Nokia Navigation :: 5230 Ovi Maps Cannot Connect To Internet?

Jul 31, 2010

I have a Nokia 5230 which I have updated the maps via Ovi suite on my PC,. However when I go to Ovi maps on my phone it always says connection failed, if I try to go to my location I get the red dot flashing searching for position then will go solid for a short while and start to flash again, it gives my location about 1 mile from where I am. Also from the OVI maps screen if I try to sign into my Nokia accost,(To get A-GPS I think) I get the message saying this requires you to go online, 'yes' brings up the connection failed message. I can browse the internet and go to face book etc.

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Nokia Navigation :: Ovi Maps Won't Install - 5230

Jul 18, 2010

When trying to install the latest version through Nokia Ovi Suite I receive a message saying "Failed to install [...] Internal error [...]

I have tried to remove the older version of maps that was on my phone but instead of being uninstalled, the icon of Ovi Maps was only vanished from the Applications' list without actually being removes from the phone; I can still access it using a shortcut I had made.

I own a Nokia 5230, firmware version: 21.0.004

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Nokia :: 5230 Navigation Edition - OVI Maps - Waiting For GPS

Jun 26, 2010

I have a problem with my Nokia 5230 Navigation Edition: when I launch OVI Maps application and choose desired route, I have only a message: "Waiting for GPS" - all the time, no matter where I am - in the big city, in the countryside, on the field - still no fix caught. I have latest OVI Maps version installed and all settings set to rely on built-in GPS module.Do You have any ideas how to make my 5230 NE to be really NE?

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Nokia Navigation :: 5230 -unable To Access Ovi Maps?

Mar 10, 2010

I have recently bought a 5230 with Ovi maps supposedly installed and since re-installed several times. It has proved impossible to access the maps and despite e.mails and phone calls to Nokia, Carphone Warehouse, and Talk Mobile, no one is able to resolve this problem, or reply to e.mails.I have also spent nearly four hours, in two visits to a branch of Carphone Warehouse, and despite the best efforts of the staff, no one can come up with a solution. Every time I try to connect, I receive " connection failed, please try later," no maps, nothing but empty screens.

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Nokia Navigation :: Current Ovi Maps Version For 5230?

Oct 14, 2012

What is the most current ovi maps version for Nokia 5230? I have ovi_maps_installer_3.06_11wk7_b11_s60_5.0_nocs_beta and it is incredibly slow locating a position on the GPS. I don't use a data plan so I need to know where I can download the current version to my PC.The GPS on both my son's and wife's 5230 seems to snap to position in seconds. They both have one of the 3.03 versions. My 3.06 version takes several minutes in the same location. I had a lot of trouble in the Dominican Republic and in Colombia with 3.06. Could I switch the SIM card and memory card with my son's phone? Maybe it's the GPS circuit on my phone that is so slow.Is 3.09 available for the 5230? Ovi and Nokia seem to make it very difficult to find the latest version for a particular phone.

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Nokia 5230 :: Calibrating Magnetic Compass In Navigation Using Ovi Maps?

May 31, 2010

I have read somewhere that there is a proceeding to calibrate the magnetic compass on the 5230, and my questions are:

1) The 5230 has a magnetic compass built in it? Where it is documented?

2) It is used in navigation using Ovi Maps? How and when?

3) How I can calibrate it, making the 360 turn, as suggested elsewhere? On what screen/menu is the function selected?

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Nokia Navigation :: Downloading Country Maps Fails Every Time (5230)

Aug 30, 2011

I have nokia 5230 and a serious problem. After about one year of usage, the offline search of street names just did not work any more. I have made a complete software update yesterday. The new navigator said, there were no maps on my phone. When trying to download country maps, at about 40 % the grey downloading indicator at the bottom disappears and green download clock starts turning and turning and turning, nothing happens any more (every time same scenario). I have the newest ovi suite, even uninstalled and reinstalled it yesterday. Naigation was actually the only feature I use frequently.

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Nokia :: 5230 / Unable To Connect To Maps In Ovi Suite Via PC

Jun 10, 2010

I just upgraded my 5230 phone software and can no longer connect to the maps in ovi suite on my pc. I just get the error message that my internet isn't working, which isn't the case.I've rebooted my pc, and restarted the phone, same problem. I can access ovi maps on the phone but just can't get it to connect with my pc.can anyone help?

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Nokia Navigation :: E5 Ovi Maps 3.04 No Internet Connection After Update

Aug 31, 2011

but in other browser or software there is connection in my device.says connection failed try again..

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Nokia Navigation :: 6720 Classic - Use Maps Without Internet?

Mar 11, 2012

I have downloaded Nokia Suite 3.3.86 and downloaded European Maps for Europe, I search for the country I have downloaded, and it says "searching online". How do I look/search the map of Europe when I am in Australia, without connecting to the internet.In positioning methods I have everything turned off accept "integrated GPS".Bluetooth GPS, Assisted GPS, Network Based GPS are all switched off.

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Nokia :: 5230 Connect To Internet Via WiFi Add On?

May 9, 2010

Is there any way to connect your Nokia 5230 to the Internet via some type of WiFi add-on or my PC?

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Nokia Navigation :: Downloading Maps To C6 Over OVI Suite - Cannot Connect To Service

Oct 9, 2011

I have problem to download maps into my phone (Nokia C6-00, last firmware v40.0.021). If I launch Ovi Suite (v3.1.1.90) and go to Maps section, screen "Connecting to the map service..." is displayed, but after while: "Couldn't connect to the service - There seems to be a problem with connecting to the online map service. If the problem doesn't go away, please try again later.".

I'm connected over WiFi and all is working normally. I tried connection over USB cable and bluetooth as well, restart computer and phone, reinstall Ovi Suite, format memory card, reinstall device software, reset to factory settings, full reset to initial state (*#7370#) but it wasn't worked.

Versions of the maps in my phone:
v3.06 11wk13 b01
Map version

If I launch maps in my phone and go to Update, there is option "Add new maps", after select appropriate map and click on Download is progress bar "Installing, please wait!" displayed, but process ends with error message "Map download failed!".

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Nokia Nseries :: Connect 5230 To Internet Via Some Type Of WiFi Add-on Or PC?

May 9, 2010

Is there any way to connect your Nokia 5230 to the Internet via some type of WiFi add-on or my PC?

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps Cannot Connect To Internet

Jul 31, 2010

I have a Nokia 5230 which I have updated the maps via Ovi suite on my PC,. However when I go to Ovi maps on my phone it always says connection failed, if I try to go to my location I get the red dot flashing searching for position then will go solid for a short while and start to flash again, it gives my location about 1 mile from where I am. Also from the OVI maps screen if I try to sign into my Nokia accost,(To get A-GPS I think) I get the message saying this requires you to go online, 'yes' brings up the connection failed message. I can browse the internet and go to face book etc. With no problems.

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Nokia :: N97 Mini Ovi Maps Won't Connect To The Internet.

Jun 19, 2010

I just bought a new n97 mini through vodafone in aus. I got it unlocked so i could put my optus sim in.I downloaded the ovi maps application and went to use it. The ovi maps app works with my wlan internet at home but when I try to use my 3G optus network internet it says "connection unavailable- please try again"?

I can access my 3G optus network for all other internet purposes on my phone except ovi maps. What is wrong with it?

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Nokia :: N97 / Ovi Maps Wont Connect After Upgrade / Internet Usage Disabled

Feb 9, 2010

N97 Ovi Maps wont work after upgraded software Phone software and maps upgrade when Maps selected first prompted to ˜Go online confirms No internet connection and to go tools, go online etc . When go on line selected message on screen confirms ˜Internet Usage disabled every other internet connection works, email ,face book etc and another N97 within the household which was upgraded yesterday also has same problem

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Nokia :: N85 - Updated Maps Application / Added Voice Navigation Closes Maps

Feb 4, 2010

I have a N85 Navi which I bought less than a year ago. I updated this week the maps and the application (latest version)and added one voice for the navigation. After this update when I open the Maps and select Settings and Navigation (to change i.e. voice), Maps closes automatically without any error messages. I can open all the other settings sub-menus. Any ideas why this is happening? Do I have the to re-install the application, maps and voices?

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Nokia :: 5230 De-installation Of Maps Or Ovi Maps

Mar 2, 2010

I recently bought my Nokia 5230 and it came with the programm Nokia Maps (Version 3.03 (246)) installed on "C Telephone memory" using 9MB there.Then Nokia gladly announced "free world voice guided car navigation". In order to get this free car navigation I followed the Nokia instructions on the internetpage and installed Ovi maps (Version 3.03 (246)) which is now in "D Telephone memory" using 7 MB there.(That is the information shown when I look into the details of my installed programms.I then loaded the necessary maps and the voice file with Nokia Map Loader from my computer into my micro SD card (E) . Navigation is working extremely well! But: What is "D Telephone Memory"? According to the filemanager of my phone no D exists! More important: May I safely deinstall the preinstalled Nokia maps now that I have Ovi maps installed? phone is set to german and the designations above are translations into english and may not correspond exactly to the english designations of Nokia phones set to english.

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Nokia Navigation :: Navigation To Coordinates With Ovi Maps V.3.04?

Jul 18, 2010

Is there some possibility to navigate towards coordinates instead of an address (street, town and s.o.)?

Cell software version
Ovi Maps version 3.04

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Nokia Navigation :: C5-00.2 Can't Make Ovi Maps To Have Detailed Maps

May 22, 2012

i have maps 3.04v? i used Nokia Suite to transfer maps of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Serbia. Nokia Suite also transferred Europe base map. But i think i can only view base map of Europe. I cant view detiled maps of cityies.

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Nokia Navigation :: Maps Installed But No Access To Maps?

Dec 18, 2011

I my dad recently bought the Nokia N8 after playing about with mine, I recieved the phone unlocked and set about setting it up for him, though i'm having foul problems with the maps! i've installed them, re-installed them, uninstalled and then reinstalled again and no luck, there wasn't even a Maps icon any time it was installed, but on my Nokia N8 when it was installed if went straight onto my home screen? how can I finally download these maps to this phone for my dad? he's starting to become really impatient because he needs to use the maps for his job

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Check Version Of Maps Of Nokia Navigation

Jun 7, 2012

I installed Nokia Navigation 2.0 with some maps on my Lumia phone. But how can I find out the version of the installed maps? And how can I check the actual existing version of the maps on the Nokia server?

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Nokia Navigation :: E71 Maps Erases The Maps?

Nov 9, 2011

Nokia maps erases the maps on every second startup.The situation is the following:I run Nokia maps, it erases the mapsI connect the phone to the pc; nokia suite says he has to update the maps on my phone, I say okafter the update, there are no maps on the phone, so I chose one or two and install itdisconnect from the pc, run Nokia Maps, there are the mapsI quit from Maps and start it again, it wants to erase my maps againand there is no choice for either I let it to erase it, or it quitsAnyone?

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Remove Some Maps From Maps 3.0 E72

Jan 20, 2010

When I bought nokia e72, I have reveived lot's of maps (almost 4GB). I want to free-up my memory card by removing some of maps. I try to do it in ovi application, but there is not possibility to do that. I can see all maps that are in my phone, but how to remove some of them?

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Nokia Navigation :: E7 Can't Get Any Maps - Can't Download Maps

Nov 3, 2011

I recently bought a nokia E7 (Blue) US Version but I am using it in Canada. I updated it to Symbian Anna and so on. Everytime I try to add new maps from the cell phone itself it says (downloading list, please wait) this takes FOREVER, then i try to do it by nokia ovi suite, well that is even worse, sometimes it says THERE SEEMS TO BE A PROBLEM WITH CONNECTING THE ONLINE MAPS, sometimes it says some crazy errors (COULDNT CONNECT TO THE SERVICE, ETCC). I deleted the E:/cities folder + QF file, I opened the Ovi map apps and they got restored and so on but still nothing happens. Is there any other way to add some map I mean MANUALLY? I need the USA and Canada map, (voice guidande male us), I read some discussion from Ovikudy on how to do it manually but i need theses files.

BTW, I regret buying this Nokia E7 big time I should have listened to my friends and go to ANDROID. I know nokia is killing symbian but please fix those MAP serverS.

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Nokia Navigation :: Use The GPS Navigation Through MAPS?

Nov 28, 2011

I've been trying to use the GPS navigation through NOKIA MAPS but it doesn't work, in my phone's screen appears "the license has expired" or something like that. I'd like to know what i've to do to make it work. Because Iv'e heard that tthe GPS navigation in other nokia models is free.

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Nokia :: 5230 - How To Use Navigation Completely Offline?

Apr 1, 2010

I have installed the map of Belgium via the Ovi software on my PC (using bluetooth) on my 5230. I can enter an address to navigate too, but after a few seconds, my phone asks to go online to 'enter the store' or something like that. After I press 'no', the phone seems to loose the fact that it was navigating and I just see my current location, but the navigation instructions are gone. If I re-enter the address I want to go to, I get the same problem again. Can I set some setting that would avoid the question of 'entering the store' or is this some kind of bug?

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Nokia Navigation :: GPS Data App Missing From 5230

Apr 16, 2012

I have had two 5230s for various reasons on two different networks. On my current one (t-mobile, uk) I seem to be missing the shortcut to the GPS data application. I've only just noticed this as I had issues with my GPS when abroad and I wanted to check which satellites were or weren't being seen.

I discovered that the application is in fact installed as if I go into the voice commands I can say "GPS data" and the application is displayed. But I seem to have no way to start the app without using the voice command. I know I could try a hard or soft reset, but I'd like to avoid that option at the moment, and it may not even work. Any way to get the "shortcut" re-applied?

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Nokia :: Walk Navigation Gives Only A Straight Line ( 5230)

Jul 24, 2010

I just got my nokia 5230. I tried the walk navigation, but after I set a destination, the route displayed is only a straight line between the start and end point. This is not walk navigation. I looked up Internet, it is said that I need to purchase a license for using walk and drive navigation.

But Nokia anounced that all navigation are free? Why should we still pay for it?By the way, I tried drive navigation, but the route is not a straight line fortunately, it's a normal route.

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Navigation :: Delete Unwanted Routes In Nokia 5230?

Dec 15, 2010

How To Delete Unwanted Routes in Nokia 5230 Nuron(which are under MENU -->Applications -->MAPS -->Favorites -->Routes)It's weird that I can create a route but can NOT delete any?

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Nokia :: 5230 Ovi Maps From A Ovi M / S

Jun 14, 2010

I am a new owner of a Nokia Nuron 5230 (via T-Mobile USA) and I am extremely happy with it. Still, I have a couple of issues which I would like to solve with your help:
a) is there a way to turn off or, better, totally eliminate the idiotic T-Mobile jingle when the phone is turned on, and off? At the very least, can I somehow kill the sound of this horrible commercial?
b) in the OVI maps manual it says the following on how to save a place:
Save a place
1 In the map view, go to the location. To search for an address or place, select Search.
2 Press the scroll key.
My N5230 does not have a scroll key. What can I do?
c) still in Ovi Maps; I noticed that when I search for a place, it is a good idea to repeat the exact same search at least three times. Ovi Maps often finds nothing on the first or second try, but does find it on the third. Why is that?
d) again in Ovi Maps: when I am in the 'drive' mode and I have entered to point to drive to, I noticed that when a swipe my finger from right to left I get a 4 different kind of map views. Where can I find details about these views? (they are not documented in the manual I have)
e) last Ovi question: what is the best way to create a route and then look at it in a way similar to what GoogleMaps offers: a map covering start and finish, with the basic data (time, distance, etc.). I have not found a good way to create a route.

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