Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: After ICS Update GPS Not Working - Video Play With No Sound

Feb 10, 2012

My problems to my phone after update to ICS are: GPS not working, ASTRO app as my official file manager was given by SONY for all xperia 2011 user after update to ICS, but it free version that means its come with advertisement, that app always pop-up and suggest the user to upgrade from "free version astro" to full/complete version. Can I uninstall that free app? Video player play video very good but doesn't has sound.

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Xperia Z2 :: Video (cannot Play) - Not Writing To SD Card Following Update

Nov 10, 2014

I've had an issue since the update with any video taken and written to the micro sd card  producing 'cannot play' The meta data is there but the file size registers as 0k.

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IPhone :: Won't Play Music Or Video Sound From Speaker

Apr 2, 2012

but the speaker works fine (the phone plays ringtones). What do I need to do?

Info:iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Music And Video Won't Play Sound Through Speakers

May 26, 2012

My iPhone 4 has not been able to play music or video through my speakers. It thinks it is still connected to my iHome, so it trys to play anything through the charge port which of course no sound comes out. Can anyone help me with this issue? I can still play through my headphones and it will play through my Apple TV if I tell it to, but I just can't get any sound to come through the speakers.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia :: 5530 / Unable To Play Sound Or Video Clip

Feb 10, 2010

I have a nokia 5530 and every time I try to play a wmv file that I have downloaded or a video I recorded I keep getting this error message : "Unable to play sound or video clip".Can any one help?

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Xperia PLAY :: Touch Screen Not Working After Software Update?

Jul 20, 2011

Checking my phone, it told me there was an update available. I used the PC connect software to instal the update, following all instructions exactly. The update was applied and the phone shut off. I restarted the phone as instructed, and after a few minutes the update appeared to be successful. However, when I tried to use the phone I discovered that I could not unlock the screen! My first thought was to restart the phone, but without the touch screen, I can't even turn it off! It seems like my only option at this point would be to remove the battery to kill the power, replace the battery, and try restarting the phone.

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Don't Have Proper Format To Play Video / Hear Sound But No Visual

Jun 16, 2010

I am having trouble when I put videos on or download a video from e-mail. It says I don't have the proper format to play the video, I hear sound but no visual.

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Motorola Xoom :: Cannot Play Video Files After 3.1 Update

May 13, 2011

I received my 3.1 update this morning and now I can no longer play the three video files that reside on my Xoom. I created them with Freemake Video Converter. I can, however, play a video that I recorded with the built-in application (recorded after the update).

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Play Hd .mkv Video In It?

Feb 20, 2012

i tried many video players like mx video,mobo,vlc etc but none of them can play hd mkv video file correctly..earlier i had live with walkman and now i changed to neo v but problem not is there any compatible video player in the market?

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Xperia Z2 :: Cannot Play Video

Jun 19, 2015

I seem to be having a problem with my Sony Experia z2, I can take photos and record videos but when I go to view them it comes up with "cannot play video" and the photos won't load up(just a black screen).

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Xperia Z3 :: Won't Play Video From Any App

Jul 2, 2015

I have a Sony Xperia Z3 D6653, running OS 5.0.2.

I am unable to play video. This is video from any application I have installed, Facebook, YouTube, even video advertising embedded in games doesn't play.

I have tried clearing application data, I have tried a factory reset, I have tried using the repair feature in Sony PC Companion.

The problem persists regardless of whether I'm using wifi or mobile data.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E7 , Wont Play Recorded Video Since Update

Aug 25, 2011

today i have found that my phone wont play recorded video but the only change on the phone was the symbian anna update

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Xperia PLAY :: No Sound From Ear Speaker?

Jul 29, 2012

I am having sound problem with my Xperia Play. when I make or receive calls the ear speaker does not work, when I switch to hands free speaker I can hear the other person perfectly, I reset the phone but the fault still persists.

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HTC Desire :: Video Recording - Voice Not In Sync And Sound Crap After Update

Dec 29, 2010

Updated my phone to 2.29.405.5 the other day and noticed that video recording has gone from atrocious to down right intolerable. When they enabled 720p recording video became choppy but the sound was kinda alright now after the current update all my videos are coming out like one of those kung fu movies, voice and lips are not in sync and the sound is crap.

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Xperia X8 :: Video Play To Fit To Screen?

Jun 1, 2011

When I play a movie, it doesn't fit to whole screen. what should be done?

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Can't Play Online Video's

Jun 30, 2012

can't play videos on my neo v i don;t know what happend!! what should i do?

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Xperia Z3 :: Cannot Play Video - Invalid URL

Feb 7, 2014

My Z3 plays about three quarters of a video, then stops and says ;Cannot play video. Invalid URL. whats url got to do with a prerecorded video. This happens with the built in player and also vlc player.

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Xperia Z3 :: Can't Play Video On The Phone

Jan 17, 2015

I keep getting the error can't play video or invalid url for videos recorded on the phone. Sony support told me to do a phone repair but it has made no difference.

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Xperia X8 :: What Video Types Can It Play - Mp3/mp4

Jan 6, 2012

what video types can this phone play? that wont cause any prob ? like codec probs?

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Xperia PLAY :: How To Turn Off Cam Shutter Sound

Sep 21, 2011

how to turn off cam shutter sound in SE xperia play?

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Xperia PLAY :: Can't Change Notification Sound

Sep 9, 2011

I tried to change the notification sound, but it's always the default sound even if the phone says that it's changed... why?I have to wait for the firmware update to 4.0.1.

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Xperia Z2 :: Bad Sound On Video Recordings

Mar 3, 2014

I am VERY dissapointet on Xperia Z2 when it comes to recording video on a live concert. The video is fine but the sound gets distorted from the bass.

When the music is without bass its fairly fine but as soon as the bass sound comes in the recording is getting useless because of the distortion.

Other phones like iPhone, Samsung and HTC has NO PROBLEM with their sound on live concerts recording so WHY is SONY having this problem ?

The phone is completely useless as a recorder at concerts.  I can only take pictures.

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Xperia Z3 :: Video And Sound Out Of Sync

Jul 3, 2010

My videos used to be ok. But now I have issues when recording videos with my Z3. Sometimes the video seems to lag during the recording. Not much but you can see it. When I check the recording, I see that the sound and the picture are out of sync. The pictures start first. When the movie is over, you can still hear the sound (slightly less than half a second). I recently set my phone to encrypted mode. I am not sure if this might be causing the issues I have.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Video - No Sound On WMP?

Mar 10, 2011

Why won't video recorded on phone playback with audio on Windows media player? It plays fine on the phone, but when transferred to PC using either Media Go or Windows there's no audio! However, video files transferred to my phone via bluetooth etc; & subsequently transferred to PC, the playback is fine. Read a previous similar thread & answer was to "check settings" , but which settings - PC or phone?

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Xperia PLAY :: Video Calling Using Skype?

Mar 28, 2012

cant use my video call using skype in my xperia play, i tried my video call on google chat and it worx, but in skype, the laptop of my colleague who tries to call me on my skype mobile, crashes, im using data plan/3g

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Xperia Z2 :: Cannot Play Audio Video On Phone

Jan 2, 2015

Unable to play any music or video files. My walkman can open and select a song, but does not play, sa me eith video! :-?

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Xperia PLAY :: In Call Audio - Sound Muffled?

Dec 5, 2011

The past few days I've a problem where people can't really hear me during a call. The sound is muffled to them. Works fine using headset so expect a hardware problem.

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Xperia Z5 :: No Stereo Sound During Video Recording

Oct 21, 2015

It is really weird, but Xperia Z5 compact can not record STEREO sound in video.
This is 2015 and you think that users will accept mono audio even in 4k video.

Even my nokia N8 can record nice stereo.

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Xperia Z3 :: Unable To Find URL When Trying To Play Recorded 4K Video

Jul 3, 2010

Recently bought a Xperia Z3+. How come when I record a 4K video and then try to play it back does it come up with the error message 'unable to find URL'

Do you need to use the Internet to view a video you have recorded yourself if it is in 4K if so how come?

And why is it not using my Internet because I have unlimited data but I am downloading something at the moment does this prevent the video getting the URL if it needs it.

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Xperia X10 :: No Video Sound In Windows Media Player

Sep 28, 2010

When playing videos from the X10mini using Windows Mediea Player, there's no sound.

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Xperia Z2 :: Error With Video On Youtube / Sony App And Facebook - Cannot Play

Jul 3, 2010

Firstly, when I watch video on youtube about 4-6 clips - the error message appear: "Please touch to try again" - even I touch multiple times it still can not play. 

Then, I go to the Video App (Sony), surprisingly, the video didn't play. It appear an error message: "Can not play this video" - I try with every single video on my phone and still has the same error message.

And more surprisingly, even the video on facebook have the same problem too.

So it must be like: If I watch video on any app, suddenly the clip can not play or just keep loading infinity, these app will be "infected" immideately (at the same time as well). The only thing I can do is reboot the phone.

I know reboot phone is just spend my little time around 15-30 seconds maybe. But it is very annoying to happen with very frequently.

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