Sony Ericsson :: How Does One Pause K550i Video Player?

Sep 11, 2010

I have had my k500i for about three years and I like it more than any other phone that I have played with. One thing that I found frustrating, though, was the lack of a "pause" function on the video player. I am posting this information in case it is useful to other k550i users. I used to play videos by going to File Manager --> Videos --> Select Video and was frustrated by the lack of a pause function on the player. If my viewing was interrupted I had to miss some of the programmer or start over. Just today (three years after getting the phone!) I read the manual closely and it looked like there was SUPPOSED to be a pause function. Indeed there is! If you select Entertainment --> Video Player --> Select Video to play a video (instead of the route mentioned above) then the Pause Button (on the left side of the screen) works as it is supposed to. There is a bug in the software that the pause button is not enabled when playing videos via the other route. I hoe this post helps SOMEONE out there.! Let me know if it did.

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Sony Ericsson :: K550I / Key Pad Not Working?

Sep 22, 2010

I have k550I model. Suddenly the round key is not working. That is not able to navigate up or down and left or right. Kindly help me what needs to be checked.

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Sony Ericsson :: K550i Best Photographic Firmware

Feb 20, 2010

I am using K550i cybershot phone since 2 years now with the firmware R8BC004,I just wants to know that which firmware is best for taking photos, i have so many firmwares but can't decide , which firmware gives best result in image processing.If any my friend knows please help to decide about best firmware

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Sony Ericsson :: K550i - Unlocking Procedure / A Bit Scary

Jul 17, 2010

It's still good and I cannot use it now I have moved to New Zealand from the UK, because it is locked to Orange - who can afford Orange roaming NZ to UK! I cannot afford a new phone either, anyway I like this one. I have heard all about unlocking procedures and they sound a bit scary. What do I do?

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Sony Ericsson :: K550i - How To Configure Internal Email Client?

Aug 27, 2010

I am having K550i model of Sony Ericsson. I want to used it internal email client for my Gmail account or my yahoo account. I have GPRS connection. So can one help me to configure it. I don't know how to configure internal email client.

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Sony Ericsson :: K550i - Phone Not Starting / Flashes Red Couple Of Times Then Nothing

Jul 31, 2010

My girlfriends SE K550i died yesterday. If you try to start it it flashes red a couple of times then nothing happens. I have read about this and I thought I could reflash the phone to see if that fixes it. I have tried with XS++ and when I press 2 and 5 and connect the phone the program reacts but it stops at "Protocol Version 3.1" then nothing happens. The phone doesn't react when I put it in the charger so perhaps the battery is all drained too.

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Sony Ericsson :: How To Get Pause Feature Working On J10i2?

Sep 21, 2010

It was so easy on my old Nokia, just insert "p" between the number and conference pins etc. When I use this on the J10i2 nothing happens and I have to enter manually.

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Sony Ericsson :: Video How Can I Use Video Streaming?

Oct 15, 2010

how can i use video streaming in vivaz ? is it posible? i saw this option on that , but i dont know how can use it.

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Sony Ericsson :: How To Update Flash Player 9?

Oct 7, 2010

Title says it tired of waiting for SE to do it. so anyone know how? i think the latest version of flash is adobe flash player 9. it would be nice to have an updated flash and java so we can watch some videos online.

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Sony Ericsson :: ELM Media Player Not Working?

Sep 14, 2010

Since today, it seems my media player is not working. its opening, i can see which all media are there, but the songs are not playing, the videos are too, like stuck. i switched off, removed battery n put it back, no change. i did master reset, no change still. the problem disappears when a call comes(or missed call), it rings. then immediately if i try, media works. once i exit, and retry, its stuck again. same when i change ring tone volume. after i play ring tone, music works, after exit, problem persists.

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Sony Ericsson :: ELF Does Anyone Know If It's Possible To Change Music Player

Jun 11, 2010

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the music player without elf? When I tried elf my phone didn't start and so on so I'll skip them from now. I'd like the album covers to be bigger when I play the music.Second question. Is it possible in C901 to see the album covers when you scroll for a song, artist or album? I only see the covers when I play the songs.

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Sony Ericsson :: W205 Music Player Error

Sep 2, 2010

i've added several mp3s to my w205 by using a usb cable and windows file explorer and although I can play them using the w205s file manager, no songs show up in the walkman music player. I have also tried sending songs to the phone by bluetooth and formatting the memory card (1GB M2) but this doesn't work either. Any ideas?

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Sony Ericsson :: How To Repeat A Song In Elm Music Player

Sep 16, 2010

Could you anyone please tell me how to repeat a song in Elm music player?

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Sony Ericsson :: Need Real Player Applications For Phone?

Nov 14, 2010

Im using a Sony Erickson vivaz and i tried to play real player via using this phone but sadly i cant.i just wanna ask is there a real player apps for this phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: Change Color Of Walkman Player?

Sep 4, 2010

When i'm using the Clarity theme (or a light one) the walkman player is white. but when i'm using the splatta theme (or a dark one) the walkman player is orange.So how can i have the white walkman player when i'm using a a dark theme? or the other way around?

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Sony Ericsson :: Hazel / How To Install Adobe Flash Player?

Aug 19, 2010

I have a sony ericsson hazel, when i go to watch few videos using wifi connection, few videos cant be opened and it says download adobe flash player! From where should i download adobe flash player for my mobile!

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Sony Ericsson :: Elm - Possible To Create One Touch Shortcut To Music Player?

Jul 20, 2010

I have just received a new Sony Ericsson Elm. On my K800i, there is a play button on the left side of the phone which is really handy for playing music. But on the Elm getting to the music player is a lot more difficult, even though I create a shortcut to the "media" option, in order to access to the music player.

I will have to scroll down once, select "music", then click on "resume", which is rather inconvenient. I just wondered is it possible to create a one touch shortcut to "Music Player"?

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Sony Ericsson :: W715 Media Player Library Update?

Sep 10, 2010

I have Sony Ericsson W715 Walkman phone and I try to find a way to play and view my mp3 files in media player as their folder structure is when I copied them to phone memory card - but have had no luck. The problem is that most music I listen is in a mixed form - lots of folders (witch name i like to see and choose in the player) and each consist about 20 various songs. In player under "Music" menu are items like "Artists", "Albums", "Tracks"... but no Folders. I cannot find any folder that way as "Albums" menu shows album name in ID3 tag but my folder structure is different (in one folder songs ID3 has different album name). So I have like 500 artists, 200 albums, 1500 tracks and no way to find what i want - for example to play one folder contents continuously. Only way I can think of right now seems to change all my mp3 ID3-tag album names same as my folder structure names but that choice is really bad because I don't want to lose original ID3 info and also modifying is really tedious when have to change few hundred folders of songs. So am I missing something obvious or what should I do to enable that simple behavior described above? One more thought - maybe in phone is some config file available where album names are stored and change all album names to folder names in there and not running "Update media" after that?

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Sony Ericsson :: Hazel Megabass In Music Player Distorts Sound

Sep 30, 2010

when i turn on the megabass function and increase the volume above level 6, my sound gets distorts. i am using sony ericsson hpm70 headset and found no problems with the headset on other phones. please help me to overcome this issue.

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Sony Ericsson :: C902 - Phone Really Slows Down When Music Player Running In Background

Apr 28, 2010

I've been using a C902 for sometime and I had to reflash the phone about 3 times
the version it had when I first bought the phone even enabled me to play and add .amr files in the media center. I really found it useful because the I could even fast forward or rewind my recordings. I can't remember the version I had then. My current firmware version is- R3EG004.

And I can't play my recordings through the music player and the phone really slows down when the music player is running in the background. I tried the update service option in the settings tab and said that the phone is running the latest software. Please everyone, I would like to know which firmware version has less lags and the best tweaks. This really is irritating because it slows down a lot when listening to music. So please help me to know the most preferred firmware version.

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Nokia :: Way To Pause Song And Quit Media Player

Jun 4, 2010

When using the media player, if you pause a song then quit the media player the song closes and you have to load the album up again.

Is there a way to pause the song and quit the media player, then be able to go back to the media player and listen to the song from the point that you paused it?

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Sony Ericsson :: C510 Music Player - Shuffle / Random Songs Selection Feature?

Sep 18, 2010

I dont have my C510 user guide and cant figure this out on my own. According to the web, my C510 should have a shuffle/random feature on the music player, but I dont know how to turn it on.

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Sony Ericsson :: Video In HD Cut For A Moment With Vivaz

Aug 14, 2010

When I record in HD, every 3-4-5 seconds are cut for a moment, I preinstall from your site all, restart phone, 4,5gb free on card, but problem. Sometimes when make foto in 8,1 megapixel (high level) phone write me a message no memory, close some applications but there are not opened aplications.

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Sony Ericsson :: Some MP4s Are Being Recognised As Video

Sep 3, 2010

Even though it's not a video, but a CD I've ripped to my computer! Checked the file format, some MP4s are being recognised as normal audio but others are being recognised as video.

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Sony Ericsson :: Elm Error Recording Video

Aug 26, 2010

I've had my Elm for a month. Previous to today the video function was working fine, but now for some unknown reason - whenever I press 'record' it just quits the application and saves onto the phone a 00:00 long video file which cannot be played or deleted It still takes pictures fine and I have over 1GB of free space so that isn't an issue

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Sony Ericsson :: Video Recording Stuck

Aug 25, 2010

Recently when i recorded few videos, and when i playback the video ive record i found that the video is like stuck and freezes for few second and it stucks for several time meaning that its not smooth. But the problem is the audio is there but the video freezes.

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Sony Ericsson :: Elm - Video Not Working Once Uploaded To PC

Sep 6, 2010

I just got my Elm phone today. I made a short video, downloaded the SE PC Suit and sync'd my phone to my PC using a USB. I then copied my video to my desktop and played it in Windows Classic Media Player. Now I have pretty much every codec update under the sun so was suprised to find that the video was extremely choppy. The audio worked fine but the video was extremely slow and it was as if I was watching picture slides as opposed to a video! When I tansferred the video to Vegas Pro there was no video at all, just audio. I could see the video slides in the programme but when I clicked play it was just black (with sound).

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Sony Ericsson :: Video Recording In Naite

Oct 20, 2010

video recording discontinues after 5-6 seconds in my NAITE set. why?

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Sony Ericsson :: W380i Cannot View Video?

Apr 16, 2010

i put some video in my phone in mp4 file format and when i wanted to view it, there's no images displayed and there's only sound playing. i also tried to play a 3gp file format. the image is displaying but it is so darn SLOW! plus the sound suddenly stopped playing while the video is playing in an annoying slow motion.

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Sony Ericsson :: Get A Clear Sound With Video DJ?

Sep 13, 2010

I was trying get a clear sound with video dj.i mean when I want to insert a sound clip it show just a amr format can be used.but by chance I found that u can use m4a sound format to get a clear sound as mp3 quilty and maybe better I found that u can insert any .m4a sound format with video dj then if u want to get any clip as example a holy quran sound clip in mp3 format .u can convert that sound clip frm mp3 to m4a to make video dj accept it.

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Sony Ericsson :: Adding Songs To Music Player Playlist Form File Manager On Vivaz Pro?

Jul 29, 2010

Wher is one of the best and the most handy SE options - adding songs to playlist in audio player stright from their destination folder? I just want to add some songs which location I know. searchin for one bl**dy song between 2000 other tittles is just ridiculous. Options provided by SE vivaz pro symbian software are just useless. Its easier to remember name of folder containing 100 songs than to learn by heart 100 tittles with artists names. I got used to listening to one huge set of e.g. house shared on 10 parts but in some way vivaz pro player spreadet them on the begining , midlle and end of ALL bout 2500 songs list. Is it possible to create some software update fixing this ridiculous mistake? maby there already is sth like that?

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