BB Bold :: Red Light On Permanently On 9780

Dec 4, 2012

my led is red permanently on bb 9780; a just turn on led coverage indicator, i turn of , and the led remain red. A fade red, but it is on...

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BB Bold :: 9780 - Home Screen Tray Closed Permanently

Aug 29, 2011

Normally the tray stays on my home screen permanently with one row of icons, and when I open the tray the rest appear. I liked this setting and found it easy to manage. However, while playing about with whether to show 1 icon etc, when the tray is closed it completely collapses now? I've changed it back to default tray setting, but it still hasn't fixed? How do I fix this, without putting it back to factory settings? (as I have a number of txt messages that I need to keep saved).

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BB Bold :: 9780 Won't Turn On - No Red Light At All

Dec 18, 2011

I was busy charging my phone earlier, and I noticed that it kept rebooting over and over. I decided to leave it alone for a bit, and to just let it charge.However, when I came back, my phone was off completely, and wouldn't turn on. I unplugged it and pulled out the battery and put it back in, but there was no red light or reboot.Now it's refusing to turn on completely.

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BB Bold :: Blinking Red Light On 9780?

Aug 9, 2011

Is it normal to have a blinking red light on my BB 9780? The light used to be green when I was previously using Nokia or Sony Ericsson phones.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Red Light Flashing

Nov 17, 2011

I bought my blackberry myself last february brand new off of ebay, had no problems until a couple of days ago.I took my battery in and out to use when needed as i was saving the charge, but when i tried to turn the phone on once more, nothing would happen and the phones signal light jus continually flashes red.I've tried taking everything out n reboosting, and ive tried connecting it to the computer but as the screen dont come on i have no way of connecting it.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Won't Switch On, Just Red Light Flashing?

Dec 16, 2011

I plugged it into the wall charger last night as I always do, when I got up this morning the time on the clock showed 2.08am even though it was 5.45am, I unplugged the charger and the screen went black. I couldn't turn it on. I removed the battery and put it back in again and still the same, just won't switch on. The LED is flashing 1pause 1,2,3 pause 1, rather than a consistent flashing like when you have a message waiting.I have tried plugging the charger back into it but still nothing, just completely black screen and won't switch on.

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Bold :: Blackberry 9780 Shows Black Screen And Red Light Is Blinking

Feb 10, 2012

i my BB 9780 stuck on blackscreen and red light is blinking.

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Galaxy S5 :: Camera Light Permanently On - How To Turn It Off

Dec 20, 2015

Went to charge my S5 and the camera light is now stuck on. I have tried a factory reset and that has not worked. The only way is to take the battery out.

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BB Curve 8520 / 8530 :: How Do I Permanently Change Color Of My Led Light?

Apr 17, 2010

How do i permanently change the color of my led light that flashes all the time?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Permanently Remove Twitter Icon Off Bold 1

Aug 16, 2010

Does anyone know how to permanately remove the Twitter icon off the Bold 1? I updated my girl's phone and this icon appeared. I used the "hide" feature, but she hates Twitter and wants it removed.

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BB Bold :: Calendar Does Not Permanently Delete

Sep 13, 2011

I have my blackberry bold connected to my facebook which i like alot but the calendar notifications really bother me because it makes a huge mess when im getting texts. I tried unchecking the "sync calendar to facebook option" but they still keep coming. I delete the full calendar using blackberry desktop software, but the calendar will come back in 3 days or so, even if i dont press the back-up option. It is a huge inconvenience to have to delete them all every few days and i have no use of the blackberry calendar for anything. I am completely lost and i just need a way to get rid of the calendar entries permanently, or take them off my notifications.

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BB Bold :: Have Calendar Permanently On My Wall?

Sep 23, 2011

How can I have my calendar permanently on my Wall

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BB Bold :: Camera Flash Permanently On?

Sep 5, 2011

The flash on the back of my BOLD 9700 is permanently on. removnig the battery and doing a hard reset does not turn it off.

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BB Bold :: Numeral Lock Permanently On?

Jul 26, 2012

I recently recevied a Blackberry Bold 9900. The numeral lock appears to be on permanently so that when I type letters into the password area they do not register- only numerals do. how to turn Numeral lock off?

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BB Bold :: Memory Card Not Permanently Locked

Jun 26, 2012


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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Permanently Delete Downloads / Games?

Jun 15, 2010

When I click on them, I have to individually download each (the phone just comes with the links/logos), but I only have use for one game and three downloads (starred). How do I get rid of the rest in my games and downloads folders? I've tried deleting them with BlackBerry Desktop Manager, but the links/logos still show up... The games I have: Brick Breaker* Tony Hawk Vert Guitar Hero 5 Mobile Bubble Bash 2 Brain Challenge Vol. 2 Tetris Demo Where's Waldo? Demo Need for Speed Shift Demo PAC-MAN / Ms. PAC-MAN DEMO Texas Hold'Em King 2 Word Mole Sudoku Klondike The downloads I have: Twitter MySpace Premium v4.0 nuTsie Music PrimeTime2Go TeleNav GPS Navigator ToneMaker Demo Traffic Try AllSport GPS Facebook* T-Mobile My Account WHERE Save Photos BlackBerry App World* Slacker Radio*

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Select Only One Contact List Permanently?

Sep 2, 2010

I just got the 9700. Great phone, but I'm having a problem with my contacts. I came from an Android HTC, so my contacts were synched up online in my google account. However, my email account has always been yahoo. So for the blackberry, I set up yahoo email, and all the contacts came through to the contact app (and I couldn't find any way to undo that). Then, solely for the purpose of getting my contacts onto the blackberry, I set up gmail. The contacts came through successfully.

The problem is that both sets are now displayed in the contacts, but I only want those from google. The yahoo contacts are only email contacts, so I only want them to come through in the email app.

In contacts, I went to menu - select contact list - google. This solved the problem, but only until I exited the app. As soon as I entered next time, both lists were reselected (show all contact lists).

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BB Bold :: Emails Delayed By Several Days Or Lost Permanently?

Jan 1, 2012

A few months ago, I purchased a BlackBerry Bold 9780 for personal use, with T-Mobile service. I'm on OS 6.0 Bundle 1879, using BlackBerry Desktop Software v. I set up six email accounts on the BB device; each is a web-based, POP account hosted by GoDaddy, and each is also set up on my desktop computer Outlook (with messages for all six accounts set to be deleted from each host account upon download to Outlook). I am not using BlackBerry Enterprise Server or MS Exchange Server.For a couple of months, everything worked fine. Email received by any of the six accounts was received at about the same time on Outlook and my BB device. Synchronization of Calendar appointments for my BB-device default account worked fine in both directions. (I understand that BlackBerry Desktop Software is incapable of synching appointments from email accounts other than the account set as default on the BB device, which is a significant limitation but not the subject of this post.)Since BB's disastrous outage in October, I have experienced major problems with email received and appointments related to my BB-device default account (only):

1) Email for my BB-device default account that is received in Outlook takes at least two days to push through to my BB device, and is usually never received on the BB device. This problem does not effect the other five email accounts set up on my BB device; all six accounts are hosted by GoDaddy and are owned by me.

2) Calendar appointments do not synchronize in either direction between Outlook and my BB device.

3) Calendar appointments sent from my BB device are frequently not received by recipients.

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BB Bold :: Delete All Contacts From The Phone Memory On My Bold 9780?

Aug 9, 2011

How can I delete all contacts from the phone memory on my Bold 9780? I've only seen options to delete single entries but not all in the list.

I noted that under contacts, there are email, phone, facebook entries. How can I configure the contacts to only display phone contacts?

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Bold :: My BB 9780 Bold Keeps Rebooting For No Reason

Sep 6, 2011

my 9780 bold keeps rebooting for no reason , and it has dropped varies times , so i dont know if it could be cause of that.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Bold Freezing On Reboot?

Jan 16, 2012

My 9780 Bold restarted after I deleted an app, but won't reboot fully. The white loading bar stalls at about 2/3 in, even when I try to start it up again after a battery pull.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Possible To Set Internet View Permanently To Column View

Mar 28, 2010

Is it possible to set your internet view permanently to column view, instead of having page view?

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BB :: Cannot Use BBM On My Bold 9780

Sep 21, 2011

Can't use BBM on my Bold 9780 (Vodafone Italy). Unable to reach my PIN contacts who remain "pending" ! they are also unable to reach me, but reach everyone else !

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BB Bold :: 9780 Old SMS Disappear?

Sep 21, 2012

i have a problem with my Blackberry 9780.i am realise that my old sms will disappear,up there is the picture.that only show green colour icon and when i click inside then all the sms is gone! what is the problem?and i believe that's not because of the back up problem,cause my phone dont have any data plan.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Keeps 'resetting' Itself?

Sep 21, 2011

my 9780 keeps 'resetting' itself. screen will go black, white line at the bottom then graduates then the phone switches back on, unfortunetly the ringtone settings have i have to go and change them back.

Have tried to update the software (t mobile said this might help) but message says that my administrator will not allow this.

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BB Bold :: App Error 603 On 9780?

Dec 15, 2010

I just got myself a bold 9780. But now after restarting it for the first time, it shows a white screen with "App Error 603" and "Reset" on it. I alreadey tried the suggestions at the Torch board. My desktop manager (6.0) can't connect with my device and I can't force it with application uploader (whatever that may be).

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BB Bold :: 9780 Is Rebooting Again And Again?

Aug 26, 2012

i was downloading blackberry protect in my Bold 9780 from app world and suddenly the device started rebooting by itself again & again....while rebooting the process of reboot reches upto 60% or 70% than it againg start the reboot it would kind enough if anybody can help me with this problem as soon as possible....& i also dont have backup?

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BB Bold :: 9780 Won't Connect To Wi-Fi

Aug 16, 2011

Well i'm going to cut straight to the point. My phone would not charge, so I gave it in for repair and was given a brand new phone in return.However, now my phone, it just won't connect to wi-fi.The message 'failed to authenticate against network' just keeps coming up.I've deleted it from my saved networks, and tried again. It just won't do.My internet works perfectly fine when its connected to my network, it's just with the wi-fi that it doesn't connect.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Won't Delete App

Jul 16, 2011

I downloaded an app (Smarter Wallpapers) and used it. I found I didn't like it as much as I thought I would so I deleted it. Problem is that the pictures from the app are still in my phone and even if I change the wallpaper it continues to scroll through all the app's wallpaper. It's driving me nuts - I just want it off my phone!

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BB Bold :: 9780 Error 507 And 561?

Nov 19, 2011

I have a BB Bold 9780 with an older version of software on it (cannot confirm as device is white screened with error messages on it).The device was showing Error 561, so I attempted a software update to fix fault.The device has completed the install but cannot connect to the device to reboot - have retried 3 times and waited the half an hour each time only to get an error message on PC.More than one PC tried, still showing fault.Error 507 on the support pages suggests the device does not have OS on it, is there anyway to reload this without Desktop Manager?

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BB Bold :: 9780 Turns Off Itself Now And Then?

Dec 20, 2010

my BB9780 turns off automatically randomly whenever I pick a call, click on some icon...I then have to remove the battery and start again, which takes a very good amount of timeCarrier - Bharti AirtelBlackBerry® 9780smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi)6.0 Bundle 863 (v6.0.0.285, Platform Bands 1,2,5,6Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.6.5Branding Version: Edition Configuration: CLDC-1.1Micro Edition Profile: MIDP-2.1Micro Edition JTWI Version: 1.0Micro Edition Media Version: 1.1Micro Edition PIM Version: 1.0Micro Edition File Version: 1.0Micro Edition Bluetooth Version: 1.1Micro Edition Location Version: 1.0.1Micro Edition Security and Trust Services (APDU) Version: 1.0WLAN Version: © 1997-2010Research In Motion Limited.All rights reserved.

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