Cseries :: Display Not Working

Mar 23, 2012

Have nokia C7, there is nothing showed on my screen when I get a call on my mobile(only sometimes not always). The touch screen does not work as I cannot see anything on the screen and the only option is with the hard keys to receive the calls.

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Cseries :: C7 Display Is Not Working / It Is Showing Pop Up Clock

Jul 22, 2012

my mobile nokia c7 , in this nokia belle is installed , but i am getting problem. my display is not working, it is showing pop up clock.no buttons are working, i have reboot several times.

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Cseries :: Nokia C6 - Mobile Display Strip Not Working

Oct 18, 2012

mobile display strip not working,how much should i pay to care centre

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Cseries :: C6-00 Display Light Was Gone?

Apr 18, 2012

my c6-00 display light was gone.. and i did changed the display and again it happened? why is the reason?

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Cseries :: Display White Dot?

Dec 22, 2011

white dot on my C2 display when there's incoming call, quite strange problem

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Cseries :: How To Get More Light On Display

Sep 3, 2012

I have a problem with the backlight of my c7 phone. After many upgrades from symbian 3 to anna and now the latest belle, I can only set two positions from min to max, even though it seems to be four positions from minim to maxim. Now @ max backlight it is half. How I can get more light on the display.

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Cseries :: Getting Rid Of Large Clock Display?

Oct 5, 2012

i have just purchased a C1-01. On the display I a large icon showing my battery life and signal, my network providor name, a really large time display and a slightly smaller date. I have tried to look under the date and time settings, but there is no option for hiding it. It's really annoying but I've no idea how to make it go away.

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Cseries :: How To Change Display Brightness

Nov 21, 2010

How can I change the display brightness of my nokia C3-00?

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Cseries :: Nokia C6 Display Screen?

Jan 21, 2012

I would like to inform you that i have purchased nokia c6 from bangalore on dt 05/06/2011 but, now, since last 3-4 days i am facing problem with this devices. It's stop showing anything on it's screen but mobile is working. We can't see anything except black screen.And sometimes it's work properly and suddenly stop showing anything on it's screen. what happen to my new cell and what step i should take?

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Cseries :: C6-01 Display Light Does Not Turn On

Jan 29, 2012

I'm using a Nokia C6-01 with Anna update. When i use my phone under sunlight it doesn't turn on the backlight automatically when I receive a call. So i cannot see the details of the caller such as who's calling... I have to toggle the keypad unlock key few times to see it.

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Cseries :: C2-02 Display Timeout - How To Change It

Jan 27, 2012

I got this phone for a relative and it arrived today. After setting it up, transferring contacts over and making it easy for her I'm stuck on this simple option. I've looked for over 30 minutes and searched all over using various keywords but I can't find a single answer. Where do you find the display timeout setting on this phone?! It defaults to something stupidly short like 10 seconds when it should be around 30 seconds at least. How fast do they think people read text messages? If I can't change this setting I don't think they'll want to keep the phone which is a shame as it looks quite nice in general.

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Cseries :: Nokia C7 Display Defect?

Feb 3, 2011

I have a Nokia C7-00 that was purchased SIM free and unbranded in Germany, with which I'm experiencing distinct colour banding / gradient problems. It is also common on Nokia N8 displays. I'll try to describe my problem:The first tell tale sign of the issue seems to be a common one: A purplish tint on the top half of the screen saver clock (visible when the phone is keylocked and then the menu key is pressed).As time has passed by since first noticing this problem- I have also noticed that videos and images that are predominantly dark are also having issues being displayed properly. The effect being similar to if the image was being shown on a screen with limited colours, for example, if you set your computer screen to display only 16bit colours. In areas of images that black is supposed to fade into lighter colours, the image is completely off.

I have contacted Nokia care and they have no input other than re-installing my firmware (which is impossible to do anyway- as they seem to have provided me with inaccurate instructions- there is no way to re-install my firmware via Ovi Suite or the handset)I've since moved away from Germany and from what I understand my 2 year warranty is only valid in Europe...

Attachment 1 is supposed to be black to white squares in increasing gradient

Attachment 2 is supposed to be black into white, but on my display somehow a brown/purple tint is in between the black and white

Attachment 3 is the screensaver clock that is supposed to be black, but on my screen the top half is displayed with a purple hue

Here is an image of two Nokia N8's from someone experiencing the same display characteristics as my C7, and one with a good display. The problem can be seen better in these images:

Nokia N8 Display 1
Nokia N8 Display 2

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Cseries :: C7 Panel Around Display Starts Fading

Jan 28, 2012

My 5 months old C7-00's black glossy panel around the display started fading. The color fading/colorless patches are becoming prominently visible nowadays. Can the panel be changed under warranty? I guess the fading is to be a manufacturing defect, as another extensively used 8 months old C7-00 of ours still look new. After using various Nokia phones for the past 11 years, for the first time I see a problem/defect in a Nokia phone.

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Cseries :: C7 Display Sleeping While Call Incoming

Aug 23, 2011

Just updated my C7 ( Anna 1/2 and 2/2 and I noticed annoying problem.When someone is calling me, display won't wakeup and I cant see who is calling.. Sometimes display works ok, sometimes it takes few seconds to wake and and sometimes it wont work at all.HELP NEEDED! Usually it wont wake up if it is in my pocket while ringing.

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Cseries :: Display Of C6-01 Has Thin Horizontal Lines?

Mar 24, 2011

have problem when u view lighter colored pictures like the sky or complete white screen then there are thin parallel lines passing across the screen. also the fone gets heated up alot while playing games/ surfing net and the battery drains out within 3 to 4 hrs. i hav updated my firmware over to air via gprs. my firmware is 013.016?

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Cseries :: Nokia C7 Does Not Display Caller Name In Calls

Sep 18, 2011

I have same problem with my C7-00. It was working properly to display all caller id names those are stored with country code using + sign. I came from India to Singapore, changed my SIM, still it was working. After upgrading it with ANNA, it has stopped displaying names in calls, but works for SMS !!

There is no Duplication issue.

When I opened call with Nokia, surprisingly, I was told that this is a new issue they are having. But I am seeing so many people are struggling with it. I used *#7780# & *#7370#, but still same, problem is not resolved.

To c heck if it is subscriber issue, I put my SIM in another same model C7-00, which is still not upgraded with ANNA & there it works. Nokia supporter does not have solution to back to old software.

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Cseries :: C5 - Change The Main Display Layout?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to change the main standby screen layout so there is nothing on there but my selected wallpaper image, is there a way of doing this? Or at least a way to re-arrange the shortcut keys?

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Cseries :: C6-01 Display Active Diverts When Calls?

Aug 5, 2011

When I look at last dialled calls and select the answerphone (901 on O2) it flashes up a message saying Active Diverts on". What does that mean?

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Cseries :: How To Add / Type And Display Chinese On Nokia C3

May 21, 2012

Just bought a C3-00. It only has English, Franch and Spanish (in the phone language option). How to make it display and type Chinese? The C3-00 is S40 system, only can install JAVA Apps.

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Cseries :: C6-00 Possible To Display Traveler Mails In E-mail Widget?

Nov 23, 2010

I installed Lotus Traveler on my Nokia C6-00. The synchronization works and I can read my mails via the "Messaging". Now I would like to display my inbox mails in the e-mail widget on the phone's desktop. But when I access the e-mail widget and select "Set up e-mail" and "Start", Lotus Traveler is not an option to be selected (as shown in the Nokia tutorial video). Do I possibly need to make some other settings at first? Is it at all possible to display my Traveler mails in the e-mail widget?

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Cseries :: C7 - Black Semi Circle On Screen Now Display Turned Bluish

Sep 22, 2012

Well, 2 days ago my screen had developed a small black semi-circle with almost entire screen covered in light transparent brown semi-circle. Now with a day of little use, the entire screen has turned bluish. I can hardly see anything today.

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Cseries :: Nokia C2-03 Camera Settings For Date And Time Display On Photo

May 24, 2012

How to set to visible photo taken date and time for Photos in Camera setting?

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Cseries :: "mail In Outbox"-indicator Stuck On Display Of C5

Jul 5, 2010

The indicator for "mail in outbox" is continuously displayed, without any message in the outbox. Probably occured after deleting mail-account.

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Cseries :: Upgraded From 3310 To C5-00 5MP - Why Does The Display Switch Off When 3310 Is Not Being Used

Aug 31, 2012

I am a long time Nokia user. My previous mobile phone was a model 3310 which I had from 2001 and it died only a few months ago. That phone served its primary function well - making and receiving phone calls. So I needed a new mobile. To my dismay it is almosty impossible to find a normal mobile phone which is just a phone. I selected the C5-00 5MP as it is closest to what I need (although it too is loaded with too much junk) and I wanted to stay with the Nokia brand.

- why does the display switch off when the phone is not being used? How do I know if the phone is on or off? The 3310's display was always showing something when it was on

- how to delete the wallpaper? My phone is a functional device not a piece of art. I can't find anywhere the option 'no wallpaper"

- why can't I remove the functions I don't intend to use? maps, internet, e-mails radio etc are not required

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Xperia Z3 :: No Display But Touch Seems Working

Oct 22, 2015

Sony Xperia Z3 D6616: LCD broke and I replaced the LCD. When I turn power on it gives me vibrate but can't see any lights on display. After few second, a lady voice start talking like "Siri." when I tap on black screen, it says what I tapped on. Very weired problem.

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LG :: Display Capture Not Working On EnV Touch

Apr 13, 2010

Hey guys, I have an enV Touch connected via USB to my laptop. I have QPST 2.7 Build 323. I know the phone is connected properly because I can view the file system of the phone. Any ideas why I can't take screen shots?

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BB Storm :: Display Of My 9500 Is Not Working

Oct 26, 2011

I've just changed the display of my BB 9500 'cos it was broken, the display I changed was new, but now it's giving me trouble! It just sticks up into black and sometimes works, some others just works fine.

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BB Software :: BBM Display Pictures Not Working

Jul 28, 2010

I updated my BB and now my BBM is acting up... my BBM was update to i was quite fine with my orginial 5.0 bbm??? Why the update messed up a good thing because it wasnt a good update. I am unable to update my pictures or even more so see my friends pictures...So basically now is there any way to downgrade bbm im fine with the update OS but the BBM has to go...Ive uninstalled, reinstalled, wiped, delete,.

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Cseries :: C2-01 3G Not Working?

Mar 27, 2012

I have a c2-01 phone, both phone and sim support 3g but i can't enjoy 3g services, why?

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Cseries :: Gps Not Working In C7?

Oct 22, 2011

after make the last update to my c7 mobile the gps is stopped working and didn't determine the position and I try ever method and deleted the map and download again download ovi maps last version again and still not working?

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Nokia :: 5230 Mobile Display Is Not Working

Aug 1, 2010

My cousin bought a new 5230 mobile for me from gulf.wen i resived the mobile display is not working. blank screen.when i give little pressure to the any side of the mobile display wil work perfect as good mobile.wen i release my hand the display wil go .iam frm india .can i get warrenty here.i visted nokia care many time.thay are not agree for giving warrenty here.

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