BB Curve :: Can't Seem To Send Pictures Through Text

May 23, 2011

I can't seem to send pictures through their a way to make that work?

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Galaxy S5 :: Can't Send Pictures On Text Msg

Jul 5, 2015

The past few days I can't seem to get pictures to deliver via text. I don't think I changed anything so I don't get why they won't deliver.

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IPhone :: Any Way To Send Pictures Through Text Using 4S?

Mar 12, 2012

Can u send pictures thru texting using the iphone 4s?

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BB Bold :: Send Pictures Via Text?

Oct 13, 2011

All of a sudden I cannot send photos by text. it has always worked but as of yesterday I can't do it.

BB 9700 model

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BB Style :: Can't Send Pictures Through Email Nor Text

Dec 2, 2010

I have rebooted, I have battery pulled. Nothing works. Regular email is fine but it won't send a pic, and when I highlight a pic in my library, there is no SEND option.

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BB Torch :: How To Send Pictures In Text Messages

Aug 16, 2012

I have had my bb torch for a year or so now, and everything is great, but how I can send and receive pictures in text messages? I will try to do so and it will say fail to send picture and when I try to open one, it wont let me because it says I don't have "authorization" to open it?

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BB Torch :: Can't Send Pictures Via Text Message

Oct 27, 2011

how i can send pictures via text msg on my blackberry torch.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Send Pictures Via Text Messages

Apr 28, 2015

I would like to know how can I send pictures from my Galaxy S6 Edge using text messages to my contacts.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Won't Pictures Sent Through A Text / Messages Send

May 8, 2015

I was able to send pictures via text/messages ... did the update now I can not send pictures. not even getting an error message it just sits there like its sending but NOT..

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BB Torch :: Send Pictures Via Text Messages?

May 30, 2011

I cannot send pictures via text. I used to be able to but for some reason this functionality has disappeared

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BB Bold :: Cannot Send Camera Pictures To Text Messages

May 9, 2011

I want to send text messages and emails containing attachments of photos Ive taken using my Blackberry Bold 9780.

When I click the menu button on one of these camera photos the "send.....via email, text message etc " is not in the list of options. If I click the menu button on a picture that has not been taken with my Blackberrys camera the option IS there.I've tried attaching a photo whilst in a text message or an email, it gives me the option "attach" however when I click on the photo I want to attach it wont attach it.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Can't Send Or Receive Pictures In Text Format

Apr 13, 2015

I can text messages all day but sending or receiving pictures will not work. my s5 will just remain in sending mode infinitely will not download as well.

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IPhone :: Cannot Send Pictures On My Text Messages Anymore

Apr 30, 2012

i can not send pictures on my text anymore,I have no idea what's wrong.(iphone4s from Sprint)

Info:iPhone 4S, Sprint

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't Send A Voice Note Or Pictures Via Text

Dec 15, 2012

Own a Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T. Tried to use the texting function to send a Voice note. When I try to send it says "Can't send message Try Again". Same thing happens when I try to send a picture via text. Finally, people have tried to send images via text and it says I can open the media.

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Lumia 1520 :: Why Are The Pictures Send Through Text Messaging Distorted

Feb 18, 2015

When I take pictures on my Lumia 1520 they come out crystal clear and with great quality. But as soon as I try to send the picture via text messaging to friends or family the pictures are distorted and/ or very small. I've looked through my settings to see if I could simply change the picture settings,

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Takes Long Time To Send Pictures Via Text?

Jul 27, 2015

takes forever to send a pictures thru text messaging

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BB Curve :: Can't Send MMS Pictures

Aug 23, 2012

I can't send or receive MMS pictures anymore I used to be able but now anytime I try to it will act as it is sending but after about a minute it wont send and a big red X comes up beside it?

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BB Curve :: Send Pictures By Mss?

Jul 13, 2012

How to send pictures to a phone that is not a blackberry?I know blackberry to blackberry I can use blackberry messenger ...but if I dont want to use blackberry messenger or windows live messenger, how can I do?

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BB Curve :: Can't Send Pictures On BBM

Sep 9, 2011

My bbm was working fine for a year, but since last month, i cannot send pictures. I need to resize the image etc etc ... but my problem is different ... When i choose a picture to send it ... there r two buttons i m supposed to choose from ... "Send" and "Cancel" ... I keep moving my trackpad but it never goes to the "send", it only highlights the cancel button ... Its like its not even an option . I used to send pictures just fine before, dont know whats up with it now ... I cant even highlight "send" apart from choosing it as an option. I have tried deleting bbm, re installing it, everything worked fine but still, cant send pictures ...

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BB Curve :: BBM Cannot Send Pictures Taken With It

Oct 17, 2011

My Curve will not allow me to select "send" whenever I have taken a picture with my blackberry and would like to bbm it to a friend. I can send pictures that are in my library via bbm but NOT pictures that I took with my blackberry.

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BB Curve :: BBM 6 - Cant Send Pictures And Then App Disappeared

Aug 12, 2011

i have a Curve 9300 and recently upgraded to BBM 6 At first it worked ok but the functionality to send pictures and all other files through BBM was not available - it wasn't even a selection in the main menu. When I tired to go through the pictures folder sending to a bbm contact was not an option. since then i had to reboot the phone and the BBM icon has disappeared. It is noted as installed on my app world listing but I cannot run it or open it and icon has disappeared from my menu!

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Curve :: Berry Messenger Don't Send Pictures

Aug 9, 2011

I'm having this issue with my curve 8520, OS and berry messenger are both up to date everytime i try send a picture to any berry messenger contact never start to transfering the photo, i know that's not people isn't accepting the photos as they never recive the photo, i tried with a friend next to me and he never recive the photo, same problem is with Facebook 2.0 i can't upload photos to my albums

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BB Curve :: 8530 - Can't Send Or Receive Pictures

Jun 18, 2011

I have a blackberry curve 8530 on cricket. And for some reasom and I can't send or get pictures from anyone....

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BB Curve :: Select And Send Multiple Pictures?

Feb 4, 2010

I cannot find how to select multiple pictures and send them via mms, and/or send them to facebook?

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BB Curve :: 8530 Cannot Send Or Receive Pictures

Aug 26, 2012

I have been using the 8530 for almost 2 years now. My phone fell in water and I had to get a new one. I had been on Verizon but recently switched to pageplus talk and text. I bought a new unlocked phone on ebay and there is no MMS text option on the new phone and I cannot send or receive pictures. My plan is the same one I had with the old phone and the MMS text worked on my old phone.

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BB Curve :: Can't Send Pictures From 9360 To Pc Through Bluetooth

Sep 26, 2012

although i can receive pics through bluetooth on my curve 9360

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BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 Take Forever To Send Pictures

Feb 27, 2010

I have a bb 8330 and I noticed that it takes forever to send pictures, and I mean forever. Probably about 2 minutes. Dont let me send more than one mms or email with pics at a time because it may take about 10 minutes for them all to send. This has never happened with my old palm centro, where sending a pic was instant. Just curious if something is wrong with my device, or is this normal.

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BB Curve :: Unable To Send Pictures Or Voice Notes?

Oct 11, 2011

I have one contact on my bbm list that I cannot send pictures or voice notes to. I can ping her, send her broadcast messages, send her normal messages, but not pictures or voice notes... I have no issues with anyone else on my contact list..

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BB Curve 83xx :: How To Send Picture Message With Pictures Taken From Phone

Feb 14, 2010

I'm new to the BB 8330 and I used to have a Palm and i know when I would receive or send a pix msg there would be an option for MMS.. Now onto my BB I have now with Sprint.. I can't figure out how to send pix msgs with pix that I've taken and are in my phone. As well when someone sends me a pix message I have to go to the wed on my phone to receive it?

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BB Curve :: 9300 Not Able To Send Pictures - Upload Failed At 95 Percent

Oct 12, 2011

I've been using Whatsapp on the curve 3G for quite sometime. However, I always encounter this problem. Whenever I try sending a picture, after uploading 95% of the picture, I get a message saying 'UPLOAD FAILED'. I'm able to receive pictures though.

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BB Curve :: 8520 BBM Won't Send / Receive - Cannot See Contact Pictures In Menu

Oct 29, 2011

Even before the 'big crash' my daughters BBM didn't work. I have tried all the resets there are even uninstalled it, re-installed it etc. When I first got the phone 18 months ago it worked fine. Now wont send, wont receive, can't see anyone's pictures in the menu's. Got wi-fi, got credit, on Curve 8520

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