IPhone 5s :: IOS 7 / Keep Getting Extra Notifications

Jun 17, 2014

So when my phone is asleep and I get a message, once I turn my phone on to view that text, before I go into the message my phone alerts me a second time that I got a message. It also does this with my kik messages. And if I had gotten a bunch of messages while my phone was asleep, then when I turn it on I get spammed with second alerts. I've rebooted my phone, and my alert repeats are set to never. But I'm still having this problem. It's been this way since the day I got it and never really paid attention to it because I didn't know anything about iPhones since my previous phone was an android. I have the iPhone 5s, brand new, and I've never had any problems with it until now. Well, even now I still don't think this is a problem. It doesn't freeze or anything like that, I just can't seem to make it so it won't give me second notifications. I wasn't concerned about this until a little bit ago when I was telling my friend how annoying this can be and he said his phone does not do that. I don't know if it doesn't do that because he has the 5c and I have the 5s or what. Is this something I should be concerned about? Other than this little thing I have fallen in love with my phone. It never gives me problems and is amazing. I just want to make sure that this is not a problem. And if it is, how can I fix it?

(Only have had the phone for about 3 months)

iPhone 5s, iOS 7

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IPhone :: Should Get Extra Insurance For IP4?

Jul 18, 2010

Sitting here waiting for iP4 to be released in Sweden and thinking, is it worth buying an extra insurance for your phone? Since hearing several stories and people dropping their phones and getting cracks in the glass, which isn't really that surprising, I think that getting an extra insurance for iP4 is a good idea. But then of course...Usually they'll run you like $70/year and maybe around $200 in excess fee...

How much does it cost to switch out/repair the back glass of an iP4? If it's below $200 there's really no use in getting an extra insurance. It's the back glass that I'm worried about, nothing else really...

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IPhone :: 4's Touchscreen Is Extra Sensitive?

Mar 23, 2012

My iPhone 4's touchscreen is extra sensitive in phone mode. It started after I installed latest update. I keep hanging up on people. Or turning on facetime or the speaker.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Extra Charge On IPhone4 Facetime?

Jul 29, 2010

URL...As far as I know, Facetime only work in WiFi interface, but Hong Kong telecom companies charge every single use during the activate the Facetime function and the data usage during the call. What a robber.

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IPhone :: My 4gs Stolen Paid Extra For Insurance

Apr 30, 2012

My iPhone stolen, there is a police report, called at&t and line suspended not one offer or even a suggestion to use a replacement, operator didn't give any info on how to replace or what steps are needed to get a new phone, paid for warranty and insurance on day I purchased iPhone 4s out on market for 3 dys. I feel they are avoiding my concerns and I've been transfer to every department that has not one person with knowledge or specific instructions for me to take care of the matter, does anyone know the proper procedure so I'm able to have a iPhone back?. Thank you for taking your time to answer as well, greatly appreciated.

iPhone 4S, iOS 4.1, 32g AT&T carrier

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IPhone :: Exchange 2G For Possibly A 3G / S With Or Without An Extra Cost?

May 6, 2012

Is it possible to exchange my Iphone 2G for possibly a 3G/S, with or without an extra cost?

Info:iPhone 3G

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IPhone :: Rejecting A Call Appear Some Extra Options?

May 21, 2012

When I reject a phone call some extra options appear , like send a message, and the IPhone gets freeze

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IPhone :: Does It Cost Extra To Put A Photo Into An IMessage On 4s

Jun 8, 2012

I just got my iPhone 4s on a contract with the 3 network and the plan includes 5000 texts. I was wondering if it would cost extra to put a photo into an iMessage. If I was to put a photo in, it would be to another Iphone user also in the uk and on the same plan as me.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Dialing Foreign Number Bring Extra Charges

Jul 12, 2010

I've got several friends in Japan with iPhone 4s and I was wondering if I can do some FaceTime with them. I know it uses WiFi but will dialing a foreign number bring extra charges? Thanks!

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IPhone 4s :: Vibrate On All Incoming Calls And Notifications But No Ringtone Or Sound On Notifications

Jul 1, 2014

My iPhone 4s will vibrate on all incoming calls and on notifications, however, there will be no ringtone or sound on notifications.

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Nokia :: 5030 - What Is This Extra Socket?

Feb 19, 2010

Just bought a Nokia 5030. It's new and there isn't much information about it on the internet. I have seen a socket situated between the headset connector and the charger connector. It looks like a tiny small USB or something alike. I'd like to connect to it and see what comes out, and if I can input anything (music etc. I know there's only 8MB but still). Where can I get the cable? I'm curious about electronic in general, and would be happy to dig into the device.

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BB Curve :: Insertion Of Extra Letters?

Nov 3, 2012

I was just hoping that someone could please shed some light on a problem i have with my Blackberry Curve 8520. Just recently it has started to type extra "a" in when i use it then all of a sudden the "alt" button is putting in * when i press it.I read somewhere that it maybe water damage, but i don't take it near water then i heard it may just be the keypad sticking or thirdly it could be the software needing to be upgraded.if you have had the same problem and managed to sort it or even if you had to get a new phone.

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Xseries :: It Is Giving Extra Brightness

Aug 28, 2011

I am facing problem with the brightness of X2-01. Its screen is so bright that after a short use it start hurting to my eyes . There is no option to adjust the brightness. Although I am using some dark themes because light coloured themes appears like a torch in darkness but this trick is of no use for internet browsing. Why Nokia not understand that eyes are so precious organ of human body.

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Nokia :: Extra Symbols Menu Does Not Show

Mar 29, 2010

brand new device, pressing FN and then SYM gives me nothing at all also enabling virtual keyboard i get norhing showing up.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Trying To Delete Some Extra Themes?

Jan 13, 2010

I was wondering if someone can advise me here. I'm trying to delete some extra themes I have and it will not let me. When I click the theme, the option to delete is grayed out. I've tried doing it through Options -> Applications etc. but they don't show up. I'm running the .419 leak for my OS, if that matters.One Idea I had was using BBSAK to delete all the 3rd Party stuff and just re-install everything but I feel like that would just be more trouble than it is worth.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Add A Couple Of Extra Fonts

Mar 23, 2010

I was wondering if it's possible for me to add a couple of extra fonts to my phone other than the current ones. Any idea how to do that?

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BB Bold :: Adding Extra Periods & Spaces?

Mar 3, 2010

For about a week my phone has been adding extra periods and spaces when I press the space bar. This has been happening with SMS, MMS and email. I knw about that short-cut (press the space bar twice to enter periods) but its doing that after almost every word. I have changed the sensitivity to the lowest setting possible but it continues to do it, even when i text slow. Not sure as to what I should do.

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LG G3 :: How To Delete Extra Contacts On Contact List

Sep 8, 2015

When I bought my LG G3 at the sprint store and they transferred all my contacts over from my old device. it shows the same contact 3/4 times in my contact list and i have not been able to delete the extra ones!

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BB Bold :: Add An Extra Mail Address On 9780?

May 11, 2011

I want to add an extra mail address on my bold 9780. I go to setup, click on email account. Then my device is going to check for updates. After that i have to fill in my mailadress and password. When I fill it in, it says it is wrong and i cannot do anything more. How can i skip this part and just add an extra mailadress? I dont want to change my excisting mailadress, just add another one

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Nokia :: Extra Features To Download Beta Labs N97

May 5, 2010

I'm currently running v2.1 software on the n97 so the latest software.However, are there any extra features to download of beta labs.I don't think i'm running the latest ovi maps. Is it worth the update?Also, does anybody have any news of a new software update?

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Nokia Accessories :: Does Extra Power DC-11 Work With 5800

Sep 4, 2011

Does the Nokia Extra Power DC-11 work with nokia 5800?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Used BBM In Abroad / Network Charge Extra?

Jul 2, 2010

I pay 40 for unlimited texts and internet and have 900 minutes, the price of my blackberry bolt-on is included in that price.I'm going on holiday next week, was wondering if using my bbm while abroad would mean extra roaming charges when I come back. I rang 02 and they '50/50' om it.Wondering if anyone can help?
Has anyone used bbm while abroad? Did your network charge extra?Nobody seems to have a solid answer,Also whats the alternative if you are charged? Will bbm still work if i use a local sim card while on holiday?

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BB Torch :: External Charger For An Extra Battery For The 9800?

Jun 2, 2011

Anyone know of an external charger for an extra battery for the Torch 9800?

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Sony Ericsson :: C902 - Getting Extra Languages On Phone?

Dec 2, 2010

I have a C902 and wondered how I would go about getting extra languages on the phone? It's very frustrating not being able to text my greek friends (I live in Cyprus) in true Greek.

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LG :: Rumor Can Get Internet Without Buying Extra Data Plan

Jan 15, 2010

I have a lg rumor that was unlocked and put on pageplus. Is there a way that i can get the internet without buying the extra data plan

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Homescreen Launcher With Some Extra Options?

Jul 7, 2011

I am looking for an alternative to the standard Motoblur homescreen/launcher. I have tried ADW Launcher and Launcher Pro, and am looking for some other options. I am mainly looking to add more then seven homescreens, either keep the standard motoblur look or switch to something that looks like stock Froyo/Gingerbread, have a 3D app drawrer, and keep my current homescreens (widgets, shortcuts, etc) in place, as both ADW and Launcher Pro have forced me to start from scratch. I would like something free (or at least with a free trial or free version) and I am not a root user.

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Nokia :: N900 Need Updation Of Ovi Maps / Extra Data Connections

Feb 16, 2010

After just paying alot of monies for this handset, I feel let down...
1. Most obvious and talked about is the OVi Maps update. Iv read this is on its way, I hope its soon!
2. No MMS
3. No SMS without conversations, I hate conversations. I hate that nokia are copying iphone...
4. No copying of old SMS to N900. I was a N86 8MP user before this handset arrived today. I have about 1 to 2 THOUSAND messages, from over the years and Im a texaholic, so I NEED to save them....
5. No extra data connections, With O2 UK, I would normally have 3 connections:
But in addition to this, the new sim cards, automatically have a O2 postpay wap connection. So, I would like to have as many connections as I can!

6. No editing contact number description text. With, another let down, I have hundreds of contacts and about 10-30 of those have more than 2 or 3 numbers. For example, my workplace contact. I had like 10 to 11 numbers, plus other details, such as notes and emails all stored under 1 contact! For each number and note, I edited the text so I know exactly whos number it was, or what that text related to

I sure there's more, but atm since turning it on, charging, updating to latest firmware and first time boot with sim card, this is what I have found so far...

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BB Curve :: Icon For Extra Mailbox Is Not Appearing On Home Screen

Oct 4, 2011

i have just updated the o/s on my blackberry curve today (v5.0.0.681).i have a work exchange email, and i have also added my personal mail account via Setup / Email Settings - the new additional mail address is visible, and i have received an email from the Activation Server confirming, i am also receiving mails from both email addresses.the issue is that the icon for the extra mailbox is not appearing on the home screen, or in any of the folders (up until the o/s upgrade i had no issues and it was always visible) I have taken the battery in and out - any other suggestions?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: TWRP Backup And Seemingly Extra Mounts?

Feb 14, 2016

I'm running the latest TWRP I noticed when taking a backup, and it asks which partitions I'd like to back up, I notice a couple new ones I've not seen before. System image, vendor image, right below, system, and vendor. I notice the "image" partitions are slightly larger than regular system and vendor. What are these, and should they be included in a regular backup?

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Galaxy S5 :: Using Navigation Apps Battery Drains EXTRA Quickly

Dec 24, 2015

When I use a navigation app on my S5, my battery drains EXTRA quickly, and my phone often overheats. Is there anything I can do to easily turn off other apps to prevent background refresh/push notifications (essentially turning my phone into JUST an internet-connected GPS)? I typically use Waze, but will use Google Maps on occasion too.

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BB Bold :: When Type, It Adds Dollar Signs And Extra Letters?

Mar 30, 2012

I type out on my phone, but for example when I press the 'i' key, It puts an 's' in front of it no matter what, my menu button takes my screen back and THEn opens the menu, and dollar signs add themselves to my text to! Basically all my buttons are messed up

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