BlackBerry :: Bluetooth Won't Turn Off?

Aug 2, 2011

BB 9650 (OS 6): Bluetooth won't go off after using Bridge connection to Playbook (OS 2). The blue light continues to flash even though Manage Conections: Bluetooth is unchecked - turning the phone off and back on and turning the Playbook off is ineffective. Have to pull the battery and allow the phone to reset!

Also have an occasional problem with headset connection being blocked while using Bridge. Turning the Playbook off does not always restore it? Deleting and re-enabling devices doesn't help.

Bluetooth Connections:

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Google Maps Turn By Turn Voice Fail When Bluetooth Is Paired

Oct 11, 2015

My Samsung Galaxy S5 has an issue with the interaction with Blue Tooth paired with my Ford Escape Hybrid, the Goggle MAPs turn by Turn voice does not function until I disable the Bluetooth on the phone.

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BB Curve :: Can't Connect My Mac And Blackberry Through Bluetooth

Oct 2, 2011

i cant connect my mac and blackberry through bluetooth, they are paired but dont connect when i try to from my mac it just says"this devices does not have necessary services"

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BlackBerry :: 9700 Cannot Find Other Phones With Bluetooth

Jan 22, 2012

Although the Bluetooth on my BB9700 is on it still cannot find other phones even though the bluetooth of those phones are on as well.

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BlackBerry :: 8310 Bluetooth Won't Receive Files?

Mar 19, 2011

when i go on manage connections on my 8310 i got yellow for bluetooth not a green tick. i have tried to reset my phone and turn bluetooth on and off and it still wont turn green.i can send files to other phones but i cant recieve files.

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BlackBerry :: All 4 LEDs Lit On VM-605 Visor Bluetooth Speaker

Sep 12, 2012

Unit has been working fine for almost a year. Got in the car this morning and all 4 LEDs were lit. I put it on the charger. The battery LED turned orange for a bit then back to red. Never turned green.

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BB Accessories :: Blackberry Bluetooth Headset Earloop?

Sep 19, 2011

I have a HS-300 headset, the earloop broke after 1 month of very light use. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have sent an email to Blackberry support and as of yet have not received a reply. Judging from the other comments here, I will soon be told it is unavailable.

So having said that, is there something compatible out there to be had, and if there is would someone please share.

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Motorola Xoom :: Bluetooth Tethering Via Blackberry On Wifi?

Sep 22, 2011

I have a tethering plan with my blackberry. I would like to tether my xoom wifi to my blackberry phone via bluetooth. Im able to do this with my laptop with no issues. I purchased the WIFI version with the idea of being able to use tethering while away from usable wifi.

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Bold :: Blackberry Won't Turn On At All

Jan 2, 2012

My Blackberry Bold suddenly won't turn on at all. It should be fully charged

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BlackBerry :: 9850 Won't Turn On?

Oct 6, 2011

so I was charging my phone overnight (which I know is not recommended but seems to be irrelevent for this situation based on my reading) and when I woke up my phone would not turn on. It stays black, and the red light has prolonged blinks (not the quick blinks that most people experience).Now I know that my phone could be bricked, and I have troubleshooted this profusely in the past 5 hours. For most people, according to another forum, people should open the Loader.exe file in the AppLoader folder, and connect the phone. Then they should hit "Next" when "PIN UNKNOWN" shows up. Makes perfect sense to me, except when connected with and without the battery, mine recognizes the PINhen I hit next after timing it perfectly, I go through the multi-step loader, and it says that if cannot recognize the device. The thing that gets me is the fact that my computer is recognizing the PIN instead of the "UNKNOWN" that is associated with most OS failures.

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BlackBerry :: Transferring Contact List From Previous Phone Over Bluetooth

Apr 3, 2012

I recently just received a blackberry. I had no trouble transferring my photos from my previous phone to my blackberry. Now I am having issues with transferring my contact list over to my bluetooth. My previous phone is Verizon.

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IPhone 5s :: Unable To Transfer Photos / Contact From Blackberry Through Bluetooth

Aug 23, 2014

How to transfer photos, contacts, notes etc., from blackberry phone (9900 model) to my recently purchased iPhone 5S? Though it is pairing, but failing to transfer the data.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

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Bold :: Blackberry 9900 Won't Turn On

May 19, 2012

My blackberry bold turned off after being charged one day and won't turn on. i tried taking the battery out and plugging it in, but it refuses to turn on or even show any light on the screen. when its plugged in and charged, the red lights blinks for a few seconds about every other minute.

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Curve :: My Blackberry 8320 Won't Turn On

Sep 6, 2011

I've got a Blackberry Curve 8320 and I was doing an update on blackberry desktopmanager then suddenly my usb came off and some error came and whever I try toturn on my blackberry the red light keeps blinking and whever I plug my usb tothe computer it comes as unkown device. Is my blackberry completely dead? Btw Ican't connect it to the computer and I've tried pulling out the battery.

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BlackBerry :: 8330 Turn Email On And Off?

Aug 12, 2010

I need to figure out how to turn my email on and off my Curve 8330. Does anyone know how to do this? I average about 150 emails a day and if I'm sitting in front of my computer I would rather not have them going to my blackberry too! Is there anyway I can just turn it off?

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BlackBerry :: Turn Off Shutter Delay?

Apr 9, 2011

My phone is my camera and pictures are very important to me. My boyfriend convinced me to try a Blackberry when I switched over to Sprint from Verizon. I love the phone, but this shutter delay kills me. Seriously, I die a little inside every time I try to take a picture. I'm perfectly capable of keeping my hand steady. The option to turn off the shutter delay does not exist in my phone. Is there an app or a download I can find to turn off the delay all together and keep my flash? Or maybe another board or group I should be complaining to?

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BlackBerry :: Lost Turn Off Icon?

May 16, 2012

I lost myTurn off icon on my Blackberry device 9790 bold.. How can I get it back .. I restarted the device twice but it didn't come back again.. So how can I get it back ... Can't find it on the panel menu ..

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BlackBerry :: Turn Off GPRS Settings?

Dec 9, 2011

I had got a black berry curve8900 from UK I unlocked the phone at India know iam working it uae Iam facing some problem with the net work Whenever iam trying to connect to net my money is cut from my balance even if iam trying with Wi-Fi I try to talk to the service provider (DU) they are saying that I need to off the GPRS setting

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BlackBerry :: Torch 9810 Won't Turn On

Feb 22, 2012

My Torch was in the process of rebooting to save a deleted program. I had it hooked up to a charger (on the wall, not USB). It crashed twice while booting up, and on the third try the boot-up progress bar stopped 2/3 of the way across the screen and never moved. Then I got a message saying "Error 102, Reload Software." I downloaded Desktop Manager (version 2.3) for my Macbook, but the program wouldn't recognize my BB when it was hooked up with the USB. I tried pulling out the battery, changing USB ports, reinstalling Desktop Manager.

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BlackBerry :: Unable To Turn On Playbook

Apr 17, 2012

Im not able to turn on my playbook. I have it pluged in and it is not charging no light is comming on, I have tried pluging it into my computer and to the charger, nothing works?

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RIM :: Turn Off Notifications On The New Facebook For Blackberry App?

Aug 1, 2011

Just as the subject says? My friend has a bb and the NEW facebook app she doesn't know how to turn the notifications off.

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BlackBerry :: 9360 Fell And Turn Off?

Jan 14, 2012

it fell in the toilet face down, was only in there for like 30 seconds. none of the stickers are damaged they're still white. when i took the phone out it didnt have much water init. i took the battery sim and memory card out over night and it still wont turn on. instead of a red light its turned blue and flashes. i tried charging it and plugging it into my laptop it wont charge either. the screen has got like white lines but if you touch or warm the screen they go. what do i do? its a brand new phone aswell im not on contract so i cant easily get it replaced.

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BlackBerry :: Any Way To Turn On / Off Receiving Email Messages?

Jun 6, 2011

Just got the Torch and it was set to receive a copy of all my comcast email as it was received by the server. I only want to look for email when I'm away from one of my PCs. I reset my email account manager to "do not forward messages to device" and I stopped getting them. Is there a way I can check for new messages only when I want to?

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BlackBerry :: 8900 Suddenly Shutdown And Does Not Turn On

Jun 1, 2011

I have recently had some problems with my BB 8900. My BB just suddenly shut down and when i tried to turn it back on it just didn't work. When I try to charge it by USB cable it looks like it charging, and when the red light goes off, the screen turns white and there is a battery with a lightning running trough it. I really do not know what to do. I tried to take out and put the battery back in, but I get the same response.

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BlackBerry :: 9000 Won't Turn On And The Red Light Flashes 4 Times

Mar 11, 2012

My bold 9000 won't turn on and the red light flashes 4 times.Is this about hardware or software and how can i fix this?

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IPhone :: Turn Off GPS / Wi-fi / Bluetooth

Jul 2, 2010

I was just wondering if anyone had tested this. Im at work right now and even if I death grip my phone I can't get my bars to drop. But if I'm at home I can get it down to say 2 bars. I know its not a fix but I was just curious to see if that would help out.

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BB Torch :: Bluetooth Cannot Turn On

May 7, 2012

I have a torch phone and it will not allow me to turn my bluetooth on. I turn it on and it turns a light blue then when I check to see if it is working it isn't on. I recently did an update to the software and the problem seemed to occur right after this. I'm not sure the software updated correctly and I did reboot.

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LG G3 :: WiFi And Bluetooth Won't Turn On?

Oct 16, 2015

The WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities on my LG G3 phone randomly stopped working yesterday and both connections won't turn on. I have tried to enable both connections, but the phone either lags out or does not recognize the command. This isn't the problem of the LG G3 not recognizing networks or finding Bluetooth devices, but both connections won't even enable.

I've tried factory resetting and that did not remove the issue at all.

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LG G4 :: Why Bluetooth Turn Off After Few Seconds

Dec 9, 2015

My LG G4 (H815, T-mobile) has suddenly started shutting off Bluetooth within 6-8 seconds of turning it on. I've tried power cycling, removing the battery, booting into Safe Mode, clearing the BT cache, clearing the entire cache partition, no joy.

It's running Android 5.1. I thought the phone came with 4.4 (I got it about 3 months ago), so maybe an OTA got pushed to the phone last week? I really don't want to factory reset and hope that works.

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IPhone :: How To Turn On Bluetooth

Apr 25, 2012

I love my IPhone but can't believe there are so many steps to turn on and off the bluetooth. Leaving it on kills the battery to quick so I shut it of when ever I'm not using it and am annoyed by how many steps I have to go through to turn it on and off. Apple plans so many features so much better than everyone else, I really feel like they got the bluetooth wrong.

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: 4s Could Not Turn On Bluetooth

May 10, 2012

Whenever I turn on bluetooth on my iphone 4S, it keeps searching for devices. No devices found and the searching does not end. It is just in a hang state. Switching off and on the iphone does not help. What else can I do? The iphone is new.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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