Xseries :: Get Streaming Setting In Nokia X2-02?

Dec 14, 2012

how to get streaming setting in nokia x2-02?

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Xseries :: Setting Up Email On Nokia X2-01?

Oct 2, 2012

setting up email on Nokia X2-01. I do not want to install gmail, yahoo, ovi or windows live. i want to install company email. It takes verything but when it needs to sign in I get the message "Could not sign in" Try again later. I tried everything I know, called noklia support, still nothing works. the softwares updated. There is not a security certificate on my website, so what is the problem?

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Xseries :: Change LCD Brightness Or Contrast Setting In Nokia X2-01?

Mar 10, 2011

is there any option available to change the LCD brightness or contrast setting in Nokia X2-01?

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Xseries :: Streaming Music To Radio

Jan 6, 2012

In one of my mates phone (nokia n95), he can stream his own fm radio (e.g when a song is playing, he can listen through the car's fm). Can this be done with nokia x6, or I need another 3rd party apps.

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Xseries :: Watch Streaming Video On X202?

Oct 12, 2012

how can i watch streaming video on x202?

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Xseries :: How To Put Proxy Setting

Dec 8, 2010

I have nokia x3-02 in my college there is a proxy setting on the WLAN I can't access to the internet without putting the setting on my phone so how I can put proxy setting in nokia x3-02 ?

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Xseries :: Yahoo Mail Is Not Getting Setting Up

Jun 6, 2011

Ever since i got my Nokia x302, i have not been ale to setup my yahoo mail. Each time i try i get an error message sayong "invalid yahoo id or password, please try again." I have crosschecked several times to make sure i entered the correct data, even went ahead to change my password on my laptop, but still no success.

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BB Curve 8520 / 8530 :: Radio Streaming And Video Streaming On Browser

Jun 16, 2010

OK I'm totally a newbie with BlackBerry and this is my second post on here.I live here in the US but I'm Brazilian and am going crazy over the world cup.I want really badly to stream live radio via the browser on BB but it won't work because it needs a Flash Plug In for one station and a Windows Media Player for another.Is there anyway that we can stream live video and radio outside Sprint TV?

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Nokia :: E72 MMS / Http Streaming On S60

Feb 23, 2010

Is it possible to play MMS and http live streaming on S60 phones, specifically E72?

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Nokia :: N97 Video Live Streaming

Jan 5, 2010

I have a N97 thing, and the point of my interest is: Is it possible to remote connect N97 to my home security cameras? I am able to connect via loptop by means of web browser (IE) , PS3 but not with N97 origin browser neither opera one .

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Nokia Online Services :: No Streaming On X2-02?

Jun 17, 2012

Streaming is not possible in my nokia X2-02,is it because of software or hardware? If it is software can device update fix it?

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Nokia Lumia :: Video Streaming Low Quality

Nov 20, 2012

i purchased lumia 920 today and am very disappointed in video output from sites such a Internet.

i played a same high quality on an iphone and android and it clearly shows as if the video streaming on the nokia is displaying as if the phone thinks there is no wifi.

i am playing the video connected to wifi.

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Nokia 5230 :: Streaming Dodgy Says Cannot Connect To Server?

Apr 21, 2010

loving my few 5230 generally, just ironing out some teething issues.i can stream Internet no probs on the net and from the Internet icon. however, on bbc mobile when i try to watch a video it says "cannot connect to server" on real player. i can download the video and watch it okay, but streaming appears to be an issue. on sky news site (not the mobile site, i don't think - is there one?) it says i don't have the required flash player. do some sites not support flash lite?are these issues normal and are there any apps for my device that will make streaming more prob-free?

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Nokia :: 5800 / Screen Resolution On Streaming Video

Feb 8, 2010

I've been able to set a streaming solution through VLC to my nokia device and can stream netTV, movies, DVD discs, webcam from my personal PC. Through the tests, i've found that the maximum resolution is width=352, height=288 which is 11:9 aspect ratio. Of course i can set 16:9 ratio which again has the limitation of the width=352. Every pixel above 352 makes the nokia response in "Unable to play video clip".So obviously there is some limitation in the resolutions through live streams. When i play a video from the Memory Card, 640*360 is supported without a problem.The problem is, that i have access to several streams , which are live TVs and i can watch only those, that are below 352 pixels wide. Those that are in resolution 448*336 don't play, although the format and the codecs of the stream are the same as with the 352*288.So, is there a way , that i can remove these limitations, or at least allow the Real Player to play streaming links with higher than 352 pxls width?

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 202 Doesn't Support Streaming

Oct 26, 2012

My Nokia Asha202 and even Asha202 doesn't support streaming.. why Nokia didn't update his software?

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Nokia Online Services :: Streaming Video Is Not Support?

Nov 21, 2012

Streaming video is not support

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: C6 Video Streaming Is Poor?

Dec 25, 2011

c6 video streaming is poor...Internet video quality is bad..video stucks while playing...

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E6-00 No Volume When Live Streaming

Jun 3, 2012

I've a Nokia E6-00, when I want to watch live (i.e. a TV channel) from the website, I see perfectly the video but have no audio (and volume setting is at the top). I've tried with headphones, loudspeaker, in dual mode (3G and GSM).

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Nokia Lumia :: 920 - Streaming Music Skips 10 Seconds Before The End Of Song?

Nov 17, 2012

When playing streaming content using the XBox Music player the song will skip at about 10 seconds before the end of the song. The issue is only with streamed content (songs stored local on the device work fine)It does not appear to repro with the Nokia music playerKnown issue? Other than downloading the song is there a work around?

4 Nokia 920's and 1 820

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Nokia Applications :: C6-01 Any Video Player For Mms Rtsp Streaming Links

Sep 10, 2011

Is there any video player for mms, rtsp, and http streaming links? Default player plays avi, mpg, flv, mkv, etc but it doesn't play rtsp or mms links. Corecodec Coreplayer works on my old phone (N79) , but it isn't compatible for Nokia C6-01 and can't play any link.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: What Is The Highest UDP Port Range In Streaming

Jan 6, 2013

What is the highest UDP port range in streaming? For Nokia 2700 classic?

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Nokia Applications :: Play MMS And Http Live Streaming On S60 Phones Specifically E72?

Feb 23, 2010

Is it possible to play MMS and http live streaming on S60 phones, specifically E72?

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Nokia :: E72 - Setting Up VOIP Via SIP

Jan 19, 2010

It's taken the better part of a day to figure out, but I finally have SIP working on the Nokia E72. I have worked my fingers to the **bleep** bone, but after five or six hours of searching and banging my head against a wall, it finally works. I've decided to document this struggle so that others may perhaps endure less suffering.

In case it makes any difference, I'm using the North American version of the E72. The model is listed as being an E72-2, RM-529. It was purchased through Expansys: it's unlocked and carrier-neutral, straight from Nokia.

Naturally the first thing I did was set up a generic SIP profile. Try as I might, no matter what settings I used, it simply would not work. First there was no option for an "internet call" in my contact list (see below for the problem). Then, when I figured out how to get it to show up, it would always return "Authentication failed" when I tried making a call.

I won't discuss my unsuccessful attempts any further: I will instead describe for you, step my step, the magic dance I did to make it all work.

Setting up SIP on the E72

1. Go to your Control Panel and into Net Settings.

2. All you see at first is an option called "Download." This retrieves a list of "services" that Nokia makes available to you.

3. Click on the Gizmo5 service. This is a sip / voip provider that would probably work very nicely with your phone, but Google bought them out a few months ago and now they aren't taking any registrations. Your phone will now download and install a Gizmo5 app...

4. Next you'll be asked if you'd like to create an account. Click No until it stops nagging you.

OK, what we've done now is install the Gizmo5 service on the phone... if you go back to Control Panel > Net Settings you'll see this:

Now if you open up your contact list, you'll see an option for Internet Call:

5. That's great, but you're not done yet. Now go to your SIP settings through Control Panel > Settings > Connection > SIP Settings. My phone looked like this:

Note that I have two profiles... the second one is my first and unsuccessful attempt at getting everything to work; just ignore it. What you'll see is the GIZMO VoIP profile. The secret sauce is that you have to edit this profile... just overwrite everything with your SIP provider's information, though I'd leave the profile name alone.

6. That's it. Enjoy your SIP calls.

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Nokia :: Setting For Fmms

Aug 9, 2010

needed The setting for Fmms in UAE, Dubai. I have installed Fmms but unable to open it. Is there a setting needed? please help. My device is on PR 1.2

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Nokia :: Setting Up Gmail

Feb 3, 2010

Just got an e72 (NAM) and was able to setup mail for exchange no problem. I'm also trying to setup my gmail account. I select the GMail icon and enter my @gmail.com email address and password then the phone sits there for a while and punts me back to the main mail screen. No gmail account setup, no error, nothing.

http://email.nokia.com doesn't recognize any of my email addresses, so am I hooped?

I was able to setup my google apps account with IMAP settings, but it can't maintain a connection for more than a few minutes so is virtually useless and was hoping an account setup as a proper gmail account might work better.

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Nokia :: N97 Web Homepage Setting

May 2, 2010

Using a Factory defaulted N97.Everytime I go to browse the web on N97 I get a "Are you connecting over WiFi?" default page.This annoying page shows Fbk, Ytbe, bebo, myspace, etc etc icons & some scpill about use 3's wifi network..I am with 3 and defaulted to Always use WLAN (ie - my home wireless B/bnd)I have my homepage set already.When I push the homepage button in the options it takes me where I need to be.

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Nokia :: N86 - Setting Up Ovi Suite

Mar 23, 2010

I've just downloaded the latest v of Ovi suite and installed it on my PC, but when I try to connect my phone (N86) I get a message:

"an error occured while copying file ccdcmb.sys

cannot copy file to destination directory

click retry to retry the operation or click cancel to"

when i click cancel i get a message stating:

"do you want to continue setup without copying the file"

i haven't.

when i started the setup, i got to teh screen asking whether i wanted to connect via usb, bluetooth etc. or skip. usb was automatically highlighted. at that point i connected my phone via usb before clicking 'next', but from the wording on the following screen i gather that i should have clicked 'next' first and then connected.


1) how do i fix the ccdcmb.sys issue please? from other comments on ccdcmb.sys in the forum, am i correct in thinking i need to uninstall everything and start again?

2) could someone recommend to the guys who write the installation screens that it is made clear to users whether they should connect before clicking 'next' or after

3) also to the guys who write the screens, please finish the last line of the first error message

as an aside, earlier this month i tried to install an earlier version of ovi. that time the software wouldn't even install on my pc, giving an error code 9508.

my pc is running fully updated xp pro.

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Nokia :: 5230 No APN Control Setting

Jan 13, 2010

I just bought Nokia 5230, I have problem setting up the phone for web access and MMS. There's supposed to be a APN Control setting in Connectivity->Admin Settings->APN Control, I just don't have this setting.

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Nokia :: E72 Setting Gmail Account

Feb 27, 2010

I've set up my gmail on E72 and under mailbox settings->When to Sync I see an option called 'After Notification'. Can anyone explain what does this setting do and does it work?

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Nokia :: Video Setting For N900

Jan 30, 2010

Do anyone know how how to setting when convert video to N900 and get full screen? im using "Super" freeware converter by eRightSoft. do any one know how to set it and get the full screen convert in N900?

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Nokia :: E71 - Setting Up POPmail Does Not Work

Mar 2, 2010

Downloaded the latest Nokia Messaging to my E71 after I accidentally deleted my POPmail account last week, and trying to get it back. Setting up POPmail does not work. I get "invalid address, password, or user name" when none are invalid; I have it working on my iPod and the settings are identical. Anyone else having a miserable time getting POPmail to work?

On previous versions of Nokia email, I got "Unable to connect with the information provided, please try again" for an entire week. I noticed others have gotten this too; Nokia said last week the servers were undergoing maintenance. Still no-go with POPmail.

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