Nokia :: N97 - Mini Homepage Widgets - Second Shortcut Bar

Mar 16, 2010

how to get a second shortcut bar onto my homepage of my n97?

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Nokia Nseries :: Shortcut Bar With Less Than 4 Widgets?

Aug 14, 2011

Is it possible to have a shortcut bar with less than 4 widgets, is there a blank/empty icon possibility ? I searched around but haven't found and solution so far.

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IPhone :: Shortcut On Homepage For Turning Bluetooth On And Off Quickly?

Apr 6, 2012

We are looking for a way to have a shortcut on the homepage to turn the Bluetooth on and off. With the handsfree systems in a vehicle that is left running the phone stays connected.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Atrix HD :: Random Shortcut Icons Created Additional Homepage

Dec 4, 2012

Random icons create an additional homepage on your Atrix HD? I tend to keep my phone's home pages as minimalistic as possible, only have one, and use Circle launcher on that one page to access my most used apps. Occasionally my phone adds a shortcut to a random app on a second homepage, sometimes its an Icon for an app that no longer is installed on the device. I really like the ability on the Moto devices to customize the # of start screens, the swipe up features of the locked icons at the bottom of the screen for a quick glance is a really nice touch, works great.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Put A Shortcut Or Widgets To Home Screen?

Mar 16, 2012

I need to know, How can I put a shortcut or Widgets to Home Screen? As I did it but it displays " No Room on The Home Screen".

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Not Go Left And Right From The HOMEPAGE?

Aug 19, 2012

I downloaded once OfficeSuit.From then and on,it stoped going left and right from the page that shows Dial,Contacts,Messages and Music.WHY?

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Samsung :: Convoy 2 - How To Change Opera Mini Browser Homepage

Nov 13, 2011

How do I change the Opera Mini browser's default home page? If you have the Samsung Convoy 2 you have probably noticed that the default shortcut assigned to the left side of the directional pad is to the Opera Mini browser. So far so good, I like that. It opens immediately. But it happens to go to a pre-assigned webpage, the My Verizon Account sign in, and throws up a security form that I have to click past - every time! I called Verizon tech support, they had a handset on hand and confirmed the behavior and the presumed irritation of their user base. But all they could do was to point me toward Samsung and said if the manufacturer gets enough complaints they might change it. Also, FYI, if you are trying to read the address it goes to, because you want to work on the problem, there are two.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Two Widgets Have Lost Options

Jun 13, 2012

I've have some unresolvable issue with two Sony widgets: "picture frame" and "photos and videos". First one lost 2x2 size and can be applied 3x3 only. Still there are "picture frame" two widgets are running since 2.3.4 android in 2x2 size. I can remove them but won't add anymore in needed size. Same with "photos and videos". I've got 2x2 one after upgrading to ICS. Wasn't up to rearange my desktops and faced that removing 2x2 was a big mistake. There is 3x3 only can be placed. "Clear date" didn't help. I'm pretty sure that both widgets can be placed in smaller 2x2 size. But OS doesn't offer that chois anymore.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Arranging Icons And Widgets Android 2.1?

Aug 2, 2010

I have had 2.1 for a few weeks, and must say I didnt think I was missing anything having 1.6. But its like having a new phone now I have 2.1 I love it.

But one thing that is really annoying is that it is all too easy to accidently go into the arrange icons mode by mistake without even realising it. Quite often I look at my phone and my address book, or calls have disapeared from the corners and now sit with the icons. Is it possible to extend the length of time needed for a long press?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Widgets Dont Display In Homescreen- X10mini?

Jan 30, 2011

Widgets dont display in my x10 mini homescreen since the last 3 hours. Other than that icons,live wallpapers are working. Whats the problem due to?

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Nokia Applications :: Have A Shortcut Bar With Only One Shortcut?

Sep 26, 2011

The shortcut widget for having shortcuts for apps in the symbian 3 or symbian Anna platform is made for having four shortcuts and nothing less. If at all, one doesn't assign a shortcut to it, still there's an icon that is shown as default when nothing is assigned.Here's what you do...1. Download the app called vacuum.sis from the web. Try this Install the app anywhere in your phone, phone memory, mass memory or memory card.3. Now go to homescreen and press and hold to go into edit mode.4. Tap the desired location for adding the shortcut bar and select it from the list of widgets available.5. Once the shortcut bar is added, tap it and go into the settings for adding the shortcuts to it.6. Now if you want to add only one app in the shortcut bar, select the desired location from one to four and add the app. In the rest of the locations, add the vacuum app.7.

Now close the shortcut and return to home screen. You should see only one shortcut in the shortcut bar. This way you can place any one app at any location on the grid with app.What's actually vacuum app? Its a dummy app which when installed, results in an app which doesn't do anything on installation and has a transparent icon. So an unknowing tap on the shortcut also will do nothing. Tada! You've a shortcut bar with just one app... Its customizable between one and four apps. This has been tested and works in my Nokia C7 with Anna. So should work in other symbian

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Add File Shortcut On Desktop?

Feb 18, 2011

I wonder, is there any way to add a desktop shortcut (where all application shortcuts are) to a file, lets say audio one.

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Nokia :: N97 Web Homepage Setting

May 2, 2010

Using a Factory defaulted N97.Everytime I go to browse the web on N97 I get a "Are you connecting over WiFi?" default page.This annoying page shows Fbk, Ytbe, bebo, myspace, etc etc icons & some scpill about use 3's wifi network..I am with 3 and defaulted to Always use WLAN (ie - my home wireless B/bnd)I have my homepage set already.When I push the homepage button in the options it takes me where I need to be.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Delete A Shortcut On Main Screen?

Sep 18, 2011

i have the Xperia 10 mini pro, i accendently added a shortcut to the main screen which i didn't mean to, how can i delete just that shortcut?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: PlayNow Shortcut Icon Is Faulty After ICS Update?

Sep 11, 2012

The original PlayNow logo does not appear after my mini pro was updated to ICS. Is there any way I can solve this problem?

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Nokia :: Nuron - How To Remove Myfaves Icon From Homepage

Jun 12, 2010

Changed plans, no longer use myfaves. Is there a way to delete the icon from home page?

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Nokia 5800 :: Calendar Entries In Homepage Lost After Firmware Upgrade?

May 1, 2010

After upgrading firmware to the last version (V50.0.005) I have lost the possibility of seeing next entries of calendar in homescreen. The only option I've got from now are "Shortcuts" (4 between applications and favourites) and "Contacts bar". I have tried with hard and soft resets, and it's equal. There is a little problem with the alarm too, but not important.

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Nokia :: Homepage On Web Doesn't Open - Where To Enter A Home Page Address

May 27, 2010

I have just bought a 7230 and when I go the web and click on Home Page it asks me to check home page address, and doesn,t open. Where can I go to enter a home page address?I can enter an address in the 'Go to address' page but cannot see how to make this my home page.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Power + Volume Down Shortcut Doesn't Produce Screenshot Shortcut

Nov 7, 2015

On my 6p, the traditional power+volume down shortcut doesn't produce screenshot.

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BB Curve :: Deleted The Email Message Shortcut - Create A New Shortcut?

Mar 19, 2011

I accidentally deleted the email message shortcut from the home menu and it is now gone. How can i create a new shortcut?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Use A Keyboard Shortcut To Send A Text Message Rather Than Using 'Send' On The Display?

Dec 23, 2010

It would be much easier to send messages using the keyboard by the enter key or another key rather than moving upto the screen and hittin send

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Nokia :: Widgets Keep Disappearing

Jan 20, 2010

I've had some fun with the phone lately, in that I've re-flashed it a few times. The SW Version was unknown after updating to 51 OTA, then flashed with Global, then back to UK and then updated to 51 OTA again (as can't download 51 UK yet).

Now noticing that the Widgets have a habit of randomly disappearing off my desktop, so I have to re-add them. Not sure what causes it or why,

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Nokia :: N97 - Certain Widgets Not Opening

May 18, 2010

I'm having some problems with certain widgets not opening. I click the icon in the menu and the widget starts to open but will soon shut down with no error message or anything.

I tried to remove the widgets that are malfunctioning but the icons will not disappear from the menu. I think this all started after installing Evernote Beta widget.

Is it possible to get rid of those icons and try to re-install some of the widgets manually or do I have to hard reset? I really wouldn't want to hard reset.

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Nokia :: N97 - How To Get Widgets To Update WHILE Roaming

Apr 23, 2010

I actually want my widgets to update WHILE I am roaming. Usually people don't want their widgets to update while roaming, because data fees abroad are very expensive. However, the provider I use,'Telfort', uses the 'KPN' network to serve their clients. Because of that, my Nokia thinks I am roaming, but in reality, I am not.

Because of this, my background widgets stop updating their selves after a period of time, and I have to press 'content to online mode' a few times everyday, which is annoying.

how I can get my widgets to keep automatically updating while roaming ?

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Nokia :: N97 - Widgets Not Working Since Upgrade To V20

Jan 10, 2010

i updated my software as i was having problems with the widgets sometimes crashing. since i updated it, my facebook, and weather widgets will not work at all. i can't even access them from the applications menu. the last time i had problems like these the phone was sent off for repair and i didnt get it back, i was given a replacement after 30 days of waiting. does anyone have any ideas on how i could fix this myself? i dont want to have to send the phone off again and re-buy all my games etc. i tried re-updating the software again, no joy. will be getting rid of this phone in april.

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Nokia :: N91 / Widgets Not Working Properly

Apr 3, 2010

The AP mobile app says connection error and I can't use it on the homescreen or using the actual app.Also the facebook application has an issue,if I go to anybody's profile it says "No wall posts" clearly there is a problem here. practically makes the phone useless for me and a waste of money.

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle - Has Widgets But Only In One Size?

Feb 9, 2012

Nokia Symbian belle is supposed to come with different size widgets (eg. big clock and small clock) but mine just came with one size on my N8?

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle N8 No Resizeable Widgets And NFC?

Feb 8, 2012

on review of Belle from nokia early ,it was told that n8 belle will have NFC and resizeable widgets, but after i update to belle, i cant find any of those. so when will nokia give them out ?

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Nokia Nseries :: What Is The Difference In Widgets Vs Shortcuts

Oct 31, 2012

On the 700 what is the difference in Widgets vs Shortcuts? One just seems to be smaller.

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Nokia :: Possible To Paste Widgets On Home Screen Of 5530

Jan 28, 2010

Is it possible to paste my widgets (.wgz) on the home screen of my 5530 like on N97? Do I need a firmware update or something other?

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Nokia :: 5233 Reinstalling Widgets After Hard Reset

Jul 6, 2010

i have 5233 after i had updated my phone software to v12.1.092(via phone fota) i had to hard reset the phone due to some problem. now my problem is solved but the social networking widgets that came with the phone are not preset like facebook,Internet,etc also something called api bridge is not installed. then i updated my phone software to v21.1.004(via phone fota) but still i don't have those widgets.

after the hard reset i had done for some days i sometimes used to get popup which said installing and it used to load for a few seconds and said cannot install unauthorized software on memory card and install would fail. i have no problems with my phone but want to know how to reinstall all the preinstalled widgets that the phone came with.

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