Samsung :: SCH-U640 Convoy Get Pics To PC Via Cable

Mar 31, 2010

I'm not sure if this has already discussed, but I could find no information on it through google searches or on these forums. How to download your pics from your Convoy SCH-U640 to your PC.
1. Gotta have a microSD card.
2. Your pics need to be on the card. You can set the phone to automatically save to the card, or you can move the pics to the card using the options menu in your "My Pictures" section.
3. Plug the phone into the computer using the data/charge USB cable
4. If the phone wants to sync just hit "End."
5. Open Menu/Settings & Tools/Tools/USB Mass Storage
6. Viola, you can browse the contents of your microSD and remove the pics.
My mistake was I was looking in Menu/Settings & Tools/USB Mode to try and get the pics from the card. This activates the Sync mode, which is only for music, not pics.

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Samsung :: Convoy U640 - USB Communications Overview

Feb 2, 2010

For those interested in accessing their Samsung Convoy (SCH-U640) via the USB cable from their Windows computer, here are some insights not apparent in the Users Manual. (I use XP).

The phone distinguishes three modes of communication via USB with a computer:
1. USB Mass Storage (Menu/9/2/8)
2. USB Media Sync, and
3. USB Modem.
The last two are chosen by a setting at Menu/9/9.

1. USB Mass Storage Mode (also see Users Manual pg. 138)
USB Mass Storage mode allows access to the external (microSD card, if installed) memory through Windows Explorer. No phone-specific USB drivers are required for this connection. You have some limited control over which files or folders are stored on the card. This is managed at Menu/9/8/1 or from a screen appearing at insertion of a card. None of the phone’s “built-in” files are moved to the card. Certain copy-protected files also cannot be moved to the card. For instance, none of the built-in ringtones or built-in pictures is present. Although it is possible to move your contacts to the card (Menu/9/8/2/7/Options/3/MarkAll/Done/Yes/OK), the phone is unaware of contacts on the card. Therefore “copying” contacts to the card can be useful for backup purposes, but if you “move” contacts to the card then the phone will show no contacts. (Note that pictures, including any associated with contacts, are managed separately and may be stored on the card or in the internal memory, your choice). It appears that in USB Mass Storage mode one can add contacts one at a time or en mass by copying contact vcf files from the computer to the my_contacts directory. Then, with the phone disconnected from the computer, move the new contacts to the internal phone memory (Menu/9/8/3/7/Options/3/MarkAll/Done/Yes/OK). I am not knowledgeable on what restrictions, if any, apply to vcf files acceptable to the phone. If you have inserted a microSD card and wish to upload pictures to your phone for use as contacts photos, then you can use the following format: jpeg, 72 dpi, 1600 or less (wide) x 1200 (high). In USB Mass Storage mode copy the pictures into the my_pix folder.

2. USB Media Sync Mode (also see Users Manual pg. 126)
USB Media Sync mode allows the computer, running VCast Music with Rhapsody, to manage music files on the phone. Installation is a two-step affair. First one installs a phone-specific USB driver (say from ). The Convoy (sch-U640) is not listed in that drivers table, so I chose the sch-U620 driver. The driver installer appears to be the same for many of the Samsung phones. With the USB driver installed, next one installs VCAST with Rhapsody.
Note: actually, the phone connects fine in USB Media Sync mode without the USB driver, and VCAST works, but one gets annoying “Found New Hardware” messages from Windows at connection and disconnection. One can access the device memory, in part, in Windows Explorer when the phone is connected to the computer in USB Media Sync mode. Only two music-related folders appear (Music, Playlist), and the Music folder is sorted into performer/album/ subfolders unlike when viewed in USB Mass Storage mode. Whether one sees internal or external memory depends on where the phone is storing music files.
Note: When one explores the phone without loading the USB driver, a third folder, “Albums” appears.
Note: It is apparently not possible, or at least not obvious how, to upload calendar items to the Convoy from the computer (say from Outlook) via the USB connection. This can be done, one item at a time, via Bluetooth (Users Manual pg. 93).
Note: the USB driver obtained here is not compatible with the software program BitPim, which does not find the phone at all in USB Mass Storage or USB Media Sync mode. But see below!

3. USB Modem Mode
This mode of communication is designed to use the phone as a USB modem to connect a computer to the internet via the cellphone network. For that purpose one must first install VZAccess Manager. The USB Modem mode, established at Menu 9/9 followed by plugging in the cable, does not cause the device to display any entry in Windows Explorer.
Note: Whether or not VZAccess Manager is installed on the computer, the USB Modem connection allows BitPim to interact with the Convoy. BitPim has not evaluated the Convoy, but several of the program’s features work when one manually selects the SCH-U750 (Alias 2) phone. However, I have not tried to write from BitPim to the phone.

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Samsung :: Convoy SCH-U640 - Way To Keep Speaker Off When BlueTooth Is Connected?

Apr 19, 2010

My wife can not believe that the phone rings through the Phones speaker even if she is listening to music through her BlueTooth headset(s). This happens with several BlueTooth devices, so it must be either a function of the phone, or a setting she has not found yet.

The problem is that if she is in a public area listening to music on the BlueTooth, and a call comes in, it transfers to the Phones speaker and disturbs everyone. I would think that if the phone was connected to BlueTooth, it would know enough to keep the speaker OFF. Is this normal for his phone? She uses a Motorola S9-HD headset, or a Plantronics Voyager Pro or a BlueAnt Supertooth 3. This happens no matter which device she is using.

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Samsung :: Convoy (SCH-U640): BitPim Setup Assistance?

Apr 25, 2011

I have the convoy...i have win7 (32-bit, starter) installed...PC seems to recognize the phone alright. downloaded the modem drivers...everything on that end is cool. I found several threads with much discussion on the topic...but none of the sets of directions have seemed to work.

According to my understanding, I'm supposed to select the modem diagnostic serial port as my target port...unfortunately though, BitPim has read that port as unavailable. The one time that it was listed under the "available" part, it still didn't work. When it seems everything is set correctly, it's giving me a "could not open port" error...port settings are correct.

What else can I try? are there any other methods (w/o using illegally distributed software) that I can use? I've been fiddling with this thing for about 5 hours now....and i wish it wasn't so dadgum complicated. It's my phone, and lets me download music to it...but no ringtones??? come on. (/endrant)

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Samsung :: U640 - Service Manual Or Guide To Replace LCD?

Aug 24, 2010

Does anyone know of a service manual or guide to replace the LCD screen on a Samsung SCH-U640? I cannot seem to figure out how to disassemble the display portion. Also, any parts source would be helpful as well.

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Samsung :: Convoy Contact Reordering?

Jan 29, 2010

Just got a Samsung Convoy and have imported my contacts. Now, I have no problem reassigning the speed dial numbers, but the contact list itself is all alphabetically. I don't care for that, because when I bring up the contacts, I want to have my "most used" contacts up on top for easy access, is there any way to reorder the contact list? Doesn't seem to be that option, in old phones I've had there usually was a "reorder number" or something like that when you edited the contact, but nothing like that I see in the Convoy's contact menu.

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Samsung :: Convoy - Music - Headphones

Apr 10, 2010

So I got a convoy, its decent. trying to play music player with headphones. got a 2.5mm to 3.5mm convertor - it's only mono and connection isnt the greatest. Got one of these: that does nothing at all.

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Samsung :: V710 Convoy Bluetooth DUN

Apr 27, 2010

I just replaced my Motorola V710 with a Samsung Convoy.One feature of the V710 that I used regularly was Bluetooth DUN to connect my PDA for web/email access.The DUN profile is in the Convoy, the devices connect and make the call, but at connection the phone resets-and my provider tells me that's because Verizon wants you to pay for an extra data paln for this!

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Samsung :: Convoy 2 Screen Replacement?

Oct 28, 2012

I have a Samsung convoy 2 and I have broken the front outside LCD. I think too much pressure was placed on the screen in my pocket and the LCD cracked although the plastic covering the LCD is in perfect condition. I have found a replacement lcd online but I'm not sure how to replace it.

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Samsung :: Convoy SCHu640 - Ringtones With Bitpim

Feb 18, 2010

I just figured out how to add ringtones to your Convoy with bitpim. I started with this thread from grc which say the that Convoy can be recognized through bitpim by manually selecting the SCH-U750 (Alias 2) phone....

The ringtone will actually get written into your sounds instead of your ringtone folder but it can still be used as a ringtone just the same.

first of all leave your phone in usb sync mode and DO NOT switch it to modem mode.

1 Start Bitpim

2 Hook your phone to the computer with the usb cable. Phone will be recognized in bitpim as other cdma phone. Open your phone and hit clear so that sync mode is closed and your wallpaper comes up. DO NOT unhook your phone from the cable. The phone will momentarily disconnect from bitpim and then reconnect. SWEET NOW

3 Go to edit and then to settings in bitpim. Manually set your phone to SCH-U750 (Alias 2)

4 Go to media in bitpim and click on SOUNDS. Now click the add music note at the top and make the ringtone as you normally would. when your finished making it send it to your phone with the add ringtone button and once your phone restarts, check your SOUNDS folder in your phone.....

GRC for getting the ball rolling...I guess this will have to work untill they update bitpim...

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Samsung :: Convoy - Change Directional Keys

Aug 1, 2010

Does anyone know how to change the default directional keys on the Convoy? I have looked at every option on this phone and can find no way to change them. I don't need the web browser or the dashboard thing and would like to have other features assigned to those keys.

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Samsung :: Convoy - Use Sounds As Clock Alarm Tone?

Mar 24, 2010

i was wondering if there is any way to use the sound as a clock alarm tone????

i try to find ways but i couldn' i was wondering if it was even possible to do so

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Samsung :: Convoy - Tips And Tricks Not Covered In The Manual

Jun 5, 2010

I was hoping we could setup this little thread to fill each other in on tips and tricks that aren't covered in the manual. For example, when I have my alarm set and set on alarm only for ringer, the alarm is so freaking loud it gives me a heart attack in the morning. Is there any way to turn it down before I set it? Since the ringer is set for alarm only I can not control the volume that way. Just wondering if there was a way to make it softer. Also, when its powered on and charging is there any way to get rid of the annoying little beep when it becomes fully charged? Hearing that at 2AM isn't fun. Again, I have the phone set to Alarm only and it still does that.

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Samsung :: Changing The Wallpaper On The Inside Screen Of A Convoy 2?

May 13, 2012

My wife has just gotten a Convoy 2 and would like to change the wallpaper on the inside screen.She wants me to take a pic from her camera and make that the inside screen wallpaper.nyone know what size they have to be Also I am going to assume it has to be a JPEG...correct me if I am wrong..

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Samsung :: Convoy 2 - How To Change Opera Mini Browser Homepage

Nov 13, 2011

How do I change the Opera Mini browser's default home page? If you have the Samsung Convoy 2 you have probably noticed that the default shortcut assigned to the left side of the directional pad is to the Opera Mini browser. So far so good, I like that. It opens immediately. But it happens to go to a pre-assigned webpage, the My Verizon Account sign in, and throws up a security form that I have to click past - every time! I called Verizon tech support, they had a handset on hand and confirmed the behavior and the presumed irritation of their user base. But all they could do was to point me toward Samsung and said if the manufacturer gets enough complaints they might change it. Also, FYI, if you are trying to read the address it goes to, because you want to work on the problem, there are two.

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Samsung :: Verizon Samsung Convoy 2

Aug 9, 2011

Will have my new Samsung Convoy 2 soon. Anyone have this clamshell yet? Looks like a winner.

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LG :: Env Way To Move Pics From Phone To Computer Using Data Cable?

Oct 1, 2008

Is there a way to move pics from my phone to the computer using the data cable? Songs I can move, no problem, but I can't figure pics out

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Samsung :: D600 - Flash Cable Will Also Act Like USB Data Cable?

Apr 21, 2007

If I get a USB flash/debrand cable for my Samsung D600 will it also act like a USB data cable (like the one originally shipped with the phone)? Or would I still need to buy a USB data cable to transfer files and charge the phone? I lost my data cable and wondering if I should buy another data cable or if the flash cable does both jobs.
In short, can I use a USB flash/debrand cable to:
1. Transfer files (like mp3s, videos, pics).
2. Use it to charge my cell when connected to a USB port.

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Samsung :: T809 Flash Cable With 9v / Flash Cable Witch Plugs Into D900

Sep 12, 2006

I used,T809 flash cable with 9v.You can use any flash cable witch plugs in to D900, example D820 flash cable ect. you need disconect,virus,adware,and internet. The downloader is design for D900,all you need to do,CHECK. DONT AUTO NAND FORMAT I change my firmaware from D900XFG5 the new firmware RF is better,menue is faster,I like the Answering machine.

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Samsung :: Schematic For U340 Data Cable - Or Convert Charger To Data Cable

Sep 4, 2008

Anyone have a schematic/pinout for the data cable for the SCH-U340? Or.... anyone converted a charger to a data cable for the u340?

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Nokia :: 6300 - Phone Crashed On Receiving Pics Via Bluetooth / Lost All My Pics

Feb 23, 2009

I owned a Nokia 6300 last year, but after a few months it crashed whilst receiving some pics via bluetooth. When I tried to turn it on I got the blue flash at the side, the vibration, the Nokia hands, then the black and white flashing screen. I took this back to where it was brought, and they gave me a new one, but was still unhappy as I'd lost all my pics. A year late and the same has happened again. I dont know what to do as there are pics of my son which If I lost would be heartbroken. Why the hell can't the phone cope with simple file transfers?

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Samsung :: How To Transfer Pics From Phone To PC?

Jan 2, 2008

Can't transfer pics from phone to PC.Tried 4 different methods thus far.The phone is a Samsung t809 and I'm using a data-cable.Samsung PC Studio won't "connect" to the phone.BitPim didn't list my model as a supported phone.
Phone Tools said it would work on a site I found but it appears to be for Motorola only.I also found a site which said to open the "Removable Disk" icon in My Computer and transfer the files per the folders there, but when I open the "Removable Disk", there are no folders there.

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Samsung :: A737 Cant Receive Pics

Jun 26, 2008

my girlfriend just received a new Samsung A737 as a graduation gift. I have a Verizon Env and every time I send her a picture (no matter the resolution), when she opens the message she doesnt see anything, its just a blank white screen. But if she goes to options, she can save the pic (that she can't see) to her phone, then she is able to go into the multimedia folder and view the pic. Let me know if i confused you. anyway, my question is there any option i can change so that she can view the picture right from the message without saving it to another folder?

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Samsung :: Copying Pics From A736

Jul 3, 2008

I might have missed something. but I did a search, and I cant seem to find what i was looking for. I have the A736.. not a bad phone. But what i want is if someone sends me a pic as a text.. is there a way to get them off the phone and onto my pc? I tried the Samsung software it came with, and well.. nothing.

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Samsung :: G600 Blurry Pics

Oct 21, 2008

I have a G600 that is about 4 months old. It was my daughters and she quit using it so I inherited it. The problem I'm having is the pix that I take with it aren't sharp at all, they are fuzzy and as we all know, it's a 5 megapixel cam. My 2 megapixel D600 takes a LOT sharper, higher quality picture than the G600. I've tried every different setting you can think of and the pix are still fuzzy and the lens is clean.

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Samsung :: Omnia Take Better Pics With Camera

Jan 31, 2009

I was trying to find out how to take better pics with the Camera and I came across this website. Looks kinda cool cuz it is just for the Omnia. Just letting you all know about it.

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Samsung :: SCH-u450 Transfer Pics To PC

Dec 5, 2009

I am contemplating the purchase of the SCH-u450 and want to know is I can transfer pictures stored in the phone to a PC via a USB cable or bluetooth simply by using Bit-PIM or similar program .

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IPhone :: Delete 250 Pics Out Of 1000 Pics In Photo Stream?

May 18, 2012

How can I delete 250 pics out of 1000 pics in Photo Stream - simply, not one by one?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Samsung :: Blackjack - Anyone Have Pics Of A Disassembled Phone?

May 15, 2007

Does anyone have picture of a disassembled blackjack, or know of a disassemble tutorial? Actually all I need is a picture with the back cover off, if anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Samsung :: U600 / Blurry Pics / Low Quality

Sep 27, 2007

Just got the U600 and its great but my pics always come out really blurry. I heard it is capable of taking pics that are 3mb in size but all my pics just come out like 500kb max and HORRIBLE quality when i upload them to my laptop via bluetooth. What settings should my phone be at to take nice quality pictures. My d807 took better pics than these.Any help would be appreciated.

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Samsung :: Armani Phone Live Pics

Sep 30, 2007

Where i can get the Armani Phone live pics? I only have the computer generated ones and the video presentation during the launch

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