LG :: Streaming Radio For Non-smartphone Phones

Mar 15, 2010

I keep pulling sites from the internet, but nothing truly works well if not at all.I'm actually a talk radio junky, so I'd like to get some AM stations to play on my device.I had vuivision working before they got pulled, streaming television, so I know there's no problem streaming media.

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BB Curve 8520 / 8530 :: Radio Streaming And Video Streaming On Browser

Jun 16, 2010

OK I'm totally a newbie with BlackBerry and this is my second post on here.I live here in the US but I'm Brazilian and am going crazy over the world cup.I want really badly to stream live radio via the browser on BB but it won't work because it needs a Flash Plug In for one station and a Windows Media Player for another.Is there anyway that we can stream live video and radio outside Sprint TV?

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Nokia Applications :: Play MMS And Http Live Streaming On S60 Phones Specifically E72?

Feb 23, 2010

Is it possible to play MMS and http live streaming on S60 phones, specifically E72?

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Xseries :: Streaming Music To Radio

Jan 6, 2012

In one of my mates phone (nokia n95), he can stream his own fm radio (e.g when a song is playing, he can listen through the car's fm). Can this be done with nokia x6, or I need another 3rd party apps.

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HTC One M7 :: Tunein Radio - Stops When Streaming

Aug 23, 2013

Running stock and last few days tunein just stops as it's streaming and I have to go back into the app and press play again. Always happens when screen is off.

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IPhone :: Listen To Itunes Streaming Radio On 4s?

Mar 25, 2012

Can I listen to itunes streaming radio on my iphone 4s?

iPhone 4S

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Motorola Charm :: How To Play FM Radio Without Internet Streaming

Sep 30, 2011

There is no pre-installed Fm radio on my Motorola Charm, though it there in the specifications. How can I play fm radio on my Charm without any internet streaming? Is there any android application which works in doing so?

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BB Bold 9650 :: Can't View Pictures On Slacker When Radio Is Streaming

May 28, 2010

I can't view the pictures on my slacker when the radio is streamiing.

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IPhone 4 Has Stopped Streaming Radio From Apps Since Recent Update

Sep 2, 2014

I recently (Aug 2014) updated my iphone 4 and now I am unable to stream any radio from apps on my phone.For example "Tune in " app.Phone wont even start to buffer ! Have tried turning phone right off and on again but this made no difference.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2

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Cseries :: Is There Any Option To Replace A Nokia Smartphone For Another In Nokia Smartphone

Jan 9, 2012

Is there any option to replace a nokia smartphone for another in nokia smartphone for India> Mumbai?I want to replace my cellphone I have C5-03 but I'm interested more in Nokia 500 and Nokia 603 can anyone help me out if is there any chance to replace phone?

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HTC :: Why Are Cell Phones Cheaper Than Nokia Or Motorola Cell Phones?

Jun 15, 2010

I've seen than HTC phones with similar features than Nokia or Motorola cell phones for instance are cheaper.. Why is that?? For instance HTC Touch Viva is cheaper than Nokia 5800, Nokia 6790 or Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5... Why is that? What are HTC phones disadvantages compared with other brands phones?

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IPhone :: Listen To Online Radio Station Through Car Radio?

Apr 20, 2012

I have an iPhone 4 that I want to plug into my car so I can listen to my favorite online radio station. How do I do this? And is all I need is an A/C adapter? Please list all possibilitys.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold 9650 :: Radio Radio Did Not Turn Off?

Aug 21, 2010

Checked the forum and did not find any on this post! Ran my battery down to 4% and radio did not turn off. Has Rim done away with this feature? Not very often i have the battery down this low, and i know it is not good for the battery. I just wanted to see if it would turn off. I plugged my phone in at 4% so I did not run the battery any lower. I thought it was at 5% that it would turn off. Is the percentage lower? Or is RADIO OFF gone?

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BB Curve 83xx :: Iheart Radio Through Car Radio?

Mar 4, 2010

I have the bb curve 8330 and was trying to find out if I can play my iHeart radio over my car radio. The thing is I am unsure what device to use or how to go about it.

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BB Pearl :: Can't Log Into ID From The Smartphone

Apr 7, 2011

Version is installed is The problem is that I can't log into MyBB ID from the smartphone.I'm getting message "The Blackberry Protect service is temporarily unavailable" every time I'm trying Using wifi connection and i tried to set another BB ID account but same story.

9105 Pearl OS v Platfotm

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Nokia :: New To Smartphone / E63 Unlocked

Jul 13, 2010

I recently purchased a used E63 unlocked & I am using it with AT&T. I reset it when I got it & all is working in terms of voice/basic text. However, as it relates to checking email via hotmail, yahoo, etc, do I have to have a data plan for this? On my previous non-smart phone, this was included as part of the messaging plan but now I'm thinking it's going to need a data plan. Any thoughts on this? Any issues using data on e63/thoughts on how much it will cost?

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BB Curve :: Use OS6 For 3G 9300 Smartphone?

Feb 8, 2011

May I know how to use OS6 for blackberry curve 3G 9300 smartphone?

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BlackBerry :: Using Smartphone As A Modem?

Sep 30, 2011

I can not use my blackberry as a modem because the service provider has blocked this service. Is there any way I can get past this?

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BB Bold :: ID Log-in Does Not Work On Smartphone?

Jun 18, 2012

Now that's really getting strange. I have a Blackberry ID and I can Log-in on my computer, but not on my smartphone (9900 Bold). That means, my user name and password are OK, but there's a problem with my smartphone, right?The message I get, when I try to log-in is: Log-in of Blackberry ID is not possible. But on the computer it works

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HTC One M9 :: Streaming Music To The Car

Apr 23, 2015

I'm having trouble streaming music/media from my M9 5.0.2 to the car via Bluetooth. I can connect and use the phone just fine. The "media player" will only connect for 2-3 seconds and then drop the connection. I've tried to unpair and pair. I've tried deleting the phone from the car system and reconnecting. I've tried connecting using HTC Connect to pair. I've deleted the Bluetooth app cache and data then restarted the phone. I even disconnected the battery on my car reseting all the cars' data. I've tried all these things in multiple combinations and multiple times. Same result, drops the connection after 2-3 seconds.

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BB Bold :: Smartphone Doesn't Recognize ID

Jan 9, 2012

I recently changed the password on my Yahoo email. I have been trying to change it on my Bold 9650 but to start I have to enter my ID (which I checked and is my email address) but when I enter it I get an error message saying that my "user name is invalid. A user bane nust be at least 4 characters." and I can get no further. I have verified my Blackberry ID and my username but nothing I do works. As a last resort, how do I delete my email account entirely and start over?

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BB Curve :: Change A Carrier Of A Smartphone?

Apr 24, 2012

Its possible to change a carrier of a blackberry smartphone?

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BB Curve :: Smartphone Is Not Being Recognized On PC By The Software?

May 2, 2012

my smartphone is not being recognized on my pc by the software I have downloaded from your website.

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BB Curve :: Smartphone Id Not Changing On Phone?

Jan 20, 2012

I changed the password for my smartphne ID on the internet but it wont change on my phone, how should I change it? Its been such a story to do all this because I couldnt remember my password and the email that I put in was the wrong one, so i had to go and open another email with the one that I used on the phone, and then I could change the password through that email, and the change the password. But now the phone is still asking the password for the previous email and I'm on my last chance. I'm a complete"virgin" when it come to these phones and I am really struggeling my **bleep** of... now I can't update my bbprotection.

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BB Torch 9800 Smartphone :: How To Really Power Off?

Aug 16, 2010

Q) How can you power the phone down?

When the phone is off, it seems that a simple tap of the Red power button turns the phone on again. This seems like a design flaw. All other non BB devices that I know off require you to hold the power button for a couple of seconds to turn it back on.This prevents the phone from accidently being turned on.

Let me explain a use case. When you are flying you have to turn your phones off.So the normal procedure is to hold the red hang up key and the phone will power down. This is as expected.Assume you then put the BlackBerry device in the seat pocket in front of you.Midway through the flight you hit your knee against the seat pocket.The red power button it tapped during this process.The phone now powers on.You are about to land and your phone rings.The flight attendant and the passengers all give you unpleasant looks through no real fault of your own.This type of issue has occurred a few times.

I realize you can go in and manually turn off phone connections but this is an extra step.Turning the phone off should take care of this and there should stay off until the user wants to turn it on.
I see this behaviour on my 8310 and 8900 and 9800.I hope there is something simple I'm missing??

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BlackBerry :: Update Directly From The Smartphone?

Jun 4, 2012

Im trying to update my blackberry directly from the smartphone, so when i go to options, advanced optiones, i cant find the wireless update option!

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Moto X (2014) :: How To Clone A Smartphone

Sep 1, 2015

I was wondering that if there's really anything like cloning mobile devices like we see in movies.

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LG G4 :: Reset New Smartphone - All Have Is Black Screen?

Mar 28, 2015

I tried taking out the battery and put it back in but stil cant power it on

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IPhone :: Get The Most Upgraded System Of My Smartphone?

Mar 28, 2012

how can i get the most upgraded system of my smartphone?

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BB Curve :: Light Up Smartphone Keyboard?

Feb 20, 2011

I have had my blackberry 9300 for a little while and for some reason the keyboard does not light up anymore

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Nokia :: E72 MMS / Http Streaming On S60

Feb 23, 2010

Is it possible to play MMS and http live streaming on S60 phones, specifically E72?

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