BB Bold :: Error ID 40730 - How To Reset Password For App World

Jun 30, 2012

I need to reset the password of BB APP world I logged on to this website [URL] this link is sending me a reset password again to the BB userid email that is (personal info removed) is my user id. How can I get the password from there when I am requesting to reset the password.

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BB Curve :: Receiving Error Id: 40730

Jan 4, 2012

I just updated my app world, went to udpate a few apps & it told me I needed to update my ID, so I did. It then rebooted my phone. I then went back onto app world and tried to enter my account and I am now recieivng the message "ID blocked. Error ID: 40730" what shall I do?

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BB Torch :: Reset App World Id And Password?

Jun 24, 2012

how do i rest my blackberry app world id and password because the id i've got i cant rember the password for it and dont use it anymore

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BB Curve :: Error Message: Apps World Error 200 - Reset

Aug 21, 2012

Yesterday I downloaded one of the free App from Blackberry Apps World. When I rebooted my device, I saw a WHITE SCREEN with an error message APPS ERROR 200 - Reset. I resetted the device several times but still get a WHITE screen with the error message.

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BB Bold :: Recover Or Reset Password For Password Keeper

Nov 18, 2011

I have misplaced the password for BlackBerry Bold 9700 Password Keeper that came with my phone. There is no data in the application. How do I reset or recover the password which I set a long time ago ? TNX

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BlackBerry :: Reset ID Password If Forgot The Answer To Password Reset Question?

May 16, 2012

How can I reset my Blackberry ID password if I forgot the answer to my password reset question?

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BB Bold :: Reset Password For It?

Apr 4, 2012

I am at my last attemp to enter my password for backberry bold 9700 and if I enter incorrect password all data will be erased.The problem started with my phone was about to die and with low battery the radio went off. When I charged and triedn entering my password. It wont accept and unfornutately the radio/signal is also off.

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BB Bold :: Reset The Password Without Any Other Key, But With ID Only?

Feb 12, 2012

I did not use my BB for a long time and I cannot remember neither my password nor... The answer to the "password recovery question"... is there any way to reset the password without any other key, but with my ID only?

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BB Bold :: Can't Reset ID Password?

Jan 18, 2012

I just downloaded the newest OS for my Bold. I had to delete an app for an alarm because it had stopped working. So, I thought I'd just go and re-download it. BUT, I need to enter my email and Blackberry ID Password to download it. I can't figure out what password I used so I tried to reset it. I can't get it to reset on my phone or on a desktop computer. When I tried doing it from a computer, it said it would email me so I could reset my password but I never got an email (tried this a few times). And when I do it on my phone the page either goes nowhere or it gives me an error on the page.

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BB Bold :: Cannot Reset ID Password

Jun 15, 2012

I have forgotten the password to BB ID and also the password associated with the email address linked to BB ID so cannot reset my BB ID password. I have looked through all knowledge base and can't find a solution. Any ideas on how to do a full BB ID reset and new linked email address?

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BB Bold :: Error ID 40820 For App World

Nov 22, 2011

regarding my BB Bold 9900. Recently, my phone has been unable to use bb app world, and it tells me that there is an error id of 40820. My facebook app only loads once in a long while, and my ubersocial app does not load at all. Nevertheless, the web browser and bbm is working fine. My Whatsapp is lagging.

I have used the soft and hard reboots but to no avail.

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BB Bold :: Error In Upgrading From App World

Oct 26, 2011

When I try to download or upgrade from app world or anywhere else, I see ' an error has occurred, try later'. I have about 235Mb memory space. Have tried hard rebooting, downloading during less dense network periods but in vain.

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BB Bold :: App World Web Plugin Error?

Apr 20, 2012

I got my Blackberry Bold 9900 yesturday from a friend that used it like 2 weeks in the UK (he bought it from T-mobile UK) and now is its 2nd day since im using it here in Bulgaria. The calls are working just fine but when I connected it to the PC i got that App World Web Plugin Error. I downloaded and installed the plug in and when I tryed to install WhatsApp and conncted the phone that error showed up. Here is the more detailed issue overview :An error has occurred communicating with the BlackBerry App World Web plugin. Please restart your device and try again. If you have content protection enabled on your device, please disable and try again. So I tryed to restart the phone checked multiple times if the encryption is off ( IT IS !) disabled the PC's AV program and pretty much everything else what i could think of with no effect at all. Still same error shows up at the exact same stage.

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BB Bold :: How To Reset The Wifi Password

Apr 17, 2012

just got a Blackberry Bold today, but when trying to connect to my home wi-fi network, I mistyped the password. When I try to connect to the wi-fi, I get a message telling me that the "Connection failed due to incorrect network credentials. Verify saved network's security settings". I'm assuming this is because the password I entered was incorrect, but it doesn't give me the opportunity to re-enter it. I've been exploring menus, but can't find how to start again and reset this.

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BB Bold :: How To Reset Password Keeper

Mar 8, 2012

How do I reset my password keeper. I forgot my password.

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BB Bold :: 9900 - Keep Getting Error When Trying To Download From App World

Jul 27, 2012

I keep getting that error when I try and download anything from the blackberry app store. I have tried deleted the app world app and installing it again from my phone or installing it from my computer but I still get the same problem and its quite annoying as well. My phone software version is 7.0 bundle 2406 (v7.0.0.585,Platform

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BB Bold :: App World Error 40850 On 9900?

Sep 21, 2011

Can't get in to blackberry app world. I keep getting error 40850. Have tried battery pull, HRT and soft reset.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Won't Allow To Use App World (Error ID 30702)

Apr 23, 2012

I don't know When but my BB Bold 9900 doesn't let me use the app world, I have 10 updates and every time I click on it it says "there is an issue with the current session. Please login to continue. (Error Id: 30702)". When I first saw it I was like ok. So I clicked on My World to sign in and it said it again, I don't know what to do.

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BB Bold :: An Error Occurred With App World, It Must Close Now

May 31, 2012

A message comes up every time I try to download something from App world saying : an error occurred with app world, it must close now. Does anyone have a solution to this? My BB is a Bold 9900.

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BB Bold :: Error Message While Trying To Download From App World

Jun 13, 2012

I always get this message when i try to download from App World : ''There was a problem during installation. Please try again.''

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BB Bold :: Error Message- 'App Error 606'- Reset

Jul 29, 2011

Woke up today with my phone not switching on but having just the error message, APP ERROR 606 - RESET. I have tried to find a solution on website but to no avail.

What is this error message about and how do I make my phone working again?

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BB Bold :: 9900 - Password Reset Not Working?

Nov 7, 2012

Ok, so as a student, coming back from the US to my home country, I had to change the sim card on my BB to use my phone and its features.

It asked me for my bb id and security password. I tried my default password (which had worked when I was moving to the US in the first place) but for some reason it did not work. I did what every normal person would do and set the password reset option.

It did not work and I tried every possible password till 9/10 attempts had been made. So I decided to just back up my stuff and do the data wipe. But then, after 10/10, all it did was lock me out for 15 minutes. So I took out my sim card and put it back in again, and suddenly, my phone was working fine! i don't know how, but I wasn't complaining. But then I have to reset the phone for some reason and voila! Security password being asked again and Im locked out again.

So in short, is there anyway I can get my password to work or at least do a data wipe so I can access my phone.

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BB Bold :: Reset My Password Without Loosing Saved?

Jan 3, 2012

Is there a way to reset my password without loosing my saved passwords?

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BB Bold 9700 :: App World Will Not Work / Error Message

Jan 12, 2010

Just got the new 9700 and everything works except the app world. Personal email works, blackberry messenger works, just not the app world. I downloaded it and i get an error message which is as follows (upgrade your service to a plan that includes browsing and discover a world of possibilties at BlackBerry App World. Contact your service provider for more details). I have the blackberry personal plan, I can browse the internet, but the app world still wont work. I know its not a location issue because my coworker has the Bold 9000 and the same plan as me and his works fine. I have also tried unistalling and reinstalling the app, hard shock etc etc. So what the heck is the issue.

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BB Bold :: App World Won't Work - Message Error ID 30702

Jul 10, 2012

getting a issue message error ID 30702

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BB Bold :: 9780 App World Error Message "not

May 4, 2011

I wonder if someone can help me, i have been getting this error message for the past month or so via my phone when trying to login/download apps via the app world. I have no problem siging in via computer or other blackberrys, just my own. I have no problems connecting to the internet on my blackberry, just with the app world?

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BB Bold :: How To Reset Password On Computer When Sync Or Run Backup

Jun 7, 2012

I would like to know how to reset the password that appears on my computer screen when I try to synchronize, run back ups etc. The password that I recorded when I installed the software does not work. The blackberry keyboard password doesn't work either. I set up a Blackberry ID and that doesn't assist at all. I cant find an explanation of all the different passwords.

Model: Blackberry Bold,
OS version v.
Phone company Bell Canada

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BB Bold :: App World Not Working On 9780 - Error Occurred On Downloading

Jul 19, 2011

My app world on the 9780 has not been working. First it would ask me to login after which it would just show me my details and not download. After downloading the application again it just tells me, "An error has occurred. Please try again later. This has been going on for four days now.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Java Error - Cannot Access App World For Updates

Dec 22, 2011

I have a Bold 9700 and on its last update of Blackberry App World and re-boot I now have this error that says, Uncaught exeception:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. I now cannot access the App world for updates or apps.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Password Not Accepted - Avoid Factory Reset

Jun 6, 2010

Regarding a problem with password on my 9700 Bold:

I have had a four digit Phone Lock on it for months, always the same, was operating the phone the same as usual one night, and the next morning, it wouldn't accept the Lock Code.

Entered the Password 7/8 times, then thought I had no choice but to let it reset itself, entered in the same Code, and it accepted it.

I didn't want to go through that again, so I went to Password Settings to remove the Password requirement, and it started all over again, not accepting the Same Password with which I had just unlocked the phone!

Fortunately, I have Backed up my phone in case it did get Wiped, but I would have lost some info that had been entered in between Backups, so I hoped I could get this resolved With Out the phone needing a Factory Reset.

The 9700 asked me to enter "blackberry", and I noticed that there was a tendency for the letters to jump to Upper Case quicker than I was accustomed to seeing it do.

As I have been writing this, I remembered that I had changed the Cursor Speed to Fast, so now I'm going to type in the password as quickly as I can, so I can be as certain as possible that it goes in as 'lower case' only, which, because of the characters being immediately changed to ****, I could not detect before.

Problem Solved!

I just breathed a Huge sigh of relief.

The phone has now been set back to the Original Cursor Rate, and the Phone Lock has been removed.

Security is important in case the phone is misplaced, so I set the SIM Card Lock instead, and at least if the Password gets messed up again, I can get a PUK Code from at&t, and unlock the phone that way, without the risk of wiping out all my contact information, calendar dates, and other personal settings.

I hope this information might be helpful to someone else, and I'm looking forward to learning more on this site.

Also see at:


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BB Bold :: 9900 - Web Plugin Error Occurred Communicating With App World Client

Sep 27, 2011

I am unable to get the MY World page to load up on the Web when I am trying to sync my apps. I can sign in to BB App World but when I select > My World I get the Error Message: "APP World Web Plugin Error - An Error has occurred communicating with the BB App World Client." I am connecting my 9900 in order to sync my apps with App World following a security wipe to resolve the BB ID Issue with OS7.( The security wipe does resolve the BB ID issue). I have the same problem when I have connected using 2 different PCs. One running Chrome the other Running Firefox.

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