Samsung Galaxy S II :: Locked Back To T-mobile?

Jan 24, 2013

I bought a samsung galaxy s2 off a friend and its on the 2.3.6 version. It has been unlocked (still has t-mobile branding on it though) and rooted. What i want to know is if i update it via samsung to the latest software which is ICS 4. something would the phone be locked to t-mobile again? i know i will loose the root access im not bothered with that all i want to do it update it to the latest software, but afraid of it being locked back to t-mobile.

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Galaxy S6 :: Locked Out Of Phone - How To Get Back In

Sep 11, 2015

I'm locked out of my phone. It doesn't recognize my fingerprint. I don't remember my password or anything else.

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Galaxy S5 :: Locked Out With Fingerprint Lock - How To Get Back Into Phone

May 29, 2015

I locked my self out ofy s5 with the fingerprint lock and cant remember my alternative password how do i get back into my phone...

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Samsung :: Galaxy S - Locked Bootloader?

Aug 26, 2010

The whole range not just the bell vibrant. Is the bootloader on these things open? Anyone running froyo on it yet? Or any custom roms? Thinking of getting the TMobile version, but it'd be pretty useless with a locked bootloader

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Galaxy S5 :: Lock Screen Set To Pattern But Reverts Back To Swipe Once Locked

Nov 3, 2015

I have set my lock screen to pattern but it seems to revert back to swipe when the phone locks itself ? Samsung s5.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Upgrading Via Kies Locked Up?

Nov 20, 2011

Connected Galaxy S11 to Kies and was informed a Firmware upgrade was available. Current was shown as PDA:KF3/ PHONE:KE7 / CSC:KG2 (O2U) New shown as PDA:KJ1 /PHONE: K14 / CSC :KJ1 (O2U)It started off Ok and downladed firmware. Checked encryption of binary, unpacked binary, changed the picture of computer/phone to grey panel and started downloading to phone. Phone shows gren robot and "Downloading... Do not turn off target". It downloaded 11% and stopped.That was at 1540. It is now 1710 and it still shows 11%?

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Galaxy S6 :: Retrieving Photos When Locked Out Of Samsung Phone

Jul 16, 2015

I am trying to retrieve photos from a Samsung Galaxy S6 that is stock at the lock screen. The finger print scan is not working and they do not know there back up password. I researched two ways to get around this.

1. Entering in the google account user name and password
2. Signing into Find My Mobile with the samsung account information and unlocking the phone

If both of these options fail due to the owner not remembering there above credentials is there any other way to retrieve photos. How about putting the phone in dfu mode and using a program on a computer to copy photos from the internal storage. Is something like this possible?

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Phone Locked Out And Cannot Change Password?

Apr 29, 2015

I often find myself waking out with a locked up phone. I use fingerprint and no matter how many times I reset my alternative password, it somehow magically changes and I cannot 'remember' it.

I used to lock my phone with android devide manager to fix this but now when i try to do so it says ''Since Google has confirmed that the screen lock is already set, entered password will not be required '' and now i cannot unlock my phone by entering a new password. I dont' want to do a factory reset, what is up with this?????

I really do not want to lose any of my data.

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Samsung :: Galaxy S For T-Mobile

Jul 16, 2010

Is there a REGULAR Galaxy S that will work on the T-Mobile 3G bands?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Mobile Data Icon Is Missing - Get It Back?

Jun 12, 2015

Samsung s6 edge - icon is just missing

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Account Locked Due To Abnormal Factory Reset

Aug 11, 2014

I have been trying to unlock it for use in Italy, but I can't get past the initial setup which is asking for my original Samsung login ID, which I obviously don't have. In addition, I can't flash the rom with Odin or install off of external SD card, because I cannot root it.

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Phone Notifications Not Showing Up On Locked Screen

Apr 10, 2015

My new galaxy s5 has the Lollipop notifications don't show up on locked screen....In my settings I have it set to show up....I have did a hard reset and factory reset and it still doesn't work....

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Device Locked Due To Abnormal Factory Reset?

Nov 25, 2015

I have purchased a 2nd hand Samsung galaxy s5 online. it wont et me access the phone as it is locked due to an abnormal factory reset and is requesting a Samsung account id and log in - clearly I don't have one and it appears it needs to be the previous owners. Is there a way around this in order to access the phone?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Locked Stop Flashing The Firmware Of Choice?

Aug 3, 2011

I have tried several times to flash to KG6 (I think it is) 2.3.4Every time it will show I have android version 2.3.3So can a 3 UK locked phone stop me flashing the firmware of choice?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Phone Locked And Emergency Call Button

Jul 4, 2012

When my phone is locked I find on the bottom of the lock screen the emergency call symbol which, if tapped, brings up the option to then dial 999. Problem is with my fat fingers is that I keep knocking this and so bringing up the option to deal. Luckily I've always noticed and then cancelled so no mishaps yet.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Mobile Network Not Available

Dec 1, 2011

IMEI can be seen,everything is fine, when plugged in my orange sim card it just said "mobile network not available". The signal strength is fine and can be seen. I tried an O2 sim card, a talktalk (vodafone) sim card and they both worked fine. both of my 2 orange sim cards didn't work on this phone, but they worked fine on my other 2 phones. latest update, just flashed orange stock rom KJ4, got the same problem.tried manually connect to orange, got notice that "unable to connect, try later".

some more detail:every time when I flashed a new rom, always a notice saying "can't access to "/system/csc/ORA/system/". Tried *#272*imei#, there was no optional CSC available.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Mobile Network Not Available?

Jul 19, 2011

I have tried reinstalling the frimware and all that did was lose my apps. Tried doing a different firmware and tried rooting all the same results. The phone is definitely unlocked and unblocked as while I was searching google I came across one of those secret codes to show the status of the locks and all 4 of the categories were unlocked. I have tried a batterry pull and tried cleaning the Sim card. Also just in case this helps when I g into Settings>Call>Additional Settings it says 'Network Or Sim card error'. However the Sim card is perfectly fine.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Ask For Read On Emails On Samsung Mobile

Aug 23, 2015

I would like to request a read on my emails was able to do on the Samsung 5

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Galaxy S5 :: Cannot Print With Any Samsung Mobile Device?

Nov 4, 2015

Using android devices i can print from any mobile device except for all Samsung tablets and mobile devices. I am using an S5 but cant get print to work.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Upload Pictures From PC To Mobile?

Jun 26, 2012

I'm using 2.3.6 on my first Android phone. I moved some photos from my PC to the phone (no SD card) and during the copy process I received a message - "may not be compatible with device". I can see them in my gallery but get no response when I try to select one of them for wallpaper. If I tap it, the photo is isolated and that's it. No response from menu icon. There are forward/backward arrows at bottom of screen and tapping them just gets me the date I copied the photo to the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Switch Off 3G Mobile Internet?

Jul 3, 2012

since my husband updated my Galaxy S2's firmwire, I've noticed that my battery is lasting a lot less than it did before it was updated.I've noticed that the 3G is on all the time, and when at home, when I don't need it, it doesn't automatically switch to the wifi like it used to.So basically, the wifi and 3G are on at the same time, instead of switching from one to the other.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Stop GSM/G3 Mobile Network

Sep 21, 2012

I mainly use my Galaxy S II to access my WLAN and rarely use the phone for telephone calls. Yet my pre-paid credit is constantly being eaten up?

I think the phone is set up to automatically select the best network. Normally this will be my WLAN,but I suppose,if I am in an area of the house with poor WLAN coverage,the mobile network is automatically selected?

How can I block this automatic (non-option)?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: AP Mobile Draining Battery?

Aug 11, 2011

Weird problem i had was i tried AP Mobile once just to try it and that was it. But after charging my phone last night after 1 hour it was down to 60% and was quite hot. I looked at battery usage and 80% was being used by AP Mobile and i couldn't stop it. I eventually stopped the program but it was still showing on Battery Usage (I'm not sure if that is an average over the day or is showing you what is being used at that moment).

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: New T-Mobile Not Charging Or Turning On

Feb 28, 2012

I just upgraded my phone today. The phone was working at the T-mobile store out of the box with the limited battery charge the phones ship with. I came home did some stuff .. and the battery was running low. It warned me so I went to plug it into my computer and continued using it. It said it was charging. After a short amount of time the screen powered down and flashed a grey battery logo with a white loading symbol and powered off again and back on doing the same thing.

After this ... the phone would no longer power on even though I left it connected via USB to the laptop. Kind of pissing me off since the phone is brand new. Can I resolve this or is the phone defective?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Mobile Data Not Coming Back After WiFi Is Turned Off Or Disconnected?

Apr 22, 2015

basically my phone is not connecting to mobile data after wi-fi connection is lost or manually disconnected. This is not always happening but once it happens the only way to bring back mobile data is by restarting the phone or manually toggling mobile data on and off in settings. Once it connects to mobile data it'll work for a while but then after being connected on WI-FI for a while it won't go back to mobile data on its own.

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Mobile Theme Editor Got Rejected

Aug 24, 2015

So I applied for the partnership for the samsung mobile theme editor, but I got reject for who knows what reason. I am new to making themes so I didnt have much to offer for the portfolio.

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Galaxy S6 :: Adding Shared Calendar On Samsung Mobile?

Jan 12, 2016

I would like to know how to add a shared calendar on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

When I go to S planner, I don't see the events on the shared calendar, but when I log in to gmail and go to calendars, they are there.

Is there a way to sync those events on my S6, in the S planner, without having to always log in my gmail and go to calendars to see those events?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Unblock Text Messages On Samsung Mobile

Dec 3, 2015

Unable to receive or send text messages to anyone on my contact list ,except my wife's new galaxy 6 samsung phone. I have a new Samsung Galaxy 6 phone...

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Do Text Messages Disappear From Samsung Mobile

Jun 2, 2015

I can see the text in the banner on the home screen but when I go to open it, it disappears...Odd

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Mirror Samsung Mobile To Appradio 2

Aug 29, 2015

I want to see my videos from my phone to my appradio2, i have a samsung galaxy s6 edge and i dont know how?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Mobile Data Connection Isn't Working

Jul 21, 2011

Yesterday i used the the mobile data connection just as normal. I downloaded from the store and everything. Then i was back in wlan. I tried Fring. I wanted to try Fring also on 3G or Edge or HDSPA or whatever comes out from my handy and goes into the air ^^ I don't know anymore.So I turned off my wlan and was down. No internet anymore and even there was no icon in the toolbar.

I turned my phone on and off, unistalled every app i installed since the last time it worked, which was just an hour before that.
The things i installed were: A brightness widget (appears under volume controll if you press the volume buttons. I forgot the name.) and "Quicksettings", which leeded to uninstalling the first mentioned unit.After that didn't help either, i changed the card in my phone with another from the same provider. It didn't work. In the same move i put my card to another smartphone and got a connection.Conclusion: Either my phone is misconfigured (which i hope for) or it's broken (which would suck but i have warrenty left).

I even tried to let my provider send me the right connection data and saved them. Nothing...I know there is the way of getting back to factory settings, but i only want to try that if i'm running out of possibilities. And of course i don't want to lose my app data. my phone is not rooted now and i know i have to, to save my app data and apps (which sucks. 1-0 for the iPhone). I you have only ideas that could be done by rooting my phone i would do so, but i would rather avoid that because of the 'maybe warranty loose'.

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