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Nokia :: E63 Unable To Send Text Message & Showing Memory Full

I currently have a NE63 - 3 phone and is currently loving it however two days ago i started getting a sending failed error message everytime I attempt to send text messages and whenI click on the details it would say not enough memory please closeother applications.I have enough load credits to perform such activity,and i do not have any other applications running in the background,plus the phone memory is nowhere near full capacity.I have already checked the message center number and I currently have the correct settings,I have already peformed a reset but to no avail.I am able to receive text messages,able to make and receive calls,wi - fi access is okay,the only thing I cant do is send text messages.I know there are other e63 users out there who might have experienced the same thing.

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Nokia :: E71 Cannot Send Text Message - Reads Error Message Memory Full
I purchased my e71 last september and i encountered no problem except yesterday when all of a sudden i couldnt send SMS. the error message is "general error. memory full. close application and try again"

no applications were running. the phone memory is 60% empty. the sd card memory is 85% empty.i restore my phone to factory setting but still the problem persists. i backup my data using nokia phone suite backup and erased all the contents of the sd card memory.still i cannot send SMS.i can make and receive calls. i can receive SMS. i just couldnt send

Silver Grey E71
History: 5510-3210-XXXX-7650-XXXX-N70-E71

Posted: Jun 1, 2009

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Nokia N82 :: Cant Send Text Message Says Error Memory Full?
i am using my n82 for 6 months, but just recently, i cant send a text message. It says in the error detail "General: Memory full, Close some applications and try again.". so I formatted my memory card and deleted all the messages in my sent and inbox but still i cant send any message. i still can receive text messages, make and recieve calls. i also tried switching sim cards (different network) but still, it doesn't work for both.

My question are:
1. How can i fix this problem? A phone that can't send a text message seems very useless.
2. Is it possible that this is caused by a virus? if so how can i treat this?

Posted: Dec 6, 2008

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Nokia :: N95 - Unable To Send SMS Due To Memory Full Error Message
I am facing a serious problem that I am unable to send the messages from my N95. the phone is displaying a message ' unable to send' and when I click the details of the error message, it is saying:
'General: Memory Full. close some applications and try again'.

I have cleared all the phone and card memory but still unable to send SMS. Where as I am using the same SIM in an other brand mobile handset, from there all the messages are sending. So it is evident that this is not a service provider issue.

Posted: May 10, 2009

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Nokia :: N95 8GB Message Showing General Memory Full
I have a Nokia N95 8GB, but when I am trying to send a message it says "unable to send",when i go to details it says "General Memory full. Close some applications and try again".But i have all the applications closed and have tried many times.

Posted: Jan 14, 2009

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Nokia :: E71 Message Send Error - Says Memory Full
I'm trying to send text but its keep saying RESEND and when I check memory says messages 14kb to 26 kb even though its empty and after 2 3 times resend it says GENERAL: MEMORY FULL. CLOSE SOME APPLICATION AND TRY AGAIN.But in ma cell its 48mb space free

Posted: May 25, 2010

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Nokia :: N900 Have 26GB Free Space But Showing Memory Is Full Message
i have N900 and i'm facing a problem when i start any conversation i can send 1 msg then receive 1 the second i want to send the phone reflects with error msg(sending failed memory is full delete some data before send or receive)altho i have 26 gb free and i updated the phone to the latest version can any1 assist me with this.

Posted: Feb 10, 2010

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Nokia :: E63 - Cannot Send Message / Memory Full Close Some Applications
I bought 2 Nokia E63 on April 2009. I gave one to my fiancee and one for me. Suddenly, my fiance's E63 phone can't send SMS. it says "unable to send messages." and the details says "Memory Full Close some Applications". I soft reset, hard reset and format the memory card and same problems showing. Can anyone please help me? It still under warranty, but the warranty is not International. My fiancee live outside United States.

Posted: Nov 18, 2009

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Nokia :: N95 Unable To Send SMS / Memory Full Error
each time I try to send a new message it sits in my outbox and doesn't send. The error I get it memory full, unable to send?? I have phoned customer services, there is nothing wrong with my phone, I've turned it off and back on, I've restored the factory settings, i don't have a clue what's wrong with it, and neither it seems, do customer services!

My phone is a N95 and it's on 02.

Posted: Aug 14, 2007

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Nokia :: N79 / Text Message Memory Full
I have 1900 messages in my N79 inbox of memory card & nearby 999 messages in sent of memory card. Free space in Memory card is still 2 GB.Now the problem is that whenever I open any message of inbox & tries to delete it. Error comes up showing that "Text Message: Memory Full, close some applications & try again." However if I don't open the message & simply try to delete a message in inbox no error comes & also the messages gets deleted.So, please help me in this issue.

Posted: Jul 7, 2010

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Nokia :: 6120 Classic - Send Message Memory Full - Close Some Applications And Try Again
I am using Nokia 6120 Classic.I am facing this problem from 5 days. Whenever i try to send a message to any number, it goes to the 'outbox' and shows the time for resend. For example it shows 'Resend at 10:23'.It shows the error: "Memory Full. Close some applications and try again" Network settings are ok. There is no sms lying in my inbox, outbox and my folders. 35MB of Phone memory and 150MB of Memory Card is free. I have restored the factory settings as well but the problems still occurs. I also updated the firmware but invains.It appears to be an error in mobile's RAM/virtual memory or whatever mobile is using OR it may be a virus.

Posted: Sep 19, 2008

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Nokia :: N900 - Device Storage Full Message - Unable To Send
My N900 has been flashing this message to me consistently - however I have checked the memory and it's fine 26GB free - anyone know what's up?

Posted: Dec 2, 2009

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Nokia :: N95 - Unable To Send Text Message
I have had my n95 for over 6 months, out of the blue, after using text all day, I all of a sudden was unable to send a text message, it says unable to send, then in the details it says memory full, close open applications. well, I have no applications open and my memory is more than 80% free, I can receive text messages but not send.

Posted: Sep 20, 2008

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Sony Ericsson :: W810i - Message Memory Full / Cannot Send Or Receive Any
I got this phone as a prize 2 weeks ago and husband has thrown the receipt away. I was sending a text message and the screen flashed white for a couple of seconds. When it reappeared all my texts (inbox/sent etc.) had disappeared. I tried to send another text and I got a message telling me that the messages are full and to delete some. I clicked on yes to delete and there is nothing there to delete! I now get the message 'message waiting. Messages full. Delete. Yes. No. I now can't send or receive text messages but funnily enough it will let me send MMS messages. I have tried a master reset and have also tried the SE software update but to no avail.

I tried taking the phone back to the shop but they won't do anything without a receipt. I've contacted SE and they said that they will have a look, but if they can't fix it they will not send me a new phone because I have no receipt and it will cost me money for them to return it to me. I went to the phone repairs stall on the market and they said that they will reflash it for 20 pounds but it might not fix it. Is there anything else I can try? I really liked that phone and have been nagging my husband for one for ages (my other phone is knackered).

Posted: Dec 13, 2007

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Nokia N95 :: Unable To Send Text Invalid Message Centre?
I have an unlocked n95 phone, which was previously my dads as he was on vodaphone, and i now have it, i put my orange sim card in, and i can do everything except send texts. everytime i send, it comes up unable to send text Text message: invalid phone or message centre number, check the number.

Posted: Jul 9, 2009

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Nokia :: 6300-Unable To Send International Text Message
I have a nokia 6300 and I cant send international text - messages.they remain in the outbox for a while and minutes later the sending fails.I havent barred any calls and the international call prefix is written correctly so.

Posted: Oct 15, 2007

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Samsung :: A540 - Memory Full / Text Message Rejected
I lost my phone a while back and my mom gave me this old thing until I get a new one. As of late I get a message when I receive new texts, Memory Full text was rejected. So I've gone in and deleted all texts, vmails, unwanted phone book entries, ring tones etc and there is still not enough memory. This phone is so old that I cant even get a card for it. I have gone in to every option and deleted as much as I can and it still rejects my texts.

Posted: Sep 19, 2009

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio Memory Full / Unable To Send / Receive Messages
I am unable to send or receive messages on my satio.Everytime I try it says Not enough memory to perform action. Delete some files.However I have no files to delete? I've erased everything from the phone including all photos, messages etc.I've also downloaded the latest update. Has anyone else had this problem?

Posted: Aug 31, 2010

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IPhone :: Unable To Send A Text To Canada - Get A Send Failure Message?
Why when I try to send a text to canada while vacationing in Greece, do I always get a message send failure message, but I can still receive messages from Canada.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 27, 2012

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Nokia Nseries :: Memory Showing As Full?
I need some to free some of my phone memory. I have mass memory and a memory card, that I can transfer to, but I am not sure how to do this.

Posted: Mar 15, 2011

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Memory Showing Full On C Drive
My C: memory is showing as full when I try to clear it through the phone file manager despite looking through all foldersI cannot identify any large files on it and the same is the case when I try to look through my pc software.

When I hold on the C: memory and look at the memory details it shows 131mb of messages even though I have deleted all txt messages and emails, 46mb of SIS applications I can't see these in the file manager and 72mb of other files which I assume are the OS files.

Posted: Aug 23, 2011

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Nokia :: 6233 Memory Full Message / How To Free Memory
Have been installing themes and games onto my 6233.I now have a problem. I installed one theme, and half-way through, it stopped, saying 'Not enough memory'.Now the problem is that I barely have any free memory left on the phone.Under Memory Status -> Phone Memory -> Free Memory it is always between 20kB to 80kB. I have moved all my media to the memory card, moved all images,music, I have deleted all messages, removed majority of applications and games, and moved all my contacts to SIM. I have emptied my calenders. Therefore there is hardly anything on the phone's memory.The phone is still showing the memory as between 20kB to 80kB depending on if I restart the phone.It seems something that I cannot access has clogged up all the memory and is not letting it go? How can I get my memory back?

Posted: Dec 31, 2006

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Nokia :: N95 Showing Memory Full And Closed Some Application Automatically
i have n 95 simple one not 8gb,and i have problem in message sending.when ever i send msg to any one it gives resend time n at that time msg did not sent n after 3 tries it say msg sendind fail and on details its says memory full ,close some aplications. i reset my fone frm settings but it works only one time then problem occurs again n msgs r not sending at plz send me da solution for this.plz plz plz.i restart my fone several times but no use.i am from karachi pakistan and my fone is made in hungry.

Posted: May 6, 2009

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Nokia :: 6650 Fold Showing Memory Full But 10g Is Free
I have a san disk 16g SDHC memory card. Currently 10g free in manager. I get a memory full. I also tried an external card reader, no luck there either.

Posted: Oct 6, 2009

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Cseries :: Nokia C6 Showing Memory Full While Opening Some Webpage
I have a C6 and has been encountering this problemof having this msg "Memory full, please close some application" while opening some webpage. I did not have any application running at the same time & yet this msg still appears. Is this a limitation in C6 phone? Can we do anything to rectify this?

Posted: Aug 17, 2010

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Nokia :: E71 / Memory Full When Trying To Send An Email With MfE
Just acquired an E71 a week ago. I'm using MfE. I synchronized emails (around 1000) andcontacts (around 200), everything works fine, BUT I cannot send any email.I get a MEMORY FULL message asking me to close applications which I cannot since I do not have any open apart form MfE.Can anyone help me?

Posted: Apr 5, 2009

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IPhone :: Unable To Send A Text Message
Phone adds a 1 in front of the phone number of the text. I am only using a 10 digit munber, but the phone keeps adding a 1. I get an error message saying invalid number and to resend using a valid 10 digit number. iMessage works fine. It's only when I try to text someone not using an iPhone.

iPhone 4S

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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Nokia :: N96 - Keep Getting The Message - Memory Full And Memory Low
i have the 16GB N96, and i keep getting the message : memory full and memory low....the whole time i looked on file manager and it says i have 8.9 GB left on the HD and and something like 200KB on phone memory. how i transfer everthing to the HD or something along those lines....i use this phone for work and its my life.

Posted: Apr 18, 2009

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Nokia :: N97 - Cannot Take Pictures And Send Messages / Memory Full
I have a nokia N97 and in it there is two disks,C: and E: The C: is just a few MB and the E: is 32GB. Everytime I download anything I save it onE: but still a bit from C: disappear too. And now I have 25GB free onE: andC:is 20 kb. The problem is that can't downloadanything anymore, I can't take pictures and noteven send messages, because the mobile says that memory is full but it isn't!

Posted: Feb 1, 2010

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BB Curve :: Unable To Send Picture Via Text Message?
I am trying to send and receive picture messages but am unable to do it. It lets me select send by text message and then looks like it is sending but then a red cross confirms message not sent? also when I recieve a message that a picture is enclosed it refers me to a web page to view it. Do I need to install something on my phone

Posted: Sep 18, 2012

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Nokia :: International Text Unable To Send / Receive Says "message Saved For Sending"
I have a Nokia 6300. I am having trouble trying to send text messages from Australia to Pakistan. I create a text message and then I SEND contact/select/SEND...then my phone says "message saved for sending". I press EXIT...BACK..then look at the sent items and it says the mssg has been sent.

If I look at the Delivery Reports it says "waiting".The person on the other end says he doesnt get my mssgs. Sometimes he may get the odd one. This is very disappointing.Am I doing something wrong? I rang my service provider and they said they dont have any problems with the connections. They got me to send a text to myself and that worked ok.Is there a setting I need to change or am I doing something wrong or do I need a memory card or are my mssgs too long..please help me.

Posted: Aug 19, 2008

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Nokia :: E71 Can't Open Message Because Memory Is Full
First time in my life i have seen this error. Whent I tried to open message I've got error message "Memory full. Close some applications and try again". There is nothing open and only mesage want work. And I still have only 82b free phone memory and 1044Mb on memory card.

Posted: Sep 17, 2009

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Nokia :: 5800 Memory Full Message
I'm getting Memory Full on my 5800, when there are 24 MB free on the phone memory.Also, there seems to be 43MB of Other Files, that I can't find anywhere when I browse the phone, so can't get rid of them.

When I tap Applications, sometimes it opens, sometimes I get Memory Fill, please close some applications (or something similar to that message).I can't open Installed Apps to try to remove any.

When I remove the Memory card and try to uninstall apps, of course its only the apps that are in the phone memory, so I can't remove anything that is on the memory card.

I've removed all that I can fromthe phone memory, but can't get rid of the 43MB of other files.

Also, I can't change to the Home Screen Theme to the Shortcuts bar, as it doesn't work. I've updated the software to V31.0.101 and it didn't help. This was prior to the error mentioned above with the Memory being full.

Posted: Jan 15, 2010

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Nokia :: Message N97 Mini: Memory Is Full
I have this phone for only 2 days, Installed 3 free small aplications and suddenly I can't connect to bluetooth and I can't get into my email. A few minutes later I can't even open the menu anymore. Keeps on giving a 'memory is full' message..

the phone can't be full.. with just 3 little applications that i installed. Can anyone help me?

Posted: Mar 28, 2010

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - Memory Full Message Only Just Took It Out Of The Box
I avoided buying the n97 because of the reported RAM problems with the phone.then the mini is released, similar spec smaller package and more up to date software.what a mistake, phone is on a new contract,new sim and new memory card. so i pull it out the box,fit the cards and then try to take a picture , pressed the camera button and the chuffin message that had put me off the larger n97 pops up "memory full" ! **bleep** , i hadn't even started transfering any details yet !!!!! ARGHHH, off to t-mobile shop on saturday and they have exactly 5mins to convince me this phone is any good and possible to use without messing around moving things to e and f drives every freaking day.

Posted: Nov 5, 2009

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