LG :: VX8300 Full Flash To Cricket

Jul 3, 2010

I flashed my phone so it will work on Cricket's Network, But I am having problems getting it fully flashed over to receive MMS Messages. I have followed step by step instructions & still not working. Below are pics of my LG NV Edit's that I have done & what keeps happening. Please help me out if you can & let me know what I am doing wrong.

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LG :: How To Flash Nv2 From Verizon To Cricket?

Mar 23, 2010

how do i switch my verizon lg nv2 vx9100 to cricket service capable??

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Motorola :: How To Flash Q9m To Cricket?

Jun 17, 2010

Can anyone help me flash Motorola Q9m to cricket?

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LG :: How To Go About Full Flashing Vx5500 To Cricket?

Jan 29, 2010

Hello everybody. I'm wondering how to go about full flashing an LG vx5500 to Cricket.

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LG :: Vx9100 Cricket Flash SMS Not Working?

Jan 11, 2010

I went to cricket and got my phone flashed, basic, well it will not let me send text out. I can receive but not send. So i was like well **** I am sure I can flash at home. So when I got home I started researching how to flash myself. So went threw allot was already set up since it was pre flashed. I went ahead and opened the web but I do not have web access since I do not pay for it, I have a Iphone for that. But even though I re flashed using prl 01039 I can still not send out text. Can receive I can make calls receive calls just not send out text.

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Samsung :: Reclaim To Cricket - Flash

Jan 19, 2010

I have a samsung reclaim and want to put it on cricket. i have looked everywhere for the ways to flash this but cant seem to find it.

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LG :: How To Flash 8300 To CricKet Service?

May 6, 2010

I have a LG 8300 and I need to know how to flash it so it works on CricKet service. Please step by step guide would be much appreciate it.

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Motorola :: Devour Flash To Cricket

Jun 4, 2010

I been all over the internet.Ive downloaded cdma general.. Ive taken several steps but i still have a few problems.

1. I cant find the proper files for my phone.

2. RSD GENERAL is not recognizing my motorola devour.

Does anyone kno how to fully flash this phone.. If so then help is greatly appreciated

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HTC :: How To Flash A Touch Vogue To CricKet Wireless?

Jan 24, 2010

I had ALOT of problems trying to flash my HTC Touch to CricKet so here is a guide to flash your phone and skip the problems I had.

1. Download GetSPC
2. Copy GetSPC.exe to the device its self or to a SD card.
3. Browse the device to find the GetSPC using File Explorer.
4. Run GetSPC
5. Enter your ESN HEX in the first box and then press "go" or something
6. In the "output" box it should be a 6 diget number.
7. Write this down you'll need it later.
8. Put the phone into "DIAG" mode by dialing ##3424# a program should launch
9. Once launched plug the phone Via USB into your computer
10. Drivers should install if not heres what I use -> Drivers
11. Download QPST
12. Once installed launch QPST Configuration
13. It should say SURF##### or something if not add ports, keep adding ports until phone is detected.
14. Once detected click on "Start Clients" then "Service Programing"
15. Once launched click on your phone.
16. Select "Read from phone" at the bottom
17. under codes change the "Service Programing code" to 000000
18. Then select "Write to phone"
19. Click on the "Roaming" or "Roam" Tab
20. Download a CricKet .PRL file from here
21. Once downloaded click on "Browse" on QPST Service Programing
22. Locate the CricKet .PRL
23. Select "Write to phone"
24. Then you'll need to call CricKet and ask them for your MSID or MID to your phone number, or if you already had a Windows Mobile phone dial ##000000#
25. Then you'll need to dial ##PST# (##778#)
26. Then Follow these steps -> Steps Credits to RyanMogul6800 for settings
27. Then you should run a CricKet ROM
28. Link to CoKeman's unlocker -> Link
29. You'll need to run a CricKet ROM Vetvito, makes some pretty good ROMs here is a link to them -> Link
30. Once you run the ROM updater you'll need to get a CricKet .CAB for Internet and MMS heres the .CAB
31. After that you should just need to activate it on your CricKet account
32. Go out and show off how great CricKet really is!!!

Credits go to HornDoctor and Whitey10TC for helping me flash my phone, and TobeyChris RyanMogul6800 ImCoKeMaN and Vetvito .Have fun with your new CricKet HTC Touch.I am not a member of the CricKet Mafia but would like to be!

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Motorola :: Flash Moto Q To Cricket Using Existing #

Feb 14, 2010

I have a cricket phone atm and my friend just gave me his old phone ( Moto Q [ A1 i believe]) after he upgraded. My question is ( and i've browsed the forums and I might just be missing the topic but... ) how do i take the info from the cricket and put it on the Moto Q

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Motorola :: Devour (A555) Flash To Cricket?

Jun 15, 2010

Well my friend switched to ATT from Verizon and gave me her sweet motorola Devour. I'm pretty big on phone modding and so I was looking forward to using this phone but I want to switch it over to cricket.Is there anyway I can get this phone to work on the cricket network? I have actually seen one on the cricket network but have found no literature on the internet what so ever. Any information would be much appreciated, Thanks!

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LG :: Need LG Chocolate Touch Vx8575 Cricket Flash File

Mar 30, 2010

i need LG Chocolate Touch vx8575 cricket flash file.

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Samsung :: Sprint Instinct SPH-M800 Flash To Cricket Network

Jun 22, 2010

I have been using google and this forum's seach feature to try to get the answer to my question, but I've read different things and ended up confused.First of all, I have unlocked my Spring Samsung and uploaded the 01040 Cricket PRL and it seems to be working because when I dial 611 I get a message from Cricket. Over the air programming doesn't seem to work when dialing *228, and from reading threads I am guessing I will have to do it manually.I am confused as to at what step do I call Cricket Customer service to get some info I need. Plus, from reading another topic someone said I need to get the min#, mdn#, and sid# http://www.howardforums.com/showthre...nstinct-please from Cricket CS, is this correct? Or what info do I need to ask Cricket CS in order to continue to QPST configuration?

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Samsung :: S30 - Full Flash - Software

Jan 29, 2010

how to fully flash the samsung s30 instinct to pocket? or does any one have the software for the fully flash?

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LG :: Voyager VX10000S Revol Full-Flash?

Mar 10, 2010

Where can I get a Revol full-flash for an LG Voyager VX10000S ?

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LG :: VX9600 Versa Full Flash To Metropcs

Jun 7, 2010

I Have an LG VX9600, and have had it flashed to metro already, so i can sent texts, get call all the basics, but I know that you can program it to be able to use internet and picture messaging. I have connected my phone to my laptop and used the QPST Configuration program to open up the settings of the phone. I do have I think all the setting for the Metro web browser to work, but I can't find where they all go. Below I posted what setting I have.

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Samsung :: Full Flash Software For Sprint Instinc S30

Jan 29, 2010

im looking to get the full flash software for the sprint instinc s30 can some one help out with some info or point me to the right direction.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Started To Flash Up A Message That Says 'memory Full'

Nov 22, 2012

My phone has started to flash up a message that says 'memory full'. I do not have a memory card in , i do not have an excessive amount of photos or videos / saved texts/ etc so i dont understand why it should suddenly start to do this. Why is it doing it and what should i do to stop it. also how do i stop it happening again ?

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LG :: Transfer Video From Vx8300

Jan 21, 2010

i would like to either stream video from phone bluetooth?? or find away to keep the camera from timing out (i want 2 use it as a spy cam). is there any better options if you flash the firmware? is there factory firmware? maybe a different carrier? not using the phone just want it as a camera and or video.

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Nokia :: 5800 - Full Flash Support - Experiencing Browser Application

Apr 5, 2010

we are living in the times when internet is in our pockets. yet we have a crippled web browsing experience. without full flash support, we are unable to do most of the work, communication, information gathering, nor enjoying entertainment sites.in the modern days of internet where speed is the most important issue, website developers just can't deal with mobile versions of websites. not even the biggest sites, like cnn have a capable and usable mobile site.

yet, our mobile phones, such as nokia 5800 (and also the rest of the communicator-like phones) with a serious browsing capability is discriminated because the websites recognize them as "mobile" phones. most of the time you're not even able to browse the "normal" website and get the same experience to move around and even see the same information on your mobile phone.

i'm also experiencing browser application issues. freezes, hungs, because the site cannot coop with the disabled flash light. it starts to load the data, you able to see the flash box and then the browser just stops working. after a long time of exercise on different sites, such as Internet i'm convinced that flash 10 even bring our browser to its knees. the new flash 10 videos totally killing the browser on my nokia phone. and this is not firmware, not memory nor website related problems. it's incompatibility where the site and the browser just unable to coop.time to fix and update browsers in nokia smart phones including 5800!

get rid of discriminating our mobile devices as a"crippled" internet browser and give us the full web-experience.i was a faithfull nokia owner in the past 10 years (!!!!). i spent a lot of money on my phones. i always bought them even with limited information on the capabilities because i was trustful about the quality and feature-rich products. however if this issue will not be fixed on this particular phone because of whatever reason, be it as technical issue (the phone is not prepared for such internet experience), or be it as a way of lacking in development (never ment to handle such internet experience at all) then i have to leave nokia for good.

this is not "silly warning" or an angry and frustrating finger pointing. it just the fact that if nokia forcing me to swap phone, then i cannot trust a company with such business decisions to limit the timespan of their phone in such a way, that would generate more money for them. if this is not the case and we able to finally use our phone as it should work since the beginning then we will be the happiest buyers and supporters on earth.

i'm also trying to send this to the customer support in the good hope that finally we will see some advancement on this topic. i think we, the users, were quiet patient up until now (a year or so passed and still no sollution on this).

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LG :: VX8300 Reset Security Code Possible?

Jan 20, 2010

I got my kid a new cell phone to replace an old VX8300. Before putting it away or giving it away I was going to wipe out all the old information and hopefully reset it to factory settings.Unfortunately it appears as though one of his friends changed the security code from the default last 4 of the cell number to something else without telling him. Very funny practical joke. Unfortunately my kid has no idea when this happened and his friend does not remember what he changed it to.

I tried every 4 digit combo I can think of and nothing worked. Verizon told me there was nothing they could do. They say they have no master code to reset it and they can't plug it in and reset it manually either.Is this true? Is this phone locked forever? I don't want to figure out what the old code was. I don't care to. All I want to do is to reset the entire thing. Is there no way to do this once that code is changed?
If so then Verizon and LG should make that abundantly clear to people because the odds of someone changing that code and completely hosing their phone is not that low.

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LG :: Delete Phone Number From VX8300

Apr 22, 2010

I have an LG VX8300 phone and have discontinued service with Verizon. Under the Contacts, #5, is "My Name Card" showing my phone number. I've tried editing and wiping out this phone number but get the message "Cannot Edit".Is there another option to clear this phone number?

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LG :: Trying To Forward Some Messages Causes VX8300 Freeze / Reboot

Jun 25, 2010

Is it some characteristic of the original message, sent by family member on more modern phone (don't know the model), that the VX8300 can't handle?

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LG :: Env Touch On Cricket

Apr 1, 2010

I am in need of some firmware upgrading help. I also need info on flashing too, seeing as how I cant send or receive picture messages, MMS, or go on the web browser.Can someone point me in the direction of firmware upgrade/flashing? I am on firmware somethingsomethingsomething03. I have seen some FW up to 09 already. Just seems if I am far behind, I might be missing a lot.

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HTC :: Flashed Evo From Sprint To Cricket

Jun 15, 2010

I recently had a shop flash my HTC evo from Sprint to Cricket. Everything went well and the talk/text/and 3G internet all work. The thing is that Google Maps, Android market, and streaming videos, don't work. If I wanted to revert back to Sprint and sign up with Sprint, how do I go about getting my phone back to how it was?

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Samsung :: U340 Cricket / Using As Modem

Jan 3, 2010

I am with Cricket and tried for long time to use my mobile web plan on my samsung u340 for my computer with no luck. I already installed the driver for windows 7 and able to communicate with the phone with no problem; I have my USB cable for the U340; I followed the instrudtions on the web and set up a dialup networking for my PC. Username is the (10 digits of my cell)@mycricket.com, password is "cricket", the dial number is "#777". I always got "Error 678". I called cricket and they said I need to get in their boardband plan $45/mo. and get the USB modem in order to have internet on my PC. One reason I pay more for the mobile web is trying to use it on my PC, otherwise I will not do the mobile web since it takes forever to send an email with the phone.Is it because of the Samsung u340 won't work with the #777 OR I did something wrong?Any help will be appreciated

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HTC :: Touch Diamond Flashed To Cricket

Jan 11, 2010

My phone is fully flashed to Cricket.Everything works but I can't send pictures. I am running the MightyROM Rhodium MNB.Can anyone hep me out and tell me what is wrong?

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LG :: Tritan (ux840) Use Internet On Cricket

Jan 29, 2010

I cannot figure out how to set the nam code on my phone, please help!! #nam# does not work.

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LG :: Flashing Sprint To Cricket LX290

Feb 25, 2010

Im stuck ive managed to unlock the phone using my cdma workshop now I need a little insight.

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HTC :: Hero To Work With Cricket Service

Apr 23, 2010

Im new to this and I seen post around but I dont understand the terms being used. I have/ had my HTC hero with sprint and port my number over to cricket but I want my Hero back so baaaadddd, but my sprint bills were to high can someone please walk me through the process.

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Motorola :: Droid Is Flashed To Cricket

Jun 30, 2010

got a Moto droid Second hand in good shape already flashed to cricket.my problem is that everything worked from the start and then i got in it and i may have erased something that is now keeping me off the web,can anyone talk me through the phone to check settings for the web.i really don't want to spend more money to reflash, if I don't need too..and does anyone know what the app called superuser permission is the symbol looks like a Ninja.

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