BB Software :: Email Automatic Delete From Device?

Dec 7, 2011

When I read my email from laptop, It will not be send to BB. I want to have it sent to BB as well. I am using outlook 2007. When I read email from BB. It will automatically delete from the device. I want to keep on device so I can refer to when I am not in the office. When I sent email form BB. I want to store my sent item ton my device. It is not show the email I sent.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Delete Email Messages On Device

May 23, 2012

I cannot delete e-mail messages on my device, the icon asks for handset or both but nothing happens.

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BB Torch :: Cannot Delete 3 Email Messages From Device Inbox

Mar 8, 2011

i cannot delete 3 email messages from my device inbox

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Delete Some Of Email Address Entries From The Device?

May 3, 2010

When I go to compose a new email, and I hit the first letter, I get a list of all the email addresses that have ever emailed me or that I have sent an email to. Question: How the heck do I delete certain entries from this list? Or how do I just clear the entire list? I prefer to delete certain entries like Outlook allows me to, but for some reason I cant find out how to do this on Blackberry Email.

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BB Device Software :: No Option To GPS / Automatic Scrolling?

Jul 19, 2010

I took the plunge with my first Blackberry (Curve 8530) last month. I'm curious as to why there's no option to have the map automatically scroll while driving? I'm currently using a combination of Blackberry Maps and Google Maps. I can get directions or view the route on the map, but some form of a turn-by-turn feature would be nice (kind of expected to be honest). Am I missing something? I know there are other options re: GPS software for the Blackberry but I've either found those options to be somewhat buggy/non-intuitive OR they are fee-based (TeleNav, Garmin, etc). If I'm going to pay $, I can easily score a dedicated in-car GPS device for <$70.

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Nokia N97 :: Automatic Retrieving Email Notifications?

Jan 6, 2010

I would need to get an alert when new emails arrive on my N97. I have tried to set the email programme to Automatic Retrieval > E-mail notifications/Auto-update - but even if I leave the email programme running, I don't get any notifications. What is wrong?

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BB Bold :: Automatic Signature In Email Messages?

Dec 8, 2011

I am trying to remove the following message: -- BlackBerry« from Mobistar --- which appears at the end of any message I am sending from my BB. The setttings do not seem to give access to this function - or I missed it.

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BB Software :: How To Remove Automatic Signatures From Email

Jul 21, 2011

How to remove the automatic signature that comes at the end of all my emails? It tells people when I am using the BB and I'd like to stop it adding this bit of information to those I send emails to.

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Cseries :: C3 - Automatic Email Receiving Wont Run

Sep 21, 2010

Basically my C3 runs well, but the automatic email receiving, with the internal nokia-mailclient, runs well with WLAN, but not with GPRS!? If I start the client manually, then it works well, but not with the automatic function. When I am on the way, I do not get an information, that I received an email.

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IPhone :: Delete A Photo If Can't Delete Them On Device?

Jun 23, 2012

I m having problems deleting a photo. I can't seem to delete the photo on my device and I don't know how to delete it using iTunes.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia N900 :: Automatic Spell Checker For Email?

Mar 23, 2010

is there a setting in the N900 email that would speck check every message before it is sent. I have been looking for hours and cant seem to find one, but cant believe this command would be missing.

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Delete IPhone From A Device When No Longer Have The Device

Aug 30, 2014

I synced my phone to too many devices, some of which I don't have anymore, how can I delete them?

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Nokia :: N86 - Automatic Email Retrieval Asks About Connection Every Time

Jan 28, 2010

I set up a Gmail mailbox on my N86 phone using e-mail wizard (IMAP). It works fine in connecting to the Gmail, and send/receive e-mails. But my problem is with automatic retrieval; every time it wants to check my mailbox, it asks me to choose access point. That means automatically retrieval acts just like manual retrieval because if I am not there when it is trying to retrieve e-mails, it won't connect, so when I come to my phone, I just see a "Select connection" box giving me three options:

Search for WLAN Internet WAP services. My phone settings regarding to Access Point and Email configuration are as below:

Settings > Connection > Packet Data > Packet Data Connection > When Available
Settings > Connection > Destinations > Internet > 1 access point (default destination)

My access point setting says "Use access point = Automatically"
E-mail settings > Global settings : there is no configuration for access point or connection. The available options in this page:
1- Message list layout
2- Body text preview
3- Title dividers
4- Download notifications

E-mail settings > Mailbox settings:
Mailbox settings > My email address Mailbox name. My name Signature Advanced mailbox settings.
What to sync > Retrieve less than 2 KB Emails to retrieve IMAP4 folder path Folder subscriptions.
When to sync > Connection daysConnection hoursUpdate intervalRetrieve when abroad.

I listed my available settings because I noticed different options in different tutorials. Even my phone's manual has some different options than my phone. I didn't list WLAN options because I don't have any WLAN network. So to make it short, I want my phone to retrieve e-mails from my GMail account automatically, without asking me about connection and access point each time. BTW, my phone's web browser works fine, and makes connection when needed without asking me about the access point to use. I hope someone can suggest me a solution because I like this e-mail application in my new phone, but it is strange to me that it cannot use the default access point and always needs to ask me.

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BB Bold :: Automatic Email Contact Search Doesn't Work?

Jun 9, 2011

When i type a mail or forward a mail their is TO or CC, i write to a mail's first word but there is not auto search the mail deatils are as follows :Black Berry modal 8520V5.0.0.592I am using yahoo, gmail and corporate enterprises account.Total 4 nos. of mail pushing on my handsetmy defalut messaging service mail is my corporate mail i.e.

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IPhone 5s :: How To Delete Email - Can't See Delete Button On Email

Aug 20, 2014

I am not able to see delete button once I open any email on any of account configured on my iphone 5s.

Oh.. Even I cannnot send or reply to emails.┬

is there any setting from where I can just hide the delete button ? how I can see it again ?┬ ┬

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2, 11D257

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - Unable To Use Default Connection For Automatic Email Retrieval

Mar 8, 2010

I have been trying to reach an email setup on my N97 mini that I am happy with and so far have struggled and given up on the hopeless nokia email client, and am now having problems with setting destinations for automatic email retrieval. I have my internet destination set to prioritize to different wlans and then WAP. This is my default connection.

I have a gmail and a pop3 email account, set up for automatic retrieval, however they don't pull in any mail if the access point in use is set to default connection. If its set to WLAN, it works, if its set to contract WAP, it works, and if its set to default connection it works for manual connection but not automatic retrieval.

What makes it worse is I am sure it was set up and working last week? Any thoughts please? I am getting so frustrated with the error prone nature of email on this phone I am thinking of going back to my trusted N95 8GB.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Stock Email App Not Syncing And Not Accepting Automatic Push Notifications

Apr 21, 2015

I am using Microsoft Exchange with Active Sync through my email provider, Intermedia. The sync has been erratic at best. I have put all of the email settings to Auto; however, most of the time it only syncs when I push the email icon. I've tried calling Samsung and AT&T - even had a remote session with AT&T. They could find nothing set up improperly. I've deleted and re-installed the email app a few times. I got it to work over the weekend, but yesterday, it stopped syncing again. I would even delete specific emails from the phone and a few minutes later, they would show up as unread.

I've called my email provider and went through troubleshooting with them, to no avail. Everything was setup properly. I've wiped the system cache a few times. I just tried the following: deleted the exchange email setup from the phone (again for the 3rd time); went into application manager and cleared the data from every "email" app that was in there (email - there were two, email synch, email storage, etc). Then I shut down the phone and did another wipe of the system cache. Then I installed the email app again.

Now it seems to be working. I'm just afraid that, after a period of time, it will stop working. My 14 day period ends on Thursday. I'm thinking about exchanging this phone for another S6. However, what if it happens on that phone. I've asked AT&T and Samsung if they have any information in their database regarding this issue and they both said no. I even tried to use the Microsoft Outlook app. But it doesn't appear to be able to work with Active Sync (I can't put my email server parameters in there).

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Way To Delete Email From Server When Delete It From Phone

Nov 25, 2011

Does anyone know if there is a way to delete email from my server when I delete it from my Droid 3? I had a Blackberry Tour before and there was a setting that allowed me to delete it from the server at the same time that I deleted it from the phone.It saved a lot of time.I can't seem to find a setting on the Droid 3 that will do that

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IPhone :: Delete An Email That Won't Delete And Freezes IPad?

Jul 4, 2012

There is oneemail msg in my mailbox that whenever I try to delete it it freezes up my mail program and then my entire iPad . I have to shutdown and restart to use the iPad.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Outlook Email - Software That Sync Device To Computer Same As WM Device

Mar 10, 2010

You've probably all been asked this loads and I've read some forums posts and tried software but ive not been able to find a solution or answer.Basically Ive just got myself a Storm2 and was told by my provider that I could sync my emails from outlook to my device and back like a windows mobile device. As ive found out this isnt the case, I really like the phone and dont want to hand it back over to swap for another device but if I dont find a solution then I wont have a choice.My question is, is there any software available that will sync my device to my computer the same as a WM device does through activesync?I have tried Astrasync and Notifysync both which throw errors up and dont work

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BB Device Software :: Can Add Another Internet Email Address To An Enterprise Device

Jun 8, 2010

If I have a corporate blackberry with email delivered from BES, and I want to add an additional internet email address, can I do this on the handset or web (equivalent to

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Xperia X10 :: Automatic Sync Of Email Accounts Doesn't Work - No Sync - No Notifications

Aug 31, 2010

From time to time, I experience that my Xperia X10 does not automatically sync e-mail accounts (using the supplied/standard e-mail application). I've set up a number of e-mail acocunts (6) with different update rates ranging from 15 to 60 minutes. I can go in to one of the accounts, whereby it syncs and I can see that I have received a number of new e-mails (for a period more than 6-12 hours, without receiving any type of notification.

This is really annoying since I miss important emails. What can be done to ensure that they sync automatically and that I receive notifications?

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IPhone :: Delete Email From 4s Without Deleting Email From YahooMail Or Gmail Accounts?

Mar 28, 2012

How do I delete email from my Iphone without deleting email from my YahooMail or Gmail accounts

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Delete Automatically Saved Email Addresses In Drop Down Menu When Using ICloud Email?

May 3, 2012

How do I delete the automatically saved email addresses in the drop down menu when using iCloud email?

iPhone 4

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BB Bold :: Delete An Email Account That Does Not Exist In Email Accoutn Set Up?

Aug 30, 2012

How do I delete an email account that does not exist in my email accoutn set up. I deleted all my email accounts from setup but on my homepage the email accoutn still shows up and I cant delete it.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Delete Email But Not In Email Account?

Apr 16, 2012

When I was using a Blackberry with Email, I was able to deleted email on the phone display, but leave it so I can download messages to computer. Now when I delete from phone they are gone!

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BB Bold 9700 :: Email - Business Account Email Does NOT Arrive On Device

Jan 15, 2010

I hope someone can help because I'm losing the will to live over this one!

Device info
Your carrier: o2 UK
Model info and OS version (Go to Settings, then Options, then about): Blackberry 9700 v5.0.0.321 (platform
Apps and free space
File free before and after a battery remove/replace. (Go to Settings, then Options, then status): 128872013 bytes
Did a battery pull fix your issue? No

I bought a SIM free BB 9700 to use with my 02 SIM card. I applied the unlimited BB tariff and proceeded to set up four email accounts into the device which are all for my small business. I waited to do this until I knew the O2 bolt on had been applied correctly.I set the accounts up via the BIS server website which sent them down to the device; seemingly correctly.

I received email correctly for that day and could send as well with everything syncing with my IMAP servers and Outlook.Next morning - no email delivered to the device and I was unsuccessful in sending emails as well from the device to addresses.I tried to send down the service books - I sent them but no change.I got my four email accounts working again correctly but had to delete the accounts from BIS and recreate.I could then receive email correctly for the rest of the day and could send as well with everything syncing with my IMAP servers and Outlook.

Next morning the same thing happened - no email delivered to the device and I was unsuccessful in sending emails as well from the device to addresses.I then did a complete device wipe.When the device rebooted it seemed to synchronise with the BIS and then my accounts worked again for the remainder of the day.This morning - the same thing happened - no email delivered to the device and I was unsuccessful in sending emails as well from the device to addresses.

I have now created my @o2email address and applied my long standing address to the 9700 and they work fine - at the moment (we'll see about tomorrow!) to see if they fail as well.I have sent test mails today from the @O2 account and hotmail to each other and also to my main small business account from my BB. The @O2 and Hotmail emails arrive both on the device and (hotmail) on outlook and the main business account arrives on outlook BUT the main business account email does NOT arrive on the device.

I cannot seemingly send anything from my business addresses anywhere (from the device) with the only outgoing addresses that work being the @O2 and @hotmail accounts on the BB - unless I do a device wipe or delete the accounts and recreate.Emails sent from the BB from either @O2 or @hotmail arrive on the BB but not anything sent to the work accounts sent from @O2 or @hotmail from the BB - although the emails sent to the work addresses WILL appear on my outlook...

Speaking to O2 has been tough and they are blaming the server people who host my small business domain and such, although I think it is more than that though I could be wrong.My server people insist it isn't their end, saying they can see from the logs that RIM seems to stop checking for emails at times they detailed when the device stopped receiving emails from one day to the next.

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IPhone 5s :: Delete Device From ICloud

Jun 22, 2014

I have an iPhone 5s and I also had a MacBook Pro for one day before returning it. Now when I browse safari I see this on my iPhone for some reason. I see this at the bottom regarding the MacBook Pro that I returned and even wiped clean prior. I went to the iCloud settings on my phone in the manage storage section and I only see my phone.┬ ┬

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BB Curve :: How To Delete Multiple Mails From Device

May 10, 2012

possible to delete multiple mails from device?

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BB Storm :: How To Delete Unwanted Dictionaries From Device

Dec 26, 2010

My Storm has Russian, Portuguese, English(USA) etc on the dictionary. I only use English (GB) and Afrikaans. How do I delete the other.

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BB Torch :: Delete All Pictures Before Switch To A New Device?

Dec 29, 2010

After saving all photos from my Bold 9000 to my PC, I would now like to delete them all (100+) before I switch to a new device. Is there any way to do that, besides the one-by-one tedious delete process on the device?

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