BB Torch :: Unable To Login With Correct Password After App World Upgrade

Oct 30, 2011

Actually this is my new torch 9860. I've created new blackberry account for It. After upgrading the new version of application world, I was unable to login to my blackberry Id account with the correct password. Even if you sent new app world upgrading with a bug free version, I still can't upgrade coz its required my blackberry id.

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BB Bold :: Typed In The Correct Username And Password But Unable To Login

Oct 20, 2011

I've typed in the correct username and password but it still says im unable to log in. Now I can't change my email settings and update the apps. Don't know what to do...

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BB Curve :: Unable To Login To App-world - Wrong Email And Password?

Apr 7, 2012

ive just bought a curve 9800 of my sister, when i try to login to my appworld, it still has my sisters email, and when i try to login with my email and password, it says wrong email and password, even though it is not wrong, i need to wipe her iinfo, a security wipe will wipe all my contacts and stuff?

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login App World

Feb 6, 2011

I just got a new torch 9810. When I try to login in to app world it says "unable to login to your blackberry ID account". I have no problem logging in on my computer - only on my phone. Very frustrated with this as I want to add the apps I had on the old phone to the new one and/or get new ones.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login On App World?

Aug 14, 2012

For the past 2-3 weeks i'm unable to download anything via App World as it giving Error message "There is an issue with the current session. login to continue.(Error Is: 30702)

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BB Curve :: Forgotten Password And Answer To Secret Question For App World Login?

Mar 18, 2011

have forgotten password and answer to secret question for App World login, how do I get this reset?

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BB Torch :: App World Will Not Let To Login In?

Nov 29, 2011

I have a new blackberry torch and have used my blackberry app world on this but it has now stopped..... When logging in it says " unable to log in to your blackberry ID account" above this it says Verify blackberry ID I have gone in to options , advance settings, enterprise activation I have entered my details and a few minuets later it says failed...

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BB Torch :: Can't Login To App World

Jun 26, 2012

The problem started when I updated my os 7 on my torch 9810 to the newer version. When I went to update my apps I signed in just fine. A few weeks later I tried to download a new app but the app world would say that their was a problem with the current session and to login to continue but the login screen doesn't come up. I can sign in via my phone browser and everything but it doesn't show me the apps that I have installed or unistalled.

I search online for ways to rectify this problem I even wiped my phone but when I went I updated the os again the same thing happened again. So now I'm just desperate can I fix this problem or do I need to buy a new phone?

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BB Curve :: Unable To Login Into App-world

Jan 21, 2012

v5.0.0.67 I tried to log into Blackberry app world I entered my email address onto Blackberry ID user name I no this is the right email address I have after a few attempts entered my password which is correct one after a little time I get this message "Enter the user name associated with this smart phone". all i can do is press the ok button and that takes me back to Blackberry app world loggin . I no I am putting the correct email and pass word in but still i cannot get on to app world I have tried using the forgot password this confirms my email address then asks me for password recovery question which I cannot remember at all. I do not have many attemps left on my password recovery and now I am stuck and do not no what to do. I am positive that I have entered my correct email and password because when i have entered them it takes me to "Enter the user name associated with this smart phone" it deos not say incorrect details entered .

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BB Curve :: Unable Login To App World

May 29, 2012

my curve 8520 cant login to app world..when i open BB app world then try to download some apps, app world ask me to verify BB ID, after input my ID, app world say ""The Username and Password that you provided does not retrieve a valid BlackBerry ID. Please try again"

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BB Bold :: ID Not Working - Unable To Login To App World

Dec 13, 2011

When I sign in blackberry app world or when I go to options, device and then bb id it doesn't even sign in there, before 2 weeks I was able to sign in, but now it says Unable to log in to your BlackBerry ID account. du is my carrier and previously I owned a blackberry 9700 and I transferred my data into my bb 9900 but at that time I was able to sign in into my account but now I cant. I cannot download any app I have to download it by a computer and that takes a lot of time. What Should I do?

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BB Torch :: Cant Login To App World Always Give Error Try A

Nov 26, 2011

i can not log in to app world on black berry tourch ,it says error try again later

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BB Curve :: Unable To Login To App World - Enter Associated Username

Sep 23, 2012

My blackberry smart phone will not let me log into blackberry app world with my email and password, it is saying 'enter the username associated with the smartphone'.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Unable To Login After Changing The Password?

Sep 7, 2015

I cannot login my galaxy S6 Edge and this started today after changing the password. Is there any alternative for me to use.

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BB Torch :: App World Disappeared After Upgrade

Aug 1, 2012

I installed the upgrade to app world and it disappeared. I rebooted. I re-registered. I uninstalled app world (it shows up I under the applications manager but the icon does not show up as a icon on my blackbery). I eve uninstalled it using the desktop software and re-installed it to no avail.

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BB Torch :: Reset App World Id And Password?

Jun 24, 2012

how do i rest my blackberry app world id and password because the id i've got i cant rember the password for it and dont use it anymore

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BB Torch :: App World Password Not Logging In

Feb 14, 2012

Trying to get into blackberry app world. It says that my password is wrong, I do a rest of the password, enter the new one in and it says it is the last attempt. Then says it is wrong still and then locks me out of app world for 15min.

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BB Torch :: App World Icon Disappeared After Upgrade?

Nov 9, 2012

I have a Torch 9800. After upgrading App World and rebooting as requested I am unable to locate the icon. Been through "All" and "Downloads". Tried upgrading OS as suggested but that download kept failing.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login To ID?

Aug 5, 2012

Recently on a trip back from the US, I changed my SIM card just before reaching Singapore. Before that, I unchecked the Wi-Fi and Mobile Service boxes. After I changed my SIM card, they requested me to log into my BB ID, which I tried to do, but failed. I have changed my BBID password and tried to log in again, just in case I remembered the wrong password, but to no avail. Right now I am locked out of my own phone by BBID.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login ID?

Jun 1, 2012

I am unable to download any App as i am getting an error while logging to my account with the username and password. I tried logging into the website from my laptop i was able to.i am unable to download anything that requires username and pass.The error i am getting is "Unable to login to your Blackberry ID account".

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BB Torch :: App World Say's It Can't Validate Email / Password

Jun 8, 2011

I have a Torch exact message is "unable to validate the email address and password combination". When I try "forgot password" the message I get is "Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server. Verify your network connections and try again. (error id : 30637) "This happens when I try WIFI or not on WIFI. My plan lets me use internet anywhere I get reception. I have tried wiping my phone and restoring everything.I can not find any help on the internet and this is a very frustrating problem as there is no point in having a blackberry if I can't download any new apps.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login To Id Account

Dec 2, 2011

i am a previous owner of bb 8520 and has already an existing blackberry id.recently, i have upgraded to a torch 9810, but now i cannot login to my bb id account using my phone.however, i can login without problems with my id when using a computer.i cannot fully enjoy the features of my phone because of this.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login To ID Account?

Jun 12, 2012

Last Thursday my phone got wet, I had it in rice til today, it looks like it works but soon as I try to get on it asks for my username and password, I put it in and I keep getting the message "unable to login to your BlackBerry ID account", can someone tell me what to do

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Torch :: Unable To Login To Your BB ID Account

Jul 8, 2012

I have a smartphone BB9860 along with my Playbook. I just recently have problems downloading apps from my smartphone because of the message " Unable to login to your BB ID account." I thought it was my ISP but I was able to download apps from my Playbook using the same login details using the smartphone's internet connection. I even tried resetting my password but I notice that the attempt counter is not changing, so therefore I am entering the right password. I even check the date & time setting and it was set to automatic. I also tried a hard reset on my smartphore, but still the message is persistent.

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BB Torch :: Apps World / WhatsApp Icons Disappeared After Upgrade

Nov 12, 2012

I upgraded my whatsapp messenger and then my apps world and since the the icons of both have vanished from my blackberry torch screen. All attempts of retrieving the same have failed. I even reinstalled the apps world and whatsapp messenger but the same result. Have done hard reboot also.

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HTC One M8 :: WiFi Network Says Disconnected Despite Correct Login Info

Feb 13, 2015

My school has their own wifi, and I would use it on a daily basis, and I need it because its my only form of communication with my mother while Im at school. One day, all of a sudden, it just stopped working, and now it says disconnected. My phone works with my at home wifi, just not the schools. Is it a problem with the network or my phone?

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IPhone :: How To Get The Correct Applied To Appear On The Initial Login Screen

May 8, 2012

When logging to iTunes to download updates I am presented with an appleid that is not correct. If I cancel after trying to use the incorrect Id the login screen finally displays the correct appleid. How can I get the correct applied to appear on the initial login screen?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Torch :: Unable To Login To My Blackberry ID Account

Nov 1, 2011

I am unable to login to my blackberry ID account.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Login To Facebook And Twitter

Dec 30, 2011

I'm having a hard time logging in to facebook for 2 days now. Error message keeps popping up. The exact message is "we cannot reach the facebook server at this time. please try again later. (100)". And on my Twitter, the error message is "BWP security token retrieval failed." I already done the hard reset and even tried clearing stuff that I could. Should I re-install facebook and twitter?

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BB Torch :: 9860 Unable To Login To ID Account?

Nov 14, 2011

I have upgraded my old blackberry to a Torch 9860 and my old phone data was transferred, i can access my enterprise email. After downloading the Blackberry App World's latest version i am not able to login to the Blackberry ID account, while my username and password is valid as i am able to log in to the website using the same ID and PW.thing is working except the telphone and enterprise email, i am not able to setup my yahoo email or gmail accounts, coz everytime its leading to the verify Blackberry ID screen and when i key in it says " Unable to login to your Blackberry ID account" its not telling wrong password, there must be something i am missing during the setup process.

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BB Torch :: 9850 Unable To Login To Account

Feb 26, 2012

I am having trouble with my BlackBerry Smartphone. I have a Torch 9850/9860.The phone is asking me to Verify BlackBerry ID to continue. After typing the password, the message Unable to login to your BlackBerry account¯ appears. I have changed the password so many times now it's not even funny to try and fix this problem.What do I do now? How do I fix this problem that reoccurs every time the phone needs updating etc.I apologise for my frustration but this is getting beyond nerves now.

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