Galaxy S5 :: How To Turn Off Sound Priority

Jun 13, 2015

How do I turn off some priority in my samsung s 5?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Priority Mode - Messages Won't Sound?

Dec 27, 2014

I'm using an N5 with stock 5.01, rooted with twrp. During the night I used to use a tasker profile for when sleeping that did pretty much what priority Mode does by allowing my started contacts calls and messages to get through and alert me. With priority Mode now available, I use tasker to just trigger that instead.

But I'm having an issue with my messages. I use Handcent as my default messaging app and when I get an sms from a starred contact when in priority Mode it does not sound. I installed google messenger to check and when it's set to default messaging app I get the notification since no issues. Switch back to Handcent and no luck again.

I use Handcent because I like the pop up alert in it, but more so because I can schedule sms messages for a particular time, which is a feature I do use a bit. So if rather not change from it. Why the alert doesn't sound in Handcent during priority Mode.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Any Way To Turn Off Ambient Display When On Priority Mode

Jun 18, 2015

So I have Priority Mode set at night so I won't get bothered by notifications, but I also have Ambient Mode on and even on Priority Mode it still lights up. Is there any way to set it so that my screen doesn't light up when Priority Mode is set? My room is pretty dark and I keep seeing my screen light up at night when I'm trying to go to sleep.

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Galaxy S6 :: Turn Off Start Up Sound?

Nov 7, 2015

How do I turn off the T-Mobile "song" when I turn on my Samsung Galaxy 6?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn Off Activation Sound

Aug 19, 2015

When I push the button to light up my screen (phone's already on), it makes an obnoxious sound. This happens every time I activate the phone, and I need it to stop. I've looked through all my sounds and notifications, and I don't see any way to make it stop. Surely there is one, tho..

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn On Camera Shutter Sound

Aug 23, 2015

I've seen numerous websites detailing how to turn off the shutter sound but none the other way around. My camera does not make any sounds when I take a picture and there is no toggle in the settings to turn it back on. I haven't downloaded any app to turn off the sound either. I know the sound exists because when I take a screenshot it makes the familiar "click" but no sound when I take a picture with the camera.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn Off Sound Of IPod Broadcast

Dec 17, 2015

I close the iPod program but the sound continues. The most recently opened apps folder is empty. The same happens with three different iPod apps.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Turn Off Power Up Sound On Phone

Mar 26, 2015

How to turn off the power up sound on the S5? I prefer no noise when I start my phone (now if you could also get rid of the Verizon screen... but I know better)...

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Turn Off Sound For Email Notifications

May 30, 2014

how to turn off the notification sound when I get a new email. I can't seem to figure it out. I do not want to turn off my ringer or text though. I just get a ton of spam emails at all hours of the day.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound

Jan 25, 2016

I want to turn off the camera shutter sound when you make a picture or a video but i dont have this option in my settings (cause its not allowed in my country). I have the unikernel and have root. I DONT WANT TO USE ANOTHER CAMERA APP!!! So i navigated to /system/media/audio/ui and i clicked every audio file and i deleted all the sounds that had to do with the camera app and now it doesnt make any sounds when i make a picture or a video ONLY WHEN I MAKE A SELFIE WITH THE FRONT CAM IT STILL MAKES THE SHUTTER SOUND, BUT THE SOUND ISNT IN THE DIRECTORY!!! I only have this problem on the frontside cam when i make a picture!! What can i do to remove the shutter sound for the front cam? I am on 5.1.1 and i have the unikernel stock and i have a sm-g920f

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Galaxy S6 :: Turn Off Shutter Sound In Camera Settings

Apr 25, 2015

I have a Sprint Galaxy s6. I want to turn off the shutter sound but there is no option in the camera settings to turn it off. As soon as my kids hear that sound they immediately stop whatever they are doing.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Turn On Camera Sound On Samsung 900F

Mar 30, 2015

When I take pictures there is no camera "click" sound in all the applications. How do I turn it on ?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Navigation Works All Ok - How To Turn On Sound

Nov 15, 2011

Works all ok, apart from I have no sound! How do I turn the sound on.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Games Freeze If Turn On The Sound?

Jul 3, 2011

I found many games include: greedy pigs, catoon defense 2, battle heart, etc ... (I purchased from android market) will randomly freeze during the game play if I turn on the sound! However, if I turn off the sound (I mean turn off the sound option in game, not mute the media volume), then all games runs without any problem.

Not every game will have this problem. For example, angry birds, finding difference, air attack, etc... No problem at all. It looks to me that most of defence games and real time strategy games are in this case. It's just the game itself freezed, not the whole system. I can still use "home" to go back to the main screen then kill the game app.

I'm using vodafone version s2 and already updated to the lastest firmware.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Turn Off Camera Sound When Taking Photo

Dec 11, 2015

I got my Galaxy S6 edge yesterday and I'm new to anything Samsung so how to turn off my camera sound when I take a photo? Also, I would like a generic sounding ringtone like ringing but all I have is the musical ones that annoy me.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Turn Off The Shutter Sound When Taking Photos?

Jun 20, 2011

becaus eits starting to drive me mad and i cant find a solution (I have a non rooted phone, which ideally i wish to keep non rooted)

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Galaxy S6 :: When Turn Camera On It Makes A Crackling Sound And Image Waves

Dec 6, 2015

When i turn my camera on it makes a crackling sound and the image waves. I have to touch the screen a few times to get it to stop. Then when taking a picture the quality is very low, not anything like it was out of the box.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 How To Turn Off Camera Sound / Focus Sound

May 2, 2010

for some new Sony Ericsson phones (I know the W995 has this problem for sure) there is no option to turn off the camera sound or the focus sound, even when silent mode is on. Here I am going to guide you through a solution to overcome this.What we are going to do is replace the sound files for the camera sound and the focus sound with a sound which is silent, using A2uploader.
1. Download this .rar file I have uploaded with 3 sound files, namely camerafocus.3gp, camerashutter2.3gp and camerashutter2_rer.3gp
2. Currently you can choose the following sounds
1. Camera shutter
2. Bear can opening
3.Tennis ball
4. Laser
The files in the .rar have been created to replace the Beer can opening sound, however if you want to keep this one, then change the number on the end e.g to replace the Laser sound the two files would be camerashutter4.3gp and camerashutter4_rer.3gp Although please note to replace the Camera shutter sound the number on the end is not 1, but is no number at all e.g. camerashutter.3gp and camerashutter_rer.3gp3.Now you connect your phone to A2uploader (see Tutorial on main website for how to do this) and go to tpa/presets/system/sound and drop all 3 files into this folder. If you want to keep the sound you're replacing right click on it and click 'read' this will create a folder ph_out with this file in it.4.Shut down A2uploader, switch on phone and bobs your uncle!You can also add other sounds, I created a Gavin and Stacey one here but I will happily accept requests for others.Hope this helps! [ This Message was edited by: adsada on 2010-05-02 10:16 ] Proud owner of K850i It truly is an amazing phone.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Get Sound Through Plugged In Earbuds - External Sound Does Not Mute

Aug 25, 2015

I plugged my earbuds into my s6. The external sound did not mute, and the no sound came thru the earbuds. What's up. Note: I changed out earbuds, just in case, the first pair were bad.

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Nokia :: E71 Applications Priority

May 24, 2010

Can I change applications priority in menu ? I mean when I push menu button , the highlighted icon to be other than "installations" ?

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IPhone :: 4 Priority List

Jun 25, 2010

Apple Store was crazy on the 24th and since I have tons of work, I just went there and got onto a priority list that they were creating. Any ideas when the priority list people will get the phone?

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LG G3 :: Priority Notifications With Lollipop?

Feb 16, 2015

How priority notifications work with Lollipop. I thought I u destroy this but I'm having serious issues. Even if I don't have messages selected during priority, when text messages come through from non-favorites it still comes through with sound. I can't get this fixed. Attached is my current settings.

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IPhone :: WESTFIELD UK 4 Priority List?

Jul 4, 2010

Is anyone else in the UK on a priority list and got to pick up a phone?
Iv been on the Westfield (White City) list for a week now and still no e-mail has anyone else had any success with stores in the UK if so which stores?

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IPhone :: US Priority List Website

Jul 23, 2010

Here's the website:

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Moto X (2014) :: How To Set Priority Notifications

Jan 10, 2015

So I understand Priority Notifications is the new 'silent' mode but I can't get it working so that it has the same functionality as older Android versions.

I've set all priority notifications (events / calls / messages) off and choose to turn on priority notifications indefinitely but each day it reverts back to 'all' so I have to remember to turn it on every day.

Also, when in an app (e.g WhatsApp) and a new message comes through, it still makes a noise even though it's in priority notifications mode!

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HTC One M7 :: How Can Turn Off Vibration But Keep Sound On

Dec 29, 2014

Firstly, this question has nothing to do with keyboard vibration/feedback. I just want to know how to keep my phone on loud, but turn off the vibration. I can't find a button anywhere to turn off vibrate, apart from putting it on silent...

Edit: yes, the first thing I did was go into the settings and do that, but it doesn't work for texting or whatsapp messages and I don't know how to turn it off for those. I don't mind the vibration when it rings.

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IPhone :: 4 Sound Won't Turn Off

May 31, 2012

y iPhone 4 sound won't turn off! I have tried everything.... I turned the slider on and off- it doesn't show the volume symbol on the screen turning on and off I went to the actual sound setting in the settings app turn the sound off on that slider bar But the sound is still low.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Turn On Sound On 4s?

Jun 3, 2012

i have no sound at all on my iphone 4s only vibration can anyone help and all buttons are on sound

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia E52 :: T9 Dictionary Keep Forgetting Word Priority?

Apr 22, 2010

My E52 T9 dictionary seems to keep forgetting thr word priority for my more frequent words, and end up the list given when i press * is arranged by alphabetical order. anyway to solve this?

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IPhone :: Order Online Vs Priority List ?

Jul 19, 2010

I am looking to purchase an iphone 4, and since there are no walk-ins at any apple store i put my name down on the priority list at the Georgetown-DC apple store. Should i just go ahead and order it online or just wait for the priority list?

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IPhone :: IPhone4 Priority List - Los Angeles

Jul 19, 2010

I was put on the priority list at the apple store in Glendale Galleria, beverly Center, and Sherman Oaks on 7/3 for the 16gb iPhone4.
Has anyone received one who preordered around 7/3?

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