HTC One M8 :: Camera White Balance Off For Indoor Shoots

Sep 5, 2014

I don't know what can be done but the white balance is off for indoor shots, they are more like a sunset color than ambient! Is there a way to adjust the white balance?

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Cannot Find White Balance And Metering Options In Camera Settings

Apr 13, 2012

I'm not able to find 'White Balance' and 'Metering' options in my neo V camera settings (Still) even though being in main camera with 'Normal' mode. From the left draw in the vertical separator I'm opening the camera settings tray. Everything except 'White Balance' and 'Metering' options are appearing there.

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Xperia Z3 :: Camera Shoots Blur Photos

Aug 1, 2015

My camera blur Photo Shoots Two rating. What should I do ?

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Lumia Icon :: White Balance While Shooting Video

Nov 14, 2014

The Icon seems to shift white balance back and forth a lot while shooting video? I have it set to auto white balance and it seems to shift even when I'm not moving it around.

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IPhone :: Indoor Camera Pictures

Sep 11, 2010

Post them! I want to see if they have the green spot on 4.1! I'm trying to figure out if there are ANY at ALL iPhones that do not have the damn green spot on indoor pictures!

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Nokia Nseries :: White Balance Mood Giving Variations

Nov 24, 2012

Problem with fixed white balance modes on the 808's camera. I had expect some variations in auto white balance, but not with a fixed white balance setting. The same variations appear when tungsten white balance is selected.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Lock The White Balance On The Video Cam?

May 9, 2012

Is there any way to lock the white balance on the video cam on the Bionic? When panning with this camera across different scenes the Auto White balance is constanly bouncing the color all over the place, it's distracting. There needs to be some ay to manualy set the white ballance.

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Galaxy S5 :: Indoor Camera Taken Photos Almost Blurry

Apr 10, 2015

I was just wondering, does your S5 has shaky camera too ? When im indoors and take photos, when i zoom in they are almost all blurry. And it was not so low lighted situation. It was pretty bright actually. Outdoors it seems fine but indoors it's has more noise then my S3. Is this normal ? And front camera is definitely better on S3.

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Lumia 950 :: Camera Indoor Quality - Photos Come Out Like Too Much HDR Applied

Dec 26, 2015

I have a strange situation with my camera results on my 950 when shooting indoors with artificial lightning. Photos come out like too much hdr was applied, like were darkened somehow although rich capture is off. I can see the photo looking fine but after a few secs the post processing is applying some sort of hdr or something that results in a worst looking picture.

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Lumia 1020 :: White Balance After Black Update - Fail On Yellow Flash Effect

Jan 2, 2014

So I finally updated to Black today and to my surprise the damn yellow tint is still present when using flash indoors.I did one shot before the update with Nokia Pro Cam, and on after the Black update and after updating to Nokia Camera.
They look nearly identical.

-before black

-after black

no flash after black [this looks most like the real thing] . Notice similar issue with the yellow tint not being fixed after updating to Black?Also forgot to mention, all setting were on auto, on the top two shots, on the no flash one, change from auto flash to no flash.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Indoor Picture - Green Hue Under Most Lighting Conditions?

Jan 5, 2016

Granted I have only begun playing with the camera and the many adjustable features, but already indoor shots seem to have an unnatural green hue. I have even shot pics (in my basement) using a professional camera light to simulate day light and still the picture colors are way off no matter what setting I use or adjustment is made. I guess it's just the result of being a "phone camera"? Nevertheless I was surprised that even professional lighting bulbs yielded little better than a fluorescent or tungsten bulb. How to get better indoor pictures without daylight?

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Sony Ericsson :: K750i / C902 - Indoor Lowlight Camera Shooting Comparison

Mar 22, 2010

Anyway, sitting here in North Sweden and shooting some lowlight / indoor with C902 & K750i just for fun. I've never compared k750i & C902 indoor before, so I got surprised how similar they became.

K750i auto
C902 auto

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BB Curve :: When Scroll Down Trackpad Shoots Up To The Top

Feb 22, 2012

Recently I have been having trouble with my trackpad. When I scroll down it shoots up to the top of the screen especially in BBM. I have tried taking out the battery as well as cleaning my trackpad but it still does it and I am not sure if it is a software or hardware problem

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IPhone :: 3GS Constantly Shoots Screen Shots?

May 31, 2012

My I phone 3Gs constantly shoots screen shots and saves them in the photo file. it then shuts down over and over again. have you heard of this problem and know what to do about it?

iPhone 3GS, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Motorola Motoactv :: Use It Indoor Without Distance?

Aug 27, 2012

I am trying to understand how I can do an indoor activity without getting speed and distance data in the results.I have used the Motoactv primarily for outdoor training for hiking, walking, mountain biking, and inline skating. Additionally, I am using for various indoor activities including plyometrics, weightlifting, indoor cycling, and indoor inline speed skating.I have been able to understand the use of GPS for speed and distance calculations (albeit with a number of accuracy impacting calculation concerns as noted in other posts in this forum). What I do not understand is the speed and distance calculations for the indoor activities. Nor do I have any idea on how the accelerometer (or pedometer) capabilities are used in speed and distance in conjunction with GPS for outdoor activities.

Specifically, for indoor activities other than those which are directly correlated to running, walking, cycling, or an elliptical, how are the speed and distance calculated? For example, when I did an hour of weightlifting using that category, the workout results showed that I had travelled over a mile with various speeds. It seems sensible to me that only a few of the indoor workout categories make sense for speed and distance data. I would not expect yoga or weights to track distance. Additionally, in a pretty intense indoor speed skating practice yesterday, I used the Motoactv for the first time to track my HR data. It produced some speed & distance data for the times in which I was skating, but the accuracy was in no way close. I expected no speed & distance data & I would not expect accurate data for inline speed skating (although that would be awesome). how the various indoor activities use the pedometer for speed calculation? Failing that, does anyone know how to stop an indoor activity from tracking speed & distance? Or finally, do any of the indoor activities NOT generate speed & distance?

The Motoactv device has a lot of functionality over & above competitive GPS watches in it being able to intelligently use the GPS or the pedometer for distance calculation for the specific activity. Hopefully, it also has the software logic to NOT calculate speed & distance for certain activities. Recent Garmin devices allowed you to "Use Indoor" if it could not find a GPS signal which turned off all speed/distance calcs. To prevent inaccurate non-sensical data on the Moto, we need to be able to specify activities without speed/distance or be able to turn off GPS & pedometer for specific activities.

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Motorola Motoactv :: Indoor Calibration For Running?

Jan 8, 2012

Tried to callibrate MA for indoor running;Did what the prompts said -- however, it says for the 1st 2-mins. run easy -- my MA DID NOT let me go for the total 2-mins...tried a couple of times and it usually cut me off at about 1-min?When I look at my workouts OF COURSE the paces are off because it didn't calibrate...I saw that I could "correct" the distance on the MA, but how can I go to my and enter in the laps column my actual, 1-mile??

I actually Don't track calories but was wondering why this indoor workout said 0 calories burned? I DID wear my HR monitor...(Incidentally, I have a new NordicTrack treadmill AND the calories burned compared to my Garmin AND the MA (when I got calories from outdoor run) were ALL completely a lot).I enetered the same data for all 3 re. weight, etc...

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LG G3 :: Can't Change Camera Off Black And White

Jun 8, 2015

The camera only allows black and white pictures?

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BB Curve :: How To Set Camera To Black And White

Aug 25, 2011

i used to be able to take b&w photos with my curve 3g but since sync'd with my computer there does't seem to be the b&w function anymore

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BB Bold :: The White LED Camera Flash Is Always ON

Aug 21, 2011

The white LED camera flash is always ON. It is eating my battery !! How do I turn it off?

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Sony Ericsson :: Network Reception / Not Receiving Signals Indoor

Jul 14, 2010

Poor network reception, not a network provider issue. SIM works fine different phone. It does not receive any signal indoors need to be outside or near a window. What may be wrong with the phone?

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BB Bold :: Change Camera To Black And White?

Jul 11, 2011

is it possible on the new white blackberry bold to change your camera to black and white?

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BB Bold :: Get Pink Colour Instead Of White when Using The Camera?

Dec 29, 2011

I get pink colour instead of white when using the camera though perfectly ok if I use video

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IPhone :: 4 Camera Flash Makes Pics Look White

Jul 18, 2010

Everytime i take a pic with my IP4 and I use the flash, the pics come out with a funny white/blueish tint. is there a way to white balance? Is everyone else having this problem?

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Motorola Atrix :: Camera Has Changed To Black And White?

Jul 7, 2011

My camera has changed to Black and white. Was working fine and now is B&W the video is still working fine.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - 3G Signal Disappears Indoor / Phone Switches To 2G Mode

Aug 17, 2010

W995 has an indoor 3G signal problem. When you hold it in your hand like you mostly do, 3G signal disappears and the phone switches to 2G mode. Hence, outside of the buildings the phone generally keeps 3G signals without any problem. Checked it with another 3G capable GSM Operator's line but nothing changes. I can not make video calls when I'm home. I've got the latest software for my phone.

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Motorola XPRT :: Camera Only Takes Black And White Pictures?

Jun 6, 2012

I have had th xprt only for 7 days so I'm still learning about it. This morning, I took 3 pictures and they all came out black and white! Before today, the phone was taking pictures in color. What happened? The only thing I've done differently was that yesterday, the phone froze for about 2 hours when I clicked on an application. I had to take the battery out to restart the phone. This morning, the phone will only take black and white pictures.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Camera Flash Is Not White LED - Yellowish Dull

Dec 22, 2015

However, I tried taking a few photos in full darkness with flash on or even in low light. I realized that the flash was very dull and did not produce sharp photos as should happen when the flash is on. This phone has dual LED flash and I can still say that my Galaxy S3 with single LED flash had a better performance and produced really good photos with flash on.

The problem I see here is that the flash is kinda yellow in color while S3 had a pure white flash and that too extremely bright, however, with N6P thats not the case.

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Motorola :: L6 Camera Capture Leaves White Line At Bottom Of Photo

Mar 6, 2010

I've noticed that my phone captures something and appears on the bottom a mm size whitish line, looks like its a small portion that doesn't get filtered with the rest of the picture. Couldn't find anything online about it I bet its just mine. Chance anyone sees this themselves??

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Cseries :: Balance Update After Texting?

Jul 30, 2012

is there any way of permanently turning off the sound for a balance update after texting from C3-01, without affecting the sound/alarm for any normal incoming texts?

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IPhone :: Adjust The Channel Balance?

Mar 27, 2012

when playing back music I'd like to adjust the balance either through the hardware/software of the iPhone 4s or through an app. I do not wish to use an external headphone balance adapter?

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IPhone :: Possible To Balance Sound On Earphones?

Mar 31, 2012

I was wondering if there was a way somehow to have sound more in the left earphone, than the right.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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