Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Camera On N8 Stopped Working - Unable To Get Any Picture?

Aug 3, 2012

a few days ago I accidentally dropped my phone and since then the camera has gone weird. When I look at the camera the shutter is not there and it looks like I'm about to take a photo. Its almost like the shutter is stuck. When I go onto my camera app there is no picture and it looks like I am in a dark room when I am not, but the options, exit and ect show up. I have dropped my phone a few other times especially on worse surfaces but this time it has just stopped working?

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Camera Stopped Working - Unexpected Error Occurred

Oct 7, 2011

I was having problem with my camera. It won't work! an error message appear. "unexpected error occurred. Please restart camera/phone." Even if I do so, the problem is still happen.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Camera Not Working On C5-00 Since Unlocked

Sep 20, 2011

I recently changed from o2 to Vodafone, ever since the camera and video do not work on my phone.Any ideas?

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: N8 Camera Not Working After Software Update?

Sep 26, 2011

I'm using Nokia N8-00 and I'm from India. I updated my mobile to Anna last week, but after update front camera is not working, even I cannot make video calls as other person cannot see me.mAlso log entries do not show entries for GPRS/WiFi connections. I took mobile to Nokia Care but even they could not be able to detect or solve my problem.

(As yoou can see in attachment, is shows blank when swithed to front camera)

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Software Update On 701 Front Camera Is Not Working?

Dec 22, 2012

i update my phone software belle fp1 to i can't use front camera to take picture & can fix it.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: 5800 Camera Lens Unable To Zoom In / Out During Autofocus

Apr 19, 2012

My nokia 5800 takes many time to autofocus i.e. changing of bracket from yellow to green. Firstly I can see zooming of lens in and out during autofocus, but now I can't. As a result the pic it shoots is blurred. When i compare the picture quality of 5800 with 5233 (2 mp), I found quality of 5233's pic is far better than 3.2 mp carl zeiss lens.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Front Camera Not Working On C5 - Unexpected Error Occurred

Jan 17, 2012

When I open up my nokia c5-00. Front camera there is a message "Unexpected error occurred. Restart phone." and the front camera doesn't come up.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Cannot View Any Picture

Nov 15, 2012

i cant view any of my pic in my photos gallary....i had facing dis problem frequently...and its work simply when i restart it and some days latter its happen again...i cant understand why is this..

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: C5 "unexpected Error Occurred Restart Phone" And Camera Not Working

Oct 14, 2012

whenever i open camera it says "unexpected error occured restart phone"and camera not working i have done hard reset too but still getting the same error message?

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Develop A Camera With A Built-in Measuring Tape That Shows Up In The Pictures Taken?

May 9, 2012

I use my Nokia phone camera a lot like taking pictures of furnitures, tools, appliances, and other items that I want to know the dimensions (measurements in inches or metric) of to study the pictured items at home. Sometime I carry with me a tape measure and I lay it along the lenght and/r height of the item just to get a rough measurement of the item's dimension.Is it possible for Nokia to develop a camera with a built-in measuring tape that shows up in the pictures taken? The measuring tape should be able to adjust to the distance between the camera and the object so that the actual dimension of the object is measured accurately. If I take a picture of crawling snake from 20 feet away the picture taken should be able to show the actual lenght of the snake.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Unable To Play Videos In X2-01?

Jun 23, 2012

i have nokia x2-01,when i play any video or even song,its shows "not enough memory"although my memory card and phone memory both has enough memory,i have restored my phone as well as its memory card?

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Unable To Play Flv Videos In N8

Aug 14, 2012

which player is best for Nokia N8 to play flv videos.

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IPhone :: Unable To View Photos And Videos - Camera Isn't Working

Mar 21, 2012

my camera isnt working... I'm able to view all of my past photos and videos fine. But when it comes to take new ones i'm unable to do so. When I launch the camera app it stays stuck on a closed shutter; when I press the camera button to snap a new photo/vid nothing happens... it just stays on this lovely screen.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: C5-00 Camera / Video Will Not Open

Oct 1, 2011

My C5-00 will not allow me to open up the camera or video mode all of a sudden. All other applications are running fine.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Decreased The Camera Resolution?

Oct 2, 2011

after updated to symbian Anna I noticed that camera resolution decreased in photographic images and increased sharply in videos.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: No Light Off On When Use Camera Recording In N8

Aug 31, 2012

Why there is no option when use record video no on/off light.?if any program do to can use it

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: How To Turn Off Camera Noise On N9

Oct 15, 2011

I would like to get rid of the voice of the camera. Every time I shoot, it makes camera voice. How to get rid of it? My phone is N9.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Low Memory Message With Camera

Jan 4, 2012

sometimes i still get the low memory message while using camera even with the latest update for nokia 500 what should i do? sometimes i need to upload somehing instantly while using check in, and i cant restarat and do so, what should i do?

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Camera After Belle Not Good On N8?

Feb 7, 2012

I had installed the camera beta on my N8 a while ago. I was quite happy with it. Now after the Belle update, I seem to have the old camera back.Can I install the camera beta on Belle?

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: C6-01 Main Camera Sensor Size?

Sep 26, 2012

I've been googling for the C6-01 main camera sensor size and I didn't found the answser anywhere. That spec is not published on Nokia site, where one can only know that the sensor resolution is 2448 x 3264 pixels (8 Mpixels) and that the lenses are F2.8. But in terms of photography, it's useless to know that without knowing the size of the camera sensor. I've found somewhere that the N8 main camera sensor is 1/1.83", which makes it a better sensor then the sensor of most average compact digital cameras, which have a 1/2.3" sensor. But that's the N8...

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Camera Automatically Turns Off Without Saving (C6-01)

Dec 14, 2011

I have c6-01, the problem that I face in my mobile is that sometimes when I want to take a picture or want to make a video, before the capture a picture and stop the video and save it, the camera suddenly turns off without saving and menu is displayed. After that when I see video folder to see save video, there is no video that I have made before.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Video Camera Only Records For 5 Seconds?

Sep 23, 2011

I have just bought a new C3-01 but the video camera only records for 5 seconds then stops. how to change this to continuous? Nothing in the book, only press to start and press to stop!

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: 3gp Is Not Working?

Aug 30, 2011

my xpress music 5310 3gp is not working.........only audio can video..

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IPhone :: 4 Camera Is Not Working - Unable To Open Pictures?

Jun 14, 2012

my phone camera stop working n i can't open my pics either because both of the app are closing on me each time i try to open them, it seems like Internet stop working also n when i go to settings n general/about that crash also and i can't update or restore the phone, the phone isn't even showing up in itunes unless i put it in dfu mode?

iphone 4, ios 4.3.3,

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Applications Are Not Working?

Dec 16, 2012

My c101 is having a lots of problems one of the most aweful problem is that all programes of collection is not working saying 'invalid application' more over i can use uc browser and even the pre install opera mini gots deleted automatically. And when downloading any application it is saying no certificate

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: N8 Gallery Shows Only Camera Photos After Anna Update

Aug 31, 2011

i have updated my n8 to anna with all the required files. but after update i noticed that the gallery only shows the images that i have clicked with camera not other pics in the pictures folder. when i later moved those pics from pictures folder to camera folder i was able to see them in gallery. now this isnt convenient.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: 5730 Video Camera Lags With Memory Card?

Dec 18, 2012

I have a Nokia 5730, and when I use the video camera to record video, the video stops and starts like every 2 seconds. This problem only occurs when I have the microSD card in the phone because when I take it out and record a video, the video is smooth and does not lag. I have restored the phone to factory settings and this problem still occurs. What should I do? I will try to post clips soon.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: X6 Camera Screen Blank And Flash Doesn't Work

Oct 7, 2011

I have problem with my X6-00 16GB primary camera. When I turn camera on, screen stays black, only this focusing white box and other symbols are visible on screen. But no picture. When I push "take picture button", then focusing box starts blinking and stays like this, until camera goes standby mode. Secondary camera, in front of the phone is working fine. Also I have a Flashlight program (Brightlight v1.0) on my phone and it doesn't turn camera flash on, like it should be.

I gave my phone to friend who reset phone to the factory settings. After that camera worked for a while, but one day it was again black. I have done a couple of times software reinstall with nokia ovi suite on my computer. After that camera works couple of days or only couple of hours and then goes black again. Software version is the newest for that phone, v32.0.002.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Unable To Upload & Downloading

May 24, 2012

Unable to upload pictures & downloading pictures

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: E5 Unable To Delete A Clip

Apr 21, 2012

i have down loaded a video clip in my nokia e5 but it wont play nor delete in the options available and it keeps saying general system error.i have tried restarting the phone

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Unable To Open File?

Dec 8, 2012

i have nokia c2-00 mobile. which is new.its support Internet video.but when i play video .it open media player and say 'unable to open file' i hv tried another all sim.same problem is there.

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