've started to have problems. Ovi Maps works just fine untill I for first time try to connect my GPS module. That's when Maps go wild. It starts to blink bluetooth device sellection box and won't quid what ever I do. (Bit hard to discribe) Dosent matter if I have Bluetooth on or off. All other GPS using aplications works fine but setting GPS module for a pair hasen't ever worked. Reinsitalling V3 didn't help.

Posted: Aug 16, 2009

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LG :: Anyone Paired Vu With Bluetooth Car Module?
I want to buy a Vu this weekend but need to know if anyone has successfully paired the Vu with a bluetooth car module, such as the Pioneer BTB100 bluetooth module which can be used with the Pioneer AVIC-D3 navigation unit.

Posted: Sep 3, 2008

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Nokia :: E61 GPS Module / GOLF GPS Software
I want to buy a GPS system for distance measurement on my local golf course. Does anyone have any experience of the GPS modules (LD 1W or LD3W) for the E61? I see they claim 5-10 M accuracy, but that isn't really good enough for a Golf Course. Also - in addition to the GPS module I would need to download the specialist GPS/Golf Course applicationi. There are plenty (eg IGOLF, SKYCADDIE). Does anyone have any experience of these - also on the E61.
I am wondering whether to use the GPS module + Golf App (bit cheaper) or just opt for the separate tool. Or not bother at all!

Posted: Sep 3, 2007

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Nokia :: N97 Security Module Error
N97.i had my first attempt to download a  free game from Ovi shop.after i got the txt message and went to the link for the download, and download completed, the blue screen said something about how the games are specially chosen > OK or Exit ,  the system froze, i tried to click both ok and exit but nothing happened.

i did a power off and the power on, and then when i went to setting to find the game, i recieved a message that said Security MOdule Error.every time i tried anything, like checking contacts for damage, i go the same error message.i did another power off and power on and the error message stopped.i have uninstalled the game and because it was my first download like that, i am now shy to try again.what might i have done wrong and how could i make sure it doesn't happen again.

Posted: Jan 31, 2010

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Nokia :: What Is AVILMA Module That Was Replaced In N82?
anyone know what "AVILMA 1.05C BB MODULE TFBGA105" module is? It was replaced when my silver N82 was repaired for "hanging". Just curious what this module is or what it does.

Posted: Jun 19, 2009

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Nokia Accessories :: Pairing E65 To SAP Module?
Having trouble pairing my E65 to the mercedes SAP module. Get as far as request for passcode but do not know this  as it is a used unit.
Is there any way round this or can i alter the code?

Posted: Sep 30, 2011

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HTC :: Touch What Is Best Receiver Module And Software To Buy?
I'm about to buy the HTC Touch fom Bell in a few days and i'm having a few questions concerning GPS,As i understand i will need to buy a USB GPS receiver module and a software like TomTom right ? If i'm right, what is the best receiver module and software to buy?Do they charge an extra to use the GPS? I will have unlimited internet.

Posted: May 21, 2008

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BB Storm :: Where Can Find Net_rim_crandle_api Module
where i can find this module and how to install it.

Posted: Jan 30, 2011

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Nokia :: E63 - AC-8E Charger Compatible With LD-4W Bluetooth GPS Module?
My phone (E63) came with the 2mm charger AC-8E, but I would like to know, whether I could use this charger also with LD-4W gps module.

Posted: Jul 19, 2009

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