Sony Ericsson :: W995 Cannot Charge Battery And Red Light Flashing

Sep 2, 2010

put it on charge last night as i normally do, then when i looked at it after about an hour, it said: Cannot Charge Battery, Please use a Sony Ericsson Battery, I still had about 50% battery so i switched it on and it goes past the turn on / flight mode menu then theres just a white screen saying please insert correct sim. The red light is also flashing.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - LED Light As A Torch

Jan 16, 2010

I discovered that i can use the C905 Xenon light as a torch by the camera's video mode then press down to switch on the light. My boy-friend who has W995 is wondering if there is a similar way of using the video LED light on his phone as a torch as well or able to get a java application that does this like on i had on my K800?

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Activate Light Sensor / Do I Set Brightness At 80%?

Oct 20, 2010

Whenever i exit an internet application the internet icon is still displayed on top of the screen until i turn phone off. checked running apps and theres nothing there. why is that? how do i activate light sensor on the phone? do i set the brightness at 80%?

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Sony Ericsson :: C905 - Flashing Red Light / Phone Not Getting Charged

Aug 24, 2010

I notice a flashing red light on the side of phone. I put the phone on charge seemed to be charging ok approx 5 hours later took it off charge. I used phone and noticed the battery indicator showing 1 red bar the phone bleeped low battery and turned off. I've done all normal trouble shooting tips still the same. I've bought original Sony Ericsson charger and battery that hasn't worked either.

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Sony Ericsson :: Battery Go Flat In 24hrs On My W995?

Sep 2, 2010

I have had this phone now for about 4 months and i like the phone a lot...i dont use the phone a lot at all realy may get 1 call a day and make 1 call a day and send receive some messages so i can go all most a week with out charging but in the last week it has started going flat in just 24 hrs...this happend once before and then i found that there was a app running so once i turned that off it was right but this time i cant find anything running...what should i do !

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Error - Battery Cannot Be Charge Please Use A Sony Ericsson Battery

Apr 18, 2010

BATTERY CANNOT BE CHARGE PLEASE USE A SONY ERICSSON BATTERY. after flashing my phone. i got this error, i've tried changing my battery but the error is still there. my phone is K850i

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Phone No Longer Recognizes Its Own Battery

Oct 27, 2010

My w995 no longer recognizes its own battery so can't charge it! Is this a common problem and how do I resolve it?

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Recently Updated / Now Battery Lasts Only For Couple Of Days

Sep 22, 2010

I do not use my phone much and my W995 used to last of over a week on one charge. After a recent software update at the beginning of September 2010, my battery now only last a couple of days. Does anyone have any suggestions on why this might be?

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Sony Ericsson :: W980 Died Just A Red Light Blinking When Trying To Charge

Sep 1, 2010

My w980 has just died on me,a red light blinks a few times when trying to charge it,how can this be repaired?

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Sony Ericsson :: W580i - When Plugin To Charge Shows Red Light Continously

Oct 26, 2010

I own a Sony Ericsson W580i and lately I am having problems with it.

The problem is as follows...

When I plugin the phone to charge it shows a red light and no matter how many hours I charge it the same thing happens. and when I try to switch on the phone it doesnt start.

Kindly let me know what could be a possible problem.As there is no SonyEricsson authorised service centre close to my place I showed the phone in a store and he said it might be a mother board problem.I dint leave the phone with that guy as I did not trust him. if it actually might be a mother board problem or is it jus a battery problem.I am planning to go to the service centre in a short while and want to get an idea as to what might possibly be wrong...

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Sony Ericsson :: Can Not Charge Battery Please Insert Battery

Sep 22, 2010

It's doing that whole "Can not charge battery, please insert a sony ericsson battery" when it is a Sony Ericsson battery Is there anyway to fix this without going to the store you got it from, its the third time this has happened and im sick of having to return it then go three weeks without a phone.

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IPhone 5s :: Won't Charge - Red Light Keeps Flashing

Sep 6, 2014

My 4 month 5s wont charge the charging symbol has a little bit of red in it and it keeps flashing on and of in the battery symbol

iPhone 5s

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio U1i - Installing Latest Software Update / Insufficient Battery Charge

Sep 7, 2010

I was installing the latest software update on my new Satio tonight and didn't realise I had insufficient battery charge until midway through the update. The phone crashed before finishing the update and now doesn't seem to take a charge, I have taken out the battery, SIM card and memory card and put them all back in, and had the phone connected to the charger for over an hour, but I have no indication from the phone that it is charging and it won't boot up. I tried running the update again but it failed again as well.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 At Ad-hoc - Wi-fi

Oct 17, 2010

In a usage time of this phone I had a problem with function Wi-fi. At connection to ad-hoc networks the exchange of packages does not occur. What should I do? I tried to adjust ip-addresses and a network mask manually, to change cryptography techniques, but it hasn't helped.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Wi-Fi

Nov 23, 2010

I have just acquired a W995 & have set up a Wi-Fi link to my home network but am not sure if it is using that instead of my Mobile Phone connection. The Wi-Fi icon is green but when I try to connect to the internet a small e appears above the signal strength bars. Using a French network provider, my data allowance is very small, so would prefer to use Wi-Fi to pick up e-mail & other internet services. How can I force a Wi-Fi connection if one is available ?

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Use Without Sim

Feb 16, 2010

Is ther any one who knows the instructions, in France in order to use SONY Ericsson W995 WITOUH ANY SIM? only for music?

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Supporting Sip

Sep 3, 2010

there a client supporting sip or voip for w995.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Not Switching On

Oct 13, 2010

I'm sure this has been done to death but I can't find any links on here. My phone started not working so I switched off, sincve when it won't go past the Sony logo before the screen goes blank. It is seen by the PC for a few seconds every minute or so, and that's it. I can't do anything with it, and the battery is charged and the sim card is not faulty.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Switching Itself Off

Oct 26, 2010

My nearly 1 year old W995 has just started to switch itself off for no reason. Battery is charged and have tried a replacement battery also. There is no pattern and just happens at random 2-3 times a day. Have tried the software update but it still happens. Only way to clear the problem is to remove the battery and then it will restart!

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - SIP Settings

Nov 13, 2010

What is the use of SIP settings? How can I use it in W995 phone?........

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Sony Ericsson :: Facebook App For W995

Jan 17, 2010

Is there anyone with a W995 (Brown cert) with the latest fw R1HA036 who can extract the mentioned app? I'm quite bummed that the new fw doesn't allow manual installation for the Facebook app I've been using since the last fw. It's strange that after the fw update my APAC-ANZ doesn't come with it while another phone with the same CDA and fw does. Actually it does allow manual installation, it just doesn't integrate itself with the phone anymore, ie. able to log on but I can't view any of the pictures, there's no Facebook link for 'send to' in the photo gallery which used to allow me to upload photos directly to my Facebook page etc. Am kinda wondering if any of you kind souls could help me out with this.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 How To Flash?

May 23, 2010

As above, bored with my usual sony ericsson menu layout so want to flash my phone to have flash menus. Want to know how i can do that.Its unbranded/unlocked, if that helps.PS3 60GB, PSP 2x, Iphone 3GS 16GB White,SE W995, Nokia n95, Nokia N73 and many more

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Pc Suite

Jul 15, 2010

I have downloaded the latest version of the Ericsson pc suite successfully to my computer. However when I plug the usb cable in and go through the connecting proceedure it get rights the way to the end and then a grey box appears with an error message, send error report, don't send error report and which ever one you click shuts down the pc suite and you have to go through it all again for the same error report at the end!

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - Keylock

Jul 26, 2010

Love this phone but the lack of a proper password protected keylock is a blight on an otherwise great phone. Is there ever any hope that sony will implement one? Or will I just end up switching to HTC/back to Nokia.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 How To Get Conversation Tab

Jul 28, 2010

why my w995 dont have conversation tab at all? does anyone know why? or how? let me know please!i really want it in conversations!software version is:R1HA035

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Sony Ericsson :: Elm / W995 - Which One Is Better For Buying?

Aug 15, 2010

So what do people think? Should I get an Elm or W995? Camera mainly, Elm pics appear better. I can't decide.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - GPS For Lap Timings?

Oct 7, 2010

I am keen on doing motorbike trackdays and I was wondering if there is any free software for the Ericsson W995 for doing lap timing on trackdays.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Buttons Not Working

Aug 20, 2010

I have a Sony Ericsson W995 and i've had it for about a year now. About 2 weeks ago my space button just randomly packed up. And now my "5" button is also starting to play up, when i press the button nothing happens so sometimes i may be pressing it 10-20 times before it works, Anyone else had this problem? Or can suggest how to fix it?

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Should Have A New Update Software

Oct 3, 2010

well the title of this post explains it all since the w995 has the normal SE UI, it should be updated, have better camera functionality and so on and so forth and also other SE phones as well

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 Is It Possible To Connect To My Pc And Use It As A Webcam? 

Aug 22, 2010

is it possible to connect my w995 to my pc and use it as a webcam? if so how do i do it? any help would be much appreciated. cheers.

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Sony Ericsson :: W995 - M2 Memory Card

Nov 13, 2010

I transferred a film onto my M2 memory card which then doesn't work. When I try to delete this it says cannot delete as the file is protected. Can anyone help me with this? The film is taking up 1.12GB of space and I want to get rid of it.

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