Motorola Milestone 3 :: XT860: Why No Official FM Radio Support

Sep 13, 2011

Not sure about Droid 3 exactly, but my XT860 which is essentially the same phone has official FM radio support. It is not in plain sight though - FM radio is accessible via the Music application - the connected music player. When you start it, and pick "radio" you get presented with option to use online radio (shoutcast) or FM radio

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Motorola Droid 3 :: No Official FM Radio Support

Sep 13, 2011

I believe, perhaps incorrectly, especially with unlimited data going away on launch day for this phone, that this is a ploy to force users into higher data usage by forcing them to stream the same content over verizons network. I would love to be proven wrong on this point, and see some official radio support from moto, but this is the only thing that makes sense to me. mu $.02.

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Motorola Milestone 3 :: XT860: Battery Drainage After Using The Cardock?

Sep 12, 2011

So that confirms it for Droid 3. My phone is actually not the US Verizon Droid 3, but Bell Canada XT860 4G.

Have you received the new update for D3? I've heard it is rolling out now.

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Motorola Milestone 3 :: Ice Cream Sandwich On Bell XT860 4G?

Jan 3, 2012

I know you guys are still evaluating the possibility of adding Ice Cream Sandwich support to your existing device portfolio, but I was wondering if there was any official update as to whether or not the Bell Motorola XT860 4G would be eligable for this update?

I understand it is still a little bit early to be asking this question, but nothing official has been mentioned regarding this device.

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Motorola :: Official Unlock Thread For NAM Milestone (Telus)

Feb 16, 2010

Don't know if this is more appropriate for the Telus HSPA forum or Motorola. I'm going with Motorola because it's about unlocking the Milestone to use elsewhere.Please post in here if you obtained an unlock code for a Telus Milestone and it worked. Even better would be a screenshot or photo/video of the screen, showing your Milestone is running on a non-Telus operator (double bonus if it shows 3G/HSPA reception). Let us know if there were any specific options you had to choose when buying the unlock code to make sure it's for the correct Milestone.

Please *also* post in here if the unlock code *didn't* work and let us know who sold you the lemon.

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Motorola :: Does Telus Milestone Support 2100MHz 3G?

May 1, 2010

I'm about to trade my Milestone for a brand new Xperia X10a because I'm going to be travelling later this year and I need that 2100MHz band.Can anyone confirm that this phone has the 2100MHz 3G band? Every website I've been to says that it only has 850/1900MHz but others on this board say otherwise.

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Motorola :: What Frequency Bands Will Telus Moto Milestone Support?

Feb 16, 2010

What frequency bands will the Telus Moto Milestone support? All the info seems to indicate 850/1900 for 3G and no info on 2G except for rumors saying the same as the EU milestone or only 850/1900.I was hoping for at least tri-band 3G and quad-band 2G. I am sick and tired of these phones with weak-sauce frequency bands.

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Motorola Milestone 2 :: Unable To Update Motorola Milestone 2 - A953 To Android 2.3?

Dec 1, 2011

I own a French Retail A953 Milestone 2 and I'm looking forward to android 2.3 update. So, after followed the thread [URL]and it's on ! The update is here.Unfortunately when trying to update my mobile using MSU the answer is "no new update availlable yet for your mobile"...I'm using A953 with Android 2.2.2 and the system version is Version.62.4.24.A953.Retail.en.FR.

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Flash Video Playback On Milestone

May 11, 2011

is there anything i can do to improve flash video playback? after the 2.2 update i was excited to be able to use flash on my phone, but video playback on it seems so bad that it's's like a slideshow at best, and at worse i'm only getting one frame every thirty seconds or so. oddly enough the sound never skips or stutters at all.i've tried it over wifi and 3g. Internet videos in the native app and other non-flash streaming media seem to work perfectly.i'm using the stock browser with flash player (the latest one available in the android market), and i've tried several different videos linked from

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Milestone Not Connecting To Corporate Network?

Apr 26, 2011

I updated my Milestone which is UAE version to Froyo yesterday after a long delay, was really excited all evening until i discovered two problems with my wifi.The Device does not connect to the corporate network as my office uses 802.1x EAP and there is no place to enter proxy where as my friends using samsung galaxy s (Froyo 2.2) connect to the network and browse using the wifi advanced settings to enter the proxy in their device.

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Unable To Update Milestone Bootloader

May 21, 2012

I have a problem in my milestone. Im trying to update my milestone to froyo from eclair 2.1 update 1 via MSU (Motorola Software Update). But after some minute It restart with a blank screen then reboot to OS and MSU says update failed. My last resort is to flash it via RSDLITE but when im trying to get into bootloader it shows blank screen then reboot to OS. I cant enter to my bootloader.

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Milestone Won't Turn On/ Charge

Aug 4, 2011

I was using it and then it suddenly froze and crash. I tried charging it but the led on the side of the charging hole isn't turning on!

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Use Milestone As An Internet Modem?

Nov 30, 2011

Is there a way I can use my Milestone as an internet modem?

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Milestone-2 Only Shows 1g But Have 3g Network

Jan 31, 2013

milestone-2 only shows 1g but have 3g network?

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Motorola Milestone 2 :: Windows 7 MTP Error Milestone 2

Mar 12, 2012

Have a brand new install of Windows 7 64bit and a 6 month old Milestone 2 which has always succesfully connected to PC/Mac in USB mass storage mode, but when trying to connect to new Windows & PC the PC tries to install MTP drivers that fail.Solution is to select the failed device in device manager and manually install the driver selecting the device as a USB mass storage device and not the default MTP device.

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: How To Update Milestone From 2.1 To 2.2

May 27, 2011

After spending 2 hours on the forums and 2 hrs on motorola website, downloading the motorola software update and finding that the updater says that your phone is up to date with 2.1 (where as the motorola site says 2.2 is now available) and browsing thru unending discussions, I was unable to update my Motorola milestone to Android 2.2. I last week sent my phone to the service center to ask them to update it to 2.2, they returned the phone saying it is up to date.I am sick of removing applications and always worrying about the remaining ROM availability. [code]

If the official version is not available in Dubai can someone tell me of a shop where I can get it updated, as I dont really understand the concept of rooting and stuff like that.

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Xperia X10 :: Support For AM / FM Radio Firmware Or Software?

Jun 17, 2010

Whether the X10 supports FM radio firmware or software? I am quite get use to listening to the AM/FM radio with my previous phone, but I don't know whether this handset supports any FM Radio firmware or software?

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IPhone :: Record Radio - Any Apps Support?

Mar 18, 2010

Are there any apps out there that let me record redio stations and email them or import them to my computer somehow?

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Just Got An Email Back From Slacker Radio Support

Apr 8, 2010

I doubt their answer is going to help anyone, but here goes.they said to disable the firewall.

and to set ALL permissions to "allow".Seems like a funny couple of tips, seeing as how I told them the problem I had was intermittent loud volume and skipping songs randomly. I had also mentioned that album art was missing in the previous version of slacker--something that's been working since I upgraded BEFORE I emailed them.

anyway, that's what they told me to do. nothing else. sigh. No word of them working on a new release, which is what I wanted (chuckle) to hear.

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Motorola Milestone GSM :: Upgrade Milestone To Android 2.3 Or Android 3?

Sep 5, 2011

I am looking for updating my Milestone to Androi 2.3 or Android 3. Does Androi 2.3 or Android 3.0 is availbale for Milestone in India.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Not Taking The Official Update?

Aug 26, 2011

I've tried installing the official Motorola update 4 times and every time it is unsuccessful. The update says it is available for download, then downloads and asks to be installed. I choose to install it and the phone reboots. It then goes to the progress screen, gets to about 40%, and then shows the triangle with exclamation mark inside of it. Then the phone reboots and pops up a message saying update failed.

I have done 2 full factory updates (erased all memory), called Sprint, talked to a Motorola level 2 tech, and gotten nothing. No one has even tried to troubleshoot this issue or recommend anything.

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Motorola Electrify :: Its Not Taking The Official Update?

Dec 9, 2011

I have the Motorola Electrify and about 1.5 weeks ago, I noticed the the orange triangle with exclamation and when I pulled down the notification, the only thing that it stated was "download will start in Wi-Fi. When I would access "settings / system updates" it stated an update was currently being downloaded". Like I said, 1.5 weeks and nothing changed. I had also been experiencing some slow down in the speed, and after reading the many posts on the updates and also slow downs, it was suggested that a system refresh might do the trick. Once refreshed, it was suggested to then access system updates and try to download the update again.

The refresh took care of the update being froze up, and I went back in and tried to download the update again, but to no avail. It froze it up again.I also tried a workaround that I read about by going to settings l data deliver l social applications l sync over wifi, but it still hasn't done anything. I have Wi-Fi in my house but the strength may not be strong enough.

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Motorola Motoactv :: Official 5k Routes Download?

Jun 19, 2012

I'm going to run a 5k this weekend. Is there some way to download the official route,rather than trying to create it myself?

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Motorola Xoom :: Facebook Official App Is Back In The Marketplace?

Sep 25, 2011

Facebook official app is back in the marketplace, still force closes when you open 'friends' page, I have noticed that the old version is back not the the new interface.

Update: The new interface is working now, had some trouble update the feeds first, I think it was because of the newly implemented autostart of gps location, but after a manual force stop, it works.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Official Facebook App, Can't Add Sync Account?

Sep 13, 2011

First post, as I'm an Android developer, but just got my first phone with Motoblur. So far, I have to say that the Blur interface has been disappointing as a power user, relative to the stock interface (many things that the stock Android does well, Blur doesn't, imho). But, that's not why I'm here...I'm here because I've noticed, under the new Bionic, that the official Facebook for Android app doesn't allow me to use it to setup a sync account. In the accounts menu, if I click "Add an account," it displays the list of possible account types. Clicking on the FB for Android account type appears to do nothing. Also, for any other apps that didn't come stock with the phone, they also can't seem to setup new accounts. Twitter is the only exception for this behavior. The official Twitter for Android app does appear to bring up a next screen when you choose that type.

Is it that Twitter is implementing some API the rest are missing? All of the example sync adapters I can find have this behavior where nothing happens when you try to use their functionality of "Add an account." Why is selecting those account types a no-op instead of bringing up the usual credential input screen that normally follows selecting a type of account?

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Motorola Defy :: Official 720p Video Recording Feature?

Apr 25, 2011

As a normal Defy user running the official android 2.2, will there ever be an official 720p video recording feature?

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Official Status On New Forum Roll Out-Noted Changes?

Dec 21, 2011

Can we get a status on the new Forum Rollout, what and when this will happen, what are some of the changes, are any features going to be removed (like PM)?

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Motorola Milestone :: What Apps Are You Using On It?

Mar 8, 2010

What are the apps you guys are using on the milestone

Im using:
task killer
droid live lite
documents to go

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Motorola :: V3i Milestone Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

May 8, 2010

Trying out Milestone in home. Keeps disconnecting from wifi have to keep checking it and reconnecting. Btw, is there an app that gives a wifi symbol at the top of the screen? Wifi works perfectly with my laptop.

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Motorola :: What Is Best GPS Software For Milestone?

May 22, 2010

In your opinion, what is the best GPS software for milestone? It doesn't matter if it's paid or non paid software as long it work good..I've found on the Market a paid one for US$29,99 - CoPilot Live.Is it good?

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Motorola 2.2 :: Any Word On 2.2 For Milestone?

Jun 24, 2010

Been waiting patiently for months. I heard something about it coming towards the end of June, but I'm not sure about it. Anybody know anything?

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