Samsung Galaxy S II :: Delete The Devices In Bluetooth List?

Apr 21, 2012

Is there anyway I can delete the devices in my bluetooth list?

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Galaxy S6 :: Can Samsung Mobile Connect To Multiple Bluetooth Devices?

Jun 25, 2015

I currently have a hands free speaker in my car that is bluetooth, and i am trying to replace my aux chord to the stereo with another bluetooth receiver for my music. can the s6 connect to both devices at the same time? and would the phone know to direct the phone calls to the speaker and the music to the stereo?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Messaging Contacts - Delete And/or Edit The Info On A Contact On The List

Oct 14, 2011

Somehow some of the contacts on the "Messaging contacts list" have mixed info. For instance the name doesn't match the picture or the name and picture do not match the related cell no. (1) How do I delete the contact entirely? (2) How do I edit the related info? (3) What if for instance my contact changed their cell no. and I need to edit the list or the info on a particular contact?

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How To Find List Of Devices Associated With Apple Account And Delete IPhone

Jun 29, 2014

I am trying to delete my daughters' phones from my apple account after setting up separate accounts for them. Where can I do this?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Contact List And Message List Don't Close By Back Button?

Jan 13, 2012

I have a weird problem in my Galaxy SII. Have searched a lot about this problem, but looks like nobody has faced this before.hen I open my contact list (or the message list) and then press the back button, they don't close. I have to press the home button to come out of them forcefully. I then can kill the messaging app by going in task manager but there is no such option for contact list. This problem occurs only for contact list and message list. Rest all apps I am able to close by pressing back button.

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Galaxy S5 :: Cannot Connect To Any Of Bluetooth Devices

Apr 16, 2014

When trying to sync a Bluetooth device to the phone that is doesn't find the device? I have tried syncing my phone to my car, and they don't see each other, I tried syncing my S5 phone with my JayBird wireless headset and still they don't pair.

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Galaxy S6 :: Connect To 2 Separate Bluetooth Devices?

Jun 25, 2015

can the s6 pair with 2 separate bluetooth devices at once. one for music through my stereo and the other for hands free speaker, both in my car. ig it can pair with both, will it know to direct my music to one and when i get a call to direct it to my speaker

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Galaxy S6 :: Can Connect To Multiple Bluetooth Devices

Jun 25, 2015

I currently have a hands free speaker in my car that is Bluetooth, and i am trying to replace my aux chord to the stereo with another Bluetooth receiver for my music. can the s6 connect to both devices at the same time? and would the phone know to direct the phone calls to the speaker and the music to the stereo?

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Galaxy S5 :: Connecting Phone To Certain Bluetooth Devices

Apr 22, 2014

I just upgraded from S2 to S5 and realised that unlike my S2, the S5 doesn't find the devices I want to use like my car bluetooth handsfree or my Phillips bluetooth headset. Is there a setting that I am missing?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Bluetooth Is Not Working Properly It Pair With Devices But It Cannot Connect To The Devices

Aug 25, 2012

my xperia x10 bluetooth is not working properly it pair with devices but it cannot connect to the devices

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Google Nexus 5 :: Bluetooth Cannot Find Any Devices And Not Found From Other Devices

Feb 14, 2016

Bluetooth can't find any devices, and can't be found from the other devices.

I have flashed MMB29S via flashtool - doesn't work.

I've updated OTA to MMB29Q (the last one) - nothing changed. What I can do with it?

I am sure that other devices' bluetooth is alright, i've tested it. The problem is in Nexus 5.

Nexus 5, 32GB, 6.0.1 [MMB29Q]

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Videos Won't Play On Other Devices

May 20, 2011

Video files recorded on my sgs2 have the file extension mp4 but wont play on my sony bravia tv or via my sumvision cyclone mkv2 media player. They do however play on my windows 7 laptop.wehen playing a video on the sgs2 you can get more info by tapping menu/details. This tells me the format is 3gpp. I believe 3gpp forms a simple wrapper around the mp4 file and suspect this is the element my other devices can't handle.If I copy the files to my laptop and convert them to mp4 using [RZ Video Converter] program then copy them back to my sgs2... They now play fine on all my devices including the sgs2.

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Galaxy S6 :: Forget Saved WiFi Networks When They Are Out Of Range On Samsung Devices?

Oct 19, 2015

With all of my previous Android devices, I could go into my wifi setting and get to a list of ALL saved networks, even if they are out of range. From there I could tell the device to forget old/random networks that I don't plan to connect to regularly (e.g. coffee shops, doctor's offices, etc). I haven't been able to find that ability on my Galaxy S6.

When I go to wifi settings, I get a list of all networks in range, and I can tap (or long press) and forget those. But I can't find anyway to get to a list of saved networks that are out of range.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To See It On Laptop Network Devices Screen - Not Found?

Jul 6, 2011

Managed to get GS2 to connect to my home network wirelessly Also managed to connect GS2 to my laptop via USB, eventually But, cannot connect to laptop wirelessly - laptop just doesn't see it on the network?when connected to my home wireless network, does the phone
just use that for internet access or do I have to turn something off to avoid using my monthly allowance?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Just Numbers In Contact List?

Jun 29, 2011

My contact list seems to have automatically imported all of my email contacts from all 4 of my email accounts into my contact list.This makes it really cluttered, andc I'm not sure I really want any emails in there at all, let alone all my ones from 12 years ago.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Calendar Participants List?

Aug 29, 2012

I searched and couldn't find this topic so:When I set a new event in the S2 Calendar when I go to add a participant -if the contact doesn't have an email it doesn't show up - which means most

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Samsung :: Vibrant / Galaxy S Typical List Of Complaints

Aug 15, 2010

I've had my Samsung Vibrant for a few days and am getting a strong sense of buyer's remorse. I've owned a couple of Windows Mobile phones before as well as Nokia Symbian phones and have sold them all for the same reason. I'm just too easily swept up by the hype and the specs, when in reality I am not even close to being a power user and the compromises of owning a smartphone are ultimately too much. Battery life, form factor, ergonomics, ease of use, real physical buttons, aesthetics, comfortability, etc. are still greatly diminished. I was hoping that because of the rabid adoption of smartphones into the mainstream nowadays that they would start to become more mainstream friendly, but it seems the opposite is happening since even dumbphones are taking bad design cues from their bigger smartphone brothers.

Now speaking about the Samsung Vibrant, here's what has been irking me. The biggest problem is the form factor. It's like holding an index card that you don't want to accidentally bend. Beyond the slimy chrome trim, there's nothing else really to hold onto on the sides. The sides also slope down towards a less wide back instead of being rounded with the same width. I can never hold the phone in any sort of safe grip, as its always a delicate process requiring a gentle touch. Then there is the cheap plastic back, very slimy as well, along with the chrome, making holding a phone feel like a real mess.

When I make a call, I have to place my face against a greasy flat glass surface that is overly warm, while holding onto a slimy phone that is also heating up on the backside where the battery is. I don't see the obsession with thinness as those mere millimeters saved really ruin the ergonomics. For comparison, the T-mobile Garminphone, although not as well spec'd, feels so much more solid in the hand with a rubber back and metal finish, and I can actually hold it. Why Samsung placed such a cheap back cover on the phone instead of more premium materials is anyone's guess. They could have placed a better camera, bigger antennae, real buttons on the side, and a bigger battery as well if it weren't for that obsession of getting the thickness under 10mm.

Speaking of battery, since this is my first Android phone, the less than one day battery life was quite shocking, even with many things turned off and the phone mostly unused a majority of the time. The biggest draw for the Samsung Vibrant, of course, was the Super AMOLED screen. Now that I've acquainted myself better with it and the newness has worn off, beyond having brighter and more saturated colors which my eyes feel are less natural and more gaudy, I don't see much difference between it and the LCD on my previous Samsung G600, which I thought had a fantastic screen. I also don't really miss the 4" size, because ultimately beyond checking text updates, I find anything less than a 15" notebook to have too small a screen for comfortable or pleasant web browsing or movie watching.

The phone also isn't much of a looker. Chrome edges, cheap back, and nothing visually to separate it from the iPhone or any other large touchscreen handset.I'm sure most people are perfectly happy with their new Vibrant, but I am really missing my Samsung G600 slider right now and will probably end up selling my Vibrant. My complaints sound superficial but they are enough to be dealbreakers to my enjoyment of this phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: List Of Stock Ringtones In I9100?

Nov 26, 2011

I noticed in my i9100 (bought recently) that the ringhtones had some Hindi names in the stock ringtones - 'Jeeley har pal', 'Umang', 'Saavan'Do they come with the stock SGS II i9100 ringtones or maybe some app has installed them.Need to confirm this to make sure I have not been ditched by the vendor and I am not using a second hand phone PS: If it helps, I am from India and need to confirm the stock ringtones that come with the Indian version?

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Nokia Accessories :: Downloading Of Contacts List From A Samsung Galaxy Gio To CK-200

Apr 17, 2012

Can anyone assist with resolving the problem I have with downloading of the contacts list from a Samsung Galaxy Gio to the CK-200? I also find it strange that when pairing the devices, the phone does not request the code 0000 that is displayed by the CK-200.The other problem experienced is the breaking up of the incoming callers voice and a loud humming noise.The CK-200 has V4.0 software.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Doesn't Show Up In My Contacts List In Go Dialler

Jul 28, 2011

A friend just sent me someone's number by SMS (.vcf file)

I imported it but it doesn't show up in my contacts list in Go Dialler, or the stock dialler. It does show up in Handcent when I try to compse a message to him though.

how i can get it into my phone book?

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IPhone :: Bluetooth Is Switched On But Cant Find Other Bluetooth Devices

Jul 2, 2012

my bluetooth is switched on but i cant find other bluetooth devices and all its doin is searchin constantly?

windows vista, Windows Vista

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Phone Not Holding Contact List - Can't Make A Call

Jul 2, 2015

When I try to make a call from my Samsung Galaxy 5, I click on the phone icon, it then gives me a message that my contacts have stopped. The message goes away and my phone goes back to home screen. I can't make any calls. I can receive a call and text. When I text the contact list comes up, but not when I try to make a call. Is there a setting I should look for that I may have accidentally overrode or deleted?

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IPhone :: 4s Cannot Pair With Bluetooth Devices Other Than "i" Devices

Apr 22, 2012

iPhone 4s cannot pair with bluetooth devices other than "i" devices - how to resolve?

iPhone 4S

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Nokia 6790 :: Why Is Not List Of Supported Devices?

Jan 23, 2010

My Nokia 6790 came with Ovi Maps installed, however when I try to upgrade I am asked to select the model from a list, and the 6790 is not listed.Why is 6790 not currently in the list of supported devices?

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BB Software :: Get Official List Supported Devices OS 7.1?

Jan 17, 2012

Where I can get official list supported devices OS 7.1?

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IPhone 4s :: IOS 5.0.1 / How To Find List Of All IMessage Devices

Dec 5, 2014

I have been an apple user for many years and recently had a disturbing occurrence. I stopped receiving some of my texts messages for the past month or so and when I searched all of the devices in my household, I was shocked to find that my daughter's iPhone was receiving them because the senders were using iMessage (which I don't use). I was able to repair that situation but my bigger question is whether I can find a list of all devices using my account info to log into iMessage and remove them so that I receive every text sent to my iPhone.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Delete All Messages At Once?

Jun 6, 2012

How do you delete all messages at once,like on the Blackberry you can delete all at once.Can this be done on the Galaxy s2.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Delete Last Word

May 3, 2012

Now this is driving me insane. In Swype or normal text mode, whenever I attempt to delete the last word the whole word appears to the right of the cursor and it is not possible to remove it. Once the original has been deleted and its unwanted replacement is present in its place, I then tap to the right of the replacement word and delete it, and it replaces itself again. This makes text and email intelligible.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Delete SMS Threads

Nov 16, 2011

I got my galaxy s2 about a month ago, and it's not rooted When i go to delete SMS threads, the mesages are deleted but the 'shell' of the thread remains in the list of threads. This is whether I use the stock messaging app or GO SMS. I've also tried backing up my text messages, deleting them all, restarting the phone and then restoring the messages but it doesn't work. If I back up the messages and then delete them using SMS cleaner no messages are deleted (even after a phone restart) although SMS cleaner then says there are no messages to find when I try to repeat this step. The shell messages all have the date 1st Jan 1970. Is there a way to fix this without rooting my phone?

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Lumia :: It Doesn't Show Up In List Of Nokia Devices For Selection

May 14, 2012

I am trying to download an app from obi but my lumia doesn't show up in the list of Nokia devices for selection.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Printing Via Bluetooth?

Feb 22, 2012

I've paired my S2 with my portable HP printer but I get the message that it will only work if it's to a Samsung printer.

Is there anyway round this apart from sending the info to my laptop first and then to the printer? I would prefer to go direct (I've tried using USB cable connection but get same message).

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