Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Losing Up To 30% Battery On Reboot But Got No Answers?

Feb 18, 2012

I posted about a problem with my battery losing up to 30% battery on reboot but got no answers so am hoping somebody will test their phone for meWhen my battery drops to just below 50%, if I reboot by pressing and holding the power button for about 8 seconds, on reboot, my battery has dropped to as little as 13%, even if there was 48% left prior to rebooting.I originally thought this was happening after tethering but it has turned out, it does it regardless of how much or how little I use the phone and even without tetheringI am on stock 2.3.4 XEU, manufacture unlocked and wondered if some kind soul would be kind enought to see if they can replicate the problem.It needs to be the 9100, complete stock and not rooted really as I am trying to determine whether it's a hardware issue or software issue.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Losing 30% Of Battery When Rebooting?

Feb 12, 2012

when I have tethered for a while, if I reboot the phone afterwards, my battery drops by around 30% just on the reboot. For example, if I have 44% left after tethering and then reboot by pressing and holding the power button until the phone reboots, by the time it's finished booting (which isn't long) it has dropped to 14% and it tells me to plug the charger in. If I don't plug the charger in (this is a real mystery this bit), every few minutes, the battery will keep increasing by 1%. This is without really using the phone much that it does this. It will keep regaining that 1% every few mins until I reboot the phone again and it remains at whatever it's got up to during that time.

I'm ringing Samsung tomorrow as I am pretty sure this isn't normal behaviour. However, I would like to ask if somebody might be kind enough to tether for about half an hour or so with their s2, then reboot (using power button and holding it til phone auto reboots) and tell me if you also lose more power. And then of course, see if it starts to creep up again.I know that's quite a big ask and would only advise somebody with truly unlimited data to try it as tethering consumes a lot.Bear in mind that tethering also drains battery anyway so make sure you have at least 60% prior to trying this just in case you lose the power too.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Level Drop From 40% To 9% After Reboot

Jun 9, 2012

I just registered on the forum because i have a weird problem. My GSII first shows 'no network service' and it won't change unless i do a reboot. after the reboot my battery went from 40% to 9% It happened 3-4 times in the last 5 days. I already did the latest ics update via kies. the phone is not rooted. I did the hard restart. nothing helped. Here is the picture from the last drop [URL]

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Galaxy S6 :: Losing 3% Of Battery In Under 2 Minutes

Aug 5, 2015

So this just started today. I just unplugged my S6 from my charger, after charging it from heavy usage a few hours ago. I boot it up, and a minute later I notice that my battery has dropped by 2%. A few seconds pass and now the device was at 97%. I was puzzled and was wondering if my battery life was getting bad.

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Galaxy S6 :: Losing Battery When Phone Is Off?

Sep 18, 2015

I have a weird issue that's been happening sporadically on my Verizon S6 (stock, 5.1).

On about 3-4 occasions now, I've turned off the phone at night, and the next morning, when turning it back on, I've experienced a loss in battery percentage. I.e., Charged phone to 100%, turned off phone overnight, turned on phone in the AM and battery percentage reads 75%.

Last night, it happened again, only I shut the phone off with about 75% battery. When I turned it on again this morning, my battery percentage had decreased to about 62%.

It's odd, and have never seen this before. This has only happened after the 5.1 update, so not sure if its related to that.

Why would a phone that is turned off be using battery power?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Answers Itself After 2 Rings?

Apr 4, 2012

S2 answers itself after 2 rings, can't find a way of stopping it.

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Samsung :: Galaxy Nexus Battery Without NFC?

Aug 9, 2012

Is there a Galaxy Nexus battery available that doesn't require a different battery cover and doesn't have NFC?

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Samsung :: Galaxy I7500 - Battery Life On Use Is One Day Hardly

Jan 29, 2010

Does anyone have any issues with the battery life on this thing? I just picked mine up from Bell about a week ago, and standby lasts maybe 48 hours. Its rated @ 250 hours and although I wouldn't expect to see that, this is a little ridiculous. 48 hours is sitting only. If I make a couple of calls, its basically dead in a day. This is with GPS / WiFi and Bluetooth disabled. The only aftermarket programs installed are Barcode ( which doesn't run when off ) and TaskPanel which allows me to kill background processes.

What I notice is that if I run TaskPanel and kill everything, and then the phone goes into standby. When I wake it back up and run TaskPanel again, I see Alarm Clock and Calender are running in the background. Neither have any stored events and I don't know if they are kicking in on wakeup, or right before standby and thus running in the background and killing the battery faster.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Loosing Battery While Charging?

Nov 6, 2011

so today i noticed that my phone while its in charge which is very frequent, battery life is not good, is loosing battery power, thats only if i use the phone heavily, for example the phone was 62% charged and i was playing asphalt 6 for 15 minutes and the battery % dropped to 51%! is this normal, i am using a stock firmware its rather old, but kies doesnt give me any updates.i got 2.3.3 gingerbreadbaseband I9100XXKF1Kernel root@DELL102#2i know that im using an old firmware and kernel and i have to update, is the issue that i mentioned a known bug in the earlier firmwares or, do i have a faulty battery, or perhaps its normal and happens to you guys too.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Idle Battery Information

May 4, 2011

I received my SGS2 yesterday and, as I have not had the chance to transfer all my data over as yet, I have left the phone on idle since it is first charge. I thought some idle battery usage data would be quite rare and potentially interesting to potential buyers.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Drain From Mail App

Jul 2, 2011

I've only had my SGSII a week or so but have been very unimpressed with the battery life I've been achieving - not even a full working day.I've been trying to work out what's going on, but this morning things really seemed to come to a head. I'd charge overnight but within an hour and a half of disconnecting the phone almost half the charge had gone & the back of it felt very warm to touch.

Looking at the battery stats and using the Watchdog program it looks like the Samsung Email app is to blame. I also saw the phone was marked as 'awake' much of the time, presumably due to a partial wakelock from the Mail app (battery history in Gingerbread doesn't seem to actually have partial wakelock as a category but this certainly looks like it). I've got three accounts setup in it - 2x Microsoft Exchange and 1x IMAP. Refresh times were initially push (MSEx 1)/manual (MSEx 2)/15 min (IMAP). I've tried changing them all to 15 min or to manual but it doesn't seem to improve matters. In case it is of relevance, the MSEx ones are imposing device & storage encryption as part of their policies (I've no choice in this).

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Disable Low Battery Notification?

Oct 7, 2011

-how can i disable low battery notification? its just stupid, i know when battery is empty.

-i made a folder and put applications in it. how can i rearrange the applications in the folder?

-i have a poor connection to the wireless router with wifi. how can i change that? can i change the range of the router to get a better connection?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Extended Battery Not Charging

Aug 9, 2012

I just got the Samsung 2000 mAh extended battery for my AT&T GS2, but when I went to charge it, the phone shut off instantly, and the power-off charging icon flashes on the screen for a split second every few seconds. It isn't charging during that time, and when I unplug the charger the phone automatically turns on. I'm using the original Samsung charger.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Indicator Not Working?

Dec 8, 2011

Has anyone else had a problem where the battery notification icon says 100% even when the actual power is much much lower? I noticed this the other day after watching my Slingbox for over an hour, which should drop the battery way down, and it still said 100%. The "My Device" battery page also said 100%. I did a restart, and it instantly went to 47% and then continued to function normally. It's done this several times, and seems to get stuck only at 100%. Also, when in this mode, it won't charge. When I plug it in I get a message "Battery 100% charged

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Display In Battery Usage?

Sep 30, 2011

i am happy to join this forum with all of you,, i just got SGS II from 2 days i noticed that in the 1st day the battery was going well but after i installed some programs and games the battery drain become X2 than 1st day ( 1st day i was testing it and opening options and trying app. and it stay for 1 day and 5 hours approximately. but after installing the games and apps it still for 1 days and 6 hours but without using it as much as 1st day i tried to check the battery usage and i found that every thing is low and good but the display usage became over 76% no widget just 6 and the other pages have been removed all applications in background closed, brightness set on 30% approximately finally android v is 2.3.3.

i fully charged the battery since 2 hours ago and the battery now goes to 93% please i need help about that and i downloaded juice defender today to test it

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: AP Mobile Draining Battery?

Aug 11, 2011

Weird problem i had was i tried AP Mobile once just to try it and that was it. But after charging my phone last night after 1 hour it was down to 60% and was quite hot. I looked at battery usage and 80% was being used by AP Mobile and i couldn't stop it. I eventually stopped the program but it was still showing on Battery Usage (I'm not sure if that is an average over the day or is showing you what is being used at that moment).

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Increase Battery Life

May 11, 2011

well every phone needs one right? and i just noticed a few things that this phone has that the s1 didnt, sooooin Voice Talk, turn off 'Wake up command', when voice talk is running, your microphone will be constantly on listening for you to call "Hey Galaxy!" (wake up command)double press home>menu>settings>voice talk settings>wake up commandturning vibration off, believe it or not, vibration uses more energy than max volumelimiting how much processor is used, an app like SetCPU can limit how much processor is used, and in what way, setting your processor to Conservative will increase battery life. turning off bluetooth and wifi when youre not using it will save unnecessary searches for signal turn off automatic background syncing make sure you fully close out an ap, either by hitting back till it closes, or menu>close poor or no signal will decrease battery life, as your phone will constantly be stressing to find a good signalif you really wanna go crazy use a solid black wallpaper, it wont use any LEDs at allont use live wallpaperssingle best thing you can do for your battery: turn brightness to 0, this is the difference between 6 hours of use, and 2, the s2 has an amazing powerful screen, and it will drain the battery if its maxed. download 'Brightness Level' an easy widget from the market used to quickly adjust brightness between when you want to show off, and when you want to be practical

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Latest Firmware And Battery?

Mar 9, 2012

i just got the sgs2 a few days ago and am wondering how i can check if i have the latest firmware for it.

i also noticed the battery is drained fast on the phone. i have turned down the brightness and turned of auto sync

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Drained In Few Hours

Jul 16, 2012

for a few weeks my, c. 14 month old, sgs2 has been acting strangely. some days, the battery drains in just a few hours, sometimes saying charging when disconnected from charger, then saying it's stopped charging due to high voltage the screen turning on every 3-4 minutes when charging, voice input screen popping up even though it's turned off the clock/weather screen randomly appearing and other weirdness?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Consumption Is Very High?

Jul 6, 2011

i bought a galaxy s2 2 days ago and was blown away with it's performance....however the phone's battery consumption is very high i charged it to 100% at 2 p.m and it was down to 23% by 9 p.m...the battery life shows dat the screen is consuming abt 50% of the total charge and it is on for only 2.5 hrs...other proccesses (phone os,wifi..etc) are using quite less....however when left the phone for the night the consumption was abt 1%(used battery meter app)..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Level Indicator?

Feb 15, 2012

I notice in some screen shots that people post that they have a Battery Level Indicator. I have seen these on the graphs from settings/about phone/battery usage.I don't have this indicator. The only time I see a battery level is when charging.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Fast Battery Drain Before And After ICS Update?

Jan 1, 2013

I have been having intermittent problems with fast battery drain before and after upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S2 to ICS. In fact the reason why I upgraded to ICS is to see if it would fix it. Most of the articles I have read on the net are about people who have problems after the upgrade, which is why I am left puzzled. Often I leave my phone unplugged during the night and it has almost completely drained by the morning. here is some more information:

- In the battery stats my Android OS percentage is always high (60% +)

- I am always careful with trying to preserve battery life, for example setting the backlight to minimum brightness and closing applications which are running in the background

- I have gone for months where the battery has been fine, but cant seem to spot a trend

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: LOGCAT Draining The Battery Life?

Nov 12, 2011

I recently purchased my s2 and love it coming from a fist gen iPhone. Only thing is, I have been having trouble getting my phone to last all day. When I checked the battery usage it says Logcat is taking more usage then anything else including my screen. Ive never run this program, as apparently its for debugging code or something. I have searched around the net and only found one post that recommended factory resetting, in this persons case caused by a bad app.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Fail While On Downloading Mode?

May 29, 2012

I'm new here, normally wouldn't post anything since I think I can find my own answers, but after digging through this forum I could not find anything that could bring my Samsung Galaxy II back to live, so here it goes..ot this phone yesterday from a friend who recieved a new one, so I thought i was being smart by trying a hard reset to remove all his settings/history/etc.. (I know now i need a usb restore as well, but...) I switched it off, and used Vol Up + Home + Power and it entered the downloading screen and i said: "Yes, reset this thing" it started downloading (I think) so i put it aside.. but I think the battery was running low because when i checked back a couple minutes later everything was black, and has been since.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Screen Dead When Charging Battery?

Jun 18, 2011

I've just received my Galaxy S2, the first android phone I've ever owned. I've been advised to charge the battery for several hours the first time. When I plugged in the battery charger the battery charging icon appears for about 1 minute and then the screen goes completely dead when the charger is plugged in! Every phone I've had since the mid 90s constantly shows a battery symbol charging throughout the charging process.Is there something wrong with my phone or charger or does the Galaxy S2 not show anything on the screen when charging up?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: It Has Just Started Draining Battery Fast?

Apr 8, 2012

My Samsung Galaxy S2 has suddenly started draining it's battery quick My S2 is sim free and is running Android 2.3.4 it's not rooted it's just standard I checked on battery usage and it says Andriod OS 62% And my battery is on 82% I only fully charged the battery around 2 hrs ago I haven't used it in that time either And the screen sometimes freezes now so I have to do a battery pull It sometimes reboots on it's own too this has only happened today?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Warning: Skyrocket (AT&T) Battery Indicator Bug?

Dec 15, 2011

On my new SGSII Skyrocket from AT&T, the battery indicator is inaccurate. From my observation, when I fully charge my phone and then take it off the charger, the battery indicator stays at 100%, even after some use. I was not able to reliably determine when it finally realizes the battery isn't fully charged, but most importantly this incorrect "fully charged" reading impacts the phones ability to recharge - since it thinks its fully charged it wont recharge! This is not a bug in the battery app, I tried a few, so I think it is a firmware bug.The workaround is to power cycle the phone after a little use, it starts back up with a correct battery reading and will recharge the battery when you plug it in.My battery life is about 4 hours, btw, so I'm constantly recharging....

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Its Overheating And Fast Battery Discharge?

Apr 24, 2012

I have had a Galaxy S2 for 4 months and love it. I have had no problems at all with the phone at all however yesterday it got hot at the top near the camera lens and the battery died in 2 hours. I turned it off and on and it seemed ok but then did it again. I removed all apps and everything else that was using the cpu as the news and weather app was displaying loading continually I thought that might have something to do with it. It seemed ok for a while and then did it again. I noticed that although there were 3 grey bars of network signal there was no G/3G/H or in/out arrows displayed next to the bars. Tried a manual network search and it seemed ok but then the same thing happened... overheated and battery died fast again. Turned it off and on again...tried to make a connection. I know I do not get a good signal at home but can usually move around and get one but couldn't even after a reboot. Put sim in another phone and it connected ok.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Lost Battery Icon Top Right Of Screen?

Aug 9, 2012

I woke up this morning and have lost my battery icon top right on status bar?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Levels Are Reducing Rapidly?

Jul 23, 2012

my battery levels are reducing rapidly!... how do i stop this ?

is my SGS II's battery life done after 8 months, should i call customer care

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Battery Usage Andriod-OS Using 57% Normal?

Jul 23, 2011

Is this normal battery usage Percentages? it seems odd that the OS use that much and is on that much.

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