Nokia :: Calculator Deleted - How To Reinstall

Jul 16, 2010

I deleted the calculator application on the mobile and want to re install the application back . But i am not able to download the application from the website.

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Nokia :: 2630 - Sudoku Deleted / Way To Reinstall

Dec 9, 2008

We've lost the sudoku game on our daughter's Nokia 2630. Can anyone advise on how to get the application back.

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Nokia :: 3210 - Preinstalled OperaMini Deleted / Way To Reinstall

Dec 10, 2008

I accidentally deleted the pre-instaled Nokia 3120 classic OperaMini application, how do i recover it?

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Nokia Music :: C6-01 OVI Store Application Deleted / How To Reinstall

Feb 2, 2012

I am using c6-01.(anna). Two days back my music store application was deleted somehow while using netquin-5 antivirus. How ovi music store application can be reinstall?

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Nokia Applications :: Reinstall Deleted Media Player Software?

Aug 3, 2012

how can i reinstall deleted media player software ...

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IPhone :: 3GS Accidently Deleted Calculator.

Oct 24, 2009

While changing the UI of the Calculator i accidently deleted the calculator folder in my iphone 3gs.Now i just see the calculator icon, but nothing happens when i tap on it.How can i get the calculator back, or can anyone put up the folder for it... and let me know where i shud ssh it to?

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IPhone :: Accidently Deleted Calculator?

Aug 16, 2008

Can someone please upload the

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BlackBerry :: How To Reinstall Deleted BBM On 8830

Feb 28, 2009

I accidently deleted blackberry messenger on my phone. I have the 8830 and I can't figure out how to re-install it.

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BB Bold 9000 :: How To Reinstall Deleted Application?

Feb 18, 2009

i have acidently deleted an aplication that i wanted on my bold and i wnt 2 know how do i reinstall it????

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IPhone :: Any Way To Reinstall Deleted 3GS Native Clock?

Mar 16, 2012

Kid managed to delete the native IPhone clock. Is there any way to reinstall?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Deleted Social Feeds On 9700 - How To Reinstall It

Jul 20, 2012

i deleted social feeds on 9700 , how do i reinstall it

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Motorola :: Q9c Accidentally Deleted Something Apps Won't Open / How To Reinstall Wm6?

Aug 29, 2009

I was trying to delete all my txt throguh the file browser and i went into messaging folder or something and deleted the wrong files, now no apps will open, its running slow, i cant get online, i cant do anythng but call and text. its screwd up alot of apps on my home screen are missing icons too.wht do i do? I want to reinstal the wm6.1 and start from scratch iis this possible its a q9c and its on boost mobile it was origiinaly a sprint phone.

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IPhone :: I Have To Delete Then Reinstall My Instagram App, Will My Account Be Deleted

Jun 19, 2012

I have an old Apple ID that I no longer use so now I have to delete my instagram app and reinstall it under my new Apple ID. the question is will my instagram account be deleted when I uninstall it?

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Will I Get Charge Again If I Reinstall A Purchased App That Was Deleted By Accident

Jul 2, 2012

Will i get charge again if i reinstall a purchased app that was deleted by accident?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, white apple

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IPhone 4s :: How To Reinstall Apple USB Mobile Device Driver Once It Has Been Deleted

Jun 24, 2014

I was having issues getting my Itunes to recognize my Iphone 4s so I followed the apple support instructions here: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows and it said to delete the driver software (Step 2 of Reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Driver). After I did that I have been unable to get any of the steps that follow to work. Is there any place that I can download the Apple mobile device USB Driver software? I have tried numerous things including re-installing Itunes multiple times but this does not appear to reinstall the driver software.

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Nokia :: Scientific Calculator For E72

Dec 27, 2009

The Nokia E72 is a great phone for personal and professional use, but should have a scientific calculator.

I have installed on other phone E71 a scientific calculator from Nokia Betalabs and works very well, but in the E72 model does not work.In essence, this is the same calculator application that is pre-installed in several Nokia phones based on Series 40. Nokia may in future include a scientific calculator in the E series?

E61 - E51 - E90 - E71 - 5800 - E72

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Nokia :: Handwriting Calculator

Dec 20, 2009

Where can I find Nokia Handwriting Calculator? It has graduated, and vaporized.

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Nokia :: E72-1 - Calculator Mode Not Working

Dec 3, 2009

Anyone here experienced this when you try to enter the decimal point by typing the full stop/period key on your keypad in calculator mode but it is not working at all?I did factory reset, it worked for a few time but failed again.. I don't think by resetting the phone every time is the solution to this problem.

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Nokia :: 6300 Calculator Is Missing

Jun 4, 2007

anyone have this application to install into my 6300? I just updated to v4.71 and the calculator is missing.

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Nokia :: 3110C - Calculator Missing

Feb 14, 2008

Calculator missing in my nokia3110c.

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Nokia :: Mortgage Calculator Exist On N900?

Jun 5, 2010

On my N96 and E71 I've used for work, the mortgage calculator ... But on the N900 does not exist a similar application?

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Nokia :: 5220 Calculator Disappeared From Organizer

Apr 16, 2009

Just bought a new 5220 on the 11th of April. After 3 days of exploitation (on the 14th) I really disappointed by the fact that the Calculator has disappeared. It used to be in Organizer, now it's gone. I used Nokia Software Updater trying to restore it. I installed the latest vesion of software (by then the version of software installed had been very old, what really surprised me). I hoped it would help, but there was no result. I tried it twice! The Calculator wouldn't appear.Is it software or hardware bug? If it's of software, is there any way to restore it without having to go to the Care Cetner? Maybe it needs to be completely formatted (if there exists official tool)... and further re-firmwared again via Software Updater? And also, If it's of software I need to know whether this bug has been fixed in the latest version of it to be sure it won't disappear again.

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Nokia :: 6700 Lost Calculator - How To Get It Back

Jan 6, 2010

I own a 6700 and yesterday i lost my calculator function which is usually in the organiser screen has any one had the same problem and if so how do you get it back?

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Nokia 7373 :: Missing Calculator - How To Get It Back?

Dec 7, 2009

I've got Nokia 7373. I have it for 2 years. It works normally but some time ago the calculator is disappeared. How can I turn it back?

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Nokia :: 6233 Calculator Function Is Missing

Feb 9, 2009

i have nokia 6233 phone it is calculater fuction missing i udate it is software but no solution.

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Nokia Applications :: Get Calculator For 2700classic Back?

Aug 19, 2010

I was using the calculator when the battery died. after i recharged it, i can't find the calculator any where. i saw the shortcut but it says invalid shortcut when i pressed it. i've tried reformat, restore factory settings, i even format my memory card for reassurance and i still haven't got the application back yet.

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Nokia Applications :: Link Of Scientific Calculator For E72?

Apr 6, 2012

provide a link for scientific CALCULATOR for E72

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Nokia :: E72 Unable To Use Decimal Point In Calculator Application

Mar 2, 2010

i cannot use decimal point button in calculator application.i already updated my firmware to 023.002 ver still not working.

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Nokia :: Calculator Disappeared From 6700 Classic Menu

Mar 6, 2010

My calculator has gone from my organiser menu (or ANY MENU for that matter). I have firmware V7.90 (latest, with no newer firmware available from Nokia, and no V7.90 firmware for me to reload it.)

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Nokia :: Missing Calculator Function And Cannot Play Game?

Nov 25, 2008

My 5610d Express Music missing calculator and cannot play game.What should i do to have the calculator function back and can play the game file?

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Nokia :: Couldn't Find Calculator / Tried Factory Reset

Jan 19, 2010

I couldn't find calculator in Nokia 6303 Classic even i did factory reset

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