Nokia :: E72 - On Pressing Key Phone Locks For Few Seconds Before Displaying Number

Feb 13, 2010

I need to know if you have this bug or it's just me. I have E72-1 with 023.002 FW and whenever in stand by mode I press a number key several times quickly, the phone locks for a couple of seconds before displaying the numbers. If I press different numbers in sequence it's fine but whenever I press the same number quickly several times it happens. For example try to press the number 0 five times or more very fast and tell me if it displays them as you are pressing. I formatted the phone but it didn't cure the problem.

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Nokia 6600 :: Pressing Number 6 Freezes Phone?

Mar 21, 2010

found this topic from before.since i have this number 6 problem of my 6600 fold. I updated my phone to version 6.20 from an older version that was 5.xx . after the update my 6600 fold freezes when i press number 6 or rapid press. I did not have this problem before the update i can see that its an old problem of the device hope nokia will fix this problem.

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Motorola :: K1m Reboots Every 22 Seconds / Locks Up For 16 Seconds

Apr 1, 2008

My Verizon KRZR K1m reboots every approx 22 seconds, then it flashes to a black screen for 1/2 sec, then the screen comes back and the phone is unresponsive for approx 15 seconds.(Note: During approx 6 seconds before the reboot the keypad and other buttons are fully functional.I can access contacts, menus, etc., but not make a call.)Then the entire cycle repeats until I either turn off the phone during 6 seconds that the phone is responsive, or remove the battery. The phone started doing this after attempting to take a photo and the phone locked up with an hour-glass icon on the display.I removed the battery and then the current problem started.

I have received a FRU phone replacement; however, I need to retrieve some contact data from the old phone that was not backed up on my Motorola Phone Tools software (and I did not use vzw's back-up assistant).The tech at the local Verizon store was unable to get the data.Any suggestions?I already tried swapping the main boards from the old to the new phone and no luck.I have removed the battery over nite and tried different batteries as well.

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Nokia :: E71 Restoring SMS From Old Phone Results In Displaying Number Not Name

Nov 25, 2008

I just got my E71, and restored my SMS inbox from my previous 6600c backup with PC suite.My SMS were restored on to my E71 but the names of the senders are in their numbers rather than the sender's name.Is there any fix for this?Any new SMS that come in show the sender's name and not the number, and I do not have any duplicate contacts.Is there a way to update the SMS database so that the names will show up again?

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Nokia :: 6133 Back-light Turns Off After 10 Seconds Of Pressing Any Key

May 21, 2008

I need help with a weird feature on my Nokia 6133. I searched and read the manual, but didn't find anything useful. With the flip open, about 10 seconds after last pressing a key, the display dims and the keypad backlight turns off. How do I go about disabling this feature so that the backlights stay on for much longer than 10 seconds?

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Nokia Lumia :: Music Player Locks It For A Few Seconds?

Jan 1, 2013

Since first day I'm having problems with music player. When I click to play a song it takes several seconds to update screen, moreover hardware buttons doesn't do anything. After a few seconds mobile starts to work again, and everything seems well.
It happens with any application that play music (Microsoft, Nokia and mine), and with any music file. Same files where working perfectly on a Lumia 800.

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Motorola :: Z3 Number Six Keeps Pressing Even Though Not Pressing

Mar 7, 2008

I have a Motorola z3 the number six keeps pressing even though I'm not pressing it it there any way to solve this problem .

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LG :: KE770 Displaying Only Phone Number

Feb 17, 2008

i got a NEW LG KE770 copied over from the sim card my contacts.when i get a call i only see the number and no name display what am i doing wrong or thise phone does not put the names?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Displaying Own Phone Number

Jan 22, 2010

how do I get my Bold 9700 to display my phone number on the phone screen. Next to My number it simply says "unknown number"

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9530 Phone Number Pad Not Displaying

Jan 6, 2009

I have a Blackberry Storm 9530.When I call my Voice Mail or receive a Phone Call, I cannot see the Dial Pad, so I am unable to delete phone messages.Also When I call a automated answering/routing service I am unable to press numbers to get routed to the appropriate department.It's been like this for over a week.I have taken the battery out and put it back in, I have gone through all options and preferences, no matter which default keypad I select I can't get it to work.It started happening when I upgraded the software to v4.7.0.114 (Platform

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BB Torch :: Incoming Call NOT Displaying A Name And Phone Number?

Jul 27, 2012

whenever I receive an incoming call, it only shows 'unknown number' even the caller is actually in my contacts and in my call log also shows unknown number. I have no clue who is calling and I've done setting the country code and content protection for 'include contacts' to no.

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BB :: My Torch Constantly Locks Up For About 30-45 Seconds

Sep 19, 2012

My Torch constantly locks up for about 30-45 seconds. Blackberry website it is updated

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BB Curve :: 8500 - Block Removed Only By Pressing Red Button For Some Seconds

Apr 6, 2012

I'm facing a problem from 2 days. My 8500 curve freezes, and after I need push the red button for some seconds, after I can use it almost normally. Almost, because it seems the "o" key in the keyboard is pressed also when I don't press it. After some seconds, the things turn normally. I suspect a software problem.

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Nokia :: E63 How To Activate Capital & Number Locks?

Dec 10, 2009

Ineed some help with my new E63. Try as I may, I cannot find how to activate Capital & Number locks. I have followed the guide but can only get Caps & Numbers for one character at a time. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful.

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Nokia :: E65 - Pressing Call Button Would Not Dial Number / Cannot Make Calls

Mar 3, 2008

Sometimes my phone can't make a call. I mean when I try to press the call button, my phone would not dial the number. It happens to me many times. I have upgraded the latest firmware available in Nokia website but the problem is still. I always have to turn the phone off then turn it on again. Before upgrading the firmware, this problem also happened and the shortcut key # did not also activate the silent mode. Silent mode is now activated by the # button but the problem described above remains.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Change Number Of Seconds Phone Ring Before Going Voicemail

May 1, 2009

we could change the number of seconds the phone will ring before it goes to vm. I recently wiped out my Bold with JL_Cmder. Now I don't have time to run and get my phone before it goes to vm.

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Motorola Droid :: Camera Delay 3 Seconds From Pressing Button To Take Picture

Jul 21, 2011

Just checking if the camera delay issue with the original Droid has been fixed? Do the newer models work better- like Droid 3? I can only take a picture of a static (not moving) object with my Droid as it takes about 3 secs from pressing the screen button to actually taking the picture. If not, any way to minimize the effect? Is it much better (faster) with the new phones- like the Droid 3? I have played around with other phones that allowed fast and smooth pictures.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Trackball Locks After About 30 Seconds Of Web Browsing?

Oct 25, 2009

I'm on my second Tour, and now Bell has a brilliant plan of no longer replacing Tours that are outside of the 30 day window, they just make you send it in for repair and charge you for a loaner while it's gone, but that's another story (rant).Anyways, I know there was a trackball issue as I had that fixed when it was sent in for repair. The trackball works smoothly now, but this seems like a software problem. When I'm using the browser (and this only happens in the browser) for about 30 seconds the trackball stops working, I don't mean a lag in response, it stops moving completely. The rest of the buttons work though, because I can exit the browser with the End key and I can press the menu key to get the menu, but I can't move the trackball until I hold the End key, power down, and then power back up. It's fine until I browse again. This happened on the stock OS, then I installed the official update (Platform and it still happened. I'm hoping that it's just a fix with software. But I was wondering if anyone has had this issue before and know of a fix, or how can I do a low-level format of the device, not just a typical wipe? I've tried doing a wipe(options, etc., type 'blackberry') but I was thinking that maybe originally I installed something that screwed the browser so I wanted to literally start as fresh as possible.

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IPhone :: Phone Hates NIN - When Play Song It Locks Up For 30 Seconds And Never Play Song

Jan 3, 2009

So i had one track off of the album with teeth by nine inch nails in my library, and thus on my phone. the track plays FINE in itunes. but when I play on my iPhone my phone freaks out, it locks up for a good 30 seconds and never plays the song.

So today i finally got around to deleting that MP3 from my library, and replaced with a NEW mp3, as well as a few more songs from the same album. Again, they all work fine in itunes, but now i just synced them to my phone and it is doing it again! it's very frustrating and ONLY happens for those songs.

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BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 Take Few Seconds To Answer Call After Pressing Green Button

May 13, 2009

So I have the 8330 running OS version I have having the issue where whenever I get a call and press the Green phone button to answer the call it will take a few seconds before the person on the other end can hear me or before I can hear them. So whenever I answer the phone I have to keep saying hello, hello, hello, etc. Does anyone know what causes this issue or how to fix it?

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Nokia :: E63 Displaying Number Instead Of Contact Name

Jul 11, 2009

when I first got my new phone I needed to call my wife before I had imported all my contacts etc. Now when she calls or texts me, it just displays her number and not her name.There is no issue with anyone else.

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Nokia :: Incoming CALLER ID Displaying As NO NUMBER

Jan 15, 2009

My friend has been getting calls from an unidentified person and his incoming caller ID displays as "NO NUMBER" calling..I need to trace that number.

1.Why and when will the caller ID displays "NO NUMBER"..?

2.Will the number be stored with the operator..?

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Nokia :: 2220 / Not Displaying Caller Number?

May 28, 2010

I have just bought a Nokia 2220 slide, and have always had Nokias and loved them, as easy to use. However, I can not make this phone display the number that is calling? For example I have added my home number as a contact, as well as my partners mobile, and both phones when they ring it comes up as "call" and then if I miss the call, it states (no number). And I know for a fact both of these numbers are not private. Is there a setting I need to change to make the number display? I have turned on my info display for other callers, but this has not helped.

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Nokia :: X6 Any Way Of Displaying Name AND NUMBER Of Contacts In List

Jun 12, 2010

This is so basic that I must have missed it.On the X6, is there any way of diplaying the name AND NUMBER of your contacts in a list, without having to click on the name?

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 305 Incoming Number Is Not Displaying

Nov 26, 2012

I am using nkoia asha 305 but in sim 2 the incoming number is not display

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Nokia :: Charging Up 6131 Phone Locks Up

Nov 22, 2008

My 6131 has developed a problem IE when I plug in my mains battery charger the phone gives me an on screen message LOCAL ZONE and locks up Even if I disconnect the charger.I have to remove and reinstall the battery before I can get it to charge.

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Nokia :: 5800 / Upgraded To V30 / Phone Locks Itself

Jun 3, 2010

I upgraded my firmware from v20 to v30 and this phone lock got enabled by itself.every time i've to enter the lock code..i upgraded the firmware to v50 bt still the problem persists.plz someone suggest me what to do!is hard reset a solution? if yes, how to do it and is it safe?

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Nokia :: Try To Dial Out Phone Shuts Down And Locks ?

Feb 6, 2009

Every time I try to dial out my phone shuts down and locks ? any idea how to fix that?

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Nokia :: Phone Keep Blinking Screen / Locks Automatically

Aug 11, 2009

My phone keeps blinking the screen and locked the phone automatically. I tried to use unlocked key to unlock it, but it seems like doen't work. I happened this after updated the new firmware (v30 one) . during the update process, it didn't come out any failure message. however, when it got into the restart process , the phone starts the problem.plz help!I removed the battery , sim card, and memory card already,

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Nokia :: 5800 - Phone Locks Off But The Screen Does Not Go Blank

Sep 4, 2009

Basically when i lock the phone using the side slider the phone locks off but the screen does not go blank. None of the onscreen icons can be pressed so it is properly locked but the screen wont go blank and its running my battery down fast.I cant see anything in the settings and even when i change the backlight timeout it still doesnt go blank. Also my bluetooth is still broken, i got my phone in February this year, is there anyway i can send the phone back to nokia to get it repaired. I am with O2.

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Nokia Lumia :: Locks Or Reboots After Phone Calls

Nov 18, 2012

My Lumia 920 has issues disconnecting from voice calls when I hang up a fraction of a second after the person on the other line. I almost always get a call was dropped message. I had my phone reboot and get stuck on the Nokia splash screen once.

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