Nokia :: N96 / Startup With White Screen

Aug 8, 2010

When N96 starts up, it only shows a white screen with a "Nokia" word, but below picture is shows "Nokia Nseries" on white screen, what about your phone?

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Nokia :: N82 Hangs On Startup With White Screen

Apr 14, 2008

Like the subject says .I got an error re-syncing exchange contacts, and attempting a full re-sync also failed.I thought a power cycle on the phone might help, but when I went to turn it on again, it comes up with the white screen, and blue Nokia text, but then hangs - no sound, doesn't respond to any keys. Can't power off - only option is to remove the battery.I've tried powering up without SD card and without SIM as suggested in other posts, but still hangs on startup.

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Nokia :: 6234 / Startup White Screen

Sep 21, 2009

I've been using the Nokia 6234 for quite a while but suddenly it stopped working. when I try to start the phone the screen flashes a couple of times and then it goes back to sleep. The battery icon is visible in the top-left corner. I cannot do anything after it starts. Most interesting is the fact that if i try using a different SIM (other than Vodafone) i get an error message and I'm asked to enter the restriction code . This part works excellent - i can write numbers without the phone shutting down or something else.Does anyone have any ideas about the problem?I've tried entering reset codes - they don't work, Nokia PC Suite does not get in touch with the phone because it's shut down, i do not know anything else to try.

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Nokia :: Stuck On Startup - White Screen Of Death

Nov 28, 2009

I have a Nokia N97 RM-505 black with firmware v20.0.27 Before updating to 20.0.27, I reset the phone with the so called 3 finger salute:(shift, space, backspace, power button to start), then formatted mass memory, then deleted anything deletable on c/e drives, then reset to factory setting, and applied 20.0.27 without problems.

I have a lot of applications installed on it, mostly free or purchased from handango (I don't use ovi store since they don't let me download what I bought for backup). It took several days to install the applications, I also downloaded a lot of maps to the phone, as well as mp3s. The phone worked beautifully, with all installed apps it had around 45MB free, and responded reasonably quickly. the problems started when I attempted to restart the phone, it got stuck on the white startup screen with the blue nokia (so called white screen of death).

After having to do a hard reset and reinstall all several times (not fun), I googled for a solution (removing/replacing batter and restarting didn't work after hundreds of attempts. Finally I found a consistent workaround on this forum.


1. Make sure phone is not fully charged (at most 2 bars)
2. Shutdown phone
3. Disconnect usb cable, and remove battery
4. Replace battery....

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Sony Ericsson :: White Startup Screen In K850i?

Apr 10, 2010

I just dropped my cellphone and it turned off. when i tried turn it back on, appeared a white screen and nothing more. the keyboard is normal and the screen blinks between white and black. I tried to update via SEUS and flash with a2uploader tool and aerix application BUT nothing happen.

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Sony Ericsson :: W610 - White Screen On Startup / CID53

Jul 29, 2008

All that shows on my w610 is a white screen on startup. Been reading up on flashing via xs++, would that fix it? Was ready to do it but I read somewhere that it doesn't help cid53 phones and I'm not sure if my w610 is one. I'm really frustrated with my phone and I just don't know what to do. I'm totally lost when it comes to flashing and modding phones.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Suddenly Hangs Giving A White Screen / When I Restart It / Screen Remains White

Aug 6, 2012

My Blackberry 8520 curve suddenly hangs giving a white screen and when i restart it - the screen remains white. After i put it into charge - then only a successful start is done. So the only solution as of now i have - is whenever my blackberry hangs - i need to remove the battery - insert it again - and immediately put it into charging via USB/Electric-Power. Even if i re-insert the battery - the white screen comes - unless and until i put it into charging Earlier i was guessing - my battery was weak.

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Nokia :: N97 Why Startup Screen Is Frozen?

Dec 31, 2009

It has taken me an hour and a half of playing with the phone to get it to switch on. Battery ran out so put it on charge, pressed the power button and all I got was a NOKIA logo, no chrger indicator or anything. The nokia guides suggest a hard reset but how can I do this when the phone won't even switch on properly. The phone did get better after a few updates but it has gone backwards after the most recent updates. I am so glad I don't have a short temper or ther may have been a few windows broken!P.S. For anyone who has had a similar problem, I may have a solution: Leave the phone on charge for a while then unplug and remove and replace the battery. Press and hold power and keep held down, the phone will buzz then nokia screen shown. After a while of keeping the power button held down, the pin screen appears. This take a few attempts usually but avoids the dreaded hard reset.

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Nokia :: E66 Startup Screen Sound Is Not Coming

Dec 12, 2008

I have installed some applications, after that phone getting started hanging so I do restart and now , I removed those applications and reset the default factory setting. But the problem is that, that nokia startup screen sound is not coming. phone just restarted with silent instead it should startup with nokia default handshake sound. Since I am facing many problems now, what should I have to do ? to my phone works in good manner?

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Nokia :: N97 Keeps On Restarting Now It Freezes At Startup Screen?

Jan 15, 2010

For some reason, my N97 just started to restart itself as i was charging it. and now I can't get pass the startup screen.

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Nokia :: Avoiding PC Suite Startup At Windows Startup

Oct 11, 2007

If you want Windows to start up as quickly as possible and are happy to start PC Suite manually when you want it ...

WARNING: this is registry hacking and your lawn's going to curl up and die right in front of you if you do that. OK? The registry is for high priests of computer technology; mere mortals enter at peril of eternal catastrophe. So say the high priests; it must be true.

When Windows starts, PC Suite is normally started via HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunPCSuiteTrayApplication. For older versions of PC Suite (I tested you could just delete PCSuiteTrayApplication.

Now ( if you do that, when you start PC Suite manually it recreates PCSuiteTrayApplication. Grr. The workaround is to leave it there but delete its data, normally "C:Program FilesNokiaNokia PC Suite 6LaunchApplication.exe -startup".

Nokia 3110c, PC Suite, Registry Workshop, Quick Launch: Outlook Calendar and Contacts

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Nokia :: 6300 - Phone Switches Off At Startup Screen?

Oct 21, 2009

I tried to switch on my ~Nokia 6300 the screen and music comes on but after a while the screen goes blank (white) then the phone switches off

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Nokia :: N73 - Phone Get Charged / On Startup Screen Flashes And It Turned Off

Mar 15, 2009

I have got an N73 with a startup problem. The battery charges up fine, but when you take the power lead out and try to switch the phone on, the Nokia screen flashes then the phone dies.

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Nokia :: N95 Screen Flicker - Entire Screen Will Flash White Then Come Back

Jul 13, 2010

My N95 has developed an annoying screen flickering problem. Every now and then the entire screen will flash white then come back. It seems to happen randomly and I can't think what would be causing it.

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BB Curve :: When Got A White Sceen Have Tried Pulling The Battery But It Just Goes Straight Back To The White Screen?

May 30, 2012

3 days ago i was using my phone like normal when i got a white sceen, ive tried pulling the battery but it just goes straight back to the white screen. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? Bear in mind i cant connect to Blackberry Software Desktop because for some reason it wont recognise my device, i want to state the phone hasnt been dropped and hasnt been near any water, it just randonly went white.

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Nokia :: 5310 Crashed With A White Screen And Then A Black Screen

Sep 25, 2008

I was on the call and inbetween the phone switched OFF.Then I tried to switch-on my nokia 5310 which resulted a nokia logo white screen after which white screen and then a black screen at least 4 times then goes off again.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800/900 Screen White Not Really "White"?

Dec 16, 2012

compared with 610/710 in dealer shop when changed background color to "white" ,and check the screen Lumia 800/900 screen "wihte" inclined to a little bit "green" obviousely compared with 610/710, they're looks really "white"

But explained by dealer, it's because of screen made from different material, is it TURE?

BTW, looks like some IM softwares not able to keep "online" status if run in back-end. Is it TRUE and no solution?

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Nokia :: Why Camera Screen Display Is White Screen?

Dec 12, 2009

I've got a problem when I start my camera on my E50. The screen display white and nothing's happen. I resotor my phone to his zero configuration (by using this methode; turn of, press green, 3 and * button) but It's still the same. The camera display a white screen and I can't take picture or video anymore. Does someone have any idea?

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BB Curve :: Screen Is Going White Just Plain White?

Oct 22, 2012

how can i resolve this so my blackberry starts working again i didnt smash it or anything. ive taken the baterry out and sim loads of times and it still shows white it wont let me do anything so i cant dowload any softwares tell me what to do.

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Nokia :: N96 White Screen And SMS All Gone

Nov 12, 2008

I have the phone for more than 2 months now, and, aside from all the glitches that everyone complaints, the phone works great! Until yesterday! After turning it ON, PIN and Security Code, the screen went white, and only the top bar (operator and time) was visible! No shutdown from the button, I had to take out the battery. No good! Just the same thing. Until I left it with the white screen for about 1 hour, and after that it was OK. Sort of!I now have no SMS, received or sent! I had more than 1300 in Inbox, and probably 999 in the Sent Items.

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Nokia :: N95 8gb Turn It On / Only White Screen Appear

Feb 4, 2010

After update my n95 8gb died on me, I did everything correctly, and now when i turn it on, only white screen, nothing more what should I do ?

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Nokia :: N80 Displaying Only White Screen?

Jul 29, 2009

I am using N80 for the past couple of years......Suddenly day before yesterday the phone stopped displaying anything, except the white background light......When I turn on the phone I can hear the sound of the Nokia logo startup sound but the phone is not displaying any image.......The phone is just displaying the white background light....

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Nokia :: N97 - White Screen & GPS Malfunction

Dec 19, 2009

My N97 is facing problem with white screen & GPS malfunction. I tried hard reset many times as when it display white screen, but almost everytime i reboot my device it stuck on the white screen and need my hard reset. Now my GPS is not functioning even i tried in positioning. Using positioning,ovi maps and even garmin my GPS still not functioning. My device even receive only 1 satelite signal.

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Nokia :: N97 / White Screen Of Death

Aug 27, 2009

The phone is refusing to start and only the white screen of death saying Nokia comes up. I reset it with the key board using the Shift + Space bar + Backspace + Power key. Twice now it has come back but as soon as I restart it, screen goes funny and it fails to restart with the white screen. I think Nokia service is the next port of call unless someone has an option.

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Nokia :: N95 - 8GB Crashed - Getting Only White Screen

Dec 13, 2008

I own Nokia N95 8GB. I had the latest released version V30.0.018. My phone was very slow. I tried re-installing it once since I thought its because of too much of application installed.

While software update was in progress, after 80-90% completion, my screen became white and the computer said, cannot find the phone. Tried all possibilities, and atlast had to disconnect the cable to try again.

Now my phone does not boot at all.

I removed the battery and waited for 20 minutes and tried hard-reset (green+star+3+powerbutton). I am getting only the white screen.

Will my phone be restored? I am worried.

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Cseries :: Nokia C2 03 Screen Appear White?

Feb 25, 2012

By mistake I forgot to switch off my nokia C2 03 and removed the battery. After putting the recharged battery the screen appears white. Once switched on it does not get switch off. It does not charge the battery i.e. charging is not shown and white screen appears and after keeping the phone for 30 min nokia sound come with a logo of the same for 2 sec then mobule witches off. On attaching the charger the charging does not hoccur i.e. no sound of the charger being attached heard. On trying to switch on the phone it does not get switch on. Only after removing the batttery it gets switch on with a white screen. I tried this 5 times after removing memory card and sim card but result is the same. I had dropped the mobile from my hand before 2 days but its function were well till the battery removal. Kindly guide what is the like problem i.e. with damaged LED on some software problem. I bought the phone in Sept 2011 and is under warranty period.

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Nokia :: 5300 Screen Became White

Dec 9, 2008

my nokia 5300 screen become white... if i on my phone, screen trun white... but sound juz like normal.. i've chang the screen and the ribbon...but its still same...

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Nokia :: Blank White Screen On 6234

Mar 25, 2009

I'm hoping (eyes shut, fingers crossed etc.) that there may be a solution to this. My 6234 recently took a spin in the washing machine and, after removing the sim & battery and leaving to dry, I may have turned it on too soon. I now get the dreaded white screen all the time. The rest of the phone seems to work (can receive calls and play music). I replaced the screen, but to no avail, so I either bought an equally dodgy screen, or it's not the problem. Warranty's well gone, so either I'll fix it or chuck it in the charity recycle bins. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Nokia :: N70 - Phone With White Screen And No Sound

Nov 22, 2009

Have been reading troubleshooting threads - tried "3 finger" hard reboot, but no luck. Phone won't startup at all. White screen, no sound!

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Nokia 5130 :: Screen Goes White And Turns Off?

Mar 28, 2010

nokia 5130: when I try to turn on the phone, the screen goes white and nokia logo appears like always, then the screen goes white and after several seconds it turns off.

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Nokia :: N97 Stuck At White Screen With Logo?

Jan 22, 2010

I installed lifetime free ovi maps on to N97 via computer and it worked initially. Then all of a sudden everything went black and phone restarted itself and since then it is stuck on the white screen with nokia logo.I have taken out battery umpteen times and everytime it is stuck. Won't go beyond this point.

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