Lumia 1020 :: Camera Turns On When Plug In Charger And Camera Button Doesn't Work

Mar 7, 2015

I have a Nokia Lumia 1020. When I plug in my phone to charge it turns on my camera. And the camera button which is the last button on the left doesn't turn on my camera. What's wrong or how to fix it...

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Lumia 1020 :: OIS Doesn't Work During Manual Focus In Camera Mode

Apr 11, 2014

In Nokia Camera,

1) In Camera Mode:----

OIS works with Auto Focus
OIS works when we manually set focus to infinity

But OIS doesn't work when Focus is on Manual.

However In Video mode,

OIS works in all 3 cases, i.e. OIS works whether focus is Auto or to infinity or Focus is Manual.

Let us request Nokia to look into this matter and release an update to Nokia Camera app to fix this issue.

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Lumia 950 :: Camera Button Doesn't Seem To Work Properly On Phone

Nov 28, 2015

I keep having issues with my camera button. I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software issue, but whenever I press the button to take a picture, I end up with a short 2-3 second video instead. The setting for "hold camera button" is disabled, not det to photo bursts or video. The camera icon on screen works fine, but having a dedicated camera button was a huge game changer for me.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 Camera Extras Doesn't Work On 16:9 Camera

Aug 10, 2012

I already installed Camera Extras app on my Lumia 800, but when I try to use one of its features the camera format switch automatically to 4:3 format.Is anybody who knows about this bug ?

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IPhone 5s :: Home Button Won't Work Correctly After Plug Charger In

Jun 21, 2014

My iPhone 5s's home button doesn't respond correctly after i plug in the charger. I'm not sure what's wrong.

At first, it wouldn't charge so i had to find a different charger that i had ordered from amazon (not from apple) and it only worked when i plugged it in with one side. the other chargers that i have from apple do not work. the home button sometimes works correctly, but im sure that it starts to not respond correctly after i plug the charger in. i have tried almost everything i could find on the internet. im not sure if its a hardware or software problem

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Unlock While Pressing The Button On The Phone

Jul 25, 2013

I got my 1020 last week (Disclaimer: AT&T employee in a corporate store). It's great, except that I have to have my phone PIN locked. With the addition of the Nokia camera software and it being the default, I have to unlock my phone before it goes into the camera. If I switch the button to the standard WP camera app, I can take photos while unlocked.

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IPhone :: Camera Button Doesn't Work When It Is Locked

Mar 23, 2012

I'm with an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.

Since I upgraded to 5.1, I encounter the above mentioned problem. On tapping the camera icon on the locked iPhone screen, I can't launch the built-in camera. Nothing happens. (I must unlock the iPhone and tap the camera icon in order to take a picture).

1. I didn't have this problem after upgrading to iOS 5.0

2. I can still access the music buttons on the locked screen on iOS 5.1 though.

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IPhone :: The Lock Screen Camera Button Appears But Doesn't Work

Mar 11, 2012

The lock screen camera button doesn't work! The camera button appers but it doesnt work!, Also the proximity sensor its not working well (the screem doesnt get black on calls and I accidently mute the call or put it on speaker)

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Lumia 1520 :: Shutter Button Doesn't Always Launch Camera

Sep 5, 2015

I never experienced this with my 920, but it's happening frequently on my 1520.

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Lumia 1020 :: Can Get Previous Camera Version (Nokia Camera) On Phone

Aug 22, 2015

I feel the lumia camera has lost its zoom clarity to some point...

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Pictures Not Saving Or Can't Open Using Nokia Camera

Nov 27, 2013

I have two issues. I took a picture using Nokia camera app which is on default. Some pics didn't save.

Next is when you take picture. When u go to photo albums. You see a link below saying open in Nokia camera. How come pics have that link and others don't? I took some smartcam pics too look at later and can't open it up and do the action shots and other stuff.

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Lumia 1520 :: Camera Doesn't Work

Jul 25, 2014

I have a problem since last month. My camera doesn't work. When I open any of the apps that use the camera it just get black. Bought a new camera and still the same problem. Updated to 8.1 and still the same problem.

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Nokia Lumia :: The Camera Doesn't Work Anymore On 920?

Dec 1, 2012

So I got my nokia lumia 920 yesterday and it was working fine, however after a few hours my camera just died, I can't launch it with the button or the camera app and none of the other apps like the panorama works either. I'm really disappointed because I really liked the lumia 920.

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Lumia 1520 :: Why Doesn't Camera Work After Phone Gets Hot

Sep 29, 2014

After using the phone for playing a game or some other cpu intensive app the phone gets hot. I noticed the camera will not work until the phone has cooled off. Everything else works except the camera in this situation.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Key Not Opening Camera After Pressing

Jun 27, 2015

for a few days the lumia camera isnt opening..all the other camera apps like proshot is working though..even the camera key isnt opening it after pressing..

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Didn't Work Properly So Used Recovery Tool To Revert Back To Windows 8.1

Jul 26, 2015

My phone is a Nokia 1020. I installed the Windows 10 preview. I found that the camera didn't work properly so I used the recovery tool to revert back to Windows 8.1. Now my phone thinks it is a Nokia 909 instead of a 1020.

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Lumia 1520 :: Camera Doesn't Work - Just Getting Black Screen

Jun 6, 2014

A couple of days ago, my I tried to open my camera and it just get black. I tried opening every app that use the camera but all of then just get black. 2 hours later the camera came back to normally. It have happened 3 times this week.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Camera Button Just Turns The Main Menu?

Dec 22, 2010

I have a new X10 mini pro and I updated to Android 2.1.

Camera worked for a while without problems, but recently I moved the camera icon in one of the corners.

After that, the camera button (after the focusing position, when pressed till the end) just turns the main menu on without taking the picture. However, camera works sometimes without problems (one in five attempts). I reinstalled the software using SEUS, but the problems still persists.

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Lumia 1020 :: Second Mic Doesn't Work

May 22, 2015

got my new 1020 yesterday and update it all the way to the Denim update. I'm not sure if it caused by that, but now I can't make Voice messages on WhatsApp or facebook massager or voice search..

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Nokia :: N97 Camera Lens Cover / Dragging Turns Camera On And Off

Feb 11, 2010

Is there any way to disable that dragging the small camera lens cover turns on/off the camera? if that option doesn't exist (I guess it because I searched for it long wise) is a big fail in N97.

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Lumia 1020 :: Macro Setting Doesn't Work

Oct 21, 2013

I dropped my phone from my car and now the macro setting doesn't work. and it doesn't autofocus. :( I have warranty except I did the gdr3 update. lol...

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Starts By Itself

Aug 24, 2014

My wife got the Nokia Lumia 1020 now for a few month. And recently a small problem started occur,some times when she shall recharge the phone ( no matter if it's though the computer or wall socket ), the camera starts by it self and start taking photos.The phone continuous to take photos until we unplug the cable, it don't work that we turn of the camera app, it just start over again, and continuous to take photos.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera App To Shoot In RAW (DNG)

Nov 11, 2015

I recently purchased a 2nd hand Nokia 1020 specifically for the camera and it's ability to shoot in RAW.

However I haven't got any apps on the phone that allow me to shoot in RAW and the one that I read that's recommended (I can't remember the name now) isn't available on the list of apps that I can download.

I've purchased Proshot, but that doesn't do dng files and I can't find one that can.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Not Rotating

Aug 27, 2013

I've got a Lumia 1020 on AT&T, white version. Sometimes, when I open the camera (Pro, Smart, stock, whatever), the camera doesn't detect that I'm holding the phone in landscape. It takes the picture, but of course it's 90 degrees wrong in the Camera Roll, and I have to manually rotate it later.

It's generally fixed with a power cycle (turn off then turn on). It'll work for a few hours and then get "stuck" in portrait mode again.

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IPhone :: 3g Is Not Working Even If I Plug It Into Charger And Itunes Doesn't Recognize It?

Jun 1, 2012

My old iphone 3g is not working even if i plug it into charger and itunes doest recognise it and i did evrey thing but it's not working

iPhone 3G, iOS 3.1.3

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IPhone 5 :: Screen Doesn't Turn On / When Plug It In To The Charger It Vibrates

Aug 30, 2014

my iPhone 5 screen stopped working and when i plug it into the charger it vibrates. I've already tried the hold down with the sleep and home button and sill nothing.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2

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Nokia :: 5800 Camera Doesn't Work / Key Dialer / Contacts Icon On Home Screen Don't Work

Mar 22, 2010

Problem 1:

The camera doesn't work. I open the camera application with both methods (button on side and icon in apps) but it does the red dot thing in the corner for about 4-6 seconds then disappears and applications tells me the app is running. I try to go to the app but it wont go on it.

Problem 2:

The green key, dialler and contacts icon on the home screen do not work at all. I have no way of opening my dialler as there is no option for it.

I updated my firmware to v40.0.005 last week. Please be aware the problems were both there BEFORE i made the update and are still here after the update.Is there any way of doing this without soft/hard resetting. Also, does soft/hard reset mean you lose the data in an app (eg your high scores in a game like bagatelle)?

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Lumia 1020 :: Hissing Sound When Camera Is On

Jun 1, 2014

Just noticed today when I was in a quiet room - whenever the camera is in use/on I can hear what sounds like a faint fan-like hum/hiss coming from the camera.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Only Works Intermittently

Dec 11, 2014

Over the last week or so when I start up the camera it gets stuck at the "Loading...." screen. When it first started it happened about every other time I started the camera, but is gradually becoming more frequent and sometimes I cant get it to work at all unless I restart the phone and even then it's not certain.

The camera mechanism itself doesn't seem to be making any strange or loud noises when this happens, so that leads me to think its probably not hardware related. Between this and my wifi only wanting to connect when it feels like it I'm just about at the end of my rope with what started out as a great phone.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Never Opens - Just Boots Out

Jun 4, 2015

This just started happening today. I have had my phone (Lumia 1020) for less that a year. At the beginning of the week I had the blue screen of death (boot configuration error) - and had to re-install the software- which I did successfully a few days ago. All was good... The camera worked for a few days and then boom- as of today it just boots me back to the start screen when I go to take a pic.

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Lumia 1020 :: Gallery Of Camera Goes Green

Aug 4, 2014

after taking more pics, the gallery in camera started be buggy, after pressing icon on upper corner, it shows up the image then images become green ( or blue or any color that is set as systemwide color ), i have tryes reset camera and restart phone, but problem still not solved. I am using 8.1 dev preview.

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