LG :: Need LG Chocolate Touch Vx8575 Cricket Flash File

Mar 30, 2010

i need LG Chocolate Touch vx8575 cricket flash file.

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LG :: VX8575 Need .bin And .scr Files For Chocolate Touch

Jan 20, 2010

I desperately need the .bin and .scr files for the vx8575 chocolate touch. If anyone has and can share it would be very appreciated.

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LG :: Chocolate Touch VX8575 Browser Settings

Jan 31, 2010

wondering if anyone could explain all the different Internet Browser Settings for the LG Chocolate Touch as i don't fully understand what they're all for. and what settings do you recommend? also, if anyone knows how to avoid going to another site(verizon site) to enter a webpage address..

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LG :: VX8575 Chocolate Touch Text Letter Limit

Nov 14, 2009

I just bought a Chocolate Touch and have been playing with it. I'm pretty happy with it, lots of options and shortcuts/widgets, and the touch screen is very nice and responsive, even with my big hands. Music sounds great on it, and the radio is surprisingly good. Decent phone overall. Anyways, I was wondering if there was a way to increase the text letter limit? Specifically, I get texts from FB, and it is very annoying to have to keep replying and receiving the message in 2 to 5 parts, depending on the length of the post I'm receiving on my phone. It would really be much more convenient to increase the letter limit to 1000 or there abouts so I can get the entire message or post in one shot rather than waiting for the different parts to arrive. I've been able to do this on other phones. Is it possible to do on the Chocolate Touch?

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LG :: Chocolate Touch Vx8575 Phone Is Stuck On Verizon Logo

Feb 26, 2010

my phone is stuck on the verizon logo so i need the firmare BIN file.

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LG :: Chocolate Anyway To Flash Phone To Cricket Service?

Sep 3, 2008

i am trying to switch back to cricket service, however i just bought an at&t prepaid phone that takes a simcard.. i need to know if there is anyway to flash this phone to cricket service?? if so where do i find out how to do it?

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Samsung :: M800 Need Is A Cricket Prl File To Flash

Nov 15, 2009

I am very new to this but all i need is a cricket prl file to flash my instinct m800. Thank you to who ever takes the time to help.

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HTC :: Can Flash Alltel Touch Pro To Cricket?

May 27, 2009

I am thinking of buying an Alltel HTC touch pro. I was wondering if it can be fully unlocked and flashed to cricket? Is it a pain in the a**?

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HTC :: Is It Possible To Flash / Unlock Touch Pro (Sprint) To Cricket

May 20, 2009

I currently live in the Chicago market for Cricket and I currently have in my possession an HTC Touch Pro (Sprint), that I would like to get flashed and unlocked onto the Cricket network.I was told by members of the cricket team, that if the phone does not support a 1700mhz frequency and the phone is not Tri-band, then it will not work. I was told that this phone is actually a quad-band, and should support 1700mhz frequency, My question is, is it possible to adjust the frequency of the phone when flashed to work? Can someone please assist me? I am not new to the IT world, but I am defineilty new to the Cellphone Enhancement side of technology. It would be of great appreciation for some assistance.

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HTC :: How To Fully Flash An Alltel Touch Pro To Cricket

Jun 18, 2009

What software, roms, etc. will I need in order to have everything working such as MMS, Internet, or wutever?

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HTC :: How To Flash A Touch Vogue To CricKet Wireless?

Jan 24, 2010

I had ALOT of problems trying to flash my HTC Touch to CricKet so here is a guide to flash your phone and skip the problems I had.

1. Download GetSPC
2. Copy GetSPC.exe to the device its self or to a SD card.
3. Browse the device to find the GetSPC using File Explorer.
4. Run GetSPC
5. Enter your ESN HEX in the first box and then press "go" or something
6. In the "output" box it should be a 6 diget number.
7. Write this down you'll need it later.
8. Put the phone into "DIAG" mode by dialing ##3424# a program should launch
9. Once launched plug the phone Via USB into your computer
10. Drivers should install if not heres what I use -> Drivers
11. Download QPST
12. Once installed launch QPST Configuration
13. It should say SURF##### or something if not add ports, keep adding ports until phone is detected.
14. Once detected click on "Start Clients" then "Service Programing"
15. Once launched click on your phone.
16. Select "Read from phone" at the bottom
17. under codes change the "Service Programing code" to 000000
18. Then select "Write to phone"
19. Click on the "Roaming" or "Roam" Tab
20. Download a CricKet .PRL file from here
21. Once downloaded click on "Browse" on QPST Service Programing
22. Locate the CricKet .PRL
23. Select "Write to phone"
24. Then you'll need to call CricKet and ask them for your MSID or MID to your phone number, or if you already had a Windows Mobile phone dial ##000000#
25. Then you'll need to dial ##PST# (##778#)
26. Then Follow these steps -> Steps Credits to RyanMogul6800 for settings
27. Then you should run a CricKet ROM
28. Link to CoKeman's unlocker -> Link
29. You'll need to run a CricKet ROM Vetvito, makes some pretty good ROMs here is a link to them -> Link
30. Once you run the ROM updater you'll need to get a CricKet .CAB for Internet and MMS heres the .CAB
31. After that you should just need to activate it on your CricKet account
32. Go out and show off how great CricKet really is!!!

Credits go to HornDoctor and Whitey10TC for helping me flash my phone, and TobeyChris RyanMogul6800 ImCoKeMaN and Vetvito .Have fun with your new CricKet HTC Touch.I am not a member of the CricKet Mafia but would like to be!

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LG :: Possible To Use EnV Touch Themes With VX8575?

Feb 21, 2010

So has anyone had any success with additional chocolate touch themes? Is it possible to use the EnV Touch themes with the VX8575? If not, anyone have info on integrating new themes into the phone? What about additional shortcuts?Also, I was wondering what type of applications the phone supports. Flash, Java, anything else?

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LG :: Chocolate (vx8500) Flashed To Cricket Need To Manually Program

Jun 8, 2009

phone already flashed to cricket need help manually programming *228 not working.

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Motorola :: Flash Q For Cricket

Jun 5, 2007

Can the Moto Q be flashed for Cricket?

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LG :: How To Flash Pm-225 From Sprint To Cricket?

Dec 2, 2007

i need help on flashing an lg pm-225 from sprint to cricket

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LG :: How To Flash Env To Cricket Or Voyager?

Jul 29, 2008

does anybody know how to flash a env to cricket or a voyager?

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HTC :: How To Flash Smt 5800 To Cricket?

Aug 8, 2008

how do i flash a htc smt 5800 to cricket

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Motorola :: Q9m Flash To Cricket

Nov 3, 2008

I am new to the flashing business can any body help me out please? I need to flash a Q9m to cricket. Can any body give me step by step directions?

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LG :: Venus Flash To Cricket?

Feb 2, 2009

So i had a guy that i worked with Flash my phone to cricket. he said it was easy so i trusted him. He was succesful on getting the calls and texts to work. But he said he could fully flash it for picture messaging and internet to work. Well i wouldnt be on here if it didnt. I can recieve picture messaging but am unable to send it. And i am unable to access the internet on my phone either. So i have been paying for the services but cant use them. I have my usb cable for my phone, so if anyone could help me get my phone fixed i would appreciate it. IM pretty good with electronics so Im pretty confident that with the right help i could finish the job myself.

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LG :: How To Flash Phone To Cricket?

Nov 16, 2009

i'm having issue with a verizon phone that i but from one of my friend so the problem now is that i have cricket so idk how to flash it.

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LG :: How To Flash Nv2 From Verizon To Cricket?

Mar 23, 2010

how do i switch my verizon lg nv2 vx9100 to cricket service capable??

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Motorola :: How To Flash Q9m To Cricket?

Jun 17, 2010

Can anyone help me flash Motorola Q9m to cricket?

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Samsung :: Flash - A970 To Cricket

Apr 30, 2007

I have an A970 and I want to now switch over to Cricket does an one know how to do that on this phone? or where the prl file is on this phone?

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HTC :: Flash Mogul From Sprint To Cricket

Feb 28, 2008

i am just starting out flashing and need to flash some moguls over to cricket and was wondering if there is any walkthroughs anywhere to help me start out flashing.i downloaded qpst and it is very confusing even though im usually very technical.

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HTC :: 6800 Full Flash To Cricket?

May 14, 2008

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a 6800 i want to flash to criket.

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Samsung :: I700 - How To Flash To Cricket

Jun 13, 2008

How to flash a verizon samsung sph i700 phone to cricket?

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LG :: Flash Verizon 8600 To Cricket

Jun 17, 2008

I am just wondering if i can flash my LG 8600 to cricket? I have done some searching and i have not found any info. any help would be great.

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HTC :: Telus To Cricket Flash / No Internet?

Jun 24, 2008

i live in buffalo, ny which is obviously a city in close proximity to canada. therfore i was able to get my hands on a htc touch p3050 from telus. however living in the US i was able to get the phone flashed to work for cricket... the only thing is i still have no internet access on the phone.port 8080 and nothing
is there a problem that may exist in the registry.what am i doing wrong..everything works except picture mail and the internet!

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LG :: Sprint Rumor Flash To Cricket

Jan 24, 2009

I flashed my daughter's Sprint LG Rumor to Cricket. All went well as far as I can see, but in reading some other threads I'm wondering if this is ok.There is no PRL or ERI version installed on phone after the flash. Phone does get service, as I have entered *228 and it connects to Cricket but says phone is not activated. This is correct as I have not registered the phone with Cricket yet. What I am wondering is once I get it registered will it put the PRL and ERI into the phone for me when I do the *228 or will I have to do it myself?

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Motorola :: US Cellular Z6m Flash To Cricket Help?

Feb 6, 2009

i was wondering if someone could help with this flash? what monster do i use to get it fully flashed to cricket? and what steps do i use? i have searched and have found the cricket monster, but i have found other posts saying that it does not work.

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LG :: Flash Verizon Vx 9400 To Cricket

Apr 23, 2009

Just need the low-down on ;how to do this. Never flashed a phone before and I want to flash this phone asap.

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