Nokia :: N97 - Nokia Really Assembling Phones In China Or Fake Devices?

Mar 1, 2010

Someone got a brandnew N97 from O2 in Germany. The interesting thing is the packages says "Made in China". My own N97 was made in Finland, as expected. Does Nokia really assemble some N97 in China? Or could this be a faked phone!? But I do not expect O2 to sell faked phones. What does Nokia say about this? Here you can see a picture of the package:

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Nokia :: 5000 Bought In China, Need To Use For T Mobile

Apr 27, 2010

I have a Nokia 5000 that I bought and used in China for a couple years with no problems and now I am back in the U.S.

I have since signed up for AT&T with an iPhone but had a free card for T Mobile prepaid I would like to add to this phone.

I called today and gave them the activation, sim #, IMEI #, etc. and everything went well BUT the cell phone does NOT see the network. I can't make any calls and when calling my new number from another phone it goes straight to voicemail.

Does T Mobile require a special phone to use their prepaid service? I was under the impression that you could use any phone. Also I was under the impression that this phone is NOT locked because in China 99% of people DON'T use contracts but rather just buy prepaid minutes anywhere you go. And this is exactly what I did - just add minutes every few months.

I also thought that if your phone is locked when you put in a SIM card it will basically not let you access the phone. Mine does not do this. I can still access all features. It's just that there is no service.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this situation? I am definitely not that educated on cell phones, unlocked, hacking them, etc and this phone is not worth my time going to too much trouble. But if it's at all possible, I would like to get this to work as a backup.

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Nokia :: 6500 How To Tell If Its Fake Housing?

Jun 21, 2010

I bought a "new" nokia 6500 from ebay and when I received it I realized that there was a space from the keypad to the housing itself. when the keypad light is on you can see light from behind the keypad, I don't think this is an authentic nokia housing. I think the ebay shop switched the housing to a fake ebay housing. Is there any other way to tell if its a fake housing?

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Nokia :: N97 - Fake Or Not / Reformat The Software To Work In UK

Jun 29, 2010

I recently bought a N97 only to find out it is a fake or so I am led to beleive. Most of the functions on it are in Chinese and it wont conect to either the PC suit or the updater. Can you reformat the software to work in the UK if so how do you do it.

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Nokia :: Fake C5 Processor / Software Error?

May 9, 2010

I have nokia c5 mobile & it was written on nokia that this phone have processor of 600 MHz , but when i instaled more than one software ( symbian s60 ) as " cpu monitor - xplore " it found that the cpu speed is 192 MHz not 600 MHz i just wanted to know if this is a software error or else.does any one know a trusted software or a trusted way to know the cpu speed ?

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Accessories :: Determine Fake Nokia Charger?

Jul 29, 2011

I have some concern with my charger also how to determine if your Nokia Charger is fake?

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 Makes A Fake Call After Receiving SMS

Jun 4, 2012

As I receive an SMS message while the 800 is Bluetooth connected to my Handsfree Car Kit the Kit makes a fake call. The call is not registered by the 800.Lumia 800 Renault Espace IV 2010 Carminat original car kit...Before, I used a Nokia 6310 in the same car, so I guess it is the Lumia launching this call.I am driving accross the border a lot and suddenly find myself trying to close an outgoing call I never made.

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Nokia :: Availibility Of 5800 New Firmware V40.0.005 Is A Fake News Or Real

Jan 14, 2010

Very recently i read in a Mobile Phone Blog named that a new firmware v40.0.005 is available but when I tried to update it through PC Suite i was amaized to see that no new update is found. If no update is found how they have uploadedthe screenshot of this update. I also checked my model type it is the same RM-356.

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Lumia 1020 :: How To Remove Demos Including Fake Contacts And Messages From Nokia Phone

Mar 29, 2015

There are fake contacts and pictures and messages that I manually deleted and they came back. I don't see an option for demo removal in settings but this did not happen tome with the first 1020 I owned.

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HTC :: Why Are Cell Phones Cheaper Than Nokia Or Motorola Cell Phones?

Jun 15, 2010

I've seen than HTC phones with similar features than Nokia or Motorola cell phones for instance are cheaper.. Why is that?? For instance HTC Touch Viva is cheaper than Nokia 5800, Nokia 6790 or Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5... Why is that? What are HTC phones disadvantages compared with other brands phones?

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Nokia Nseries :: Nokia Belle Refresh Update For N8 Devices?

Jun 2, 2012

do we N8 Users get updates for our beloved devices.

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Nokia :: 8800 Real Vs 8800 Carbon Fake

Jun 8, 2010

I bought a real 8800 original a while back and decided to upgrade. I got online the 8800 carbon arte, but when I got it in I realized it is a fake (a nice fake, but a fake).Now I'm not sure if I should keep it and sell my old 8800, or send back the 8800 carbon fake? I cant afford a new carbon as they are well over 1grand.
features on the fake seem to be all except no pc suite option (USB gives me com port, mass storage, webcam) and no touch option. Im also assuming that the screen isnt durable.Other than that, the firmware seems to be the same (from what I gathered online)What would you do? Keep the original 8800, or use the newer 8800 carbon fake?

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Nokia :: Phones Compatible With TMO 3G

May 28, 2010

My carrier is TMobile in the US. I like them as a a carrier, but what's a bit annoying is the lack of phones supporting 3G on TMO. I'm limited to a few models only, mostly directly from them.Does anybody know what the chances are that this will change in the future? That Nokia will have more models with compatible bands? Or will this particular band always be left as a **bleep**, mere afterthought of a band?

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Nokia :: E52 Firmware 031.012 - Bricking Phones?

Jan 29, 2010

Has somebody already installed it, I just got message from Nokia that its available.Any noticeable effects ? Bricking phones? Is bluetooth problems gone? I don't want to update yet until somebody tells me the difference. I'm not so crazy person, even though I'm a Finn.

Phone info:
Phone Model: Nokia E52-1Type: RM-469
Message Edited by Dudero on 29-Jan-2010 03:41 PM

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Nokia X6 :: Transferring Music Between Two Phones?

May 20, 2010

This is my first experience on a discussion group so i'm hoping for a positive one. I've just bought a nokia X6 after owning a N96 for 18 months. I want to find the easiest way of transferring all my music that's currently on the N96 to the X6. I've got 6,200 tracks to move so i don't really want to start from scratch.

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Nokia :: Queries About NSeries Phones

Jan 21, 2010

1) When I open the camera application, open Maps and other applications why does it keep asking me if I want the bluetooth on, its annoying?
2) My contract is up with Vodafone but is it really worth upgrading to the N900. I have read the reviews and the N900 seems quicker and a bit more reliable but is it really worth tying myself into another contract for. What phones are nokia planning to bring out the future I may as well wait until a phone is realesed which really improves on what I have.
3) On the off chance does anyone know when vodafone will stop stocking the N97 and stock to the N900 only?
4) Is the rumour true about nokia stopping the N series?

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Nokia Lumia :: No WP8 Update For Phones (getting 7.8)?

Jun 20, 2012

It was just officially annouced by Microsoft 40 minutes ago at the Windows Phone Summit that current windows phones would get WP 7.8 update with some features of WP8 but not WP8 itself.

The biggest worry is that WP8 will allow native code for apps, and that many apps will thus not work on "older" phones.

The Lumia 900 is only a few months old and the 800 and 710 and 610 are not much older (all are less than 9 months on the market), but they will not be getting Windows Phone 8 update just like all first generation Windows Phones. Nokia must have known for some time as well that current Lumia buyers would not get WP8 update, this seems unfair especially for Lumia 900 buyers.

How does Nokia plan to make this more fair for current Lumia users?

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Nokia :: 6210 Which Phones Are Compatible With Carkit?

Feb 7, 2010

I just bought a Volvo V50 with an installed car kit by the previous owner (presumable around mid 2007 if relevant). As my Nokia 6210 just broke, I'd like to replace it by a phone that best fits with the carkit. THe kit seems to be the CK-7W as is have the remote button as with the CK-7W. The phone holder is the CR56. What confuses me is that there is a fixed (standard) cable connection at the bottom of the phoneholder and also a separate micro USB now hanging just out of the dashboard, near the left side of the phone holder. As if it should be connected to the Nokia phone on the left side. With the kit there is a wired microphone and an external loudspeaker.

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Nokia E63 :: Phones Comes With Wave Secure By Default?

May 18, 2010

Is wavesecure is inbuilt with e63? Some phones comes with wave secure by default. I wanted to know whether E63 is included in that list?

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps To E71 - Free To E-series Phones

Jan 22, 2010

Nokia about free maps and navigation. But I noticed that maps are not jet free to E71 phone. Would it be free to E-series phones and when?

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Nokia :: N97 Phones Menu Options Are Missing

Mar 14, 2010

I received a N97 today(from out my country). I put my sim in, i can recive or make calls, however many of the phones menu options are missing. There is no wifi menu, when i tried to connect via Suite, phone didn't show me suite, in mass storage usb it shows me total memory is less than 1 mega, and when i try to enter other applications like "My Nokia" i get "Not allowed now" message. Is the phone locked or something? Can i fix it or should i take it to a service?

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps 3.3 And Compass Enabled Phones

Jan 22, 2010

I made the mistake of *upgrading* on the 6710 Bug 1. IT makes a horrible beeping noise after a while, sounds distorted.Bug 2. Maybe not a bug, but how do you put in an address to someones house? Still wondering probably awkwardly Compass Support on Ovi Maps 3.3 where has it gone? 6210, 6710, N97, and all the other Navigator Editions with compass support, it's gone vanished, now i have issues tracking down the old version to install.btw. i spent 25 minutes on the phone to nokia care, and it took me 12 calls to get through after the first 3 telephone numbers i got given has been disconnected.been a lousy day for me dealing with Nokia.

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Nokia :: Why Dont Make Loud Phones?

Jan 9, 2010

Nokia 6233 was the loudest phone ever and it still is, and of course the sound was clear and loud. Now Nokia are producing new music phones with the name XpressMusic and pity they arent louder than Nokia 6233.

The 6233 wasnt a music phone but it still its perfect for music, why would someone need a loud phone? Of course for listening to music.

So i was wondering maybe Nokia should make their XpressMusic real, i mean really for music and they defininately need to be loud as 6233.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 TV-Out Not Working On Multiple Phones?

Oct 28, 2012

I am using the CA-75U cable plugged into the 3.5mm jack. I have 2 phones, one on Belle Refresh and one with the Belle widgets update. I haven't used TV-OUT for about 3 months because our screen died, but now we have a new screen and now BOTH the phones won't reckognize the TV-OUT cable!

Did a recent software update stop it from working? Does anyone have a fully up to date phone and CAN get TV-OUT working via the 3.5mm jack?

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Nokia Nseries :: Threaded Sms View For S60 Phones

Mar 16, 2012

i have observed threaded view sms in my friends handset (android) its lot easy to manage sms and read the conversation cant nokia provide such update of messaging i tried using some software but it was **bleep**.using 5230 would love to have threaded sms view for default messaging

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Nokia Navigation :: Is There A Walk For Windows Phones

Sep 20, 2012

Is there a Nokia Walk for Windows Phones? Because Nokia Drive works offline but Nokia Maps with walking direction is not.

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Nokia E71 :: Encryption Done Phones Memory Still Running Slow?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a Nokia E71 and I done a Encryption on the phones memory and then it started running very slow.So I did a decryption on the phones memory and its still running slow, I have read the intructions manual and its turn off Encryption but this can only be done when decrypting memory card.Now am so disappointed because my phone is running so slow.

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Nokia :: Whats Is Purpose Of Hacking Symbian Phones?

Jan 1, 2010

whats so good about getting a phone hacked?

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Nokia N900 :: Backup PC Suite Says No Phones Connected?

Jun 4, 2010

When I click on "Backup" in PC-Suite it says: "No phones are connected. Connect now."However, all other applications in PC-Suite recognize my connected phone successfully. Can anyone please advise why Backup doesn't recognize it?

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Nokia :: All Touchscreen Phones (S60v5) Boot Freeze

Mar 11, 2010

My 5230 has had the startup freeze problem twice. The first time, I figured it was a problem with the memory card or a specific program, so I did a phone reset and started over. The second time, I did some Googling and found I was not alone. I found people with all the S60v5 phones (5800, 5530, 5230, X6, N97, N97 Mini, etc) have the same problem: the phone will refuse to boot. It will freeze on the Nokia logo, before the handshake. Most users can work around the problem temporarily by ejecting the memory card before booting, but X6 users don't have that option, the poor souls.

It makes me mad to see the problem "solved" on forums by people reformatting their memory cards as if the problem was card corruption. That's not the problem. The problem, or problems, really, seem to be Nokia's.

The problem can definitely be triggered by:
-Setting Nokia Messaging to store SMS/email data on the memory card.
-Having more than about 40 apps/widgets on your memory card (exact limit unknown)

The problem has also been reported to be the result of:
-Having apps on the memory card run at startup (Fring, etc)
-Having shortcuts to apps on the memory card on the home screen

I have seen suggestions like, "just install everything onto the internal memory," but that is of course unrealistic, because if you have 40 apps on the card, there's no way they'd all fit on the internal memory. By the time I have my phone configured to my satisfaction, and I've carefully installed EVERYTHING to the memory card, I usually have only 10-15MB free on the internal memory.

The most realistic compromise, perhaps, is to do your best to:
-remove apps you don't use
-install small apps to the internal memory, large apps to the card
-install home screen shortcut apps to the phone memory
-install apps that startup on boot to the phone memory (Fring, Google Voice Search, etc)

Ultimately, this is too much of a burden for users, though, and Nokia really needs to fix this ASAP! Especially as the Ovi Store takes off and more people install more apps. I for one hope the problem becomes even more widespread, just so it embarrasses Nokia into doing something.

I hope this post helps someone, and hopefully it ties together the various pieces of information I've seen elsewhere, including other posts in this forum.

Any more specific tips would be helpful, such as:
-how to tell which programs run at startup (in case they are not obvious like Fring)
-a list of such known programs, besides Fring and Google Voice Search

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Nokia :: N5800 Symbian Doesn't Work Well On Phones

Aug 2, 2010

I'm a very happy owner of the world's worst mobile - Nokia 5800 - a smart phone with absolutely no reliability.So far it has helped me so much that, if I had my pockets full of pencils, I could eventually substitute them for the Nokia.Here are some simple everyday situations where the frustration of having a nokia kicks in really fast.

Few days ago:
Situation: Must go from A to B by train.
Problem: Don't know when train comes.
Solution: Nokia 5800 web browser, train time table site.
Obstacle: "Memory Full. Please go and jump out of your window"
Solution II: Not using Nokia.

Two days ago:
Situation: Three electricity counter readings must be submitted.
Problem: No paper and no pen in pockets, only Nokia.
Solution: Take a photo, simple as that.
Obstacle: Tried to view the photo, but the media button randomly didn't work. Restarted and it works again. Now why would a media button randomly stop working??
Obstacle II: Phone is restarting for ages.
Solution II: Not using Nokia. Use -- paper!!, simple as that.

Some time ago:
Situation: Need to know what time is it.
Problem: No watch on my hand, only Nokia in pocket.
Solution: Unlock the keypad and see what time is it.
Obstacle: On sliding the touch lock the screen goes black and the phone starts to vibrate and does not stop, making me embarrassed to the people standing by, because now I have vibrating **bleep** in my hands!!!!
Solution II: Take out the battery, consider putting the phone in the trashbin, not using Nokia.
Ask what time is to the old lady while Nokia restarts as the old lady crosses the WHOLE COUNTRY!!

Not so long ago:
Situation: Must make an important phone call.
Problem: People don't make phone calls by brainwaves, now do they?
Obstacle:Made the phonecall, said "Hello" and <zappp>, no more phonecall, the phone randomly restarts. Now it never had been so bold before this.!! I thought it has a phone call protection against rebooting during a phonecall, but NOOOOO, it of course doesn't wooork.
Solution II:Not use Nokia.

Situation: Insurance company must have sent me an invoice.
Problem: Out of curiosity can't resist checking email while mobile.
Solution: Open e-mail account, press the Connect button.
Obstacle: The Connect button does not respond.
Solution II: Press it harder, TWICE!!!!
Obstacle: The screen fades out and the phone restarts.
Solution III: Not use Nokia.

Before a week:
Situation: Must find an address I don't know, and reach it.
Problem: Don't know where it is.
Solution: Use Nokia Maps, oh excuse me, OVI maps.
Obstacle: The search returns no results. Now, how can you not find this??? Blahblah street 143 - what's there not to find??
Solution II: Not use Nokia, use Google Maps (definitely not on Nokia). Found it.!!

Long time ago, and guess why long... :
Situation: Let's enjoy some great music on this not-nokia-sony-ericsson Bluetooth headset by using the ultra-fabulous NokiaTrashPress XMusicPerience, it's supposed to be great, isn't it?
Solution: Pair Headset to Nokia 5800, and turn on the music player.
Success!! - it works ow wowowowowowowwowow i'm so freakin' excited.
Obstacle: The second track made no sound.
Solution II: Check what's wrong.
Obstacle II: The media player has shut down by itself.
Solution III: Not use Nokia!!!!!
And I could write many more of these..Now, I have performed countless hard resets, trying to optimize every little bit. SOO little applications installed!!Symbian platform brings a great idea within itself. But it just doesn't work on Nokia phones..Didn't Nokia invent this Symbian? Then why doesn't it work???And this has been so far my experience with any Nokia Symbian phone regardless of the price, regardless of the market segment, regardless of the phase of the moon.And I am very suspicious that the same is going to be with Symbian^3 5 7 9 whatever...I just don't care anymore...My next cellphone budget goes to either Apple or Windows mobile, Android, HTC or anything else that's not Symbian and not even close to a NOKIA, because Nokia it's just a parody of a cell phone, no wonder why the USA and Japanese market doesn't love Nokia, not just because most of them are very ugly, just because they don't work...

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