Nokia :: N96 / Startup With White Screen

Aug 8, 2010

When N96 starts up, it only shows a white screen with a "Nokia" word, but below picture is shows "Nokia Nseries" on white screen, what about your phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: White Startup Screen In K850i?

Apr 10, 2010

I just dropped my cellphone and it turned off. when i tried turn it back on, appeared a white screen and nothing more. the keyboard is normal and the screen blinks between white and black. I tried to update via SEUS and flash with a2uploader tool and aerix application BUT nothing happen.

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Nokia :: N97 Keeps On Restarting Now It Freezes At Startup Screen?

Jan 15, 2010

For some reason, my N97 just started to restart itself as i was charging it. and now I can't get pass the startup screen.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Suddenly Hangs Giving A White Screen / When I Restart It / Screen Remains White

Aug 6, 2012

My Blackberry 8520 curve suddenly hangs giving a white screen and when i restart it - the screen remains white. After i put it into charge - then only a successful start is done. So the only solution as of now i have - is whenever my blackberry hangs - i need to remove the battery - insert it again - and immediately put it into charging via USB/Electric-Power. Even if i re-insert the battery - the white screen comes - unless and until i put it into charging Earlier i was guessing - my battery was weak.

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Lumia 1020 :: Nokia Phone Startup Screen After Win10 Update

Jun 4, 2015

My Nokia Lumia 1020 will not load up the display when i unlock my phone. It happened after i updated it to the Windows 10 preview build. I can only access the drag down bar and the settings on it. also i can take phone calls. but i cant interact with the display itself whatsoever.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800/900 Screen White Not Really "White"?

Dec 16, 2012

compared with 610/710 in dealer shop when changed background color to "white" ,and check the screen Lumia 800/900 screen "wihte" inclined to a little bit "green" obviousely compared with 610/710, they're looks really "white"

But explained by dealer, it's because of screen made from different material, is it TURE?

BTW, looks like some IM softwares not able to keep "online" status if run in back-end. Is it TRUE and no solution?

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Nokia :: N95 Screen Flicker - Entire Screen Will Flash White Then Come Back

Jul 13, 2010

My N95 has developed an annoying screen flickering problem. Every now and then the entire screen will flash white then come back. It seems to happen randomly and I can't think what would be causing it.

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BB Curve :: When Got A White Sceen Have Tried Pulling The Battery But It Just Goes Straight Back To The White Screen?

May 30, 2012

3 days ago i was using my phone like normal when i got a white sceen, ive tried pulling the battery but it just goes straight back to the white screen. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? Bear in mind i cant connect to Blackberry Software Desktop because for some reason it wont recognise my device, i want to state the phone hasnt been dropped and hasnt been near any water, it just randonly went white.

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Nokia :: N95 8gb Turn It On / Only White Screen Appear

Feb 4, 2010

After update my n95 8gb died on me, I did everything correctly, and now when i turn it on, only white screen, nothing more what should I do ?

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Cseries :: Nokia C2 03 Screen Appear White?

Feb 25, 2012

By mistake I forgot to switch off my nokia C2 03 and removed the battery. After putting the recharged battery the screen appears white. Once switched on it does not get switch off. It does not charge the battery i.e. charging is not shown and white screen appears and after keeping the phone for 30 min nokia sound come with a logo of the same for 2 sec then mobule witches off. On attaching the charger the charging does not hoccur i.e. no sound of the charger being attached heard. On trying to switch on the phone it does not get switch on. Only after removing the batttery it gets switch on with a white screen. I tried this 5 times after removing memory card and sim card but result is the same. I had dropped the mobile from my hand before 2 days but its function were well till the battery removal. Kindly guide what is the like problem i.e. with damaged LED on some software problem. I bought the phone in Sept 2011 and is under warranty period.

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BB Curve :: Screen Is Going White Just Plain White?

Oct 22, 2012

how can i resolve this so my blackberry starts working again i didnt smash it or anything. ive taken the baterry out and sim loads of times and it still shows white it wont let me do anything so i cant dowload any softwares tell me what to do.

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Nokia 5130 :: Screen Goes White And Turns Off?

Mar 28, 2010

nokia 5130: when I try to turn on the phone, the screen goes white and nokia logo appears like always, then the screen goes white and after several seconds it turns off.

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Nokia :: N97 Stuck At White Screen With Logo?

Jan 22, 2010

I installed lifetime free ovi maps on to N97 via computer and it worked initially. Then all of a sudden everything went black and phone restarted itself and since then it is stuck on the white screen with nokia logo.I have taken out battery umpteen times and everytime it is stuck. Won't go beyond this point.

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Nokia :: White Screen Of Death On 5800 XM

Jun 1, 2010

Clue anybody to probable cuase of white screen of death on a 5800 xm . Where phone just sticks on the white screen or sometimes the actual boot screen . Its not a reboot that happens phone just freezes battery out solves the problem . Have an idea that it could be tied to the Auto Keyguard switch but that may be a red herring.

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Xseries :: In Nokia X2 Sometimes Screen Turns White?

May 4, 2011

In my Nokia X2 sometimes screen turns white ...and after about 3 seconds it comes to normal especilally while reading after a message ..It happens about 3 to 4 times a day software is 4.9 ..

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia X3 White Screen?

Apr 15, 2010

Several times a day when I am using my phone the screen turns white and cuts out, then after about 15seconds home screen comes up white with no signal or anything. Is this a commonly known problem with the phone, or could it be a hardware issue?I have tried reinstalling the firmware, and it still does it.

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Nokia X3 :: Dropped Phone Dead And Gives White Screen?

Aug 30, 2010

Just bought a nokia x3, had it for about a week not dropped it or anything, and when i try to turn on all i get is the white screen with nokia logo for about 3 seconds then it turns off and wont let me turn back on (as if battery is flat). When i try to charge it flashes a blank white screen 3 or 4 times (about 2 seconds a time) then goes blank? It does not charge at all.

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Xseries :: Nokia X6 Screen Suddenly Turn Into White?

Mar 30, 2011

Nokia x6 Screen Suddenly turn into white

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Xseries :: Nokia X3-00 White Screen Of Death / Failed To Switch On

Feb 28, 2011

I own a Nokia X3-00. When I first purchased it, after 2 days, it failed to switch on. Instead a white screen appeared and after the Nokia logo appears, the screen flashes 3-4 times and than it goes off. I got a new set in place of it since it was just 3 days old. Now the new phone I got also got the same problem of white screen. I wanted to ask that what is the reason behind this white screen problem? I didn't update the firmware and didn't disturbed any settings of the phone.

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Nokia Lumia :: Blinking Screen While Texting On White Background

Jul 1, 2012

i just noticed that whenever i text and the background is white, the screen usually blinks a little but noticeable,, for example here i will text this is white background i will see from here that my screen is blinking while im texting specially when i'll touch the space bar.. Uhmm its not a major problem but i found it somewht annoying on my part because my friend has a nokia lumia 610 and i already tried what ive tried on my nokia lumia 900 and it seems that his phone has no problem regarding with the littleness blinking screen.. Hmmm it is only 6days old phone.,Fyi guys ive tried to adjust the brightness to low,medium and high. And switch to white screen background would i just reset the phone?? Does someone experiencing what im experiencing right now??

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Eseries / Communicators :: E7 Stuck At Boot Screen (white Nokia)

Aug 21, 2011

Yesterday was my first day trying to use my new E7 as my primary phone. I am having a major problem where the phone is stuck at the white nokia log boot screen and it keeps restarting.

In the days before, I updated from the original 13.x firmware to 14.002 though the ovi suite. After about an hour of usage yesterday, I opened the on phone ovi store application and it said an update was required before I could use it, so I let it update OTA. After the update, I opened the application and tried to get Angry Birds Free. The download started, then I pressed an in app button to do something else in the mean time and the phone froze up during the screen transition. Restarted with 8 second power cycle. Back into the ovi store to continue the download, this time the phone restarted on its own halfway through the download. Back into the ovi store a 3rd time to continue the download´╗┐, phone froze up. Restarted with 8 second power cycle.´╗┐ Wouldn't get past the boot screen.

Yesterday I was able to get the phone to connect to my computer and I attempted to reinstall 14.002 firmware 2x, which seemed to work but I was still stuck. I was able to call Nokia Customer Care and the support person tried some of the same things I did. Then without a sim card in the device we connected to my computer, tried to reinstall firmware, it complained about no sim card. I put an old non-working sim in the device and the home screen came up all of a sudden. So it appeared to be fixed.

I'm back to the same issue today, only now my computer won't connect to the phone. I've tried 10 times. Once it connected but only as a storage drive, not to Ovi Suite.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 200 Hanging Up With White Screen Then Switches Off

May 4, 2012

Bought a Nokia Asha 200 20 days back (Graphite color).

1) Echo Problem while speaking over phone, both in Sim1 and Sim2
2) White screen and Phone hanging up

The problem is once it gets hanged up, automatically switches off and never starts up again. While it starts up, only the 'NOKIA' boot logo is coming , and the handshake logo is not coming up after it. Took it to a Nokia Care center, near my house but yet after reflashing the OS with V11.56 the same problem started occurring just after a day!

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Nokia :: N900 - Just Displays A White Screen With The Blue Logo When Switched On

Apr 14, 2010

My n900 just says nokia in blue and a white background ? It wont load up?

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Nokia Online Services :: When Open Ovi Store Om N8 Just White Screen With Ovi Logo

Jan 26, 2011

when i open ovi store om my n8 just white screen with ovi logo for 5 or 10 s then return to home screen it was work good for some days but this happen only yasterday i restart my device but no way

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Eseries / Communicators :: Have Nokia E5 Handset White - Change White To Black?

Oct 24, 2012

I have Nokia E5 handset white, i would like to change white to black. is it possible?

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Nokia :: 5800 Brand New Phone - Screen Smudged When Have A White Background Such As Web Browser

Apr 15, 2010

I just purchased a brand new Nokia 5800 from Amazon yesterday. The phone works great, but I'm not so sure about the screen. It looks fine, but when I have a white background such as when using the web browser it looks kind of smudged. It's not an issue of the phone actually being smudged, because I've cleaned it several times. The screen just looks kind of fuzzy and it's just not as clear as I had hoped. Is this just as good as it gets for screen quality on the 5800, or is it my phone?

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Lumia 1520 :: Nokia Screen Showing White TV Noise On Boot And Then Goes Dark?

Feb 4, 2016

My Nokia Lumia 1520 fell and the screen glass broke. However the screen was working fine. I ordered a new screen replacement and replaced the screen only to find out that the touch was not working in the new screen assembly so i will return it back.

I put the old screen back again and now i get white tv noise on booting and then the screen goes dark and stays that way. I can hear the sounds from the phone and it does seem like it functions properly but i can't see anything.

I tried soft and hard reset with no luck. What might be the cause for the white noise and dark screen? Could it be a display connector fault on the motherboard?

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Xperia X10 :: It Goes Blank After Startup Screen

Mar 4, 2012

At first it was restarting 20+ times a day after continuous use, That i could just about deal with as i am due an upgrade after 2yrs. However, one time after i plugged it in to charge it would continuously reboot everytime it got past the startup screen, then it decided to stick on a plain white screen for a few hours. I let it run down on battery to see if this would help but when i went to use it again it started with the usual "Sony Ericsson"screen plus the coloured swishy display but then it just stays on a blank/black screen. It is backlit so it's not turned off. I would normally just let it be and wait for my new phone but it has all my contacts etc stored on the actual phone and not my sim.

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BB Torch :: Its Frozen At The Startup Screen

Nov 6, 2011

Blackberry torch is frozen at the startup screen. ...

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IPhone 4s :: (iOS 7.1.1) How To Change Startup Screen

Jun 30, 2014

My grandson changed the start up screen on my iPhone 4S (ios 7.1.1) and doesn't remember how he changed it. I would like to change it back to what I had. How to change the start up (or boot - not sure what it's called) screen?

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IPhone 4 :: Stuck On Startup Screen

Aug 25, 2014

my iPhone 4 is now stuck on starting itself up, the screen lights up, apple logo appears, it vibrates and then repeats that all over again. Prior to this my phone had a message on it saying it could not make or receive calls, which is why i turned it off in the first place as most problems seem to be resolved by that. Earlier today, before all this my phone was working absolutely fine and no problems at all - there seems to be no explanation to this !! I have tried holding down the home and lock button as well but this does nothing.

iPhone 4

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