Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Phone Internal Memory Is Full

Aug 22, 2010

i have nokia 5130 xpress music phone. but now a days it is creating problem to me. my phone internal memory is full with data but i had not stored any thing in my phone memory, but it shows full phone memory indication. today i updated my phone software to v 07.95 also but my problem is still persist.

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Applications Access / Out Of Memory Error

Feb 8, 2010

I'm using a Nokia 5130c-2 v 6.93 and I'm frequently facing a problem is "out of memory error" while using some games or applications. I had got 22 MB free in phone memory and 100 MB in memory card. I don't think any mobile game uses that much memory so what might be the reason??

Second thing is while trying to use some 3rd party application/software when I tries to access Application Access> Data Access> Read User Data> then I'm able to access only 2 options out of 4 available. One is 'Ask every time' and another is 'not allowed'. How I can add that particular application for 'always allowed' or 'ask first time only' access.

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Software Update 7.91 / Phone Working Slowly

Feb 2, 2010

I am using Nokia 5130 Xpress Music for the past 8 months. Recently I have updated the firmware version to 7.91. Now my Nokia phone working slowly whenever I play the music and headset sound increasing if I attend the call through headset and hearing music simultaneously. What's the problem? The Nokia headset sound is too low when attending calls through headset? I can't hear voice while driving. My headset warranty period also finished. Is this headset problem or Nokia problem?

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music Pc Connection.

May 10, 2010

I have a new 5130. My computer doesn't do anything when I connect it. It recognizes other mp3 players but not my phone. I don't know if I have a bad cord or am missing software. I operate my other devices through Rhapsody (realplayer). My phone does not show up on it. Shouldn't something just pop up when I connect my 5130?

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Security Code

Feb 22, 2010

I got my Nokia last june. I have a problem though. I cannot enable my phone code. I changed the initial code 12345 but it won't get enabled. I have another question. The security code (of the phone) is it the same with the code you have to press everytime I unlock my phone? That is the code I am looking for.

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Free PDF Reader?

Jan 30, 2010

Is there any free PDF reader for Nokia 5130 Xpress music phone.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Won't Start

Nov 15, 2011

Maybe this was posted already but i couldn't find it so here goes.My phone was turned off for like 2 weeks,and then i charged it and tried to start it it vibrated(like usual),the nokia blue letter logo showed and then it just stopped,the keyboard lights didn't light on and it just kept showing the logo.After 2 minutes the logo dispeard and the screen was white and only white.

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Nokia :: 5130 / Internal Memory Not Accessible

Sep 1, 2010

I am not using the phone memory for storage. it says it contain 30MB phone memory.i can only use 3.6MB of it. i am not able to access the remaining 26mb or find it. did reset factory condition but it remains the same. help me with this problem.

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Empty Message / Recipient Name And Message Not Shown Inbox

Apr 9, 2010

I am having an Empty message (not Blank Message). It takes up the space of a text message but the recipient name or the message is not shown in inbox. When I tried to Open the message it said 'Unsupported message type'. This message is not even getting deleted saying 'Error occurred. Deletion not completed'. I got this problem already Twice. What happened further is, After sometimes more of such msgs starts to appear, and then suddenly all saved messages will get deleted.

Then all the applications (including basic applications like calculator) will get deleted. I gave to Nokia service centre. They just said it could be virus so they got my mobile, gave back (installing the software again I guess, I don't think they Cleaned Virus as told by them) and told me to use memory card after scanning. I scanned the card with the top antivirus - with up to date virus database. So I am very much sure there is no virus in my Memory card.

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Nokia :: E75 - Internal Memory Full / 2MB Free

Jan 6, 2010

I have an E75 for a few months now and I have a problem that totally confuses me: I constantly keep getting the System Message that my Internal Memory C: is full and that I need to either delete files or move them to the flash memory. Sometimes it also refuses to open emails, because of the lack of memory.

The sad part is that almost all of my data already is on the flash card, not on the internal drive. There's literally nothing left to delete from the internal memory. I also tried deleting my personal data from the web browser, but it didn't help much. I checked the data that is stored on the internal memory and it is about 18MB while the phone's file manager sais I have only about 2MB free memory left. 20 MB total memory size seems a little small to me, shouldn't it be 50MB?

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Cseries :: NOkia C2-03 Internal Memory Full

Feb 12, 2012

After every 2 -3 weeks I get the info that i need to make space as my internal memory gets full... what to do in this case??? the messages and contacts are just stored at internal memory i guess is there any way to change the storage of messages from internal memory to memory card???

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Nokia :: Xpress Music 5800 - Memory Failure

Feb 26, 2010

My phone decided to break last night. Literally, one minute it worked and the next minute it didn't. I have lost all my photos and videos as well as all the songs I had stored on the memory card, which is leading me to believe that the problem is to do with the memory. The memory was nowhere near full capacity however.

When the phone broke, randomly (hadn't been dropped, wet or knocked!!) the phone froze, I had problems turning it on and off, it was very slow and unresponsive. It wouldn't recognise the keylock being used. At one stage it didn't recognise my Sim. Also when I looked to see what Applications are open, there is a 'contacts' symbol open but it is labeled as "PBK2serverApp" as opposed to "Contacts". When I select this, it just takes me to the home screen.....

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Nokia :: Formatting Memory Card On The 5800 Xpress Music

Mar 5, 2010

I have a virus on my memory card which has de-stabilised my phone, has it seems to be frezzing, shutting down and just mis behaving. the problem i have with re formatting the card is that it came with some system files. if i reformat through the phone , will it replace all the system files on the memeory card...

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpress Music - 32gb Micro Memory Card

May 24, 2010

Can i put 32gb MicroSD in my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music?

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Nokia :: 5310 Xpress Music - No Option For Formatting Memory Card

Mar 3, 2010

I recently purchased a Nokia 5310 Xpress Music about a week ago. It is a great phone, but the problem I am experiencing has to with the memory card. When I try to format it, I select "Options" while "Memory Card" is highlighted but I do not have the option of formatting it. Is there something wrong with my phone? Currently, my phone is V 06.68, which I am assuming is the latest version, since I have the Nokia Ovi Suite installed, and when I select "Update", it says I have the latest version.

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Nokia Accessories :: 5130c 2 Xpress-music Memory Care Capacity

May 10, 2011

I've a nokia 5130c-2 xpressmusic. Does it support 8gb memory card? I've tried 4gb memory card and it does not make any problem. But in nokia website, it says 5130 only support 2gb but i've used 4gb memory card. Can i use 8gb memory card on my phone? And what's the accurate memory card capacity of my phone?

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpress Music - Reformatted Memory Card / Cannot Click Download Button On Applications In Ovi

Aug 2, 2010

I've recently had to reformat my memory card as the camera refused to work with the memory card inserted. I took off all pics, videos and music and saved them to the computer. However, when I've gone back to the Ovi store and into the "my stuff" tab, I cannot click the download button on many of the apps (mainly the ones that I actually use which makes it even more annoying). My husband has told me to go into "settings", then "application manager", then finally into "installed apps" and delete the files for the apps that I would like to reinstall (to reactivate the download button again). fantastic idea, but the file names don't give me any sort of clue as to what app they're for. I asked if it would be quicker and easier just to delete everything from the "installed apps" folder, at which point my husband nearly had a breakdown and told me not to do that as there were files in that folder that relate to firmware downloads and could cause more problems by deleting them.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Internal Memory Full?

Nov 11, 2010

my internal memory is full. and the phone is really slow. how can i delete some app on my phone to create more memory space

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Internal Memory Is Full But It Isn't?

Nov 19, 2012

On my Xperia Mini Pro I had some large mp3 files which I deleted to make room for lots of photo's and videos, this worked fine. Once the space was filled, the files were synchronised with Dropbox and I deleted them to create new space however the memory amount is still low at 40MB and telling me that the memory is full?

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Xperia Z2 :: Device Internal Memory Full

Jan 18, 2015

Having trouble with internal memory??? I reset my phone and when it uploaded the memory was almost full again with apps installed directly on the phone. i cant download anything. i find it very annoying as cant use the phone how id like.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E5 Internal Memory Full?

Dec 1, 2010

I bought my Nokia E5 about 2 days ago.It worked fine untill yesterday when a message started appearing sayng that the phone memory(c)is full and that I should move or delete some files from the phone memory.The thing is that when I go to file manager all the files are empty.File manager shows 25 Mb free and the rest is in use mainly by "other folder"wich is empty.I only use my memory card for everything except for the contacts wich I keep on the phone memory(63 kb).I removed all apps that could be removed,I deleted all emails,all texts,all notes,calendar entrie,cleared up the cache,cleared up my browsing history,I tried it without the memory card,I tried with another memory card,I gave it 2 factory reset,removed the battery.I tried everything I could think of

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Software Does Not A Full Backup Of The Internal Memory?

Aug 2, 2012

A lot of things around are in French, so I didn't know that it was an English forum only.So I used a translator and I hope that it is possible to understand.I just know a few words, and the questions are not very easy to write .Here's my first message, if you can read it...ill Android 4 not affect the performance of my gsm? Recommend me?It is a model more former which corresponds to my needs (size, robustness, full keyboard, price... # but that is not as powerful as the new...)I regret moreover that this type of model is abandoned, I do run high risk to my gsm # which explains my requirements: motorcycle, horseback...) !If I switch to Android 4, what measures to take to lose any data?Why does exist - it not, as on the x 10 mini pro, a backup application and restoration which took into account all the parameters?I had to fight to find an app I can retrieve my sms...Most of the proposed synchros do not support all of the data.

In addition, PC Companion tends to demand Outlook, mine is so old that it is not running on this PC.On my other computer, I have tried several routes to reinstall PC Companion, without success...Why this software does not a full backup of the internal memory? For the memory card, just make a copy.So, I went in all directions, with questions in bulk, but I spent hours to configure an device that is never as the successor of mineI have a new problem. I've made everything they said with the battery when I bought the phone. After a few days, the battery can't stand one day. Or I used the phone a few minutes to show pictures, I had a call (2 minutes), nothing more... I'm not really happy because to change the battery, I have to send the phone and they reinitialize everything

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Nokia :: 5310 Xpress Music - Go To Games Folder / Phone Restarts

Mar 16, 2010

I bought this Nokia 5310 Xpress Music. Few months after buying the games started crashing. i.e. when I go to the games folder, the phone restarts. Though once when my brother sent me an application that got saved in the games folder via bluetooth. I could open the folder for about 5 sec, before it again crashed.

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpress Music Update Ovi Maps Crashes Phone

May 17, 2010

Since Ovi updated the maps I've had trouble using it. I have version 40 firmware which was installed by Vodafone when my device expired. Despite the update, Ovi maps just crashes the phone when I try to use it. The screen goes blank and I get all coloured lines flashing down one side and the phone reluctantly restarts.

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Nokia :: Unable To Reinstall V50 Firmware On 5800 Xpress Music Phone

May 6, 2010

I updated my phone firmware from v40 to v50 over the air. The download package was around 9MB in size. After the upgrade, I realised that my phone did not have all the features of v50 firmware update. For example, features like "Quick Office v4.2 integrated", "Rihanna service launcher in web browser" are missing. Then I decided to reinstall the v50 update through my laptop. So when I connected my phone with my laptop and opened the "Nokia Software Updater" it said that the update package is around 138MB. Now I face a problem. After clicking on Re-Install option in "Nokia Software Updater" the download does not stop at 138MB. Infact it does not stop at all. It goes on like 2MB of 138MB.. 4MB of 138MB.. 60MB of 138MB.. and then 200MB of 200MB... 300MB of 300MB and so on. I decided at that time to wait for some time. But it reached 350 MB and still it did not stop.

So any idea if this is expected behavior or is there a problem with my phone or the "Nokia Software Updater" software. Please note that I have the latest version of "Nokia Software Updater" installed on my laptop. Fortunately, I don't have any serious problems with my phone except that when I click on "applications" icon, it takes some time to respond.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5800 Xpress Music Phone Start-up Failed

Jun 25, 2010

I installed a new application and I was asked to restart the device but start up failed and ask me to contact the retailer.

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Nokia :: 5800 - Install Ovi Content On Memory Card / Phone Memory Full

May 4, 2010

I need some body, tell my how can I install ovi content on the memory card when I use Wifi on my handset 5800.cause all programs immediately goes and installed on phone memory and it is almost full

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Nokia :: Memory Card / Phone Memory Full

Jul 22, 2010

I am trying to bluetooth stuff to my phone and it tells me that my phone memory is full, but I have a 1gb memory card. How do I send the stuff straight to my memory card?

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Nokia :: 5610 Xpress Music - Phone Dropped In Water / Middle Button Not Working

Apr 6, 2010

last week, I went to the beach with my friends and unfortunately, my dear phone was dropped in the water T.T. I tried to take the battery out immediately. 2 days later, I put the battery back, it seems to work well EXCEPT the middle / main button T.T. I tried to hit that button hard but it's not working.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: 5130 Express Music Just Can't Detect The Memory Card?

Jul 29, 2011

my nokia 5130 express music just cant detect the memory card.i have tried formatting the memory card,restarting the phone but nothing is working.i have tested the memory card and it is working on other phones.

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Nokia :: Phone And Internal Memory Lost Space

Jul 26, 2010

I recently pirchased nokia X6 16 gb... its totally fresh i haven't put any songs, or files in it.. but when i see the memory status: for phone memory it shows 276 mb free(out of 512 mb) and used is 44 mb where as in internal memory 334 mb is used and 14.6 gb is free.. where are the remaining space

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