Galaxy S6 :: Does Smart Lock With Bluetooth Device Work

Apr 13, 2015

Using a Bluetooth device go smart unlock your phone?

I can register my Bluetooth headset for the function but my phone still gets locked and requires my fingerprint after the screen is off for a few minutes

My phone is locked due to exchange security policies.

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Moto X (2014) :: Does Smart Lock Work If Encrypt Android L Device

Dec 5, 2014

I want my phone to be encrypted, but I also do not want a password/lock screen at home. If I encrypt my device if Smart Lock locations and bluetooth devices will still work? I want to make sure because if I encrypt and it *doesnt* work then I'll need to factory reset and start all over.

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Galaxy S6 :: Can't Use Smart Lock With Fingerprint Lock Enabled

May 6, 2015

Tried a few times to set this up using known locations. The phone recognizes its at the known location but i still cant unlock without having to use the fingerprint scan. It would be key if i didn't have to use the scan every time Im in a comfortable locale.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Is Smart Lock Not Working On It

Dec 30, 2015

I have a new Huawei Android smart watch and I enabled Smart Lock so that as long as the phone and watch were connected by Bluetooth the phone would remain unlocked. If they are not connected, my fingerprint would unlock the phone. But enabling Smart Lock seems to have no effect - the phone remains locked when connected to the watch. I have rebooted the phone multiple times after turning off security and Smart Lock then turning them both back on after rebooting.

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Galaxy S5 :: Google Smart Lock

Apr 11, 2015

it's hidden on the s5 in security settings and keeps your phone unlocked as long as you have it on you, even with with finger sensor on

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Galaxy S6 :: Trusted Face Not Available In The Smart Lock Tab?

Dec 28, 2015

I have a samsung galaxy s6 running on lollipop 5.1.1. If I enable smart lock and go to configure it, i am only able to adjust the settings on:

-trusted devices
-trusted places
-trusted voice
-bodydetection (maybe a poor translation from my dutchspeaking phone)

Is it possible to use the trusted faces on this device? or does it need an application?

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Galaxy S6 :: Smart Lock Has Quit Working

Jul 29, 2015

In the last week or so, my trusted places and devices has stopped working and I get asked for my fingerprint every time.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Smart Lock Not Unlocking

Oct 13, 2015

I have set up smart lock except once I swipe on the home screen across the padlock, I still have to use my finger print to unlock. Does smart lock not override the finger print lock?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Get Smart Lock Setting Working

Jun 24, 2015

I use a Samsung S6 Edge. I have a fingerprint Lock enabled with the Device Auto Lock set to 5 minutes. I also have Trusted Places (Home & Office) added. I have a trusted Device (bose Headset) added as well. But still my device gets locked automatically after 5 mins even if i am in the trusted place or connected to trusted device.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Remove Smart Remote From Lock Screen

May 1, 2014

I've tried many things but it won't go. I've stopped all three processes but even this won't remove it!

This transition from iPhone to S5 has proven to be a total nightmare.

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Galaxy S6 :: Smart Lock Fails When Using Trusted Locations

May 5, 2015

I have noticed the smart lock fails 100 % of the time when using a trust location.

The phone will continually ask you for a fingerprint or pattern to unlock in trusted locations.

This is a important selling point for the device that does not work.

Tried uninstalling google service updates with no luck.

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Galaxy S5 :: Google Play Services Have Stopped With Smart Lock

Mar 14, 2015

Upgraded to L, factory reset, updated all apps.

I set up smart lock with trusted places. When it works it works. But every time I restart my phone I now get 'google play services has stopped'. I tried uninstalling google play services updates and reinstalling with no luck. Smart lock also deleted my trusted places last night and google play services crashed again this morning when I tried to read them.

Maybe this why samsung hide the setting on this phone (smart lock works perfectly on the moto x 2014 btw, so its not L )

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Galaxy S5 :: Don't Want Music Or Calls Through Bluetooth Smart Watch

Sep 2, 2015

I just got a cheap smartwatch and it works Ok. But the phone calls and music goes always to the watch. Even if I'm using my headphones. Of course I can make them go back to the phone by pressing the bluetooth symbol.But I wanted that they go to the headphones when their set in. Of course the headphones are wired.

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Smart Switch Not Working - Allow Permissions On Connected Device

Feb 24, 2016

I have smart switch installed on my pc with windows 10 and i try to backup data from my g920f running latest 6.0.1.

Smart Switch is stuck at "To complete the backup using Smart Switch you need to temporarily allow some permissions. Allow the permissions on the connected device"... There's no prompt on my phone.

I tried all kinds of reconnecting, restarting but still this dialogue.

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Galaxy S5 :: Smart Gear That Works With S-Health And Can Play Music Through Bluetooth Headset?

Mar 8, 2015

I have a Galaxy S5 and I love S-health but the phone is a bit too big for my taste for taking it to a run in the park so I'd like to buy a smart device that works with S-Health and can play music through a bluetooth headset, any device that can do this?

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Xperia X10 :: Screen Lock Fails With Bluetooth Device?

Oct 27, 2011

Every time I get a call in my car, I answer it with my bluetooth. But when I do that the screen lock is going in unlock mode. I don't want it to go in unlockmode because my phone is in my trousers.Can I change this in the settings?? If I take a call with a bluetoothdevice the screen-lock must stay on.

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BB Curve 8300 :: Bluetooth Device Will Work 100%?

Aug 22, 2010

Can anyone tell me what Bluetooth device will work 100% with my 8350i BB? I read and heard many horror stories and dont want to make a purchase I can not take back.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Put Fingerprint Lock On Device

May 5, 2015

My device is samsung galaxy A5 i want to lock my screen with my finger print. I want the original finger print like samsung galaxys5.....

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LG G4 :: Smart Lock Option Gone - How To Get It Back

Aug 4, 2015

I've been using my new LG G4 for 2 weeks and I've been liking the smart lock feature like trusted face and trusted devices but yesterday this feature stopped working and when I checked i didn't find this option at all !

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LG G3 :: Why Isn't Smart Lock Working On Phone

Apr 15, 2015

I just downloaded to 5.0.1 version and my smart lock is not working at home or with my fitbit charge.

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LG G3 :: Why Isn't Smart Lock Working For Trusted Places

Mar 23, 2015

so i have an LG G3 on Sprint with 5.0.1

Smart Lock for Trusted devices (that is, bluetooth) works fine. however, Trusted places does NOT work EVER.

i can add Trusted places such as Home, my office, etc.... but it does nothing. no matter what, it won't allow me two swipe up to access the phone- it requires my PIN 100% of the time.

Location Mode is High accuracy (GPS and networks).

I've rebooted many times. I've added, removed, and added places... no place ever works for this feature.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Can't Get Fingerprint Lock To Work

Jul 5, 2015

I'm trying to set up the fingerprint lock on the edge 6. So I've gone to setting and security and all that. I've added both thumbs as fingerprints. And under lock screen type it says fingerprint. Yet every time I lock the screen and hit the home button it says swipe to unlock. Even tho I go back to settings and under lock screen it says fingerprints. What step am I missing? Also I restarted the phone and the first time I pressed the home button it asked for my fingerprint but then after that it went to swipe screen. What should I do to fix this so it's fingerprint every time.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Camera To Work From Lock Screen

Aug 11, 2015

I am unable to get the camera to work from the lock screen. I have the icon in the lower right side and it makes those rings like it is activating but it does nothing. Also have the phone icon also and the same thing happens there too.

Android 5.0

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Set Up Bluetooth On Device To Car Stereo

Mar 10, 2015

How do I set up the bluetooth on my galaxy s5 to my car stereo? Everytime i try it it says bad password

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Smart Lock On Phone MISSING

Jul 3, 2015

I just switched from a 2014 Moto X to Droid Turbo this morning. I updated the phone to lollipop and started to set things up how I like them. However, I cannot find the smart lock feature anywhere to set up trusted locations. I did set up my lock screen with a pin.

I googled to make sure this model has smart lock on lollipop and it does. I went through the steps on my moto x to make sure I wasn't missing it on the turbo.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Screen Off App Preventing Smart Lock From Working?

May 19, 2015

Not rooted stock Nexus 5 with 5.1.

I installed a Screen Off app to save wear and tear on my power button. However, I discovered this app prevents Smart Lock from working. I set Pattern Lock with a Bluetooth device Smart Lock. When I use the Screen Off app the Lock Screen appears when I hit the power button. When I use the power button to turn off then Smart Lock works and it recognizes my Bluetooth device and skips the Pattern Lock screen.

Any way I can get a Screen Off app that allows Smart Lock to work as it should?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Trusted Places Not Working For Smart Lock

Nov 2, 2015

Having issues with trusted places now working for smart lock? I have it set as my home as a trusted place, yet it still requires me to unlock it when I'm at home. I've deleted and re added home as a trusted place. Same thing.

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Galaxy S6 :: New Phone Not Picking Up Bluetooth Device In Car?

Dec 8, 2015

My S4 mini picked up my car's device but mew new S6 does not pick it up at all. I scan but it 'sees' nothing.

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Galaxy S6 :: Re-pairing Deleted Bluetooth Device

Feb 1, 2016

I accidentally deleted the pairing for my Bluetooth headphones (had to exchange the headphones and had multiple devices showing ) Now my S6 won't rediscover when I scan for them . Have tried restarting phone and headphones ..... desperately trying to avoid a factory reset !

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Galaxy S6 :: Calling From Bluetooth In Vehicle - Device Is Not Compatible

Oct 29, 2015

I have a 2015 Chevy Trax and my Bluetooth connection to my S6 is fine, other than the fact that when I press my steering wheel button to call, it says something along the lines of "This device is not compatible with that" ...

Also, when I plug in to my USB port, it only comes up with Picture/Video multimedia. No music. Which is slightly frustrating as Bluetooth streaming obviously takes battery life away...

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Galaxy S6 :: Battery Indicator For Connected Bluetooth Device

May 24, 2015

Recently, I've got myself a Creative Soundblaster Roar 2, and when I connect it to my friend's Ipod, it shows the battery status on the ipod. Same happens when I connect it with a LG G3. But when I connect it to my S6, there is no such feature. Do I have to enable it in the settings? Or is it just a feature only available on IOS and LG.The speaker does come with a battery indicator, but its pretty vague. 3 lights only, and it indicates Full battery, 75% and low battery only. It'll be great to know the exact amount.

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