Nokia :: Website Has Sent An Untrusted Certificate

Feb 14, 2010

Every page that I want to open I receive this message "Website has sent an untrusted certificate. Accept anyway “when i accept it I have only this two options !
1" Accept this time only
2 Certificate details

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Nokia :: Error When Connecting To IMAP Mail Server - Untrusted Certificate

Apr 14, 2010

I am using a Nokia N97 with the v21 firmware. I am connecting to a mail server via IMAP, using the phone's mail client (not mail for exchange). This has previously worked perfectly, however now I cannot update my inbox and view the emails. When I try to update the inbox, I get a dialogue box that says "Website has sent an untrusted certificate". After choosing "allow permanently", the inbox does not update. The message comes up every time I try to update (even when I've previously chosen "allow permanently".

I can however successfully send emails via the SMTP server using the phone (IMAP for sending is restricted, so have to use SMTP). Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening, and how I can solve it? I've also contacted the IT guys for the mail server, as I'm not sure whether the problem lies with the mail server or the phone, or both.

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Nokia :: Subject Alternative Names Mail For Exchange - Site Has Sent An Untrusted Certificate

Jan 12, 2009

I'm using:
-mail for exchange for exchange 2.7
-exchange 2007
-subject alternative names certificates from internal ca
-already install the ca on the nokia
i still get:* this site has sent an untrusted certificate continue anyway? *
does m4e 2.7 still not support san certificates?Note: if i remove the san certficate and use only 1 name it works ok.

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LG :: ERROR Untrusted Root Certificate

Aug 27, 2007

Has anyone else got this error? I only get this error by browsing to I can type in the username and password, but once it submits it,it sends it to an SSL link. From what im reading,it seems like this certificate is not installed. Is there a way i can change a setting via hacking/etc to make the phone accept the certificate. Could i install it manually somehow?

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Nokia :: Add Certificate To Root Certificate Store

Feb 8, 2009

we wish to add our root certificate into your root certifiacte store.can you guide me how to do it?

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Nokia :: E63 When Restart Device / Untrusted Software Found On Memory Card

Jul 5, 2010

I have frequent problem showing when I restart my device Nokia E63 "Untrusted software found on memory card to remove goto application manager" Any solution?

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Motorola Xoom :: Getting Full Website Instead Of Mobile Website?

Jun 15, 2011

Some web sites default me to the mobile version instead of the full version. Some have a link to select the full web site but many do not. Typing in the full web address does not help with these web sites. If there is some way to override this selection of the mobile version

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How To Remove Untrusted Computer On IPhone

Jun 2, 2014

How to remove untrust computer on my iphone?

iOS 7.1.1, Apple token SSL issue on my iphone

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HTC :: Opera Mini Untrusted Application Warning

Oct 22, 2007

I know I'm missing something, guess my searching isn't coming up with the hack to shut it off, but, how do you disable the "untrusted application warning"when you run Opera mini? Also the net access warning?

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BB (RIM) :: Phone Beset With Untrusted Cetificate Pop-ups / How To Stop

Jan 26, 2009

I have a T-mobile curve that I unlocked before switching to AT&T. It has been fine for a few months, but all of a sudden I am beset with untrusted cetificate pop-ups. They are CONSTANT and INCESSANT

You are a attempting to open a secure connection, but the server's certificate is not trusted.
[close connection]
[view certificate]
[trust certificate]

If I hit continue or close, I can move on, but another one will appear in seconds or minutes. If I hit [view] I see has a stale chain status even though it expires in Feb, 2010. If I hit [trust], it asks for my key store password and I have no idea what that is.Any insight as to what is going on here?

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Motorola :: KRZR K1M How To Get Rid Of Constant Untrusted Application Permission Warning?

Jul 12, 2008

how to stop my phone (KRZR K1M) from constantly asking me for permission during "untrusted" applications? It's driving me up all the wall. There must be a way to set Permissions to Never Ask or "Yes, don't ask again."

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Nokia :: Certificate Error Mean?

Mar 28, 2009

what does certificate error mean ?

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Nokia :: N95 Certificate Errors

Nov 30, 2008

i have the n95 8gb i found a website that had really cool apps. i downloaded tem and saved them to my hardrive on my computer. i've since did an update to my phone using the software updater and though i thought i saved all my apps in my back up when my phone went to restart i lost all my apps and now when i go to re install them i keep gettin errors. Should i just restore my factory settings or accept that i'll never be able to use those apps again.

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Nokia :: E61 Certificate Expired?

Jan 21, 2007

On E61, I just updated my phone software, and now when I'm downloading a Symbian app from another vendor I get a msg that "Certificate Expired". Whose certificate, and what can I do about it? I've already accepted installation of all signed apps. Thanks

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Cseries :: Certificate For Nokia C3?

Dec 18, 2012

Certificate for Nokia C3

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Nokia :: E71 Installing A New Authority Certificate

Oct 20, 2008

I need my university WLAN's root certificate installed on my E71. So I downloaded it but when I save it, it gets saved in the 'Trusted Site Certificates' folder. I need it in the 'Authority Certificates' folder. Anyone know how I can get it in there?

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Nokia :: E61 Cannot Import Personal Certificate

Feb 12, 2007

I can't import personal certificate. I have personal certificate in p12 (pkcs12) format and it can be imported into firefox without any issues. However when I open this certificate on E61 I am asked for: password for my certificate - I enter correct one E61 proceeds to to Screen where it says:

File contains:
1 private key
1 personal certificate
1 authority certificate

Save? When I click on save I get message: Private key corrupted! then it proceeds to CA which works fine. What I am doing wrong? Kindly assist as this is show stopper in 170K+ employees company.

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Nokia :: E71 Expired Certificate With Theme

Feb 25, 2009

I Just used new Nokia E71.However when install Theme for my phone, it always failed.It showed on screen "Expired Certificate".Pls kindly help to solve this problem.

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps Certificate Error

Jan 26, 2010

I have a 6110 Navigator and when I try to update ovi maps, I get a certificate error. This is the first time I've used Ovi, and I managed to update to the latest phone software version. When checking for updates, it lists maps but is impossible to install. Is this being fixed?

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Nokia :: N80 Mail For Exchange And SSL Certificate

Nov 21, 2006

I have a little problem with Mail For Exchange and my Nokia N80. I have self-signed certificate for Exchange mailserver and when I am synchronizing e-mails I got always message: "The site has sent an untrusted certificate. Continue anyway ?". I underestand that my certificate isn't verified by any root authority, but if I have synchronization schedule set at 15 minutes it means I have to confirm this message four times when I am not with my mobile one hour. So question is:

Is possible to import self-signed SSL certificate into Nokia N80 and set it as trusted ? If yes, please describe me how, because I have tried import the certificate as CER (it was opened just as NOTE on Nokia), I tried to convert it via openssl to PEM (the file was not recognized) etc... Thanks for any help in advance.
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Nokia :: 6303 Way To Import SSL Certificate?

Oct 23, 2009

I have problems to install a certificate on my Nokia 6303 classicI did all my imap settings , but when I try to connect a certificate warning shows up.When I enter continue nothing happens.I downloaded the certificate on mij computer and transferred it to my Nokia.I do not see how to install it.On the Nokia under security I see several other certificates.But I do not see a way to import my certificate.

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Nokia :: Expired Certificate On 5800

Feb 5, 2009

Just bought a Nokia 5800 XM and faced with problem, all applications I'm trying to install except Handy Taskman warns me about expired certificate. My colleague also bought it this morning and don't have such problems.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music + 8 Gb Nokia microSD class 6

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Nokia :: N97 Remove Installed Certificate

Jun 14, 2010

how to remove an installed certificate on the N97? I found this "To delete a certificate, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security > Certificate management" but I can't find it on the N97.

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Nokia :: Certificate Not Found On Phone Or Sim

Aug 15, 2009

i just upgraded my firmware to V10.0 yesterday. since then no application that was installed/that i instal now is working. It just returns the error message "Certificate not found on phone or sim". What can i do? please help.

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Nokia :: 3110c Certificate Not On Phone Or Sim

Feb 5, 2009

I'm trying to install a signed version of Opera Mini on my 3110c but am getting the message "certificate not on phone or sim." I also got the same message when trying to install a Google app several weeks ago.I've spent many hours looking on the Internet for a solution but haven't been able to find one.

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Nokia Applications :: No Valid Certificate

Mar 25, 2012

I have a Nokia2730c mobile phone. I have tried to download some software (like facebook, uc browser etc) fm ur nokia mobi store (with loging in my registered acct) but result always 'no valid certificate' or 'certificate not on ur sim' nd also ovi store is shown connection failed.

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Nokia Applications :: E71 Certificate Error?

Mar 9, 2012

I have spent a few days trying to google a solution, including a few quite complicated (for me) attempts from the developers site but to no avail.I have been trying to install a few simple applications onto my E71, namely the Quick reboot app here ( or this reboot app( I try to install I get the error "certificate error contact the application supplier"I have tried a soft & hard reset. I have set my phone to accept all, not just signed apps, I am running the most up to date software on the phone, according to OVI Suite. I have even tried signing a version of the app myself from info on the developers site.There must be a simple answer to this, people are developing simple apps for Symbian phones, how can we use these?

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Nokia Applications :: Application Certificate Not In It

May 11, 2012

Application certificate not in phone

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Nokia :: N96 Can't Open Website

Nov 7, 2008

n96 tied to Orange and still on firmware v10 as no updates yet available.Use internet search, google for a search term and it comes back with the usual results page. But if I highlight a particular site and click 'open', it doesnt open the site. I think it might be resubmitting the search as there is some data activity then the results are redisplayed.

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Nokia :: E51 Trying To Install A Theme / Certificate Is Not Valid

Apr 18, 2010

What to do when trying to install a theme and getting a message saying: Certificate is not valid? I use E51.

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Nokia :: E61 Personal Certificate And Security Module

Sep 3, 2007

After about 2 weeks of trial&error (establishing a connection between Mail for Exchange and our company's server) I succeeded in installing a fitting set of certificates. As our company is using a self-signed certificate, a personal certificate had to be installed. The private key - provided with the personal cert - was stored in the phone's security module (System->Settings->Security->Security Module->Phone keystorage). I was forced to define a PIN for that key storage.
Now - my problem is, that every time when Mail for Exchange is performing a data request and therefore the private key is used, I have to enter that "Module-PIN". So the "allways on" facilities of M4E are useless for me because everey now and then the PIN is requested. Entering the setting for that "Module-PIN" seems to offer the option to activate or deactive the PIN-request. But in fact you cannot set the option to "off" -it leaves being set to "on".

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