Galaxy S5 :: Moving Music Files From IMac ITunes To Samsung Phone

May 1, 2015

Every time I connect my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my iMac, I get a message that it cannot locate the device. The cable is good, I use it to charge my S5, and it works just fine. How to move files from iTunes to my Galaxy S 5?

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HTC One M7 :: Moving Files (music) To Phone

Jun 10, 2014

I just got me a One yesterday and I'm ready to move music to the phone. I have it plugged in via usb (on a Macbook), but the computer doesn't see it. I downloaded the HTC Sync Manager, that also doesn't see the phone. In other phones you have to make a choice of charging/file transfer/etc, but I do not see this. I'm used to Samsung phones, so this is a bit different for me. I"m running 4.4.2 and Sense is 5.5.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Sent All Music Files To The Usb Storage On The Phone?

Sep 27, 2011

I sent all my music files to the usb storage on the phone and when i open the music player it still says i ahve no music.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Can't Transfer Music From ITunes To Samsung Phone

Jul 26, 2015

Trying to add music to s6 by drag and drop and when i try a drop it into music folder get the no entry system so will not let me add music from itunes.

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Galaxy S6 :: Transfer Music On ITunes From Laptop To New Samsung Phone?

Jun 5, 2015

New to the android. How do I transfer my music on my iTunes from my laptop to my new Samsung?

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Galaxy S5 :: Moving Pictures And Files On Android Phone?

Nov 26, 2015

GALAXY S5 phone file transfer to external SD card

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Galaxy S6 :: Transfer Photos From Samsung Phone To IMac Computer?

Jul 22, 2015

How do I transfer photos from my Samsung Galaxy S6 to IMAC computer?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Rename Music Files Music Player

Jan 23, 2012

Anyone know how to rename music files in galaxyss2 music player?

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Galaxy S5 :: Blurry Fast Moving Pictures With Samsung Phone

Oct 26, 2014

I've been an iPhone user from the 3 to the 5S but decided to give the Android a shot and altho I like many of the phones features, the camera isn't producing pic's anywhere as good as my old iPhone 5S did ...

Stationary shots are fine, but I have 2 dogs and like to photograph them running around and doing their thing, and so far the S5 has been terrible with results. I've tried every setting on the phone. I've DL the 'Sports Shot' mode, but still all I get is a heap of blurry shots. In an hour at the local doggy park I'll take 50 - 60 shots and end up keeping 3 or 4 as the rest are blurred.

Now I REALLY want this phone to work for me, but as I say I'm not having much luck with pics, the video is fine, but yeah, not cutting it with the pictures...

For example.

iPhone 5S...

Samsung S5

As you see the iPhone has produced a picture that is better in every way from what I see.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Get Music From My Files?

Jul 21, 2012

I am new to this forum and the Samsung Galaxy S2. When I download anything from my PC onto the phone it goes straight into My Files. I cannot then get anything in My Files to save to a ringtone or notification?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Duplicate Music Files?

Jan 25, 2013

I had lots of music in my galaxy s2 phone memory and then moved it all over to the sd card when I bought one. Now when I open up the music player (the standard one that came bundled up with the phone) I get 2 of every track when I open up an album, one track plays and the other one gets the message " the player does not support this type of file". I have completely deleted the whole music folder from the phone memory so where is the phone finding these duplicate files that will not play and how do I get rid of them

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Samsung :: Moving MP3 Files From PC To New T404G Via USB Cable

Oct 7, 2011

I bought a 4GB SD card for my brand new Samsung T404G touch screen cell phone.I tried bluetooth transfer, but PC and phone wouldn't pair no big deal so I bought a USB cord.So now, PLEASE, will someone tell me exactly (remember am new and stupid about cell phones!) how I go about transferring the MP3 files?

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HTC One M7 :: How To Get Music From IMac / ITunes

Jan 9, 2014

Just got one. I connected it to my iMac and it downloaded an HTC app, which opened and started synching music from iTunes, which I stopped because I don't want iTunes to synch with my phone I just want to transfer what I want to the Phone (BIG iTunes library). 90% of the songs are unprotected MP3s. Any way to transfer/play purchases from iTunes, specifically music videos, as well as music?

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IPhone 5s :: IOS 7 / ITunes - Moving Podcasts To Music App?

Jul 2, 2014

Is there a way to move my Podcasts (and create a seperate playlist) to the Music App?¬ I would like to listen to Podcasts through my GPS app, MotionX, which only plays the Music App.¬

Any work around for this?¬ I am using¬ IO 7, iPhone 5S, and iTunes¬

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Can't Open PDF Files On Samsung Phone

Nov 20, 2015

Have installed pdf reader app as well I have changed setting to no limit download size and auto download as previously suggested. I end up always getting file size 0 or incompatible file message.

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Galaxy S5 :: Moving Files / Apps From Internal To SD Card?

Jun 25, 2015

I have a Galaxy S5 from Cricket/AIO wireless. It just recently updated to Lolly from KK. I want to move larger apps and such to the SD card as I have a 128GB in there. But whenever I try to move a file/app, it becomes unstable or doesn't work. In its place on the menu, is a blank/ghost space and says "app is not installed". In the app manager it is usually listed as "xyz" or such. I am still making payments to it so I cant fully root it or jailbreak it but I cant load the apps I want/need. Or is there a way to load larger apps directly to the SD?

Also as a secondary problem, moving pctures from internal to SD, I get a ghost image in Gallery and cant access the picture. Did it delete? Can I get it back somehow? Do I need a forensics kit on my computer?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Download Photos To Imac?

Mar 29, 2012

How do I download photos on my galaxy to my imac. Syncmate is setup on both comp & galaxy. The camera connected by usb cable is not recognised by iphoto, photoshop, picasa etc.

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IPhone :: Moving IP Pics To IMac?

Sep 6, 2010

Whenever I sync my iPhone 3Gs to my iMac, the photos on my iPhone never transfer to the iMac. Any suggestions as to how I can configure so that the pics move over?

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Galaxy S6 :: Load Android Music From IMac?

Dec 26, 2015

Copy an album from iTunes to android S6...

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Not Music And Gallery Recognizing New Files On Phone

Jun 23, 2015

I have connected my phone with the USB and transferred my photos and music to my phone. Unfortunately, when I open the Gallery, I can't see any of the pictures that I know are there. I can see the files if I use My Files to browse. It is the same for my music.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Transferring Files From Old Samsung 4 To New Phone Using Smart Switch?

Oct 19, 2015

I downloaded smart switch on my new phone but it isnt compatible with the old one. what is the best way to transfer my files such as contact list and photos to the new phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Files Disappear When Transferring Between SG Card And Phone Storage?

Nov 19, 2011

I have had the SGS S2 for almost two months now, whenever I transfer pictures and music between folders with my external SD Card or to my Phone Storage, they disappear.I can't remember how exactly I moved them, but I remember the last time I cut the files from one folder and pasted to another, and they all just disappeared.

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BB Bold :: IMac Bluetooth Moving Photos?

Aug 6, 2011

I am trying to pair my Blackberry Bold 9900 with my iMac Lion. I was able to connect but can not browse the Blackberry. When I try to Browse the 9900 device I get the message "This device does not have the necessary services".How do I get the Blackberry 9900 to work with the iMac so I can move Photo's into iPhoto, or Music, addresses.

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IPhone :: Moving Photos From Iphoto On IMac?

Jun 28, 2012

I have 120 photos in my iPhone that I would like to move to my iPhoto on my iMac. I have emailed 1 - 3 photos to the email I use on my iMac, but here I have 120 photos. I got an iPhoto app for my iPhone thinking that would have an easy way to move photos from my iPhone to iPhoto on my iMac. I have not found any way to move a large number of photos from the iPhone to my iMac. I thought maybe when I connected to my iMac to Sync I would find a way to move a large number of photos but as yet I have found no way. How can I get these 120 photos (each about 1.3mb) from my iPhone to my iMac (iPhoto)?

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IPhone :: ITunes Library Won't Sync Between My Phone And IMac

Jul 1, 2012

All of a sudden my iTunes library won't synch between my iphone and my iMac.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Playing Music Directly From "files" Folder And External Sd Card?

Jul 28, 2012

I have an SIII but no one seems to be viewing those forums so I thought I would ask here. I've always stored my music in folders sorted by artist and never bothered with tagging as long as the file names started with numbers. I have over 300 gigs in music so I'm not about to start tagging now. my 32 gig sd card has 4500 music files.The music player doesn't play nice with my sorting - artist view winds up showing the same artists 10 times or sorts out compiltation albums while folder view has every single album (300-400 or so) sorted alphabetically.

I would like to go into the external sd card and play directly from there. I can do that, but only a single track will play and you can't use any other apps or browse when the track plays. Am I stupid or something?This is the main reason why I've always used Cowon music players or my sansa clip, I can simply go into folders and play. I have media monkey and love it but even there I use the folder directory.

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Nokia Music :: Moving Music To Phone?

Feb 16, 2012

I have tried to move music over to the nokia lumia 800 but it's not working

I select the cd and drag it to the phone in the bottom left hand corner but then nothing happens.

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Galaxy S6 :: Get ITunes Music Onto Phone?

May 2, 2015

I need a simple and free way to get my music from itunes on my mac and onto my s6 edge

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: New Voicemail Notification Not Moving?

Jan 29, 2012

ive never used voice mail before and have just transferred my number from my pay and go phone to contract phone (galaxy s2).once it did it.i got a few network messages and a new voice mail notification.i had to set some sort of number to dial it..and when i call it it, the o2 lady voice just says "at the third stroke the time brought to you by o2 will be blah blah" then beep beep beep..then it just idea what it is.and i cant get rid of the notification..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Moving Apps In Grids?

Nov 10, 2011

I have sorted my Apps alphabetically in the grids on my Galaxy s II, but they seems to move by themselves to other grids.Normal I have 16 apps in a grid, but now I come across grids with only 15, 12 or 8 apps inside. The other 1, 4 or 8 have just moved to the following grid.

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IPhone :: Backed Up To Wrong Phone, Instead Of Creating New Account On IMac/iTunes?

Jun 1, 2012

My husband and I bought a new iMac. He plugged in his iPhone first and named it and downloaded his photos. I plugged mine in and somehow by accident backed it up as if it was his phone, and now my phone is exactly like his...any way to reverse this??

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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