Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Send The Video

Nov 1, 2011

Just bought the sgs2 and cant seem to send videos to other mobile phones.Keep getting a message showing (Video file to large).Hmm this might be a silly question but here i go.How the heck do i shrink the file.I take it that the file is ment to be MMS? is this correct and ifso how can i change it over.I was told once that you dont need a long neck to be a goose.

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Galaxy S6 :: Send Video Clip Via Text?

Apr 29, 2015

So i ran into a issue last night that could be a big problem for me down the road. I recorded a 15 sec video clip on my son saying something cute. I tried to text it to my sister (who has an iPhone) but it wouldnt attach. It said file is too large. a 15 sec video is too large??? It wasnt even on the highest setting (4K). It was on the default HD. I went into the details of the video and it was 29mb. Luckily I still have my iPhone 6 so I grabbed that, recorded my son again (of course it wasnt as good as the first time) and sent it to my sister via iMessage with no issue at all.

This may seem like a minor thing to some but the fact I cant text a 15 sec video clip to my family is ridiculous. I couldnt even email it. I love my S6 for the most part but for little things like this I can see why people prefer iOS. So my question, Is there a way to compress a video to send it via text? I did this all the time with my iPhone not only to other iPhone users but users on other platforms as well.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Transfer Video From It To PC?

Aug 14, 2011

How do i transfer my video from phone to pc?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Record HD Video?

Jun 5, 2011

Recording is fine with the stock camera app, BUT none of the other market apps I've tried can record in HD. e.g. 'aLapRecorderHD', 'Daily Roads Voyager', etc. The market Apps seems to record OK @ 720x480 or anything below.All of the apps I've tried produce corrupt HD video with green artefacts all over the screen. They all work OK on my Nexus1 @ both 720p & 1080pCould anyone with a newer firmware?, try one of the above market apps and see if HD video can be recorded?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Video From Phone (Samsung) To PC

Mar 29, 2015

I can't find them in any files. They show up on my phone in the gallary. My phone is plugged into computer. I can see pics to transfer them, but no video.

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Samsung :: Vibrant Galaxy S - Video Settings?

Aug 9, 2010

i just bought a samsung vibrant and after looking at videos sample test on Internet. what's the best setting for video on a samsung vibrant? can you tell me the best setup for the settings if i'm trying to record it as hd.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Camera To Video Not Working?

Apr 23, 2012

My camera to video slider button on the camera wont budge so I can't take videos. I would be grateful for a solution or advice.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Add Video Files As Ringtone

Sep 18, 2012

When I was using Nokia N97, I had an option to use video files as Phone's ringtone. I tried to do the same on my GT-I9100 (ICS 4.0.3) but i am not able to do the same.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Recording Video Without Sound?

Jul 19, 2011

I have a problem with my new SGS2 and could not find anywhere a solution for this. When I record a video there is no sound recorded also, only the image... In the camera application there is no option for enable/disable this feature like in the SGS1.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Lines Through Photo And Video?

Jul 8, 2011

I have had my Galaxy SII for around six weeks now and very happy with it but unfortunatly my camera seems to have developed a fault just a few days back. It has three thin black vertical lines down the left of the screen if i view as a portrait or along the bottom if viewed as landscape. The lines are always on the screen when the camera display is active and in any pic or video I would take.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Video Playback Settings?

Feb 16, 2012

Does anyone know if you can set the video player to play one video at a time, rather than automatically playing the playlist continuously.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: BBC IPlayer Not Showing Video

Apr 28, 2012

This is my first post and I'm new to the Galaxy S2. I took ownership of a new phone early this week (S2) and did the firmware upgrade over Kies - this seemed to make sense given that it was the official latest release firmware.

I tried to use BBC iPlayer last night. The first time I ran it, it said I needed Flash. It took me to the market and I downloaded Adobe Flash 11.0. I tried iPlayer again. All the menus, navigation etc work, but when I select a program it doesn't show any video. I don't even get the little triangle to click on to play it. I went to the iPlayer website and tried viewing from there - I assume that uses Flash as well, and all worked fine, video and sound.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Make Video Calls

Jun 3, 2011

Cannot managed to make video calls not working for me.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Video Recording Crash?

Oct 14, 2011

I'm very new at using Android, and followed a bunch of tutorials to root and delete all the bloatware apps that my gs2 came with.I replaced the stock camera app with Camera Zoom FX, and noticed that the app would crash and force close when I tried switching to video mode.I installed other video-recording apps only to find that they would crash as well.My camera works fine but I think I may have deleted somethin relating to video-recording; is there a way to restore the function

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Use AllShare While Video Conferencing?

Aug 17, 2011

Who has used the GS II for Video Conferencing? Is it possible to use AllShare while Video Conferencing so I can see the video feed and sound on a large screen TV or Projector?

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Samsung S II :: Transfer From Galaxy To Pc When Record A Video?

Sep 3, 2011

how do you transfer from galaxy to pc when you record a video

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Send Any SMS's

Nov 2, 2011

I was one of the unlucky ones who got caught with the Qantus shutdown, so while I was sitting around for two days at the airpport I played with my Samsung SII I900

Some how I managed to turn something off as it was working fine just before as I sent quite a few messages out, then getting bored, I started going through the menus trying this and turning Off /On that!

I can still receive message but can not send any messages they all come up with Fail Send errors..

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Galaxy S6 :: Video Extremely Blurry And Appears Out Of Focus When Send Via Text

May 12, 2015

The video is extremely blurry and appears out of focus when I send it via a text after the automatic resize it does. Is there a setting to adjust this?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Doesn't Send Photos Or Video Via Text Message

Dec 2, 2015

When I try to send multiple photos with my new s6 edge it will only load one of the pics to be sent via txt. When I try to send a video it says it has to resize video so I allow it to do so. But then when I send the video it is half the length and very blurry.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Make Video Call On Samsung Phone

May 30, 2015

How can I make a video call on samsung S6???

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Can't Upload A Video From Samsung Phone On YouTube

Nov 1, 2015

When I try to upload a video to Youtube from my Samsung s6 it doesn't work! I get Upload Pending. Nothing happens!

The same thing happens when I try to upload a video on Youtube from my computer. These are relatively small files - 10 - 15 minutes each!

At least when I upload videos from my computer it starts uploading very slowly, says it will take 2-3 hours, and stops at 16%.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Change Settings On Video Player?

Aug 18, 2011

Is there anyway to change the settings on the video player?

Here is my proplem. when i select the video icon (the one that looks like a film strip) and start playing the video plays but then after it is done it plays the next one right after the one i played.

Is there a way to change the settings so it plays only the video i select?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Edit Video And Photo Titles?

Aug 23, 2011

Can anyone tell me how to change/edit the titles of any photos or videos taken on my sg2?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Send Or Receive MMS

Nov 3, 2012

Before this morning, every time I would try to send a picture in a text message it would just sit there, 'sending' but never send. It was the same story when someone would send me a picture. It would just sit there 'downloading' but never actually download. This morning I tried looking online for a solution and tried following the instructions I found here for the multimedia message settings. Now when I try to send a picture (or any attachment) I get a message at the bottom of my screen that reads "Currently unable to send your message. It will be sent when service becomes available." The same basic thing happens when someone sends me an MMS, "Currently unable to download. Please try again later".My phone is currently connected via wifi, but I also have packet data activated and I have auto-retrieve on..what am I missing? I am new to smart phones, but this is something that was happening with my old samsung corby as well.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Don't Seem To Be Able To Send Videos Via MMS

Jun 29, 2011

Its been 4 weeks since I upgraded to SGS II,,so far so good,,have the following issues though:

1. the battery life,,I get just about 24 hrs with moderate usage,,
2. The phone gets reallly hot when the GPS or some of the games are on,,I mean reaallllyy hot.
3. I don't seem to be able to send videos via the MMS?? even a 6 second clips is rejected as (TOO long)??!!
4. If u write a text message that's too long ( more than 3 standard text messages) it converts to MMS!!
Despite the above,,,I am still very happy the I left the apple world for this,,cant believe I stayed with iphone for 2 years ??!!

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Randomly Playing Audio From A Video?

Nov 2, 2015

Over the past several weeks, while not being used (ie lock screen) my phone has randomly played about 10-20 seconds of audio while the screen remains black. It has consistently been from what seems to be a video where the person is showing a DIY for auto repair. When I unlock it i do not find any video apps open. I have not viewed any videos like this but this seemed to start after i was looking at some cars for sale online.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Remove Audio From Video Recorded On Samsung Phone

Sep 16, 2015

I recorded a video on my samsung s5 and really need to remove the conversation in the background. I am hoping there is a way to easily do this. All I need to do is just erase the sound so I can share the video.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Recover A Deleted Video On Samsung Phone With Android 5.0

Mar 13, 2015

I'm trying to find a program or app that recovers deleted videos on the internal storage of an android device. I've found one that recovers photos only, but no go on video recovery so far. I am unable to root as it is a Verizon S5 and the only available root methods require a destructive root. My cloud service did not have time to upload it before it was deleted, so all I have is a corrupt file. I have Dr.fone, but it stays stuck at 90%. Recuva doesn't recognize the device as a searchable drive.

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Samsung :: Galaxy S - Video Playback And Battery Life Time?

Aug 9, 2010

Does anyone know the effective battery life time when playing 720p h.264 mkv files with 100% screen luminosity and almost all the other features off (wifi, bluetooth, internet, etc)? Also, is there support for subtitles?
I am debating on what to buy, the Galaxy S or the IPhone 4.
I need 3.5 hours of video playback between charges.
I want to eliminate the video conversion step, so if the Galaxy S can eliminate it, that would be perfect.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Video Size - No Longer Full Screen

Feb 2, 2012

When watching any video on my S2 (either downloaded or streaming) the video itself is very small in the centre of the screen. This wasn't always the case with it though. I think I must have dozed off watching something the other evening, leaving my finger on the screen, and now the "video ratio" icon that should be on the bar with the play, rwd and ffwd icons is no longer there!

Whatever I try, I cannot get the icon back or reset the video to maximise itself on screen.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Received Some Video/picture Messages But Cannot Hear Anything?

Nov 6, 2011

have received some video/picture messages but i cannot hear anything. my volume is on....i am somewhat sure of that. why can i not hear the sound? i know with the iphone it is automatic. is there something in my settings?

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