Nokia :: E71 Had Memory Full

Jul 27, 2010

I had memory full problem first, and then I deleted a few applications. One day, my Gallery became very slow, after file opened, I found I lost all my photos, however the default photos are still there. I tried the camera, it's working, but the photos I took never been saved since then

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Nokia :: 5800 - Install Ovi Content On Memory Card / Phone Memory Full

May 4, 2010

I need some body, tell my how can I install ovi content on the memory card when I use Wifi on my handset 5800.cause all programs immediately goes and installed on phone memory and it is almost full

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Nokia :: Memory Card / Phone Memory Full

Jul 22, 2010

I am trying to bluetooth stuff to my phone and it tells me that my phone memory is full, but I have a 1gb memory card. How do I send the stuff straight to my memory card?

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Nokia Nseries :: 808 PureView Memory Error " Memory Is Full.delete Some Data First And Then Try Again"

Sep 14, 2012

Nokia 808 PureView Memory Error !So i bought my new nokia 808 and i made some photos put some songs in it and everything was going fine.Today in morning when i was shoting a photo and whent to edit it appeared this message :" Memory is full.Please delete some data first and then try again"So i opened "Files" to see my memory status.

Chone Memory
E:Mass Memory

I open details of Phone Memory and it says that Images take 5787 kb. I open image folder in it and theres nothing.
So what should i do ?

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Nokia Nseries :: N81: "Memory Full" Even Formatted The Memory Card?

May 31, 2012

Using N81, I get the "Memory full. Delete some data" message every time (when turning on the mobile, when trying to install any app, when trying to uninstall any app, ...).I've formatted the memory card, and I've got:- Capacity: 1947 MB- Used: 1 MB- Free: 1946 MBbut continue getting the same error.Any similar experience? I reset the mobile (*#7370# and *#7780#) but any change (I've deleted the time and settings, but not the memory issues).

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Nokia :: E63 / Phone Memory Full

Jan 13, 2010

my e63 keeps showing the error message 'phone memory full'.file manager says that 119mb are in use, but i can't 'see' the files that are taking up all this space.i've deleted surplus applications like Internet - but could someone possibly suggest how to free up more space? i don't think it's being taken up by emails or text messages (121kb) either.i would prefer not to format the memory, just delete whatever is taking up the 119mb.

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Nokia :: E52 / Phone Memory Full

Mar 31, 2010

I have a E52 with all my apps installed on memory card and only have 35 Mb free. The folder that have 24 Mb are the "Others" but searching in this folder with X-plore say that are empty.Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Nokia :: Memory Full - Cannot Install

Jan 11, 2010

The phone just tells me that the memory is full when I try to install update. I have deleted a lot of programs and got 1,26gb free space for installable programs.... What to do?

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Nokia :: Map Loader Keeps Saying Memory Full

Apr 22, 2010

i was trying to download map for Hong Kong which takes 44.9MB,and i tried so hard to squeeze my phone's memory, which has 49MB free now,and also memory card, 76MB free,also i chose memory card as the default memory for storage,yet when i click download it still says memory full.

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Nokia :: N97 - Full Memory Close

Feb 9, 2010

why with the phones memory empty does it insist on denying me access saying its memory is full when it isn't? 2) vodafone update available when?

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Nokia :: N97 Phone Memory Full Of Nothing

Jun 28, 2010

My n97 is showing that the phone memory is almost full. Of the 73MB available, I have 9MB free. I've gone into everything on the memory and plugged it into computer and can't see anything that takes up anywhere near that amount of space.I have updated to firmware 20.0.019 after it was eventually released for my code and it made sweet F A difference, even though it's supposed to free up memory.If anyone knows anything about how to sort this please let me know, as it's starting to **bleep** me off by making videos jump and i can't update other things like ovi maps because "memory is full".

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Nokia :: N97 Memory Full / Just Restarts

Mar 10, 2010

So ive had my Nokia for a few months now, no problems all going fine. Untill recently I tried to uninstall Fring from my phone and it didnt work. So i connected it via usb and then deleted it via my PC. Then a system error message started coming up and I ignored it at first. However my friends were saying they were not recieving some of my calls and texts. So i looked at other forum posts and people reccomened to update the firmware so i did that and now my phone is in major problems. It keeps saying memory full and when i try to access the memory part to clear some stuff it just restarts. sometimes it says vcommand something and restarts but usually it just says memory full and restarts. Its really bugging me and Im considering selling it and buying a Blackberry becaue it is really anoying. Is there anything i can do to solve this or am i screwed?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini Memory Is Always Full

Apr 19, 2010

Just bought nokia N97 mini. Memory always full eventhough I do not open any application, touch screen freezes? already updated all needed to update. but phone still the same. Can anyone help?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini Sim Memory Full

Feb 21, 2010

My n97 Mini flashes me a message telling me that the SIM Memory is full, but I cant work out how to transfer SIM memory elsewhere. Can anybody help?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - SIM Memory Full

Feb 8, 2010

Ive recently got a n97 mini, and have transferred my sim and memory from my old phone. In the top right corner, the envelope symbol (usually used when you have a message) is flashing. When I click on it, it says 'SIM memory full'.

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Nokia :: 5800 Sim Memory Full

Apr 30, 2010

My nokia 5800 xpress shows on the top right hand side of the screen a little envelope flashing. On clicking on it, it says "Sim memory full". I have tried taking the battery out and then re-starting the phone. I have also tried deleting items and there is about 4 Gig free still.

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Nokia :: X6 16 GB Does Not Backup - Memory Full

Jun 19, 2010

I am about to back up my files before installing the latest firmware update but the phone says "memory full, close some applications" or something to that effect. However, I have over 12 GB of memory on my phone. So what gives? I've read forum threads for other Nokia phones that have the same problem and the only solution is to do a hard reset. I am hoping to avoid that.

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Nokia Nseries :: Memory Full And Can Not Do Anything?

Sep 8, 2012

I have a Nokia Nuron and it will not allow me to do anything. Everytime I click something, anything, it says that the memory is full. I can't reset my phone because I can't open the settings. I do not know how to reset the phone, because it is not working when I do it. I don't have any apps on my phone, no messages, and only 20 contacts. I just really need my phone to work again.

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Nokia :: E71 / Memory Full Errors

Mar 5, 2010

Anybody know the cause and how to get rid of it? Specifically, I am having it issues with it sending text messages on an e71.I can receive text messages fine. Iíve fiddled with all settings and used handy taskman to kill whatever. I have over 60 Megs of ram and 58 Megs or flash available.

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Nokia Nseries :: Memory Seems To Full On N97?

Nov 20, 2011

My N97 seems to have full on board memory. As shown by the pictures there are three memory areas, the first being phone memory which is shown as almost full. 2nd is the expanded memory which is in the phone and is almost empty. The third is a mini SD card that I had from my old phone.

All my outook synced information is probably in the onboard memory area. My first thought is that maybe my 44 MB PST file was hogging up the phone memory so I took the sync calendar setting and went from 2 weeks before to 1 week before and from 6 months out to 3 months out. That change did not make any difference in my onboard memory consumption.

Every application I installed went into expanded memory. The camera puts videos and images in the image and video folder in the expanded memory area. All the extra pdf and image files that I transfered to my phone go on the mini SD.So I can't quite figure out why my memory usage is so high in the phone memory.

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Nokia Nseries :: SIM Memory Full

Sep 14, 2011

I have 5530 Xpress music after inserting my memory card and sim it now constantly has a flashing text envelope symbol (as though a text has arrived) and it says "SIM memory full", Tried rebooting it etc.

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Cseries :: Memory Full In Nokia C7?

Nov 19, 2011

after download,the phone cant do anything shows memory full and it will automaticall√Ĺ reboot itself and the shortcuts in the wiget will display '?'. If u touch it, it dispjays 'insert memory card or reinstall app' The point is that the memory is not full while this is happening.

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Nokia :: E55 - Memory Full - Close Some Applications And Try Again.

Feb 4, 2010

On nokia E55 i get once a day this error:

Contacts: Memory Full! Close some applications and try again.

My firmware version is 022.009.c00.1

This is a new phone and i have not installed any additional apllications. Also if i got this error i checked i don't have any running applications.

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Nokia :: E75 - Internal Memory Full / 2MB Free

Jan 6, 2010

I have an E75 for a few months now and I have a problem that totally confuses me: I constantly keep getting the System Message that my Internal Memory C: is full and that I need to either delete files or move them to the flash memory. Sometimes it also refuses to open emails, because of the lack of memory.

The sad part is that almost all of my data already is on the flash card, not on the internal drive. There's literally nothing left to delete from the internal memory. I also tried deleting my personal data from the web browser, but it didn't help much. I checked the data that is stored on the internal memory and it is about 18MB while the phone's file manager sais I have only about 2MB free memory left. 20 MB total memory size seems a little small to me, shouldn't it be 50MB?

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Nokia :: 5800 Memory Full Message

Jan 15, 2010

I'm getting Memory Full on my 5800, when there are 24 MB free on the phone memory.Also, there seems to be 43MB of Other Files, that I can't find anywhere when I browse the phone, so can't get rid of them.

When I tap Applications, sometimes it opens, sometimes I get Memory Fill, please close some applications (or something similar to that message).I can't open Installed Apps to try to remove any.

When I remove the Memory card and try to uninstall apps, of course its only the apps that are in the phone memory, so I can't remove anything that is on the memory card.

I've removed all that I can fromthe phone memory, but can't get rid of the 43MB of other files.

Also, I can't change to the Home Screen Theme to the Shortcuts bar, as it doesn't work. I've updated the software to V31.0.101 and it didn't help. This was prior to the error mentioned above with the Memory being full.

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Nokia :: N79 / Text Message Memory Full

Jul 7, 2010

I have 1900 messages in my N79 inbox of memory card & nearby 999 messages in sent of memory card. Free space in Memory card is still 2 GB.Now the problem is that whenever I open any message of inbox & tries to delete it. Error comes up showing that "Text Message: Memory Full, close some applications & try again." However if I don't open the message & simply try to delete a message in inbox no error comes & also the messages gets deleted.So, please help me in this issue.

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Nokia :: Message N97 Mini: Memory Is Full

Mar 28, 2010

I have this phone for only 2 days, Installed 3 free small aplications and suddenly I can't connect to bluetooth and I can't get into my email. A few minutes later I can't even open the menu anymore. Keeps on giving a 'memory is full' message..

the phone can't be full.. with just 3 little applications that i installed. Can anyone help me?

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Nokia :: N97 Memory Kept Getting Full When No Activity On Phone

Jan 29, 2010

The N97 phone memory 77MB shows full but when I look at it under Explorer I can only see about 20Mb of material. Where is the rest of the memory going to? How do I get to see it to delete whatever is filling up the memory. I noticed that during today the memory kept getting full even though there was no activity on the phone

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Nokia :: N97 V21 / Memory Full Close Some Applications

Feb 18, 2010

I am getting this error on a daily basis since the f/w update to V21.When I get the error I check available memory via taskman and I usually have 40+MB in my RAM available.Even when I close all apps and have 55mb free I get the error.To add to this, it usually happens when I charge the phone overnight. In the morning the screen lock vibration feature dissapears and soon thereafter I start getting the memory full error.

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Nokia :: 5230 Phone Memory Full

Jun 12, 2010

Today I launched TuneWiki for the first time. Before that my phone memory was normal (not low). And after I registered at TuneWiki, the app scanned my music, and after that I got an error saying that: Disk space exhausted. Please cleanup the disk or re-install application on another drive. Well, the truth is, that I can't even uninstall it, because I get almost the same error. Tried to install the app again without uninstalling but the same happened.

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Nokia :: N97 Message Error - Memory Is Full

Jul 4, 2010

Following on from my post "Nokia N97 is this the worst phone they have ever made?" I have discovered yet another problem with my USELESS N97. I have always set it to save my message in the Mass Memory but why, and I really don't know, now I get error messages saying the memory is full and when I check the damned thing has reverted back to the default setting of saving them on the phone memory.I HATE THIS BLOODY PHONE !

If anyone has any ideas other than throwing under the wheels of a lorry let me know, I'd be very grateful. Nokia have said that because this is a different problem to the one its being returned for repair AGAIN it can't be done at the same time.Am I missing something here or what? I know I'm from the Emerald Isle but we're not as stupid as people think

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