BB Storm 9500 :: 3G Internet Browsing On Storm 2 9550

Feb 12, 2010

I have just bought a Storm 2 9550 that is from Verizon USA. The device is GSM unlocked, and I am using it from Hungary on a local carrier. I am in the middle of a carrier change that has Blackberry services, however I currently have 3G web access on my actual carrier. However, the integrated browser that came with the phone, does not allow me to use the 3g network, only WIFI service. I cannot even set it to 3G on the browser options tab, as it only offers "hotspot browser".

Is there any way I can find a http browser that supports the 3g network, so I could surf the web on this carrier until I complete the carrier change? Is there any on Blackberry App world? I didnt manage to find one.

Also, I would like to have a POP3 client on my device that can communicate through 3G with a pop3 mail server, as the integrated email messaging software that Blackberry device software 5 offers is only capable of having a mail account through a BB service provider.I am very staisfied with the device itself, great for managing calls, and multimedia - did not face any crashes at all (maybe once when I wnated to take a picture and it frozen when the flash lit up).

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BB Storm 9500 :: Storm 2 9550 Call Cutting

Jan 29, 2010

Using 9550 in 3G network is OK, but when I make a phone call in GPRS, BB cutts the call after 15 - 20 sec. Haw can I resolved it?

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BB Storm 9500 :: Lock Out On Storm 2 9550

Jun 3, 2010

Have the Storm 2 and have it set with a password lock. Since sometime in mid-April, I have intermittently had an issue with it locking me out and requesting "to unlock, enter ""blackberry"" to continue." I have entered the "blackberry" password but the phone does not respond to it. I have tried turning it off and also a battery pull.... only thing that clears it is hooking it to my laptop and opening the Blackberry software program. This is rather annoying and inconvenient.... don't want to carry around my laptop in case my phone doesn't work. I have not been successful in resolving this....

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: How Many Storm 1 Owners Are There / Ready To Upgrade To Storm 3?

Apr 18, 2010

How many Storm 1 owners are there that's ready to upgrade to the storm 3 when it comes out, or thinking of going with something totally different?

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Got A Brand New Storm 2 Because Storm 1 Crashed

May 4, 2010

My Storm 1 crashed Sunday night with message on screen stating 'Reload Softwares 552'. I called Verizon Tech Support and they just ended up giving me a brand new Storm 2 for free! All I had to do was re-sign my contract for another two years. Gonna miss my Storm 1 but the Storm 2 is sweet! Just got it today. Anyone wanting to upgrade, try using that excuse.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Is Verizon Replacing Storm 1 With Storm 2?

Apr 5, 2010

If I have my phone stolen or I lose it, will Verizon replace my Storm 1 with a Storm 2, using my insurance?

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Is Not Recognized By Laptop

Feb 12, 2010

Windows XP SP2 latest updates.Just received my BB storm 2 from Verizon Wireless, it is a business unit working with BB server.I installed BB desktop manager from the supplied BB tools CD, Tried to hook the BB with the supplied cable and it finds it as Blackberry but can't find the drivers, I have the yellow "!" in the device manager.I tried to point it to:C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionUSB Drivers, not pulling the drivers.I tried to uninstall and install the DTM, not working.

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Unlocked Verizon 9550 Storm 2 / No Internet

Jun 9, 2010

I have Verizon 9550 Storm 2. Before the unlocking the 3G and WiFi both have worked fine ! After the unlocking the Internet on my phone did stop work ! The WiFi connection pass fine but when I start the browser and try to open some site there is appear the message:

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Unknown Status Symbol

May 14, 2010

I have a new symbol on my screen that I cannot identify. It looks like the voice mail symbol 0_0 but is much smaller & has 2 dots over it. it says 10 to the left, assuming 10 new whatever. The voice mail symbol was next to it when I first used my phone today (so it's clearly not the voice mail), but went away when I set up my new voice mail for the first time (I am using it with a foreign carrier while out of the country for a few months). there are no voice mail messages.

The symbol is not listed in the user guides/keys from BB. I couldn't find any solutions on this forum yet either. I went through every program & menu item & there are no unread messages of any kind.

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 / 9520 Difference Of Functions?

Mar 10, 2010

I live in holland and want to buy a blackberry 9500 series ive now found an inport model of the 9550 (instead of the 9520 they sel in holland) i was wondering with this inport model can there be any isues with the functions on the blackberry who might not work because its an inport? anyone know anything about this or is there no reason i coulndt buy the 9550?

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Home Screen View

Apr 22, 2010

I have my 9550 set for single row view on my home page.I'll look my screen and holster the BB, now when I view my BB after its been holstered...Rather than it being in the single row view as I have it set, the screen is displaying an icon view with the last used highlighted...How can I get my BB to default back to the single row view ?

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Browser Icon Has Disappeared

May 18, 2010

I have a 9550 Black Berry Storm2.When wireless LAN connected, the Browser icon has disappeared in France..What should I do this? I have seen and resolved to send a service book to examine.

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Will Not Send Or Receive Calls

Jul 16, 2010

I bought an unlocked Storm 9550 series last week and it was working fine until yesterday. It will not let me make or receive calls but yet I can still text.When I do try and call it says "congestion".

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Slow After Battery Pull Since Upgrading To

Jun 9, 2010

Ever since I upgraded to OS, after a battery pull, it takes forever to do anything.
Battery Pull
OS Reboots to locked
Enter password
Get to Home Screen
Everything lags for about 4 minutes
If I try to do too much I start getting errors in LIB's and have to power cycle again.And it doesn't matter how long I wait to unluck to phone either. If I pull battery out, got o bed, wake up, unlock phone, same problem.

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9550 Requesting Changes To Its Application Control Permissions

Feb 24, 2010

Storm 2 (9550) with Verizon, running v5.0.0.607 (Bundle 1020, Platform a new application requests application control permissions, I receive the "View" dialog box, which in turn delivers a screen that shows "RIM - Application Modules". I would then typically select the "Menu" button which allows me to "Save", "Set as Defaults", "Apply Defaults" or "Edit Defaults".The problem I am having is that "Save" does nothing. "Apply Defaults" does nothing. "Set as Defaults" is the only selection that works, my app then launches.Shouldn't "Save" and/or "Apply Defaults" do virtually the same thing considering I have all Permissions set to Allow.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: 9550 Browser Only Able To Visit Mobile Site

Mar 26, 2010

I've been using my verizon Storm 9550 for a few months now without any serious problem. However since 2 days ago, the browser could only display mobile site correctly. Every time I try to go to a full site, it displays a loading bar and after that it just shows a blank screen. Even when I try to search on google, the result page is always blank. Could anyone tell me what is going wrong here?

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Internet Is Not Working

Apr 21, 2010

Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with my BlackBerry Storm 9500?Just recently went to the UK and internet was working fine and now I'm back in Australia the internet wont work at all. It says "You are currently not in an area that can handle data communication. As a result the browser cannot retrieve any web pages" This happens even when Im in full reception and where I would have been prior to leaving!?

Usually I just turn it off and take the battery out but this time it doesnt work. I have no idea what to do or anything about the network etc.

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BB Storm 9500 :: Cannot Connect To Internet With Unlocked Phone

Jan 19, 2010

Brought my first BB yesterday,a Storm 2 as I hated my iphone - however my BB days could be numbered as first impressions are not so good !Got it unlocked through Vodaphone onto the Orange network as my Iphone contract still has 20 months to go !I cannot connect to the internet unless I am at home and connect through my wifi ?I get "This is a wifi service.Please ensure your device has an active wifi connection and try again "Is this one of many problems that I will get as i am on orange and not Voda ?Also can the memory be increased for music etc ?

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BB Storm 9500 :: Connect My Device To Internet With Wifi

Aug 23, 2010

2 days back I purchased storm 2 9520.When ever I try to connect my device to internet with wifi it is showing unable to get IP address.I am unable to understand what to do with my device.Please help as I am new bee to blackberry family.And more over this is my first expensive devise.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Email And Data Stopped Working - Storm With Tmobile

Jun 3, 2010

My browser and email stopped working about 3 days ago and I spent almost a whole day on the phone with support, no help. They had me do everything including delete all my service books and now there is nothing in the host routing table. They finally said, we cant help. My phone is stuck on lower case edge and I cant get data.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Unlocked Storm For Tmobile Can't Call Or Recieve Calls

Jan 18, 2010

i have a unlocked blackberry storm for tmobile i can send and recieve texts and the internet works fine, however when i try to call it says no channel/circuit avaliable. i went to india for a few weeks and calling worked just fine there is there any way to fix this problem?

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Unlocked Storm And Sending Service Books

Jan 23, 2010

I'm having is when I go to send the service books to activate email I keep getting update failed I tried the diagnostic test and manually sending the books. I was wondering if I can replace the verizon email service books with att's books also if that is possible what books will I look for in crackutil any help is appreciated

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Storm Shut Off - Wont Reboot Completely

Feb 11, 2010

Has a Storm and it just shut off on. When I pull the battery, the red light comes on for a few seconds and the screen and buttons light up. Then, it starts over. 20 minutes later and it's still in that same cycle.

It's rocking Verizon's official 5.0 and she doesn't do anything to modify or hack it. I've never encountered this before.

I'm wondering if the OS became corrupt, but we're @ Red Lobster and there's nothing I can do now.

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BB Storm 9500 :: Green Light And Black Screen Don't Work On Storm

Jul 31, 2010

I'm having problem with my storm phone ever since it was dropped in water. I left it to dry for a week. Since then I replaced my battery and the phone came on with the clock and then the screen showed up. and could not do anything. Then the screen went black. Now when I try to recharge it only a green light appears and nothing else. Did I kill my battery and is the phone no longer good or it's just my screen and i can replace it.

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BB Storm 9500 :: Registering Storm 2 Outside Of The Country To Activate Data Usage

Mar 11, 2010

I am a customer of Verizon Wireless in the USA and have recently had a brand new phone sent to me. I live in Canada so I have to manually activate my phone. I have no problems doing the manual activation to allow me to make and receive calls. However, I cannot register my phone to get my data usage set up. After hours of troubleshooting over the phone with Verizon, they've some up with the conclusion that I have to be in the US, and on the Verizon network to register the phone. I have always been on the global data plan. So, basically right now I'm with a smartphone that has zero smartphone capabilities. is another way to get this phone activated.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: 100% Charged Storm Re-boots / Low Battery Warning Until Quick Pull

Jun 7, 2010

Somtimes when reading a text or using camera my Storm will re-boot and when it comes back up it will say the battery is dead. This happens after its been on the charger all night. The only way to fix it is to use quickpull. Which i have set to re-boot everyday at 5am.. Could my battery be going bad or what?

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BB Storm :: How To Share Internet Through Wifi In 9550

Dec 22, 2010

how to share bb internet thru wi fi on bb storm 9550

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Importing 3rd Party Apps From Old Storm To New

Jan 6, 2010

So my old, wine covered Storm is gone and I got a brand new replacement from Telus today. Hurray! I backed up the old phone and restored it backup on the new one, but all my third party apps are gone (Telus told me that they should transfer, but I was skeptical). Is there anyway to get these back without having to re-download them all? There's two or three that I actually paid for... it would suck to have to re-buy them!

I'm looking at BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and there's an option to import 3rd party apps from the old phone to the new one, but you need to have both phones at the same time I think. Not too handy!

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: My Storm Keep Losing My E-Mail Accounts

Jan 23, 2010

For the past 4 or 5 days I am waking up to find my 4 E-Mail accounts wiped off my Storm. I add them again and by the nex day they are all gone again. I went to a Verzon Service center and they were at a loss as what to do. They suggested I go home and call a Verizon tech to walk me through a hard reset. I insisted on calling from the store which clearly irrritated the employees there. When I spoke to the tech at the 800 number she was incredulous that they wouldn't help me at the store. She asked to speak to the supervisor there. They had a short conversation and he hung up and said I need to do a hard reset but the store policy is not to do that.

So, I went home and calle dtech support again and did the hard reset and reset my 4 email accounts. This was last night. This morning 2 of my accounts were deleted from the phone and the other two, while there were non-functional. The E-Mail setup function was gone from my phone. I had to do a restore to get it back and reset my accounts again. I'm guessing my only recourse is to go back to a verizon store again and insist on yet another replacement? I'm really beginning to hate Verizon.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Playing Audio Not Video On Storm

Jan 25, 2010

I'm having trouble with video playback on my Storm. I put movies on that I have used and have worked before, and now will not. When I play movie it gets the green loading alert in corner then starts to play the audio only with no video. I am on .419 shrunk, is it possible it removed something to play video. My recorded movie from camera do playback.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Storm White Screen Of Death?

Feb 26, 2010

I have had my Storm since it came out. I take great care of it, only update with official revs of the BB OS. I only have a few applications. I turned it on a few days ago and got a white screen that had a JVM error 102. Called VZ tech support and they told me I had a corrupt file in the OS and asked me to unistall and reinstall. I have done this 5 times and still I have a white screen that has reset on it. Even doing a cold boot, nothing changes.

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