Nokia :: E51 Trying To Install A Theme / Certificate Is Not Valid

Apr 18, 2010

What to do when trying to install a theme and getting a message saying: Certificate is not valid? I use E51.

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Nokia Applications :: Install Valid Certificate On Cp 2220?

Oct 22, 2012

How can i install valid certificate on my cp nokia 2220?cuz everytime i tried to upload facebook mobile it always appear no valid certificate on phone or sim.

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Nokia Applications :: No Valid Certificate

Mar 25, 2012

I have a Nokia2730c mobile phone. I have tried to download some software (like facebook, uc browser etc) fm ur nokia mobi store (with loging in my registered acct) but result always 'no valid certificate' or 'certificate not on ur sim' nd also ovi store is shown connection failed.

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Nokia :: E71 Expired Certificate With Theme

Feb 25, 2009

I Just used new Nokia E71.However when install Theme for my phone, it always failed.It showed on screen "Expired Certificate".Pls kindly help to solve this problem.

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Nokia Applications :: 3120 Shows The Error "No Valid Certificate On Phone Or Sim"

Dec 14, 2011

my nokia 3120 shows the error "No valid certificate on phone or sim" or no valid certificate when i am trying to download software from website, so how to avoid this error?

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IPhone :: The Enrollment Server Did Not Provision A Valid Identity Certificate

Jun 22, 2012

I'm working on rolling my own MDM service, and I'm trying to combine the SCEP and MDM payloads as the MDM protocol document from Apple suggests. I created my own SCEP web service in C# .Net and I know that the device can get a valid certificate when I just send the SCEP payload. However when I also include an MDM payload that points to the SCEP payload's UUID via the IdentityCertificateUUID key, I get the following error, "The enrollment server did not provision a valid identity certificate." This configuration is the one that is sent after the user chooses to install the initial enrollment configuration (step 1 of phase 2 in this diagram).The device doesn't appear to even make an attempt at connecting to my server, and thanks to server side logging I know that it never reaches my SCEP web service page. This seems to indicate that there's something wrong with the certificate I use to sign the payload. I've separately tried signing it with my SSL certificate (from a pre trusted root authority), my customer MDM push certificate (chained from our vendor cert), and my self-signed root certificate authority certificate (created via makecert.exe) that the SCEP service uses to issue new certificates (i.e. device identity certificates).I've looked at the output from the iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) when I create a profile with both the MDM and SCEP payloads, and it isn't a valid profile (I've even tried copying it nearly wholesale). However when I install the profile via the iPCU the error doesn't come up and it begins the SCEP enrollment process without issue.A side note - using a preexisting MDM vendor is not an option here.Below is the profile I'm using:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">


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Nokia :: N900 Install Certificate New X509 CA

Dec 9, 2009

Has anybody figured out how to install a new (x509 CA) certificate on the N900? I need it so I can browse our corporate SSL sites and email. The Certificate Manager does not appear to have an 'add certificate' option..

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Nokia E71:: Unable To Install SIS File - Certificate Constrained?

Dec 18, 2008

I have a E 71' phone. When I want to install a software to phone this says that "Unable to install. Constrained by the certificate".

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Nokia Applications :: E6 Gmail Cannot Install Expired Certificate?

Mar 17, 2012

I have been using nokia e5 unti yesterday 16/3/12. I switched to an expensive e6 which cannot load gmail because of expired certificate. I am really disappointed. Can someone assist. What does one do buying such an expensive phone to end up not using it as required?

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Eseries / Communicators :: Can't Show The Error Message For "no Valid Certificate For Sim Or Phone"

Nov 28, 2011

i'm using nokia 5130expressmusic. i update my mobile browser. it cant show the error message for "no valid certificate for sim or phone"

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Nokia :: E66 Themes Doesn't Include Certificate Phone Refuses To Install

Apr 16, 2009

When I download a theme for Nokia E66 which does not include certificate the phone resfuses to install it. When i go to Menu>Toos>Settings>Applications>App. manager> and choose All software to be installed not signed only there is no problem to use the theme that i liked. But every time when i restart the phone it displays that i have installed a programs which is not signed and to go to App. manager to fix it.Is there another solution to use this themes without hacking my phone?
Nokia E66
Nokia 5300 Xpress Music
Nokia 7250i

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Nokia :: N95 Reaches Install Point / Certificate Error / Please Contact Software Provider

Jan 1, 2010

I'm currently trying to instal Nokia Maps 3 onto my N95, and every time it reaches the install point the phone throws out the error "Certificate Error: Please Contact the software provider"..I was wondering if anyone can give me a hand with this, I have seen a few posts about this error on the boards yet no one has given a solution, I have checked my application settings and can't see any reason why it is failing to install over my current version which is v1.2 wk37 b05..I want to eventually buy more maps but I refused too until I have the latest version installed..

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Nokia Nseries :: Complete Theme Did Not Install

Nov 25, 2011

I have two N8 phones. On my first N8, I did the Anna update. I now have two sets of "midnight" themes on this phone, one set that looks like it did before, and one set that has a symbol at the right of the theme name that sort of looks like a coffee cup. For the themes with the "coffee cup" symbol to the right of the theme name, all the theme icons have been modified to something a bit fancier than the original. What does the "coffee cup" symbol mean? My newest N8 was recently updated to Anna. It only has the old-style themes named "midnight color-name". The icons for the themes still look like they did before the Anna update. How can I get this fancier theme icons on my other N8? If it's simply a matter of downloading the new, full and complete Nokia "midnight" themes for the N8 phone with Anna, where do I go to get them? I've searched all over, and found lots of "midnight" themes, but not the ones I'm looking for (which apparently were installed on one of my phones as part of the Anna Update.

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Nokia :: 6760 Impossible To Install Any Application Or Theme

Apr 30, 2010

I have a brand new 6760 slide and it's impossible to load any new application or theme in it via PC Suite application using either Bluetooth or USB cable ... in application manager I've Software installation : All, Online certificate check .I tried with various computers running WinXP, Vista or Win7 without any change
I tried to set-up the phone in english : no change.I tried to force reinstall of the firmware via SW updater : no change

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Nokia Nseries :: N70 - Installation Security Error / Unable To Install Theme

May 2, 2012

I am using the nokia n70 cell phone. My problem is that, when I install a theme then it reply an error is "installation security error. unable to install".

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BB Curve :: How To Install A CA Certificate

Jun 19, 2011

How can you install a CA Certificate to a BB Curve? Specifically the - go daddy valicert class 2 root.

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Nokia Applications :: Getting The Message "Expired Certificate" After The Step Install MMS Sync?

Oct 18, 2011

When trying to update a Nokia N95 I am getting the message "Expired Certificate" after the step Install MMS Sync.On the computer it is saying installation complete?Is the installation complete or is the expired certificate a problem?

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Nokia :: E51 - Unable To Install Themes "Certificate Error Contact Application Supplier"

Apr 16, 2009

I got my NokiaE51 4 months ago and from that day on I can't install theme. I don't understand because when I installed Fring( it's format"sis" like themes) so Fring worked but theme no. When I try to install theme in the end it always says "Certificate error. Contact the application supplier".

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Nokia :: Getting "expired Certificate" Error While Install

Jan 21, 2010

I'm getting "expired certificate" error while installing the apps in 5230 .Tried all the steps mentioned in the URL ...

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Nokia :: Quick Office Unable To Install - Says : "Certificate Error Contact The Application Supplier"

Feb 20, 2009

I have nokia N73 and when I try to install free Quickoffice on my mobile, it says: "Certificate error, contact the application supplier". Can any one help me in showing how to install free Quickoffice on Nokia N73.

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Samsung :: Blackjack - Trying To Install A Security Certificate?

Oct 10, 2007

Ive got the security cert I need from my network admins to use my Blackjack with our exchange server, and using Activesync. I transfer the .cer onto the phone, but when I navigate to the folder I placed it in its not there. I can see it on my PC but when I look at the same folder on the phone its empty

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Windows :: Can't Install App - No Digitally Trusted Certificate?

Jan 11, 2012

I'm trying to install my first app but can't because the app, apparently, has no digital certificate. My searches have turned up a lot of hits but no solution for me. (Uninstalling Fonix won't help because I don't have Fonix! Calling Motorola won't help because it's not a Motorola phone. The phone is an HTC TMobile phone but I get service from AT&T.)One search hit mentioned a registry change. But I have found no way to make registry changes on the phone.

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Xseries :: Expired Certificate Error When Trying To Install?

Dec 5, 2011

I am getting "Expired Certificate" error when i try to install some applications..I changed my date to bef 1 yr and checked,it doesnt work..How to solve this issue?Which video player will support to play mp4 format.Because Nokia x6 will support mp4 format.

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Nokia :: Add Certificate To Root Certificate Store

Feb 8, 2009

we wish to add our root certificate into your root certifiacte store.can you guide me how to do it?

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Eseries / Communicators :: Unable To Install App On E71 - Constraint By Certificate

Jun 29, 2012

I am using Nokia E 71. I am trying to install an application on it but it is giving error Unable to install, Constraint by Certificate.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Unable To Install, Constraint By Certificate On E71?

Feb 10, 2011

I am using Nokia E 71. I am trying to install a soft dialer on it but it is giving error Unable to install, Constraint by Certifcate.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Unable To Install Apps Expired Certificate

Dec 26, 2012

i have a nokia 6120 when i try to install fring or any other application it shows expired certificate

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IPhone :: Valid 10 Digit Mobile Number Or Valid Short Code

Jan 9, 2008

I keep getting this, "Error invalid number. Please resend using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code," every time I try to send a test message to someone. Yes, I have put a 1 and area code in front of the number and still nothing. Anyone have this problem? Any solutions? Thanks for the help in advance.

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BB Curve 8900 :: How To Install A Theme?

Aug 12, 2009

I am a newbie BB owner and cannot figure out how to install a theme.I downloaded it as a zip file, used BBFile Scout to extract it to a folder on my media card and from there I don't know what to do.I searched the posts and could not find anything quite to help me.

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Motorola :: Moto V3i How To Install Theme?

Oct 9, 2007

i have moto v3i how i can instal theme to my phone

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BB (RIM) :: How To Get BPLAY Theme To Install On BB 9000?

Sep 17, 2008

Sorry for the newb stuff but im kinda pissed right now as i paid for the iBerry Zen theme from BPLAY and it doesnt work for jack.I went to the link for the plazmic thingy it said i neededed and it installed i pulled the battery like it said, got all these weird error msgs and stuf and then it went back to normal.

then i go to the link to DL the theme and it says choose your device to i choose the bb 9000 and then it says you must use yoru bb to go to this page (even though im trying to access it from my BB) what gives!!/i hate paying for somethign that doesnt work, i feel like ive been ripped off

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